“It’s Their Interpretation of Islam”

“It’s Their Interpretation of Islam”

by Michael Copeland

“Ah, but it’s their interpretation of Islam”, we are assured by smooth-talking muslim speakers. Journalists have picked this up, and dutifully write about “an extremist interpretation” that lies behind the latest atrocity. This assurance about interpretation is surprisingly successful. It is designed to make us doubt what Islam’s source texts mean, including — and this is the crafty part — those whose meaning is clear and obvious. We can easily be taken in by this appealing and fair-sounding assertion. It puts us off the scent. That is the idea.

First, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by an “interpretation”. If an instruction says “give away one tenth of your income to charity”, that does not require an interpretation. The meaning is quite clear, and the instruction can be exactly followed. An “interpretation” is different. Say a politician repeatedly evades an interviewer’s question with some bland generalisation. Eventually the interviewer says, “I’ll take that as a ‘No’”. That is an interpretation. It is quite a different matter from the straightforward following of what a text says.

Bearing in mind that the Koran — all of it — forms part of Islam’s law, how does the “interpretation” allegation stand up to the test?

Let us see. We can take commands and instructions from the Koran and Hadith and compare them with what muslim leaders and speakers say.


Koran 60:4 praises the “excellent pattern” shown by Ibrahim when he said (to the Jews):

“Between us and you enmity and hatred forever….”.

How do the spokesmen treat that?

  • Osama bin Laden: “Enmity and hate shall forever reign between us.”
  • Osama bin Laden: “Battle, animosity, and hatred — from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion.”
  • islamqa.com: “Muslims in the West must have … enmity and hatred of the kaffirs.”
  • Alminbar.com: “You should hate them, disown them and their religion.”
  • Abu Usama, Birmingham: “No one loves the kuffaar. We hate kuffaar.”
  • Anjem Choudary: “As a muslim I must have hatred for everything non-Islam.”
  • Yousuf Makharzah, muslim cleric: “Animosity towards the Jews is an obligatory religious duty, and one of the signs of the believers.”


The Koran commands:

  • “Kill the non-muslims wherever you find them” 9:5
  • “Kill them wherever you overtake them, and expel them from wherever they have expelled you….” 2:191

What do the clerics say?

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The Peaceful, Tolerant Muslims of India

The two videos below provide snapshots of Islamic ideology in India. They are particularly apropos today, given the recent violent Muslim riots in Delhi, in which dozens of people were killed. (See these articles from Struggle for Hindu Existence for detailed information on events in Delhi: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3)

Many thanks to Janya for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video shows the communal response planned for a man who “insulted Islam”:

The second video is a more generalized death threat against Hindu political leaders in India:

Video transcript #1:

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Geert Wilders: “The Koran is Full of Jew-Hatred”

In the following video Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, speaks out in the Dutch parliament, taking government ministers to task for refusing to acknowledge Islam as a major factor in the growth of Jew-hatred in the Netherlands:

Muslim Rapes: The Government Misinformed The House

Michael Copeland’s latest essay discusses the extent to which the British political establishment has been successfully deceived by the Islamic practice of taqiyya, or sacred lying.

Muslim Rapes: The Government Misinformed The House

by Michael Copeland

“There is NOTHING in the Koran…”

The UK Government has successfully misinformed the House of Lords. This happened in March 2018, but little has changed since.

The misinformation came in a statement by Lord Young, in his capacity as the Cabinet Office Spokesman for the Government in the Upper Chamber. It was his answer to an enquiry, and is set out below. First, though, the question: it concerned the many, many, rapes of non-Muslim girls by Muslim men.

The peer who asked the question, Lord Pearson, prefaced his polite words by bringing attention to the extent of the problem, carefully citing his sources:

My Lords, …If we accept the views of our lead police officer for child protection, of Rotherham’s MP and of the recent Jay and Quilliam reports, we are looking at millions of rapes of white and Sikh girls by Muslim men, only 222 of whom have been convicted since 2005.

