The Terrorist Supporters of the Left

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer offers the second part of his series of essays on the Left in Norway. In this installment, he examines the left-wing community in Norway and its sympathy for various terrorist organizations.

Part 1 is available here.

Oslo: Socialist Youth League demo

The terrorist supporters of the Left

by The Observer

This is the second essay in a three-part series in which I take a look at left-wing media bias in Norway, the Norwegian Left’s fraternizing with militant organizations abroad, and undemocratic elements within the Muslim community in Norway.

In the first instalment, ‘Left-wing media bias in Norway’, I looked at the Left’s stranglehold on the MSM in Norway, and how this stranglehold manifested itself in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Oslo on July 22, 2011. I also showed how the MSM tried to implicate parts of the conservative community in Norway for having emotionally contributed to these attacks.

In this essay I will take a critical look at the political Left in Norway and show that numerous individuals and organizations on the Left side of the political scale sympathize with terrorist organizations. I will also give examples of the Left’s eagerness to turn a blind eye to forces which engage in anti-democratic behaviour inside Norway.

The terrorist attacks in Oslo on July 22, 2011, were the biggest assault on Norwegian society since WW2. Needless to say, they had a huge impact on the national psyche. The left-wing community in Norway immediately demanded that conservative forces in Norway, and the Progress Party in particular, re-evaluate their political views on immigration and multi-culture, and distance themselves from what the Left labelled Muslim-hatred, once it was established that the perpetrator was a Norwegian non-Muslim ethnic male.

The Left claimed that these groups had paved the way for the atrocity. This massive broadside attack on the conservative community in Norway was wholeheartedly supported by the MSM, and it even had a distinct effect on political opinion polls that were carried out in the aftermath of the attacks. One of the consequences of this massive smear campaign was a significant drop in the support for the Progress Party which saw its support plummet to a mere 12 percent. At the same time the support for the Labour Party soared to well over 40 percent. This of course has political implications, as 2011 is an election year in Norway, and the political campaigning has started.

One thing that wasn’t debated at all in the MSM after the attacks was the widespread support within various political organizations on the Left, including the AUF (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking, Workers’ Youth League), for organizations which engage in terrorist activities. One is tempted to use a cliché to describe this total media silence on this issue in the days following the attacks and say that it was almost deafening. The subject was however raised by the media in Israel and it was raised on various conservative news sites in America, and in my personal opinion it was highly legitimate.

HamasI can understand why Israelis who have had to endure terrorist attacks from their Arab neighbours for decades and who have lost significant numbers of their compatriots in this terror were eager to point out that the Norwegian Left have gone a very long way in condoning the behaviour of militant Palestinian terrorist organizations. In an interview with the Israeli newspaper Maariv, on July 25, 2011, the Norwegian ambassador to Israel, Svein Sevje attempted to draw distinctions between the terrorist attack in Norway and the numerous terrorist attacks that have plagued Israel. In the interview Mr Sevje says that it is easier to understand that militant Palestinians resort to terror because of Israel’s ‘occupation’ of Palestinian land. Mr Sevje also claimed that peace can only be achieved if the Israelis engage in direct talks with the terrorist organization Hamas:

Norway’s ambassador to Israel drew distinctions between the Oslo and Utoya massacres and Palestinian terrorism.

Svein Sevje said in an Israeli newspaper interview Tuesday that while the Norwegian bomb and gun rampages that killed 76 people and Palestinian attacks should both be considered morally unacceptable, he wanted to “outline the similarity and the difference in the two cases.” Palestinians, the ambassador told Maariv, “are doing this because of a defined goal that is related to the Israeli occupation. There are elements of revenge against Israel and hatred of Israel. To this you can add the religious element to their actions.”

“In the case of the terror attack in Norway, the murderer had an ideology that says that Norway, particularly the Labor Party, is forgoing Norwegian culture,” Sevje said, referring to suspect Anders Breivik, a Christian native who is openly anti-Islam and anti-immigration.

“We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel,” he said. “Those who believe this will not change their mind because of the attack in Oslo.”

He added, “Can Israel and the Palestinians solve the problems without Hamas? I don’t think so.”

The views that the Norwegian ambassador expresses here are, to put it mildly, shocking and extremely disturbing. By drawing distinctions between Israeli terrorist victims and Norwegian terrorist victims he is indirectly legitimising the actions of terrorist organizations such as Hamas, which purposely targets civilians. Mr Sevje should also know that there are no such things as legitimate victims of terrorism, nor can there ever be such a thing. Victims of terrorism are by definition always innocent, and attacks that specifically target them can never be justified or excused. They has to be condemned in the strongest of terms. The ultimate consequences of Mr Sevje’s words is that anyone who is opposed to the current immigration policies of the Norwegian Government is somehow more justified, by using Mr Sevje’s own strange logic, in using terror against members of the Norwegian Government and its youth wing the AUF, because these two organizations have chosen to ‘forego’ Norwegian culture, a claim which of course is completely ludicrous.

The conservative community in Norway have been vigorously harassed in the MSM since the attacks for having ‘emotionally’ contributed to the Oslo attacks, despite the fact that they have never encouraged or condoned such measures. The conservative community have in fact strongly condemned it and never attempted to make any excuses or find any mitigating circumstances that could be construed as indirect support for the terrorist. But still they have been harangued for it in the MSM. Mr. Sevje on the other hand, who in this interview makes a distinction between Israeli and Norwegian terrorist victims are given the all clear by the Norwegian MSM, and the episode is allowed to pass ‘unnoticed’ in the Norwegian press.

Another thing that is disturbing in this interview is that Mr Sevje legitimises Hamas as a worthy partner for dialogue. He’s claiming that no peace can be achieved without Hamas at the negotiation table. Mr. Sevje ought to know that it’s completely unacceptable to enter into negotiations with terrorists. I wonder if Norwegian authorities would be willing to sit down and talk to Breivik’s accomplices, if such do exist, or whether they would be willing to accept land for peace in order to dissuade terrorists from future attacks on innocent Norwegian youths. I don’t think the authorities in Norway would even contemplate such a scenario. So why is Mr Sevje suggesting that the Israelis should have to do so?

