Backwards Biden Sucks Up to Muslim Brotherhood

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Backwards Biden Sucks Up to Muslim Brotherhood

by Clare M. Lopez

Even as Israel’s war for survival against the Iranian regime-backed HAMAS jihad terror group moves into its ninth month, the Biden administration and key figures within it and the Democrat Party increasingly seem to be moving in directions diametrically opposed to support for the U.S.’s one and only liberal democratic friend and ally in the Middle East: Israel. There is no disguising the obvious affinity and sympathy of these officials for Muslim Brotherhood front groups operating unhindered inside the U.S. — and especially on our university campuses. HAMAS, of course, is the Brotherhood’s Gaza branch.

Jihad Joe” by Katie Pavlich at Townhall, May 10, 2024

“Meet the Jihadi Inside the White House” by Stephen Green at PJ Media, May 13, 2024 — about Maher Bitar, key Biden appointee inside the National Security Council

Biden Regime’s Betrayal of Israel is Not Just to Get Votes” by Robert Spencer at Front Page Magazine, May 13, 2024

  • Key advisors inside the Biden administration have Muslim Brotherhood links.

“With These People In the Administration, It’s A Wonder That Biden Didn’t Betray Israel Sooner” by Robert Spencer at the Geller Report, May 26, 2024 — background on both Maher Bitar and Hady Amr, Biden’s special representative for “Palestinian affairs”.

“Joe Biden gave 50 MILLION to pro-Hamas group disguised as a climate change organization” at The Right Scoop, May 26, 2024

“A Pakistani Government Official Was One of Biden’s Largest Donors” by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine, May 27, 2024

“U.S. Government Gave Over $1.5 Million To Nonprofit With Ties To Palestinian Pro-Terror Universities” by Naomi Grant at The Federalist, May 21, 2024

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A Pro-Life Christian Who Grew Up Under Sharia

Ruth Robert is a regional leader in Eastern Canada for a pro-life group called Action4Canada. She recently appeared in Ottawa, and Vlad was on hand to record her remarks in two interviews.

The following two videos feature excerpts from the interviews. Ms. Robert was raised as a Christian in a Middle Eastern country where sharia was strictly enforced, and Christians could expect to be killed if she did not stay within narrowly defined limits on what she could say about her religion. During the interviews she describes Islamic law as it applies to apostasy, honor killing, and other religious topics. She and her fellow Christians were unable to practice their faith openly, and could only gather in private homes to worship in secret.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading these videos.

Video 1:

Video 2:

“The Legitimization of Satanic Terrorism”

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the anti-immigration Vox party in Spain. The following video shows Mr. Abascal on the floor of Parliament upbraiding Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for his recent decision to recognize a Palestinian state.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Deutsche Welle:

Violence and fear — Berlin’s Jews are worried

by Christoph Strack
May 22, 2024

Jewish experts in Berlin again sound the alarm: Anti-Semitism is increasing rapidly, and the fears of the Jewish population are growing. And they warn of worse developments.

Anna Chernyak Segal reports matter-of-factly, yet full of concern: She tells of the attempted arson attempts with two Molotov cocktails at her synagogue in mid-October last year and the attack on a young member of the community a few weeks ago at the Berlin Gesundbrunnen. The young man was “physically attacked and subjected to anti-Semitic insults,” and he suffered “broken bones and massive emotional and mental damage.”

Those are two of the anti-Semitic attacks against the Orthodox Jewish community “Kahal Adass Jisroel” on the Brunnenstrasse in Berlin, which has made it into the news nationwide.

Insults on the Metro

And the community manager Segal describes many other incidents. In her reports she speaks of fearful concerns for safety. There are verbal attacks on the streets or on public transport, such as the insults of “child killer”, hostility on the Internet, anti-Semitic markings on residences and house doors, torn down mezuzahs, the small containers that religious Jews decorate the doors of their homes with. “We are experiencing a greatly heightened threat situation for Jewish life,” she says. “We never could have imagined that.”

Segal is one of those affected who spoke at the presentation of the annual report for 2023 from the Anti-Semitism Research and Information Center in Berlin (RIAS-Berlin). What the statistics list, in sober and yet so terrifying numbers, brings it to life. In 2023, RIAS-Berlin recorded 1270 anti-Semitic incidents in the German capital city. That is the highest number since the founding of the establishment in 2015 and signifies an increase, compared to the previous year, 2022, of almost 50%.