Lord Pearson went on to mention — Gasp! — the Koran. Warning: Fragility Alert. This is Eggshell territory. The Westminster Bubble has an Eggshell Zone, in which certain subjects, like Emperor’s Clothes, are not meant to be touched upon. The Upper Chamber allowed itself an audible but polite and well-mannered frisson:

Will the Government ask our Muslim leaders whether the perpetrators can claim that their behaviour is sanctioned in the Koran…

general murmurings of disapproval and reproach

…and to issue a fatwa against it?

Shock! Lord Pearson had erred and strayed from the Commandment:

Thou Shalt Not Puncture The Bubble

Lords and Commons alike are nearly all signed up to the Bubble’s Articles of Faith, more properly called Articles of Wishful Thinking, namely the Religion-of-Peace and the Tiny-Minority-of-Extremists — you know, those who have warped, twisted, perverted, distorted, misunderstood, you name it, their Entirely Peaceful Ideology. The Koran is Peace, Nothing but Peace, and Do Not Disturb this Dictum. These Articles of Faith are untouchable, never mind that they do not correspond with reality. Merely adverting to them makes a person a troublemaker.

The peers, their noble feathers ruffled, sternly awaited the anticipated answer. Sure enough, Lord Young, reading from a prepared text, delivered the riposte:

There is NOTHING in the Koran that encourages the sort of activity the noble Lord has referred to.

Satisfaction all round

There. The authoritative pronouncement. Decorum restored, feathers re-smoothed. Unfortunately the statement, though doubtless given in good faith, is completely at variance with Koranic reality. This will be exposed below. The noble Lord then added, correctly in theory but not so easy to find in practice:

In any case, the Koran would be trumped by the law of the land.

Well, yes, but the operative part is “would be”. It would be if the law of the land were enforced, but time and time again blind eyes have been turned and the law has been left unenforced.

The Government Spokesman unwittingly dug himself deeper in his hole by delivering the Compulsory Creed, to be adhered to at all times and in all places, and against all evidence:

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Islam’s Saints

This week’s edition of Dymphna’s greatest hits is from the spring of 2006. Until I reread the piece this morning, I had forgotten about the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan man who faced death for converting to Christianity, and who probably would have been executed had it not been for pressure brought to bear by the U.S. government.

The links embedded in the original no longer work, and have been removed.

Islam’s Saints

by Dymphna
originally published on March 28, 2006

The Christian convert in Afghanistan who faced execution has been let go, at least for the moment. Because Afghanistan’s President is anxious to join the modern world, which has a secular rule of law, he was able to bring pressure to bear on the Sharia Court to let the religious prisoner go. And because he wants to bring his country into the 21st century, Karzai was open to the urging of world leaders who called him to intervene in this case.

Things will not go so well for the Sharia-shackled prisoners in Iran. The government there is deaf to any pleading, and in fact, is planning its executions in secret so as to fly under the radar of humanitarian groups who might seek to interfere. Here are two current cases:

The first is a 17-year-old young woman named Nazanin who was out walking with her niece and their respective boyfriends in March, 2005. The two girls were set upon by three men. When the men began stoning the girls, the boys ran away. Injured from the stones, the girls were dragged to the ground and Act II, the rape, began. Nazanin managed to get out a knife she carried to protect herself from attacks. She stabbed her rapist in the chest and he died from the wound. So, of course, Nazanin now faces execution for this act of self-defense. She was sentenced in January, 2006, though the date of execution isn’t certain.

The second case is an older woman, Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajooh, who murdered her “temporary husband” for his attempted rape of her daughter. The whole sick idea of “temporary marriage” is Sharia-speak for permitting adultery and prostitution, which would otherwise be punishable by execution. “Temporary marriages” can be of any duration, from a quick assignation at lunch, to many years’ duration. You can be married to one woman and still contract with another for a muta. This is largely a Shi’ite permutation, though Sunnis have been known to use it when convenient. Needless to say, built in to this corruption is a lack of protection for the “wife” of these arrangements:

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Islam’s Agenda: Muslims Speak

Michael Copeland sends this compilation, which will serve as a useful reference for anyone who wants to look at Islam without the PC blinders.