Mr. Sevje’s response to Maariv does however give us an insight into the mentality of the Norwegian left-wing community. They believe that different rules should be applied to the state of Israel. They insist that Israel must acknowledge the moral right of Palestinian terrorists to attack Israel, because the Palestinian ‘struggle’ is somehow justified. In this case they believe that the end result justifies the means, which of course it doesn’t. But in the ambassador’s defence, he’s just conveying the official government line. In January 2011 it was revealed that the Norwegian foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, had been involved in talks with the leadership of Hamas, an organization that the EU, Israel and USA have classified as a terrorist organization. When Støre was confronted with this in an interview with Norwegian TV2, his first reaction was to try and deny it, but he was forced to admit that the talks had occurred after the interviewer presented indisputable evidence that such talks had taken place.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has admitted to Norway’s national commercial television channel TV2 that he’s had direct contact with the leader of the Palestinian group Hamas, even though Norway officially only has contact with Hamas at a bureaucratic level. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre claims his conversations with Hamas’ leader in 2007 came at the urging of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas leader Khaled Mishaal had confirmed to TV2 that he has had several phone conversations with Støre. Hamas has won voter support among the Palestinians, not least for its social welfare work among the poor, but is also an Islamic and paramilitary organization that has refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and took control of Gaza by force. The US, the EU and Israel consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization.

It is hard to fathom how a Norwegian Politician could even think to engage in talks with an organization which deliberately targets Israeli civilians and that doesn’t acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. It’s also incomprehensible that a Norwegian politician could engage in talks with an organization that is actively propagating vile anti-Semitism and brainwashing young Palestinian children to hate Israel and loathe the Jews. In light of the terrorist attacks in Norway it’s also hard to understand how a Norwegian politician would so easily give legitimacy to a terrorist organization such as Hamas by engaging in a dialogue with its leaders.

Jonas Gahr Støre and the Norwegian political leadership are rightly horrified by the terrorist attacks in Norway, but they apparently had no qualms about approaching Breivik’s counterparts in the Middle East, a militant organization that has previously carried out horrific terrorist attacks inside Israel. How can the red-green Coalition Government in Norway even attempt to justify such a travesty? And why haven’t they joined the EU and US in classifying Hamas a terrorist organization? It’s absolutely disgusting and revolting. Israeli terrorist victims are just as innocent as Norwegian terrorist victims. The fact that Støre and Norwegian politicians would sink this low is a slap in the face of the families of all the Israeli terrorist victims that have died as a result of Hamas attacks, and it is by no means any less offensive than a foreign government wanting to engage in a dialogue with Breivik’s partners, if they exist.

But for those of us that have followed Norwegian politics for a while it doesn’t come as a big surprise. There is no question that large portions of the political Left in Norway have strong anti-Semitic views which are disguised as opposition to the policies of the state of Israel. According to Wikileaks documents even the US ambassador to Norway, Benson K. Whitney, shared this view. In a memo from 2009 he wrote:

Although the Government of Norway would deny it, there are clear signs that contacts with Hamas go beyond a tactical desire for dialogue to a level of sympathy for Hamas positions. The FM once told DCM for example that one could not expect Hamas to recognize Israel without knowing which borders Israel will have. While the Foreign Minister expresses some sympathy for the Hamas position only in unguarded moments other prominent Norwegians go further.

Another sign of the Norwegian left-wing authorities’ willingness to associate themselves with Hamas came in 2006, when they issued a visitor’s visa to the Hamas parliamentarian Yeahya al-Abadsa. This was done despite massive protest from both the US and Israel, which rightly pointed out that a terrorist organization such as Hamas shouldn’t be granted such a privilege. But the Norwegian red-green coalition Government chose to ignore this advice and issued the visa anyway. The Hamas representative had already been denied entry to the EU, but he was allowed to come to Norway. Mr Abadsa arrived on June 13, 2006, and had conversations with members of the Norwegian Foreign relations committee in the Norwegian Parliament. Prior to the visit several parliamentarian members from both the Labour Party and the Socialist Left had expressed a strong desire to meet with members from Hamas.

According to the leader of the Foreign Relations Committee, Olav Akselsen, Yeahya al-Abadsa seemed positive towards the Norwegian views. He indicated that Hamas is willing to look at those parts of the PLO Charter that dictates the destruction of the state of Israel. “He also told the committee that the Charter is no longer valid. Hamas’ point of view is that it is Hamas who are responsible for the situation in the Palestinian territories. Al-Abad also said that Hamas don’t accept the charter, and that they didn’t get elected on this issue,” says Akselsen.

Again it’s frightening to see how willingly the Left in Norway associate themselves with organizations that engage in terrorist activities. Notice also the casual reference made by Mr. Akselsen regarding the PLO charter that dictates the destruction of the state of Israel. Just the mention of this charter should sound some serious alarm bells with these politicians. It’s a declaration to commit genocide. Individuals such as Mr. Al-Abadsa should be shunned and certainly not be dignified with a visit to the Norwegian Parliament.

But then again this tendency to turn a blind eye to what these terrorists really stand for seems to be endemic within the extreme left community in Norway. Prominent members of this faction will always passionately criticize Israel for the slightest perceived human rights violation, but choose to keep their mouths shut when it comes to Palestinian terror, fervent anti-Semitic rhetoric and widespread use of terrorism. This willingness to turn a blind eye goes way beyond intellectual dishonesty and can only be called by its proper name, which is anti-Semitism.

One of the best examples of the vile extreme left-wing anti-Semitism came in 2006, when the best-selling Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder wrote an opinion piece called “God’s chosen people’ in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. In this op-ed he stated that the world community could no longer recognize the state of Israel’s right to exist. This was Mr Gaarder’s response to Israel’s justified invasion of Lebanon the same year.