“October 7, 2023 represents a turning point,” says the project manager of RIAS-Berlin, Julia Kopp. Since then, anti-Semitism is “clearly more present” than before in Berlin. From October 7, the first day of the murderous attack by the terror organization, Hamas, to the end of the year, there was an average of about ten anti-Semitic incidents per day. This included both criminal and non-criminal incidents.

Kopp explains the way Jewish life in the city has long since changed. Jews would take care not to be recognized via Jewish symbols. Some would even flee from an especially threatened location to move to another part of the city.

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Iran’s Mullahs Quake at the Sight of Strong Independent Women

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Iran’s Mullahs Quake at the Sight of Strong Independent Women

by Clare M. Lopez

  • This month’s issue is dedicated to the women of Iran who suffer brutal abuse from their own government.

Our focus this month, appropriately enough as it turns out, is the Islamic Republic of Iran. As the following news items will attest, the jihadist regime of the mullahs is above all a misogynist regime. Fear of individually free, strong, independent women runs like a collective shiver through the clerical, judicial, Pasdaran, and police ranks of Iran. This is why the mass regime hysteria over Iranian women and girls who might show a bit of their hair — their hair! — sends them into a frenzy of assault, rape, and torture. This Iranian regime, even having lost its President and Foreign Minister in a helicopter accident this month, is incapable of normal, sane behavior towards its own people, most especially its women — and there is no chance for any change towards the better until this regime is replaced with a government of, by, and for the Iranian people.

Iranian Police Assault Girl for Hijab Non-Compliance” from the Iran International Newsroom, May 12, 2024

Iranian women violently dragged from streets by police amid hijab crackdown” by Deepa Parent at the Guardian, April 24, 2024

Iran intensifies violent crackdown on women” by Omid Barin at DW (Deutsche Welle), April 29, 2024

‘I Feel Suffocated’: Iran Intensifies Crackdown on Women” by Solmaz Eikdar at, May 16, 2024

“The Guardian view on the women of Iran: still resisting repression” by Editorial Staff, April 20, 2024

“Iran Reinforces Ban on Women in Stadiums Amid Broader Crackdown” by Payam Younesipour at Iran Wire, May 6, 2024

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Culture-Enriching Arsonist Can’t Be Deported

I posted yesterday about an Algerian culture-enricher who tried to burn down a synagogue in Rouen, and was shot dead by police for his efforts. The unfortunate youth had been ordered to leave France, but could not be deported because he had appealed the order.

Below are three news videos from French TV about events in Rouen. Many thanks to HeHa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3 (remarks by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin):

Video transcript #1:

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“I Am Afraid to Be an Israeli in Belgium”

An Israeli Jew and his daughter were physically attacked by angry Hamas supporters in the Belgian city of Brugge (known in French as Bruges).

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish daily De Morgen:

“It is dangerous to come here.”: Serious violence against Jew who took down anti-Israel poster in Brugge [Bruges] station.

On social media and in the Israeli press, images appear of 64-year-old Israeli, Amnon Ohanah, who was attacked by youths in Brugge. He tells his story.

by Bruno Struys
May 17, 2024

“It is not just verbal abuse or spitting, but now there are also physical attacks, which can end in disaster,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin, chairman of the European Jewish Association (EJA), told the Times of Israel.

The images of a man who was kicked and beaten in the Brugge station have been commented on in the Israeli press and widely circulated on social media.

“Anti-Semitism!” says Antwerp City Council member Andre Gantman (N-VA) on X. “The result of continuous, rabid Israel-bashing!”

“Free Palestine”

The images spread predominantly on Friday, but the incident turned out to have happened on Monday. The 64-year-old Amnon Ohanah had been living in Belgium for seven years and had his 29-year-old daughter for a visit. He was eager to show her our country. On Monday, he took her to Brugge for a tourist visit.

It went well until on the way back in the station, Ohanah reportedly took down a “Boycott Israel” poster.

“A group of people began to shout, “Free Palestine,” he says. “I paid them no attention and wanted to leave. And then someone came up to me and broke my jaw. I was able to grab him so that he couldn’t escape. Then the rest of the group came and were kicking me.”