Islam’s Agenda: Muslims Speak

by Michael Copeland


  • Islam is not like Christianity. Our Islam is politicalMullah Krekar
  • Islam is politics or it is nothing. a very political religionKhomeini
  • more than… religion …an ideological political movementChoudary
  • Islam is not a race. It is an ideologyIbrahim Cooper, CAIR
  • The only one law …anywhere… has to be IslamAbu Bakr, Australia
  • Separation of religion and state is not an optionDr JS Idris, Sudan

Anti-democracy, anti-Constitution

  • We are definitely a danger to democracyAbu Izzadeen
  • Muslims reject democracy and secularism!placard
  • democracy, liberalism, freedom… need to be destroyedChoudary
  • Democracy go to Hellplacard
  • Queen and Country — Go to Hell! Burn, Burn, USA!Al Muhajiroun
  • Freedom go to Hellplacard
  • Anglian Soldiers go to Hellplacard
  • Crusader Army Go to Hellfireplacard
  • British police go to Hellplacard
  • abolition of man-made lawsQutb
  • Koran is our lawMuslim Brotherhood motto
  • destroying Western civilisationMuslim Brotherhood plan
  • Down with Englandplacard
  • There will be no House of CommonsC4 Undercover Mosque


  • The mosques are our barracks, the faithful our soldiersErdogan
  • Islamic Centre… to supply our battalionsMuslim Brotherhood plan
  • I am a soldier7/7 bomber
  • I’m a soldier of AllahLee Rigby’s killer
  • Jaish-e-Mohammad (militant group) means ”Army of Mohammad”


  • Muslims in the past conquered, invaded, and took over countries
  • Huwayni
  • Islam is under obligation to gain power over nationsKhaldun
  • Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the
  • face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of
  • IslamMaududi
  • Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victorQaradawi
  • We shall conquer their countries … like it or not.M Ayed, Al Aqsa
  • We are coming … to regain our land and purify it … of the unbelievers
  • Fouad Belkacem, Sharia4Belgium
  • Islam will invade Europe and America, smashing Western
  • civilisation and replacing it with IslamM M Akef
  • The Islamic movement … must take power as soon as it is morally
  • strong enough … to destroy the non-Islamic powerA Izetbegovic


  • Islam has never been a religion of peace, not even for a day…
  • always … a religion of war and conflictal Baghdadi PhD Islam
  • No peace can be made between us and kafirs. This what our holy
  • book says. This what Allah says.Qaradawi
  • Pursuing the kaffirs in their lands …fighting them if they do not
  • submitislamqa.com
  • When you fight, you killAbu Hamza
  • Out of mosques wars should proceedKhomeini
  • Prophet had a sword to kill peopleKhomeini
  • Battle, animosity, and hatred —directed from the Muslim to the
  • infidel—is the foundation of our religionOsama bin Laden
  • Britain has always been Dar al Harb [Realm of War]Choudary
  • We are at war7/7 bomber; Lee Rigby’s killer
  • a permanent war institutionAl Azhar
  • The sharia commands us to battle infidelsAyman al Zawahiri
  • Muslims should not be in the kafir army: the kafir is the enemy
  • Saudi Govt. ruling
  • Oh Allah … kill them, down to the very last oneQaradawi
  • warfare against the infidels is the highest expression of fidelity …
  • it is obligatory for us to begin fighting with themHassan al Banna
  • Nothing … is mentioned more than …fighting in the KoranChoudary
  • Islam has the right to destroy all obstacles [to Islam]Qutb
  • Jews and Christians are filthy. Their lives and property can be taken
  • in jihad by the MuslimsYaser Qadhi, Tennessee