Aftenposten, August 05, 2006:

…There’s no turning back. It’s time to learn a new lesson: We no longer recognize the State of Israel. We could not recognize the apartheid regime of South Africa, nor did we recognize the Afghani Taliban regime. Then there were many who did not recognize Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or the Serbs’ ethnic cleansing. We need to get used to the idea: The State of Israel, in its current form, is history.

We don’t believe in the notion of God’s Chosen People. We laugh at this people’s capriciousness and weep at its misdeeds. To act as God’s Chosen People is not only stupid and arrogant, but a crime against humanity. We call it racism.

Limits to tolerance

There are limits to our patience, and there are limits to our tolerance. We do not believe in divine promises as a justification for occupation and apartheid. We have left the Middle Ages behind. We laugh uneasily at those who still believe that the god of flora, fauna and the galaxies has selected one people in particular as his favourite and given it silly, stone tablets, burning bushes and a license to kill.

We call baby killers “baby killers” and will never accept that people such as these have a divine or historic mandate excusing their outrages. We just say: Shame on all apartheid, shame on ethnic cleansing and shame on every terrorist strike against civilians whether carried out by Hamas, the Hezbollah or the State of Israel!

Mr Gaarder doesn’t seem to be too concerned about terrorism directed at Israeli civilians. He only focuses on what he perceives to be Israeli aggression. Mr Gaarder also doesn’t mention that Israel was justified in invading Lebanon after numerous Hezbollah incursions on its northern borders and numerous rocket attacks. Nor is there any mention of the fact that Israel wants peace with the Palestinians. Nor does he mention that the leadership of Hamas, which won in a landslide election, wants to wipe Israel off the map. Like most of his left-wing extremists cohorts in Norway, he chooses to forget those ‘troublesome’ facts that don’t fit in with his skewed view of reality.

And, unfortunately, it is in this type of environment of one-sidedness and political propaganda that the future left-wing politicians of Norway have their ideas and opinions formed. And nowhere is it more prevalent than within the ranks of SU (the youth wing of the socialist Left) and the AUF (the youth wing of the Labour Party). Former leader of the Oslo branch of the AUF, Askil Pedersen, was thrilled that Hamas won the elections in 2006 and stated that:

Hamas has won the most democratic elections in Palestine’s history, and the election results should be recognized with a state visit. Pedersen believes he will get the necessary support for this proposal from Oslo AUF, because Ariel Sharon — who is equally controversial — has previously been invited to Norway.

It wasn’t a big surprise that the AUF leader would sing the praises of this terrorist organization and invite them on an official visit to Norway to congratulate them on their victory. It just follows the pattern of AUF’s vigorous anti-Israeli bias. In a press release from 2008, the AUF takes it one step further and gives full support to Hamas and other Palestinian ‘freedom fighters’.

The AUF supports the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation and the AUF will fight for an independent Palestinian state.

It can’t be made any clearer than that. Here the AUF goes on the record and publicly stated that they support the Palestinian’s ‘liberation struggle’ and the fight for a Palestinian homeland. The result of a Hamas victory is of course the annihilation of the state of Israel. Hamas and all the other militant Palestinian organization have stated time after time that their ultimate goal is to wipe Israel off the map. And apparently the AUF is willing to aid them in this ‘struggle’. But none of this gets any mention in the MSM in Norway. In fact, a few days after the Oslo attack when the Israeli media pointed out that the AUF supported terrorism against Israel the reaction from the MSM in Norway was profound outrage over such insensitive accusations.

Further down in the press release from 2008 we get a glimpse into how the AUF aims to help the Palestinians in their ‘struggle’ against the Israelis:

“The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has indicated its intention to promote trade cooperation between Norway and Israel. The AUF is opposed to this. First and foremost because it is two-faced and it is irresponsible to increase trade with a nation that so clearly violates human rights and international law. Israeli foreign trade enables the country to maintain the occupation and the AUF demands that the Norwegian government stop its plans. The AUF suggests that the government should start working on an international boycott campaign of Israel. For a country that is so heavily dependent on foreign trade and good relations with the rest of the world, a boycott could be the reaction that is necessary for political change to occur. We saw this with the Apartheid regime in South-Africa, and if the international community come together and join this initiative this could help bring down the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank. The AUF demands that: The Government stop the Foreign Ministry initiative to promote trade cooperation with Israel. That the Government should start working for an international boycott of Israel. That the Government sell its shares in the two French companies Alstom and Veolia immediately and raise the issue with Israeli authorities. That the Government stop all its investments in the Israel Electric Company.

Of course some members of the AUF are less vocal in their opposition to Israel, but the organization itself is what I would label highly anti-Semitic. Former AUF leader Gry Larsen was infamous for her hatred of Israel and she was actually declared an enemy of the state of Israel. In 2003 she was arrested along with another AUF member at the airport in Tel Aviv. She was denied the right to enter the country and eventually deported. It’s also worth pointing out that after leaving the AUF, Gry Larsen landed a job as a political advisor in the Norwegian foreign ministry working closely with Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre, up until she quit in 2009.

Gry Larsen was declared an enemy of Israel in 2003. Later that same year she was stopped at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv when she tried to visit the country. After a lengthy questioning process and baggage examination, she and another AUF member were refused entry into Israel on the grounds that she was a security risk. “I was treated like a terrorist and sent home,” Larsen later told the newspaper Dagbladet. The statement was later withdrawn by Israel.

The AUF has also been a vocal supporter of the Gaza flotilla, which aims to break the Israeli navy blockade of Gaza. The AUF supported the flotilla even though it is organized by the Turkish terrorist organization IHH. And they continued to support it even after several radical passengers onboard the ships of the first Gaza flotilla physically assaulted several Israeli soldiers when these soldiers legally boarded the ships off the coast of Gaza. This is clear evidence that the AUF are willingly to support direct assaults on the Israeli state. In fact two Norwegian parliamentarians, Aksel Hagen from the Socialist Left and Stine Renate Håheim from the Labour Party were in the Norwegian ‘contingent’ who were supposed to join the latest ‘Freedom Flotilla’ in 2011.

