Jair Bolsonaro: The Goal is to Remove Me From the Presidency

The video below is a follow-up to several posts (most recently here) about the Brazilian Deep State’s efforts to overthrow President Jair Bolsonaro.

Here in the USA, the executive arm of the Deep State consists of the Democrats and RINO Republicans in Congress, plus parts of the Department of Justice and other elements of the permanent bureaucracy. In Brazil the Supreme Court is charged with doing most of the dirty work.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Brazil’s Supreme Court Targets Jair Bolsonaro

The Brazilian Supreme Court seems to be acting as the executive arm of the Deep State in Brazil, as reported here most recently last week.

The video below from Brazilian TV discusses the latest tactics of the Supreme Court in its campaign against President Jair Bolsonaro. A journalist named Guilherme Fiuza is the featured panelist.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The translator also sends his original article about the machinations of the Supreme Court:

In an illegal operation, Brazil’s Supreme Court tries to criminalize support for Bolsonaro

by José Atento

Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court (STF) is composed of lawyers (not necessarily real judges) mostly appointed by the previous Socialist governments of the past two decades. For example, Minister Alexandre de Moraes was a lawyer for the notorious criminal group PCC, which has connections with the FARC. Moraes was never a judge, like most of the members of the Supreme Court. One may correctly say that the Supreme Court has been populated by Marxist activists disguised as “ministers” (that is how members of STF are designated) throughout the years.

Instead of doing its work to decide whether or not laws from parliament or decisions from the lower courts contradict the Constitution, the Supreme Court has turned into the main opposition to the government of president Bolsonaro, and has enacted several rules that in practice constrain the action of the federal government. Such decisions are always acclaimed by the Marxist-leaning mainstream media both in Brazil and overseas. The latest was the decision that the fight against COVID-19 was the responsibility of state governors and the illegal leaking of a tape documenting an internal meeting of the federal government.

The behaviour of the Supreme Court has enraged a considerable portion of the population, who have been very critical. The latest was a trend on the Internet, #STFshameofBrazil.

Since the 2018 election, the establishment opposing Bolsonaro (and in Brazil, the establishment is mostly left-wing) created the narrative that Bolsonaro was elected because of fake news spread via social media. In fact, because Bolsonaro was incapacitated for most of the campaign, after he had been knifed by a Communist militant, his campaign was run in the most decentralized way by his supporters, nicknamed “the aunts of WhatsApp.” But the Marxists cannot understand that. They think in hierarchical ways. They hate what they cannot control. They call it “fake news.”

The Supreme Court president, Minister Dias Toffoli, himself the former lawyer for the Labour Party (PT), who remained in power for 16 years, created an inquiry to investigate “fake news”, namely, the flow of information they disagree with, under the justification that the Supreme Court was being criticized, therefore, disrespected. Minister Alexandre de Moraes leads the case.

The problem is that no crime has been committed. They are, in practice, in search of a reason to prosecute those they disagree with. The Supreme Court ministers are judging a supposed crime committed against themselves. Yes, the “victim” is the “judge.” That is both illegal and immoral.

Then comes the events of March 27th. Teams of federal police officers were sent to several cities around the country with 29 search-and-seizure warrants. They targeted members of parliament allied to Bolsonaro, along with the journalist Alan dos Santos, the president of a political party that supports Bolsonaro, Mr. Roberto Jefferson, businessman Luciano Hang and several others Internet journalists and commentators.

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“An Armed People Shall Never Be Enslaved”

José Atento has written in the past about the remarkable similarity of the sabotage of Donald Trump and that of Jair Bolsonaro by the establishments in their respective countries. The Brazilian chapter of the Deep State is attempting to weaponize the coronavirus scam against President Bolsonaro. Sound familiar?

Note: The video included in the essay below was not subtitled by us, so be aware that there is a lot of vulgar language in the subtitles.

“An armed people shall never be enslaved”

by José Atento

Last time, I reported how the Brazilian Establishment was doing everything possible to overthrow Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro. At that time I mentioned the incident created by the early departure of Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Moro became a Brazilian national hero as the judge who led Operation Car Wash that put jailed powerful politicians and entrepreneurs, including former president Lula. Bolsonaro invited him to be his justice minster because Moro represented one of his causes: the fight against corruption.

Some pointed out that even though he was aligned with the fight against corruption, Moro was against some of Bolsonaro’s other positions. Contrary to Bolsonaro, Moro was in favor of abortion and in favor of disarming the population.