  • love the Muslims and hate the Kuffaarmuslimsagainstvoting
  • Muslims …must have … enmity and hatred of …kaffirsislamqa.com
  • Enmity and hate shall forever reign between usOsama bin Laden
  • You should hate them, disown them and their religionAlminbar
  • No one loves the kuffaar. We hate kuffaar.Abu Usama, B’ham,
  • As a Muslim I must have hatred for everything non-IslamChoudary
  • Kuffar should be treated with contemptA Murad


  • The Quran directly commands us to commit terrorismR H Hamida
  • …to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies —Gen. S. K. Malik
  • Terrorism is part of Islam!Abu Izzadeen
  • Every Muslim is a potential terroristNassim ben Iman
  • Every Muslim is a terroristZakir Naik
  • The Management of SavageryIS manual
  • Our terrorism is blessed, a divine callchild with dagger MEMRI


  • There is a place for violence in IslamChoudary
  • Violence is the heart of IslamAyatollah Yazdi
  • Islam says: kill all of the kafirs. Jihad stands for killing all kafirs
  • Islam is a religion of blood for the infidels. Kill them. Put them
  • to the sword. Killing is a great Divine giftKhomeini
  • Muslims must kill kafirs wherever they are unless they convert
  • Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti, Egypt
  • The life of an unbeliever has no valueOmar Bakri
  • Slaughter Jews wherever you find themHaj Amin al Husseini
  • As for the Jews, you kill them physicallyAbdullah al-FaisalC4
  • Allah, strike…the Christians … kill them to the last oneAl-Aqsa TV
  • Islam’s goal is to kill JewsMufti Muhammad Hussein, PA
  • killing you, fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, are
  • all considered great legitimate duty in our religionKS Mohammed
  • prepare for jihad and be the lovers of deathHassan al Banna


  • If a lie is the only way … it is permittedAl Ghazali
  • Using deception to mask intended goalsMuslim Brotherhood plan
  • Smile at the infidels only to deceive themM Hassan
  • War is deception. Deceive your enemyShukri Abu Bakr
  • Act like you are his friend. Then kill himSheikh Muburak Gilani

Impose Sharia Law on All Mankind

  • the nature of Islam to …impose its law on all nationsH al Banna
  • Islam is the perfect system for all mankindplacard
  • Does Islam or does it not force people by the power of the sword
  • to submit? Yes!Osama bin Laden
  • Eliminate … un-Islamic system … establish… IslamicMaududi
  • It is a duty … making …the whole world IslamicH al-Banna
  • Islam …seeks to alter the social order of the whole worldMaududi
  • Establish Islamic Emiratesplacard
  • Sharia is the way forwardChoudary
  • Man-made law Go To Hell!Al Muhajiroun
  • Use of Force in the light of QuranAbdul Alem Islahi


  • practising Muslims … are above the law of the landM Carroll CAIR
  • The Koran grants Muslims dominion over the worldH al Banna
  • My religion doesn’t tolerate other religionAbu Bakr, Australia.
  • Islam must dominate, and not be dominatedHassan al-Banna
  • The Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and
  • Communist statesMaududi
  • Non-Muslims have absolutely no right to seize the reins of power…
  • Islam requires the earth, not just part, but the whole planetMaududi
  • Yes, we will be masters of the world!Safwat Hegazy
  • Mastership of the world!M Badie
  • Islam will dominate the worldplacard

Forced Submission to Islam

  • Holy war… a religious duty to convert everybody …by persuasion
  • or by forceKhaldun
  • Enforcement of power over the infidelsAbu Baseer, London
  • All Christians must convert to IslamAbu Qaqa, Boko Haram
  • Conversion to Islam or deathAl Baghdadi
  • Christianity should be destroyed and wiped from the face of the
  • earthSheik Farook al-Mohammedi
  • War of conquest … to put Koranic law in powerKhomeini
  • Muslims must grow in strength … then take overC 4 UM

Global Caliphate

  • Islam is against nationalityKhomeini
  • Muslim nation is one nation, to the exclusion of all othersplacard
  • A Muslim has no nationality except his beliefQutb
  • The day will come when we will rule AmericaIbrahim Mudeiris
  • We will restore the Caliphate and you will pay jizyaNader Tamimi
  • Peace is when the whole world is MuslimQutb