The AUF has taken the initiative to start a petition within the social democrat community in support of the Gaza-flotilla and to demand that Israel end the illegal blockade of Gaza. “The struggle for a free Palestine is part of the Norwegian social democratic soul,” says AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. Among the names on the petition are several members of parliament from the Labour Party, representatives from trade unions, including union leader Jan Davidsen, and several candidates running in local elections, including Labour’s mayoral candidate in Bergen and member of the central committee, Martha Mjøs. “We demand that the ships be allowed to leave Greek ports, and that they be allowed into Gaza. We condemn the Israeli blockade of Gaza which imprisons 1.5 million people, and we demand that the Norwegian Government start working on having the blockade lifted,” says Pedersen.

As I have mentioned previously in this essay, the AUF is a strong supporter of the international campaign to boycott Israeli products. On the day before the massacre on Utøya Island, AUF leader Eskil Pedersen went on record and stated that:

The AUF want a unilateral Norwegian economic embargo of Israel.

“The AUF wants a more aggressive Middle East policy and we demand that Norway recognize Palestine. Enough is enough. We now need to get the peace process into a new track,” said Pedersen. The foreign minister admitted that the situation is difficult, but believes that a boycott is the wrong to proceed.

“Boycotting means that we go from dialogue to monologue. It would then be difficult to open the door the day we wish to start talking with Israel again,” said Støre.

This advocacy for an Israeli boycott campaign is of course AUF’s way of aiding ‘the Palestinian freedom fighters’ in their attempt to get rid of the state of Israel, which would be the end result if these ‘freedom fighters’ ever were to achieve their goal. But the AUF isn’t the only left-wing political organization in Norway which actively supports the boycott of Israeli products and businesses. The Socialist Left, a party which is a member of the red-green coalition Government in Norway, supported the idea of a boycott campaign and received international media attention for it in 2006.

Norway’s prime minister and foreign minister were busy with damage control tasks late this week, after one of their government’s coalition parties called for a boycott of Israeli products. And just when Israel’s own prime minister was lying gravely ill. The Norwegian government has long supported Israel and has been active in years of attempts to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. That’s what Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg tried to stress, when downplaying the boycott call by the Socialist Left party (SV).

The Leader of the Conservative Party, Erna Solberg, recently stated that Muslims in Norway are being treated like the Jews in post war Germany. A more truthful assertion would be that it is the extreme Norwegian Left that is acting like the Germans of the 1930’s and the recipient of their rage is Israel and the Jewish people. The hatred and the vitriolic propaganda emanating from these left-wing organizations is no better than the propaganda directed towards the Jews at that particular time. The political Left in Norway, however, don’t use the same derogatory words to describe the Jews, but they use the same poisonous rhetoric, wrapped in a poorly disguised ‘displeasure’ at Israeli policies. The Left in Norway should also consider the fact that the tactic of boycotting Jewish businesses and products was embraced by the Nazis, and any talk of such boycotts leaves a bad taste in the mouth with a lot of people.

But such arguments have no effect on the extreme radicals of the Socialist Left. In fact they’re more than willing to take it further. At a party convention earlier this year members suggested that the world community should intervene militarily if the Israeli military retaliated against Palestinians in Gaza. In this article from March 2011, we get to see how these rabid anti-Semites of the Socialist Left think and operate.

SV is open to the idea of using military force against Israel. In a proposal to the congress by a unanimous committee it is suggested that the international community could intervene militarily against Israel if the country decides to attack Gaza. The proposal that deals with Norway’s participation in the Libyan war is also open to military reactions against Israel. “The world’s credibility is undermined when actions aren’t taken against other states in the region which violate the rights of civilian populations. The world community must also respond to Israeli air attacks in the Gaza Strip,” according to the proposal.

What the members of this extreme socialist party want is for NATO troops, an organization by the way which the party is vehemently against, to carry out attacks on Israeli military personnel to protect militant Palestinian terrorists so that these can fire their missiles indiscriminately on Israeli civilian targets. The Socialist Left doesn’t even want to grant Israel the right to defend itself and its civilian population against Palestinian terrorism. This is blatant anti-Semitism, and again it shows how members of the political Left in Norway condone terror against Israeli civilians and are outraged whenever Israel retaliates.

Mullah KrekarAnother factor that raises serious doubts about the Norwegian authorities’ view on terrorism and organizations that advocate such measures is its preferential treatment of well-known terrorists living in the country. The most famous example is of course Mullah Krekar, who has been residing in Norway for nearly twenty years, and who is constantly praising the use of terrorist attacks and is a passionate advocate of the introduction of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. Norwegian authorities have numerous times stated that they don’t intend to deport him, nor do they intend to place him under arrest. Mullah Krekar is a free man living on Norwegian welfare benefits, and according to some he is still running his vast terrorist network from the relative safe haven of Norway. If Norway had been a serious partner in the fight against international terrorism, and if Norwegian authorities had been truly opposed to all types of terrorist activities, Mullah Krekar would have been extradited to the US a long time ago enabling US intelligence agencies to interrogate him, something which they have requested numerous times, but which the Norwegian authorities have declined.

But Mullah Krekar isn’t the only foreign terrorist living the high life in Norway. Another famous terrorist living in the country is Souhaila Andrawes, who participated in the hijacking of Lufthansa flight 181 in 1977, which resulted in the killing of the German captain. According to passengers that were onboard the plane at the time, Mrs. Andrawes acted very aggressively towards the passengers and she physically assaulted several of them. But the Norwegian authorities took pity on her and gave her a residence permit. Mrs. Andrawes now lives in Oslo.

And she isn’t the only hijacker that Norway has granted political asylum to. Norway also granted asylum on humanitarian grounds to two Iranian nationals who hijacked a Russian Aeroflot plane in 1993 and forced it to land in Norway. Like Mrs Andrawes, these hijackers also acted in a very aggressive manner during the hijacking.