Let us jump to the present and the COVID-19 crisis. The Supreme Court, mostly composed of judges appointed during the 16 years of socialist rule, decided that the guidance, administration and control of how to tackle the pandemic was the responsibility of the state governors. One may argue that was correct, since public health is prerogative of states and municipalities, but, in practice, that made the federal government like the “Queen of England” whose only duty was to print money. Nonetheless, Bolsonaro made his opinion heard loud and clear, that, based on the Brazilian reality, where most of the population eat based on the money they make every day, the best approach would be a vertical lockdown of those in higher-risk groups (the elderly and those with health conditions); otherwise, the social consequences of the lockdown would be huge.

Some states, particularly those governed by the socialist Labour Party (PT) and the state of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, whose governors are pre-candidates for the 2022 presidential election, opted to force a full lockdown upon the population, calling it “social distancing.” Here comes the newspeak: everything was closed, and everyone told to stay at home, but it was not a lockdown. God knows what a lockdown would mean to them. At the same time, they began to bombard Bolsonaro with all sort of accusations, such as that he was anti-science, and the mainstream Brazilian media (that includes the newly created CNN-Brazil) blamed Bolsonaro for everything, even though his power had been removed by the Supreme Court.

Probably, the most outrageous of all was the way state and municipal police forces began to treat citizens who allegedly “disrespected social distancing” even if they were alone in an empty space. The brutality of a police-state became visible in videos that flooded social media (but not mainstream media) where working men, the elderly and women, even in bikinis, were brutally handcuffed and arrested. Meanwhile, governors are releasing criminals from jail, even drug-trafficking leaders and unrepentant rapists.

During this time of crisis, Justice Minister Moro resigned, claiming Bolsonaro was trying to interfere with the work of the Federal Police, even attempting to change some of its directors. Vague as this accusation was, as it is a constitutional prerogative of the president to appoint people to senior positions, the Establishment began to ask for Bolsonaro’s impeachment. Moro claimed that the content discussed during the last ministerial meeting would prove that. the Supreme Court opened an investigation based on Moro’s accusation, and requested the tape of the meeting.

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Brazilian Establishment Tries to Overthrow Bolsonaro

The Brazilian Left, like the Left anywhere else in the world, never lets a good crisis go to waste. According to this report by José Atento, the ramped-up push to damage President Jair Bolsonaro during the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis is similar to what is being attempted against Donald Trump in the USA.

The continuous effort of the Brazilian establishment to overthrow President Bolsonaro has reached its maximum level

by José Atento

Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil in November of 2018 because for most Brazilians he personified the opposition to many of the issues plaguing Brazil and Brazilians. First, the rampant corruption, notably from the leadership of the Labour Party (herein referred to as PT), which ruled Brazil for sixteen years. Secondly, the precarious situation of the Brazilian economy. PT squandered the economy. When PT rose to power in early 2000s, Brazil was a leading member of the BRICS. When PT left power, Brazil was basically bankrupt. Socialists are good at squandering economies.

Bolsonaro is anti-establishment, and in Brazil the establishment is predominantly of the Left. Bolsonaro spoke the language of the people, who are mostly nationalistic and Christian, disagree with gender ideology, are against abortion, and oppose big government, i.e., are against the flags of the Left.

Bolsonaro is also anti-Socialist and against the South American Socialist alliance known as São Paulo Forum, which has the participation of former and current leaders such as Lula (Brazil), Chavez/Maduro (Venezuela), Morales (Bolivia) and Cristina Kirchner (Argentina).

Bolsonaro showed his independence when he selected his ministers based on competence, not on political arrangements. Among his ministers two would represent the fight against corruption and for economic recovery. Sergio Moro (Justice Minister), the judge who led the Operation Car Wash, which put into jail powerful politicians and entrepreneurs, including former president Lula. And, Paulo Guedes (Finance Minister), a renowned economist from the Chicago School, with the intention of developing the economy towards free market.