Video was recording

The police arrived, interviewed the man, and took a statement for intentional assault and battery. The police advised Ohanah to go to a hospital for an examination.

The next train was delayed, and while Ohanah and his daughter were waiting, they were again attacked by youths. At that moment, his daughter decided to film the violence.

A medical report shows that his jaw is, indeed, broken, his ribs bruised, and he has abrasions to his legs and arms. Ohanah is unable to work for a week.

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Culture-Enricher Tries to Burn Down a Synagogue in Rouen

An Algerian culture-enricher tried to burn down a synagogue in the French city of Rouen, but was shot dead by police before he could consummate his heart’s desire.

I haven’t yet seen a name for the alleged would-be perpetrator, so I can’t assign a Mohammed Coefficient to the incident.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from France Bleu:

Attempt to set fire to the Rouen synagogue: “A particularly serious anti-Semitic act,” denounced by Gerald Darmanin

For the Interior Minister, the attempted arson of the Rouen synagogue by a man shot dead by police Friday morning is “obviously an anti-Semitic act,” Gerald Darmanin announced that he was going to decorate the police officer who fired the shot.


May 17, 2024

A few hours after the attempt to set fire to the Rouen synagogue by a man shot dead by police, the Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, traveled to the Norman city to address his “support to the city of Rouen, to the Jews of Rouen and of France.” For him, it is “obviously an act of anti-Semitism, which took place at a sacred place for the Republic, a place of worship.”

Gerald Darmanin declared that “this act touches all of us deeply,” expressing regret for the disgraceful, unacceptable violence against French Jews. He stated that “Rouen was not the object of any particular threats.”

The officer who fired the shots will be decorated

The minister wished to salute the work of the firefighters and police who intervened Friday morning and who faced “an individual who was particularly dangerous and violent.”

“This individual, with a large knife, rushed at a young deputy police officer, age 25, who was extremely courageous and professional,” Gerald Darmanin emphasized, who stated that he (the officer) had reason to use his weapon. For that, the officer, placed on limited duty within the framework of an investigation being carried out by IGPN [National Police General Inspection Service], will “be decorated by the Republic for his support given to the protection of places of worship.”

“Personally, I am fed with this criticism of the police. I have decided to decorate this officer because I believe he did his job,” said the minister.

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Insane Democrats Funding ‘Death to America’ Crowd

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Insane Democrats Funding ‘Death to America’ Crowd

by Clare M. Lopez

In the midst of ongoing IDF operations in Gaza and spreading pro-HAMAS student lawlessness on American university campuses, a number of stories remind us that the enemy is already inside the gate here at home.

“Several Michigan Democrats Fail To Condemn ‘Death To America’ Chants” at Dr. Rich Swier, 10 April 2024

  • U.S. university campuses are hotbeds of what appear to be very well-organized pro-HAMAS demonstrations and protests that are becoming increasingly violent as authorities both inside and outside numbers of schools have refused to enforce either law or the universities’ own regulations.

Biden Gave $5 Million to Terror-Tied Islamists in 2023 (But Still Much Less than Trump)” by Sam Westrop at, March 26, 2024

  • Of course, as we know, there’s no such thing as “Islamists” [Editor’s Note — As Erdogan said, “There is only one Islam.”], but the connection here is about a set of grants provided by Biden administration Cabinet Departments to Jamaat-e-Islami and ICNA Relief (aligned with the Islamic Circle of North America — ICNA), among a slew of other dubious recipients. It beggars belief that top levels of the USG are not aware of Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups’ affiliations.

U.S. Funneled Nearly $1 Million to Hamas-Linked Charity That Hosted Terror Leader’s Son, Report Says” by Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon, April 8, 2024

  • More taxpayer money being channeled to a so-called “humanitarian group” [Bayader Association for Environment and Development] based in the Gaza Strip where obviously it collaborates with HAMAS.

“Rep. Torres Secures $1 Million for Oct. 7 Supporters” by Sam Westrop at the oddly-named Western Islamism, April 16, 2024

  • New York Congressman Torres was able to secure over $1 million for the Bronx Muslim Center, which is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim American Society (MAS). Naturally, they are “closely aligned with pro-HAMAS causes”, according to this article.