It has also been revealed that Norwegian authorities gave political asylum on humanitarian grounds to 33 Taliban fighters in 2009.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the above-mentioned individuals, thousands of other criminals and potential terrorists are allowed to reside inside Norway’s borders and more are arriving every day. A question worth asking is: How many terrorists can be found among these so called ‘asylum seekers’, a hundred, or perhaps even a thousand?

Another question that raises serious doubts about the political Left’s belief in democratic principles is the violent Norwegian Marxist anarchist organization Blitz. This organization has since its inception in the early 1980’s extensively used violence and intimidation to curtail the freedom of its political opponents. And the truly shocking thing is that Blitz has since 1982 been allowed to stay in an old tenement building owned by the city of Oslo, despite the organization’s violent and undemocratic nature. Members of the Blitz movement were heavily involved in the physical assaults on members of anti-immigration organizations and for disrupting political meetings of the Progress Party in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The fact that the Norwegian authorities have chosen not to intervene and evict Blitz from their base in Oslo is clear evidence that the political left-wing establishment silently condones the Blitz’s behaviour, which may not be that hard to understand when we consider the political Left’s support for militant organizations abroad.

In the aftermath of the Oslo attacks, one Israeli political commentator suggested that Norwegian authorities’ ambiguous views on terrorism perhaps had an impact on Breivik’s decision to execute the attacks. I don’t personally subscribe to this assertion, but I believe that such a claim is just as valid as claims made by the Left that Breivik was heavily influenced by right-wing bloggers. I believe Breivik and only Breivik is to blame. There is a very distinct difference between ideas and actions.

As I mentioned previously in this essay, the left-wing community in Norway has made serious accusations against the conservative community in Norway in the aftermath of the attacks. The Left has also demanded that the conservative community re-evaluate their views in light of these attacks. I believe that it’s more appropriate to ask the Left to re-evaluate their views, and in particular their views and positions on terrorism, regardless of whether it is foreign or domestic, because neither should be supported.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/31/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/31/2011A hazardous materials alert was issued at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois today after several employees encountered a suspicious package in the mailroom of the base post office, and became ill. The affected people were sent to a hospital, a decontamination unit was set up, and extensive tests were conducted. As far as the experts could determine, no harmful substances were present in the environment. The cause of the illness is unknown.

Meanwhile, entry to an amusement park in Rye, New York was blocked off after a brawl arose when Muslim visitors objected to the park’s “no headgear” policy, which had denied women in hijab access to certain rides. Large numbers of police were summoned to quell the disturbance.

In other news, the Italian oil giant ENI says its natural gas pipeline from Libya to Italy will reopen in mid-October. Elsewhere in Libya, large numbers of Tuareg tribesmen fled across the border to Algeria after being targeted by the rebels. They were suspected of having sympathies with the Gaddafi regime, or even of being mercenaries.

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The Islamic Mentality

Below is the first in a series of posts by our Russian correspondent Russkiy about his experiences with Muslims and Arabs. He says, “The first installment provides an introduction about the evolution of my personal views towards Islam.”

The Islamic Mentality

by Russkiy

As I was growing up in the Soviet Union during the eighties I was programmed (maybe not intentionally) by the state to dislike Islam by the continuous stream of movies and documentaries about the war in Afghanistan. Before many Westerners became familiar with Islam, I, as a little child, knew that Muslims had many wives, worshiped Muhammad and were very fanatical and aggressive.

It wasn’t long after the collapse of the Soviet Union that wars in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and closer to home in Chechnya flared up. That was additional proof to me as a child that Islam was evil. The news stories from Israel and Palestinian territories reinforced my view of the Islamic fanaticism.

At the same time, I was taught in school, by the media, and within the family that racism is wrong. Somehow these two ideas coexisted in my mind. On one hand Islam was something bad, and by default anyone south of the border (that included Armenians and Georgians) were Islamic and therefore bad, and on the other hand a strong dislike for racism.

In the mid 1990s my family and I moved to a Western country where I came into contact with many Muslims and Arabs. When I started my university studies I befriended a number of Iraqi, Palestinian, and Egyptian students with whom I shared classes. It was nice to be within a group, as previously I had attended a country school, where I felt myself isolated, as a new immigrant, from the rest of the students.

Due to my contact with the Muslim students I became more interested in Islamic culture and felt guilty for the internal feelings of dislike I had for everything Muslim. I was surprised just how political-minded and knowledgeable those Arabs seemed to be. I later realized that those ideas they seemed to possess at that time were simply propaganda their parents were feeding them throughout their entire lives.

Under their influence I became aware of American “evils”. At that time I wasn’t thinking of converting to Islam, but my dislike for America, which existed from my Soviet upbringing, was reinforced by various arguments that were presented to me by those Arab students.

The night before 9/11 happened I was actually reading an anti-American website that was called, I think, “I hate” or something like that. The following morning when I got up to go to lectures, a friend of mine told me of what happened to the Twin Towers. I skipped half of the day’s lectures and was glued to the TV watching those horrible events being shown on every channel. Despite my dislike for America at that time, I felt sick to my stomach.

I headed out to attend my afternoon lectures, where I came upon that group of Arab friends of mine who seemed very cheerful. When I asked one of my Iraqi friends what was up, he replied by saying that “America got what was coming to her,” and that he was having a party at his place and everyone was invited.

This statement shocked me and made me rethink my attitude towards America and turned me against Islam again forever. From that point on, I started to study everything I could get my hands on about Islam and its history, in order to understand the Islamic mentality better.

A Death Fatwa on Norwegian Apostates?

Below is a report from SIOTW about the appalling treatment of former Muslim converts to Christianity at an asylum-seekers’ center in Norway. The violence against these innocent people is not the only issue — that, after all, is the normal behavior one expects from Muslims toward apostates — but the indifference of the authorities:

Christian converts from Islam flee in fear from Muslims at asylum reception center

Muslims at the asylum center told him: “This is Jihad, holy war, and we are waiting for a fatwa (licence to kill) from the local imam at the mosque in Sandnes”

“I had to escape and flee the asylum reception center in fear for my life,” “Arsland” tells the news paper Dagen.