  • Assimilation is a crime against humanityErdogan
  • merciful to each other… violent to the kuffarErdogan


  • Slavery is a part of IslamSaleh Al-Fawzan
  • Enslavement is the penalty for disbeliefAshiq Ilahi
  • Sex slaves are not forbiddenMecca Mufti
  • It is permissible to take concubinesislamqa.com
  • It is allowed to take women as slavesA. Shekau
  • Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them
  • yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?Saad al-Buraik
  • The …spoils …includes men, women, children, wealthHuwayni
  • Take their wives as war bootydemonstrator, Danish Embassy
  • When I want a sex slave I go to the market and chooseHuwayni

Subjugation of Women

  • it is permissible … sex… with a prepubescent girlwww.islamonline
  • Any woman without a headscarf is asking to be rapedShahid Mehdi
  • Husbands can hit their wivesislamqa.com
  • The Sharia says ‘Beat them’Egypt TV
  • Beating is my Quranic rightlawyer Egypt TV

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

Islamic Pedagogy in Pakistan

The following two videos discuss the practice of Islam in Pakistan, and particularly the way non-Muslims are treated in Pakistan.

The first video is an excerpt from an interview. It’s not clear whether the two speakers are in India or Pakistan, but they are talking about Pakistan.

The second video is an appeal to India for help for Hindu women and girls in Pakistan.

Many thanks to Janya for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: The curriculum in Pakistani madrassas

Video #2: The plight of Hindu girls in Pakistan

Video transcript #1:

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Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

In his latest essay Michael Copeland discusses what has been pointed out here repeatedly in the past: Islamic scriptures and teaching require believers to engage in sacred lying whenever it serves the cause of Islam.

Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

by Michael Copeland

“Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.”

So urged Sheikh Mubarak Gilani to his Muslim listeners concerning non-Muslims, kafirs. He was advocating two of Islam’s teachings: deception of kafirs and killing of kafirs.

Islamic deception

Islamic deception has an Arabic name — taqiyya. It is a well-developed doctrine. In short it authorises Muslims to deceive the kafir in the cause of Islam. One of Islam’s most important theologians, Al Ghazali (1059-1111), set out the position a long time ago:

“Understand that lying is not wrong in itself. If a lie is the only way to achieve a good result [for Islam], it is permitted.”

“Permissible Lying” is how taqiyya is featured in the Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller (r4). In the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret “Strategic Plan”, the “Explanatory Memorandum”, it is included as “Using deception to mask intended goals”. It is part of their strategy for “destroying the Western civilisation from within”. This explosively important document was captured through alert police work.

An observant traffic officer in Maryland in 2004 saw a car being driven across the Chesapeake Bridge with a woman in a hijab taking a video of its structural members. He pulled it over. The driver was a Hamas activist. The driver and the passenger were arrested and their Virginia home searched. In a secret sub-basement was a stash of Arabic documents, including the Explanatory Memorandum. Subsequently this became critical evidence in the largest terrorist-funding case in American history, the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Islam’s doctrine of killing non-Muslims has been its blood-soaked track record for the last nearly 1,400 years. It cannot be missed. Islam’s history is one of repeated attack, killing, slave-taking, piracy, extortion, subjugation, humiliation and forced conversion of non-Muslim peoples, and the annihilation of their cultures. Churches, temples, and synagogues have been destroyed and triumphal mosques built in their stead. Great swathes of the Near East and North Africa that were previously Christian, even Spain and part of France, have been forced to be Islamic, with great cruelty and barbarism. Formerly Buddhist Afghanistan, Zoroastrian Persia, and Hindu India have all experienced the same. The process is in full swing in Nigeria, Myanmar, East Timor, the Philippines, Sudan, and elsewhere. The tainted BBC euphemise these conflicts as “separatist insurgencies”, but they are all instances of Islamic jihad.