By building a team of technical ministers, Bolsonaro angered a large group of politicians (from several parties) known as Centrão, which means roughly, Big Center. This group is not really in the center of the political spectrum, but they are known by their appetite for bargaining with the government, approving projects proposed by the government in the exchange for electoral gains. They did that during the PT government, and, as a consequence, several members of the Centrão are accused of corruption but, as members of parliament, they have “parliamentary immunity.” Both houses of Congress, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, are controlled by the Centrão. Unable to sell its support, the Centrão suffers from something similar to what a drug addict in withdrawal experiences.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Dep. Rodrigo Maia, has been slowly undermining the government by delaying the consideration of projects and decrees signed by Bolsonaro to the point of letting them expire. Similar action has been undertaken by the president of the Senate, Sen. Davi Alcolumbre. Both are from the Centrão.

Other sources of opposition are the left-leaning media (such as Folha de São Paulo and the all-powerful Globo TV) and the Supreme Court (STF), whose judges were nominated by socialist governments. The current president of the Supreme Court, Dias Tófolli, is a former PT lawyer. It is important to add that the governors of the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, both targeting the 2022 presidential elections, would love to see Bolsonaro’s chances for re-election decrease.

Bolsonaro is also the target of relentless attacks by the international media. His anti-socialist stance puts him at odds with the likes of The Guardian, El Pais, the BBC, CBC, ABC, CNN, and other left-leaning globalist media powerhouses, who waste no time before throwing mud at him.

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Ecuador: Don’t Bring Out Your Dead

Residents of the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador are setting tires on fire in the streets to protest the fact that the bodies of people who died of the coronavirus are not being collected. People are sometimes left for days with corpses in their houses.

At first I wondered how the situation could have gotten so bad, considering that the death rate of the Wuhan Coronavirus is not much worse than that of the seasonal flu. Then I noticed the details: funeral homes are refusing to pick up the cadavers because they are afraid of being infected.

In other words, the situation is part of the general coronavirus hysteria.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:01   Good evening —Yes, good evening. The same or similar images we see in Guayaquil,
00:06   where the people are in the streets in spite of the emergency they are living in.
00:09   They continue to register images of cadavers of coronavirus victims
00:13   piled up in refrigerated trucks,
00:16   bodies however not identified; there are more dead
00:20   bodies in hospitals and without refrigeration.
00:26   This here smells of heavy loss of life.
00:30   Pure death. Unclaimed bodies. Lost bodies.
00:37   Without a Christian burial.
00:40   Without being taken care of. Like this.
00:46   This is outrageous, gentlemen.
00:51   Outrageous. —The desperation has caused some of the residents of Guayaquil
00:57   to try to call the attention of the authorities in this manner.
01:01   They want the bodies to be picked up that have been in homes for days. They are burning tires
01:05   like this to get the attention of the authorities, who reiterate
01:09   that the protective measures against Covid-19,
01:13   especially speaking of the massive isolation and the suspension of the workday,
01:17   have become complicated. The complicated issue, the issue of collecting
01:22   the cadavers. The reality is that in Guayaquil reports from families continue
01:27   in this same direction. Today the images are repeated.
01:31   For days, people have been living with the cadavers of their loved ones.
01:35   They demand proper attention and a proper burial.
01:39   It has to be remembered that the funeral companies don’t want to carry the remains for fear
01:42   of possible contagion. This is the scenario, the reality in this city in Ecuador.

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Saïd Razzouki Arrested in Colombia

The following news report offers a Colombian perspective on the arrest of Saïd Razzouki, the deputy leader of the “Mocro Mafia” in the Netherlands. (Previous posts on Razzouki are here and here.) This story contains the added detail that the police shot and wounded Mr. Razzouki, though not seriously.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Colombian daily El Espectador:

One of the Most Wanted in the Netherlands Detained in Medellin

February 8, 2020

Agents for the DEA and FBI participated in the capture of Said Razzouki. This was the second arrest of members of the Dutch mafia, whose leader, Ridouan Taghi, was captured in Dubai in December 2019.

The criminal most wanted by Dutch justice, the alleged drug trafficker Said Razzouki, was arrested in the Colombian city of Medellin as part of an operation in which anti-drug units of the DEA and the FBI also participated, as confirmed this Saturday by the Public Prosecutor of the Netherlands. The arrest happened last Friday in an apartment building in Medellin, though the prisoner tried to flee and was slightly wounded by police gunfire from the Colombian authorities, who carried out the arrest.

Dutch police, who explained in a statement that hundreds of investigators and specialists had been dedicated “day and night” to the search for the arrested person during recent years, asked for extradition, although it is expected that the process will take some time. A reward of €100,000 had been offered for Said Razzouki, a record total for the Dutch authorities.