“Arsland” is from Afghanistan, converted to Christianity a while ago, and is now baptized as a Christian.

Arsland is friends with “Ali”, the Christian convert from Islam who was attacked with boiling water and acid at the asylum reception center a few days ago. The young Afghan man is afraid to show his face and real name to reporters, because he knows the Muslims are out to get him.

Hostile attitude

“Another Christian friend of mine also noticed the hostile attitude of Muslims at the reception. ‘We must escape, for I fear that they will kill us,’ he said.

“So I rode off at 1:30 Sunday morning, and went to the Bird Park at Nærbø. There, I tried to sleep on a bench while it was raining,” says “Arsland”. Sunday he was taken care of by Christian friends who live in that area.

Over the weekend, “Ali” moved to another asylum-seeker reception center because of the lack of security at Hå reception center, while three other Christian converts from Afghanistan also fled Hå reception center, and are scattered in Jæren among Christian supporters.


“Arsland” was an eyewitness to some of the harassment and violence “Ali” was exposed to last Tuesday.

“I heard screaming and went out of the room to see what happened. I witnessed that ‘Ali’ fell to the floor after boiling water was poured over him. Muslims from Somalia turned loose on him and they shouted ‘This is jihad (holy war)’,” says “Arsland”.

The Muslims involved ran quickly to their rooms when “Arsland” showed up. Together with another Afghan, “Arsland” lifted “Ali” carefully and carried him to his room.” Arsland” tried to warn police about what had happened, but without getting any response. A woman from the Lutheran Free Church was at the reception at the same time that this happened. She quickly called the police and they came after about half an hour. Later the ambulance arrived, and “Ali” was taken to hospital for treatment. He was back at the reception center on Wednesday.

No response from the asylum center’s management

“Ali” has been bullied and harassed several times in the past before the terrible incident last week. “Asland” says that he went to the head of the reception center and told me about this, but nothing was done.

“I have even been threatened several times by the Muslims at the reception center. But this was not taken seriously when I complained to the manager. ‘You must contact the police’ was the reply I got from her,” said “Arsland”.

“How did you react to what happened with ‘Ali’?”

“I was very scared. On Saturday night I went out of my room and met some Muslims. They were angry and said that no Muslim would allow ‘Ali’ to live. At the same time they stressed that what happened to him was an ‘accident’ when boiling water was thrown over him… ‘But we are waiting for a fatwa (license to kill) from the Imam in Sandnes. ‘Ali’ has destroyed our religion, Islam,’ they emphasized.”

“Arsland” and his friend then realized that now their lives were also at risk, and therefore escaped the Hå asylum reception center.

“I will never go back to the reception center,” he emphasizes.

“Do you regret that you accepted Jesus as your savior?”

“No, not at all! I feel safe with Jesus,” answers “Arsland”.

Translated by trinity from; edited for clarity by Gates of Vienna.

Hat tip: Kitman.

Safe Harbor

Johannes Vermeer: View of Delft

Summer Fundraiser, The Wrap-Up

Ah, the last day of an unusual bleg. Yeah, I do indeed always say “this one was different” — that’s because they all have a particular rhythm and flow. While I was out of operation for some of those days, still… I don’t recall a week when we had our hands out — “Please, y’all. One more time” — whilst the terra was much less than its usual firma, and the oceans roiled in concert.

Messages from the Karma Dude? Hardly. Or, if those were intended as cosmic memos, they were certainly delivered sotto voce. Strange, though, that we were relatively near the epicenter — which was close by in Cuckoo according to the Google Map — yet Washington D.C., many miles further north in a reclaimed swamp and certainly not part of the Blue Ridge Piedmont where be this quakier geology — experienced more damage.

I suppose one has to label that extended tremble as an “earthquake” since it registered on the Richter Scale, and it knocked stones off the National Cathedral, and it continued to send out aftershocks as far as New England and Canada — to remind us how little we know of what teems and steams and pushes far below this seemingly hard ground upon which we move…

Earthquake Cuckoo left its particular imprint on those who experienced it because forever after we’ll associate that brief jitney ride with where we were and what we were doing as it began to make itself felt as a whole body experience. For me the remnant impression will be one of absence, for what it turned out not to be. Suddenly brought out of my snooze (that’s ‘meditation’ with your eyes closed) from the severe repeated jolts, I was utterly certain the Baron was lying next to me in the throes of an epileptic seizure. Thus my immediate reaction to the sight of an empty bed was profound relief. Bouncing though it was, that bed did not contain my husband’s unconscious body. This immediate reactive fear continued to abate as I leaned over to inspect the floor beside the bed; a space where, again, his body was not lying. A second later the Baron appeared at the door, hale and hearty. It was only then that reality hit, and it was only then that I became alarmed, even as my great relief continued to make itself felt, even through the disconcerting waves of involuntary movement.

We headed out the front door (ladies first), our cat frantically moving past the too-slow human legs toward the safety of the yard. We stood there in what now seem long suspended moments, listening to the contents of our home jingling to their earth music. In retrospect, our calm now seems surreal; how curious our interested curiosity appears from this distance. Perhaps if we lived in ‘real’ quake country our reaction would have been less one of interest than of fear and foreboding. For me, though, we were still too close to that waking instant when I thought my heretofore healthy husband was in the throes of his own brain quake.

I remember the silence too. After the tremors, everything seemed so very still. We returned hesitantly to the house, looking in each room to see what might have fallen. The next day we were to find a small vase under a chair in the living room. I think it fell off its perch on the bookshelf during one of the aftershocks, though. I remember looking under the chair almost immediately after our first re-entry.

And then there were the days leading up to Irene’s impending visit to the long coast of the eastern United States. The Baron followed it closely because he cares deeply about the fate of the Barrier Islands along the coast of North Carolina. Each severe hurricane changes the topography, those haunts of his childhood, of his young adulthood spent camping on the Outer Banks. Even Irene managed to cut a new channel or two on that slim spit of land.