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were deceived by Muslim jihadi Usman Khan. Khan had been imprisoned for planning terrorist mass murders. In prison he had claimed that that he wanted be rehabilitated. It was taqiyya. He joined a “Learning Together” programme in which the two were involved.

Killing kafirs

Unfortunately the “Learning Together” programme had not started on its own Learning Curve about Islam. The management had not informed either themselves or their personnel of basic Islamic doctrines. Had they done so, they would have been alerted not only to Islam’s Permissible Lying, but also, critically, to Islam’s standing instruction to kill kafirs.

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ZDF Obfuscates the Global Jihad

The following clip is an excerpt from a video posted by a German vlogger named Thomas at Digitaler Chronist Alternative (the original 16-minute video is here [in German]).

In his rant Thomas takes exception to what he calls the “framing” by the state broadcaster ZDF, which recently characterized Islamic terror attacks as “the fight between the Islamic and Christian worlds” on Twitter.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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“We Are At War”

Michael Copeland’s latest essay reminds me of two lines in “There is a War”, a song by Leonard Cohen: “There is a war between the ones who say there is a war / and the ones who say there isn’t.”

“We Are At War”

by Michael Copeland

“We are at war and I am a soldier,” said Mohammed Sidique Khan, one of the London 7/7 murderers. Lee Rigby’s killer told the court, “I am a soldier… This is a war… I’m a Soldier of Allah”.

Observers who are alert to Islam’s objectives have little difficulty in accepting this. Public broadcasters and politicians, by and large, though, do not accept it. They are uninformed: as a result they are incredulous. Stephen Sackur of BBC Newsnight scowled with disbelief when Anjem Choudary informed him that kafirs are not innocent — basic Islamic doctrine — and that Britain has always been the Realm of War. The BBC knows better, apparently. Recently in France the very well-informed Eric Zemmour insisted to his interviewer:

“Civil war! —Yes. We are in a civil war. — We are… excuse me!”

His interviewer did not appear to be convinced: perhaps he thinks he knows better. The media, and, more seriously, Western governments, have yet to receive the memo.

The blogger ECAW writes, “In 2005 four British born Muslims blew themselves up on the London transport system, killing 52 people, citing religious and political motivations. I was angry about it but was elsewhere, and otherwise engaged, and I went back to sleep.”


ECAW probably speaks for many, many more. Why did we go back to sleep? Was it anything to do with repeated assurances from our leaders that these four had misunderstood their Peaceful Religion, that they had warped, twisted, perverted it and so on — you know the rest? ECAW is no longer asleep. His acronym explains: “Everything Changed After Woolwich”.

But… but… but we cannot be at war. War means Arnold Schwarzenegger… and helicopters… and commandos… and tanks. Let’s face it: most of our mental images are owed to Hollywood, and we hardly even realise it. No. War is not all heroic and exciting. It does not need to be continuous: it can be gradual. Wars in the past dragged on for decades — the Thirty Years’ War, the Hundred Years’ War, the Napoleonic Wars. Islam itself is, by its own doctrines, in “a permanent war institution” against the West, which is “Dar al Harb”, the Realm of War. “Britain has always been Dar al Harb”, Anjem Choudary assured BBC Newsnight.

The US has suffered many jihad attacks: 9/11, Fort Hood, Little Rock, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, Orlando night club, van ramming in New York, subway bomber, and so on. Britain has undergone a large number of attacks: Lockerbie, London 7/7, London 21/7, the foiled airline liquid bomb attack, the fertilizer bomb plot, Glasgow airport, the London night club failed car bomb, the beheading of Lee Rigby, the beheading of Palmira Silva, the murders of young Kriss Donald, Charlene Downes and others, the anti-EDL bomb plot, the Manchester concert bomb. Add the ongoing taking of thousands of vulnerable underage girls as sex-slaves, including one murdered at home with her family at night by arson. Add all the assaults on young men, and the carving out of Muslim-only ghettoes by the aggressive thuggery of White Drive-Out. The picture emerges of widespread and sustained hostile actions, complete with multiple victims. How many attacks are needed to qualify as a war? Certainly a state of hostility exists, with casualties.