Besides the Colombian authorities, the investigation team also consisted of the Public Prosecutor, Dutch police, the DEA, and the FBI, though it is still not known how they succeeded in discovering his whereabouts.

Said Razzouki, 47, was the right-hand man of the other alleged drug trafficker and leader of the Dutch mafia, Ridouan Taghi, who was extradited to the Netherlands last December after being detained in Dubai, where he had been hidden in an area of chalets, paying rent in cash, and not leaving the house in order to go unnoticed.

Both men, who had been on the international lists of search and capture, are accused of ordering several murders in recent years, and according to authorities, Razzouki is the principal suspect in the so-called Marengo Trial, which will begin next March and which will prosecute him for overseeing five murders and several attempted murders.

In this judicial process, Said Razzouki is formally accused of leading a criminal organization which had the objective of carrying out murders, such as that of the well-known reporter who specialized in topics on organized crime, Martin Kok, whom they tried to kill in 2016 with a bomb placed under his car, near Amsterdam.

A total of 17 persons, the totality of the criminal organization known as “Mocro Mafia”, are now detained in the judicial process, in which several of those linked have died before being brought before justice. The brother and the lawyer of the most important protected witness of the case, Nabil B., were shot to death in Amsterdam. It is presumed that the crime was committed with the intent of silencing them so that they could not testify.

The Arrest of Saïd Razzouki in Medellin

The following video describes the arrest of the deputy leader of the “Mocro Mafia” in Colombia, Saïd Razzouki. Mr. Razzouki’s boss was Ridouan Taghi, who had been the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands before he was arrested in Dubai last December.

See last Saturday’s article about the arrest of Saïd Razzouki.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Mocro Mafia Busted in Colombia

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Dutch daily De Telegraaf:

Adjutant of Ridouan Taghi held in Colombia

Mocro-Mafia chief Razzouki arrested

By John Van Den Heuvel
February 7, 2020

Amsterdam — The fugitive “Mocro Mafia” chief Saïd Razzouki (47) was arrested Friday by a special police unit in Medellin, Colombia. He was possibly injured during the arrest since he tried to escape through a window.

That is what sources for De Telegraaf in Colombia report. The police unit, an intelligence and investigation unit named Diran, came from the Colombian capital, Bogota.

Razzouki was a fugitive, and was considered as the adjutant of boss Ridouan Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai in December.

According to the sources, Razzouki was arrested in the Copacabana area of northern Medellin in the company of two others. The two are believed to be affiliated with the Clan de Golfo (Gulf Clan), which is counted among the suppliers of the Taghi organization.

The Public Prosecutor confirms the arrest. Razzouki is suspected of involvement in several murders. There were earlier signals that Razzouki was in Colombia. Saïd’s brother, Mo Razzouki, has been held for some time as a suspect in the Marengo murder trial.

With the arrest of Razzouki, now the entire top layer of the Moroccan Mafia is in custody. Earlier, Taghi in Dubai, Rico R. in Chile, and Naoufal in Ireland were arrested.

There was a reward of €100,000 offered by the Public Prosecutor for the golden tip that would lead to their arrests. The same amount was on Taghi’s head.

Bolsonaro Backs President Trump on Iran

You’ve probably noticed that only “deplorable” foreign leaders (such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán) have expressed public support for Donald Trump’s lethal action against Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is one of those Deplorables.

The following video shows Mr. Bolsonaro’s remarks on the issue of Iran. José Atento of Lei Islâmica em Ação, who translated the video for subtitles, sends these contextual notes:

Two interesting reactions coming from Brazil regarding the “events in Iraq.”

First, the official communiqué from Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo with Brazil’s official stance on the “events in Iraq and the fight against terrorism.” The first paragraph of the note already sets the tone:

“Upon learning of the actions taken by the United States in recent days in Iraq, the Brazilian Government expresses its support for the fight against the scourge of terrorism and reiterates that this fight requires the cooperation of the entire international community without seeking any justification for or relativization of terrorism.”

Today [January 8] Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made a short statement after watching the TV statement by President Trump. In it, Bolsonaro criticizes former (Socialist) President Lula, who advocated for Iran’s enrichment of uranium, stressing that Brazil’s constitution establishes a principle that Brazil must follow in international relations: “the defense of peace and repudiation of terrorism.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Firebugs for Hire

A few months ago there were major headlines in the global media about the incidence of catastrophic fires in the Amazon Basin in Brazil. Hollywood celebrities stepped up to protest the policies of President Jair Bolsonaro and donate to the cause of saving the Amazonian rainforest.