I never quite believed in Irene, at least not for us. We’re not too far inland to be hit, or to lose our power, but she seemed a media hype from the beginning. Those media flunkies wanted this one so badly. It would be the great opportunity for our commander-in-chief to strut his anti-Bush stuff. No Katrina for him. In reality, Irene was the anti-Katrina. The LOL ’cane, I called it (as did someone else), but the media and the Dauphin played it for all straight, as though this were the Real Deal.

Sure it was. Dude had to come in out of the rain, quit playing golf so he could do his stint as The One who calms the seas and gentles the winds. Yes, he can. Indeed he can, if someone would just get the damn winds up to speed or let him go back to the golf course. But even if his golf game has to wait, what sacrifices is this gallant not willing to make for us all?

[Meanwhile, his illegal immigrant uncle was arrested in Massachusetts for drunk driving. Sorry, for suspicion of drunk driving. It would appear that Obama Onyango is to be represented by the same lawyer who handled Auntie Zeituni Onyango’s charges regarding her illegal alien status. Isn’t that nice? The Onyangos have a family retainer for all their asylum needs.

Meanwhile, Obama moves past Jimmah Carter for the number of embarrassing relatives attending a sitting president. I doubt Uncle Obama will be nearly so entertaining as Bubba Billy Carter or his momma, Miz Lillian.(The latter was heard to declare she might have made a mistake in having children after all) The Barack Obamas are taking no chances: Michelle’s momma is safely under wraps ensconced in the warm extended First Family at the White House. Ol’ Jimmah from the Ummah was just a Georgia cracker peanut farmer back then. What’s Obama’s excuse?]

So in the midst of the quick quake and the hurrycane, our bleg sailed on. As we continued, my own “flare” of fibromyalgia receded enough to allow me to sit up for extended periods. Now, like Irene, it’s mostly gone. Till the next one, but I’ll worry about that when it gets here. We never hit a reef, nor did we tack too close to the wind. (if you don’t count last night. A few worried people have written us to “watch our backs”, but we’re in this for the long haul.) There are only two known factors in play:

The first is the generosity of our readers, our tipsters, our translators, and our essayists and video guys. As long as y’all continue to share your resources, the Gates will be open.

The second factor is the continuing vitality of the U.S. Constitution. Should Hillary and the OIC breach that high wall and bring down the First Amendment, the fate of our little blog is of minor importance in comparison to the pall of silence they will have created.

And, of course, the continued courage of the Baron must be acknowledged. In the aftermath of Oslo, he lost some boon companions; he feels their absence deeply but he is determined to stay the course on which he finds himself. I’ll be honest: it’s getting more difficult now. But hard circumstances bring out his fierce determination. He will be here.

For the moment, we’re floating gently in a safe harbor.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For the wrap-up, I want to mention all of you:

Stateside: Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia

Near Abroad: Canada

Far Abroad: Australia, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and the UK

Needless to say, donations from Norway and Sweden are particularly welcome this time. They’ve been hard hit by Black Friday’s aftermath and I know we may have lost some donors because of their fear. That is understandable.

On the other hand, several have written comforting notes to accompany their gifts, one of which I will mention in a moment. First, though, I want to point our some anomalies. As you’re aware, when a state or country is mentioned on a given day, or in the wrap up, we don’t give numbers for each place; it would be time-consuming and mistakes in counting would be likely. But we do notice when we receive a plurality of donations from those “Blue” (i.e., very liberal) states here in the US, where Democrats rule, or from European countries especially known for their socialist politics.

Thus, our donors from New York, Michigan, etc., are a welcome surprise, always. But this time, the state with the most donors is Illinois. Infamous Illinois, permanently crippled and bankrupted by Democrat crony politics, the home state of Barack Hussein Obama. So to you donors from Illinois — yes, we noticed!

Another anomaly is the increase in donors from Canada. Is that because you know we tithe to your fellow-countryman, Vlad Tepes? His work is certainly value-added to Gates of Vienna.

As far as the pattern in giving went this time, there were fewer donors. I rather expected that. The summer bleg is always smaller. Besides, it is so soon after Oslo. However, the good news is that the average donation was larger, so the fewer donors were made up for by the larger amounts given. In other words, we squeaked by again.

We never look farther than the quarter we’re in. As long as things remain steady, we’re open for business. No one ever promised us stipends or foundation monies. We don’t work for anyone but you, gentle reader. Despite what you may hear about those huge sacks of shekels dropped off at our door in the middle of the night by Mossad, it’s sadly untrue. The people passing around that breathless bit of paranoia are the same folks who are convinced Fjordman “looks Jewish”. Maybe it’s his beady eyes? Or the way he rubs his hands together while gleefully plotting the overthrow of the Vikings? They ought to get together with the crowd who are convinced Fjordman “hid” his computer from the police in a — (pick one): a) his bank vault; b) a trash bin; c) a secret locker.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This fundraiser has not only been blessed with some exceptional generosity from Sweden and Norway, but in addition I received this note, one which I shall cherish. It makes up for all the hate mail to know this person has been touched by our work:

Doing what I deem right has always been the core of my personality, and your sincere reply has made me even more certain that this donation is in good hands.

I have recently started to read at GoV, I too, as so many others was led to it by the horrible association drawn between your love for truth and the atrocities committed by Anders Behring Breivik. I went to the blog with an open mind, knowing in my heart and mind that no one other than the perpetrator himself was to blame for his actions.

During the last few weeks I have eagerly been reading the daily updates, as well as going through the important posts. The information on your blog has made me open my already open eyes even further, and I am now truly grasping the state of misery we are in, and how far the Islamisation has come.

Regarding the hate letters you mention; Norwegian society is slowly turning into an endless spiral of naïve idiocy, advocated by primarily “Arbeiderpartiet/Labour Party” and the left, oblivious to what they are doing with our society. Were it not for “Fremskrittspartiet/Progress Party”, the creeping Sharia would be halfway up the stairs to “Stortinget/the Parliament”.