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The New Normal: A Warning

It is commonly said that you can get used to anything. That little aphorism is being put to a stress test in Europe and the rest of West as we move into the third decade of the 21st century. In his latest essay, Michael Copeland discusses this sad state of affairs.

The New Normal: A Warning

by Michael Copeland

“I’ve found my mittens! I’ve found my mittens!”, cried Charlie Brown, “Now where’s the pie? You always get pie if you find something lost.”

This little incident, from a well-loved cartoon character, expresses how the infant learns, by experience without comprehension; by osmosis, as it were. A pattern is experienced, is perceived as cause and effect, and is thereafter relied on. It is a built-in response. In the small child’s world things are automatically normalised. The infant is programmed to accept patterns. Small children in German extermination camps played among the corpses. They knew nothing else: that was their normal. It is only later in life that the mind begins to question things.

Normalising is what we all do without thinking about it. It is not only a childhood support mechanism, it is an adult’s process of coping. As road traffic becomes ever heavier we do not sit trembling and incapable at the wheel just because conditions are no longer as they were before: we adapt. Our subconscious minds continually make the adjustment for us: the new outlook is programmed in, and the old one erased. This happens by autopilot, which takes the load off our conscious minds. When looking at old films it suddenly becomes apparent quite how much has changed, and how we have taken it in our stride as we have gone along.

In recent decades we in the West have had a great many cultural changes inflicted upon us by our Dear Leaders. We have been obliged to adapt. Some changes, though, have been too great: these have powered what the media call ‘White Flight’, in some cases better described as ‘Drive-out’, that has emptied many neighbourhoods of their historically indigenous inhabitants. Conditions have been changed so markedly, and so beyond our control, that we have been obliged either to accept them as accomplished, albeit without our consent, and begin to have mental problems, or to leave for life elsewhere. For the younger generation, who have not known the extent of the difference, acceptance is easier, and probably more subconscious.

First there is one niqab. That is a surprise. Next there are more: then there are many. After that they are not a surprise any more: they are the new normal. It has become unsafe for pensioners and women on their own to venture out in the evening, so they stay in: the new normal. Now we hear of schoolgirl genital mutilations, and next in ever growing numbers. Though the legislature has made it a crime, there have been hardly any prosecutions: it is the pattern. Now we hear of polygamous marriages, and official blind eyes or legal excuses used to justify lack of action against them: that is how it is now. Next we hear of child brides juggling a housewife’s duties with school: same again. It is against the law but little is done about it. The danger in all this is the silent shrinkage of expectations, the self-suppression of moral objections. Here is yet another child sex gang and the trafficking of under-age sex slaves. It is not news any more. Here is yet another ‘honor’ killing. Oh yes, they do that, don’t they. Another hand grenade? That is how it is: that is why we don’t go out any more.

In Belgium firefighters attending New Year’s Eve celebrations were accompanied by police. The public sector union representative, Eric Labourdette, protested:

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India and Pakistan: Muslims vs. All Other Religions

The following three videos provide brief snapshots of recent political events in the Indian subcontinent. Many thanks to Janya for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

On December 11 the Indian parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which then became law. It allows members of specific persecuted religious minorities in neighboring countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) to be granted Indian citizenship if they entered the country, even illegally, before the end of 2014. Muslims in India are up in arms over the CAB because it singles out Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, Jains, and Christians, and excludes Muslims (since they are not persecuted in any of those three states).

In the first video you’ll see Muslims threatening violence in India before the bill passed. The second video shows a little snip of the resulting violent unrest. The third shows testimony by a Hindu in Pakistan about the way members of his religion are treated in that country.

Video 1 — Muslim in India threatens violence over the CAB

Video 2 — Violent Muslim riots in India

Video 3 — A Hindu in Pakistan:

Video transcript #1:

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