Four activists were recently arrested in Brazil on suspicion of setting some of those catastrophic fires. It turns out that these firebugs had allegedly been the recipients of some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated by the actor Leonardo di Caprio to save the rainforest. The more fires, the greater the donations — right?

Many thanks to José Atento for translating this Brazilian news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Durance Not-So-Vile in the Farmville Detention Center

Farmville is a small city (population ca. 8,000) here in Central Virginia. It’s not really in my area; it’s in Southside, whereas I’m in the Piedmont. Still, it’s not all that far away, and I know it pretty well.

I remember when the immigrant detention center in Farmville was first approved and built, sometime during the Obama administration, maybe eight or ten years ago. It was designed to handle what was then considered to be the inevitable future of America: mass immigration across the southern border. A private contractor runs it on behalf of ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

The quotes below are excerpted from an article by Alexa Massey in The Farmville Herald. One of the things I like about truly local newspapers is that their news stories tend to be straightforward and factual, without editorial intrusions or skewing for the sake of the Narrative. This article fits the bill admirably, even if Ms. Massey did write “communicative diseases” when she meant “communicable diseases”. That’s a minor glitch in an otherwise informative article about the detention center.

The chosen excerpts are interleaved with my notes and commentary:

Detention Center: an inside look

by Alexa Massey

On Nov. 12 The Herald was invited on a tour of the Immigration Centers of America (ICA) Farmville Detention Center. The tour served as an inside look of the day-to-day operations of the facility.

On its website, the detention center states that its mission is to “provide a safe, humane and appropriately secure civil detention environment that offers an appealing alternative to the standard method of detention for federal immigrants while they navigate the immigration process.”

The facility, according to Farmville Detention Center Director Jeff Crawford, contains enough beds to house up to 736 detainees, although the number fluctuates from day to day. 576 individuals were being housed at the facility on Nov. 12, falling from a headcount of 650 the week prior. Detainees are all male and range in age with an average age of mid-30s. A typical day shift includes 28 officers on duty, and a night shift sees an average of 25 officers. The detention center as a whole has approximately 180 employees.

Based on the figures given above, we might expect an average of about 600 detainees to be housed in the detention center at any given point. There are 180 staff members, and we’ll estimate that they’re being paid an average of $40,000 a year. That may be low-balling it, but they’re private employees rather than government workers, so their pay is going to be lower than that of their counterparts in the federal workforce. Throw in the employer’s share of FICA and some benefits, and say the total expense to the contractor is about $50,000 per head. That would be a total $9 million per annum for the entire staff.

Divide that total by 600, and you get $15,000 per inmate per year. And that’s just for personnel costs. Add to that the cost of food, medical supplies, equipment, CCTV, infrastructure maintenance, plant depreciation, etc., and the total expense per inmate might be $30,000 every year. Bump the figure up a little more to assure the contractor a healthy profit margin, and you’re talking about a hefty annual bill for Uncle Sam, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. Or, strictly speaking, paid for by having the Fed print yet more pretend money, but that’s an argument for another day.

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Paul Sutliff on the Process of Civilization Jihad

The following video is the latest in a series from the riverside retreat held in Quebec back in September. In this installment José Atento of the Brazilian blog Lei Islâmica em Ação interviews Paul Sutliff, the author of the book Civilization Jihad and the Myth of Moderate Islam. In his talk Mr. Sutliff describes the infiltration of American institutions by the Muslim Brotherhood, and warns Brazilians that the same process will be applied to Brazil, if it isn’t underway already.

The Portuguese translation of the English-language portion of the clip is included in the transcript below. José has also translated his Portuguese introduction into English.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the recording and subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Brazilian Connection

The following news report from Brazil gives details about the bust of a major people-smuggling ring that routes its clients from South Asia to the United States using Brazil as a primary transit point.

It should be noted that this is a criminal enterprise, and the smuggling process is very profitable. Yet the leaders of cartel are Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and its paying clients are also South Asian Muslims. This is the way migrant trafficking into the USA becomes more than a matter of poor illiterate Latin Americans swarming across the border. And I don’t have to tell you that this is also how jihad is imported into the United States.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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