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We’ll Always Have Malmö

An earlier and considerably smaller protest in Malmö

The Eurovision song contest is being held this week in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, which is one of the most Islamized cities in Europe. The participation of an Israeli contestant in the pageant has been inflammatory for those culture-enrichers, and not just the local ones from the Islamic ghetto in Rosengård — Muslim protesters have come from far and wide to decry the Zionist presence in Malmö, and they have been supplemented by native European Gutmenschen who also happen to be Jew-haters.

Thousands of protesters have been gathering outside the venue every day, prominent among them Greta Thunberg, who has metamorphosed from a chic climate waif into a chic keffiyeh gamine, and draws a lot of media attention in the scrum on the cobblestones.

Below are two articles about this week’s antics in Malmö, both translated by Gary Fouse. The first was published yesterday by Nya Dagbladet:

Tens of thousands expected to demonstrate against Israel in Malmö

Today, two pro-Palestinian demonstrations are being organized in Malmö against Israel’s participation in “Eurovision”, in which the organizers believe there will be about 25,000 participants. A bit later, there will also be a pro-Israel demonstration to “support” the Israeli artist Eden Golan, and on Malmö’s streets there will be heavily armed police from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

At 4pm, pro-Palestinian demonstrators will march from Stortorget [Grand Square] to Slottsparken [Palace Park], and organizers of “Stop Israel” report that about 25,000 participants are expected. An hour later, another similar demonstration is organized in the city district of Hyllie.

“We will act quickly, setting limits, and we have a low tolerance. On the other hand, we have a high tolerance for freedom of speech,” says Police Commander Petra Stenkula to TV4.

At 6pm, there will be a “counter-demonstration” held at Davidhallstorg [Davidhall Square], where the stated purpose is to support the Israeli artist Eden Golan, who is taking part in the evening’s semi-final. Heavily armed police from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are on-site, but report that as of this time they have not received any information that indicates there will be violence.

“There will be a lot of police seen in the city,” says the police spokesman Filip Annas to TT [news group].

Want to throw Israel out

It can be noted that hundreds of demonstrators are arriving in Malmö from Denmark in hired buses, and even more are expected to cross the sound by train.

“Our primary task is to see that the public gatherings are carried out without disturbances, and should there be disturbances, we naturally will deal with them,” explains Annas.

Pro-Palestinian voices, thus far without success, have long demanded that Eden Golan and Israel be thrown out of the music competition, referring to Israel’s ongoing invasion of Gaza and what is described as a genocide directed against the Palestinian population there.

The second report was published today by Samhällsnytt:

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The ‘Holy’ Connection

Our Israeli correspondent MC presents an overview of the current culture wars, which seem to be approaching their climax now in the Gaza Strip.

The ‘Holy’ Connection

by MC

It has become very obvious over the past few months that a new Nazism has taken hold. Worldwide.

Occult Nazism has always been more popular than Marxism, which is a top-down movement achieving power by revolution and the exclusion of dissidents. Nazism, however, is a bottom-up movement achieving power by a democratic vote (and maybe a little voter fraud on the side) but usually aligned with public opinion (suitably softened up by unceasing propaganda).

In the current climate, many Nazis don’t actually realize that they are Nazis. They do as Nazis do, say the things that Nazis say, and think they are warriors for ‘social justice’. Their ignorance of history is astounding.

In a democracy, once the vote is counted, the loser should retire into opposition whilst accepting the outcome as the will of the people. But if (when) that stops happening, there is no longer a democracy, and we slip into an ‘-ism’ of some sort.

We see this here in Israel where we have been betrayed by those who (at the behest of Brandon) want to topple the democratically elected Netanyahu government. We have IDF generals so distracted by politics that they failed to respond to reports that Hamas was planning something big on October 7th.

President Trump won in 2016, but the opposition claimed the election was not legitimate (yet provided no proof) and proceeded to harass the administration with tactics from the political gutter.

2020 was an obvious fraud, but the Constitutional safety net failed to work and America has its worst administration ever, making even President Carter look good in comparison.

In the UK the so called ‘Conservative’ party turned socialist years ago. Everyone is so frightened of being called a ‘racist’ that those who should be ensuring equality are blinded by skin colour bias. Having allowed Islam into the country, the pols are now too timid to deal with the fallout. Islam does not adapt; it only settles and colonises. Islam is not a “religion of Peace”; it is a particularly insipid form of religion-based socialism unafraid of using violence and terrorism to achieve its nefarious and deceitful aims.

Islam targets peaceful societies, identifies their weak points and uses any means to divide, colonise and settle. They are the ‘settlers’ colonising and inflicting their opinions (and authoritarian religion) on the surrounding indigenous peoples — or killing them, exactly as it says in the Koran.

So Islamic groups in UK are much more dangerous than, say, Mosley’s Union of British Fascists in the interwar period. Mainly because the government lacks the will to deal with it. They will happily lock up Tommy Robinson on trumped-up political charges, but will not deal with the real problem of the Islamic invasion and occupation.

The political fantasies of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ are much like the Nazi fantasies of ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ (the national community of Aryans) and ‘Lebensraum’ (living space a.k.a. the invasion and occupation of Eastern Europe).

‘Socialism’ is state control of the economy, and DEI creeping into business is exactly that.

Even if obfuscated by SJWs claiming a moral high ground.

SJWs have discovered that if they slither through the moral sewer of ‘ends justifying the means’, they can sling their venom with impunity by inventing new political mountaintops of their own, and skin colour politics is their Annapurna. Their Everest is race-based Socialism (Nazism), but is always obscured in the clouds.

A ‘socialist’ is one who wants to control other people and force them to obey a set of ritual and religious-type laws as dictated by their own ‘socialist’ beliefs. Socialists believe in ‘socialism’ as a secular humanist-based religion, and also that the unbeliever is not fit to live in their society.

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“There Will Be No Peace, Nor Negotiations With the Zionist Entity”

In the following video an esteemed Qatari scholar and legislator named Essa bin Ahmad Al-Nassr expresses his opinions on Israel and the Jews.

From the introduction by RAIR Foundation:

Essa bin Ahmad Al-Nassr, a member of Qatar’s legislative body and a brigadier general at the Emiri Guard, sparked international outrage with his inflammatory rhetoric delivered at an Arab League session on Monday. As a member of Qatar’s legislative Shura Council, Al-Nassr’s words carry significant weight within both political and security circles.

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Allah Goes to School

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

State security officials warn against Islamization of schools

A study from Lower Saxony on the attitudes of Muslim students shocks the republic. Now a state security guard is warning against Islamization in the classroom. German children may convert through coercion.


A state security official has warned against the Islamization of German schools. “More and more parents of German children are turning to counseling centers because the Christian children want to convert so that they are no longer outsiders at school,” he told the Bild newspaper. The background is the survey by the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, in which 67.8% of those surveyed agreed with the statement: “The rules of the Quran are more important to me than the laws in Germany.” In addition, almost half (45.8%) stated Islamic theocracy is the best form of government.

Such morals are normal among Muslim families, the official explained. The teachings of Islam are strictly followed and family honor is highly valued. The public protector continued: “When girls at school behave too westernized in the eyes of Muslim young people, do not wear a headscarf or meet boys, the male students think they have to defend their honour and warn the girls to act like one, to behave like a devout Muslim.”

TikTok as an accelerant for Islamism

In addition, there might be peer pressure at schools. Teachers, on the other hand, don’t know how to deal with it. “Real parallel societies are emerging in the schoolyards. And if a lot of refugee children come to school again in the summer, the situation will become even more explosive.” [If these teachers were to look into the mirror, they would know who to blame. They voted for this over and over.]

The official takes a critical view of developments on social networks. “There are certain TikTok channels in which Islamist pop stars convince students that they have to oppose the Western way of life and that only a caliphate is the right form of government.” Among other things, the message there is that non-Muslims are less valuable than Muslims. [Anyone who actually bothered to read Islamic scripture would have known that beforehand, now, wouldn’t they?]

A student from Essen told Junge Freiheit about her experiences with radical Islamic classmates . She was beaten and asked not to eat during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Out of self-protection, the 17-year-old followed her tormentors’ instructions. [When self-protection becomes a slavers’ shackle, it’s high time to sharpen the sword.]

Afterword from the translator:

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