Trust in me that there are those that are not blinded by the welfare states propaganda about the “religion of peace”, but so many are afraid to voice their opinions! We need a strong leader to say what political correctness prevents, reading about Hillary Clinton and the OIC and her “shaming” strategy is exactly how it is here in Norway…

A new party with a clear ideology for people to support is what we need, and in that struggle, the guidance of such as you and the Baron is priceless in order to get access to the facts and evidence accumulated and analyzed over the years by your efforts on GoV.

I hope to make an effort to rescue the tattered remains of my beloved homeland, that has become the socialist hell I live in.

I am glad you did decide to have the donations after all, you can not supply the crew of your hearty boat on thin air happy thoughts alone. Remember, that in all the hardship and struggles you have endured, my spirit and mind is with you and the Baron, keep on spreading the word of truth and never be afraid!

God bless all of our donors for your generosity. We’ll see you in November.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/30/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/30/2011A prominent German business leader has called on Chancellor Angela Merkel to withdraw from the euro and join with Austria, Finland, and the Netherlands — the Eurozone countries with the strongest economies — in a new currency union. He believes that the move would help the struggling southern members of the EU by allowing them to devalue their currency relative to the new northern currency, and thus improve the market for their exports. Germany’s exports would be hurt, but the decrease in the inflation rate would make up for it.

Meanwhile, in Chechnya a suicide bomber exploded before he could be apprehended by the police, killing himself, seven policemen, and an emergency worker.

In other news, the Italian oil giant ENI has signed a new deal with the transitional government in Libya, permitting the company to return to Libya and reactivate its oil and natural gas production facilities.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Caroline Glick, CSP, Gaia, Insubria, JP, KGS, Rembrandt, TB, Vlad Tepes, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

Commenters are advised to leave their comments at this post (rather than with the news articles) so that they are more easily accessible.

Caveat: Articles in the news feed are posted “as is”. Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here. We check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible. The link to the original is included with each item’s title. Further research and verification are left to the reader.

Interview with Matthew Stiddon

Matthew Stiddon is a member of the English Defence League who ran afoul of members of Unite Against Fascism. The UAF people disagreed with his opinions, so they threatened him with violence, and then torched his Land Rover where it was parked in front of his home.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting this interview and uploading the video:

Swedish Funding for Palestinian Terrorists

Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter sends his translation of an op-ed decrying Sweden’s funding of salaries for Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons. He includes this brief note:


The major Swedish Daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet wrote today in tough editorial that the Palestinian Government, the “Palestinian Authority”, are using Swedish aid money to support terrorism against Israel.

His translation from Svenska Dagbladet:

Swedish aid money going to support terror against Israel

Editorial by Per Gudmundson

On 13 April this year the Palestinian Authority announced a new law governing salary payments to terrorists and others in Israeli captivity. The Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported the new regulations in detail (15 / 4):

“Each prisoner is guaranteed a monthly salary, to be paid directly to him or his family, on condition that he is not already receiving a salary from any other authority” it said. “The minimum wage, to be paid from the first days of captivity, is 1400 shekels/month ( The shekel is Israeli the currency, 3.5 shekels = $1 ). Those who have been imprisoned from 3 to 5 years, 2000 shekels/month. From 5 up to 10 years they receive 4000 shekels a month. “After 30 years 12,000 a month. In addition, allowances for prisoners who are married, have children or who live inside Israel, plus legal fees, compensation for clothes, and grants for university studies in captivity. Furthermore released prisoners, who have been detained longer than five years, receive free or discounted training, and free health insurance.

“More than 30 million dollars a month is paid to the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs who have been imprisoned by Israel “as a result of participation in the struggle against the occupation”.

For example, the Hamas terrorist Abdullah Barghouti, who in 2004 confessed that he built the bombs that killed 66 people and injured 500 in a series of suicide bombings in 2001, receives 4000 shekels a month. After a further three years in captivity, his salary will be increased by 50 percent, and corresponds to more than double the wage for Palestinians in the regular labor market.

An average Palestinian prisoner gets 3129 shekels a month. An official in the Palestinian Authority earns 2882 shekels a month. Blowing up Israeli buses pays better than planning their own public transport system.

According to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, prisoners account for 2.5 percent of the PA payroll with a further 3.5 percent is also going to take care of the surviving families of so-called martyrs.

Sweden is one of the largest donors to the Palestinians: around 700 million kroner per year ($100 million) is transferred through different channels to different projects. On August 11th, minister Gunilla Carlsson said, “Sweden this year will contribute a further 40 million crowns in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority to help the Palestinians to pay salaries.”

So it is we taxpayers (the Swedish taxpayers) who pay the terrorists’ salaries.

This is not acceptable. Sweden must have a greater say in how aid is used.

Celebrate Eid with T.K. Maxx

In Britain, the discount retail outlet that Americans know as T.J. Maxx is called T.K. Maxx.

A reader in England took the following photo and sent it to us. He said, “I saw the attached by the fax register in a London branch of T.K. Maxx yesterday.”

Eid at T.K. Maxx

Looks like T.K. Maxx is ready for the festive Eid season. Do you think their financial practices are shariah-compliant?

Countdown to 9-11

Anjem Choudary is a fundamentalist Muslim firebrand who was born and raised in England.

He advocates the establishment of a sharia state in Britain, and founded the group Islam4UK to achieve that purpose.

When the government banned Islam4UK, Mr. Choudary formed a new group, Muslims Against Crusades, which shares the same aims.

Anjem Choudary and Muslims Against Crusades now eagerly await the tenth anniversary of 9-11…

Vlad Tepes has turned the group’s animated graphic into a video, just in case they decide to take it down:

Hat tip: J-PD.

Celebrating the End of Ramadan… With a Head-Butt

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB sends a translated report about an incident that occurred during an end-of-Ramadan celebration in a culturally-enriched zone in Denmark.

First, his introduction:

Denmark must be the entertainment center of Europe right now…

It is election time, and the job of making the democracy-machine work while at the same time filling it up with gravel is a tough one. The other day Hizb ut-Tahrir destroyed the socialists’ election posters in Tingbjerg. The day after that a group of ‘youngsters’ attacked a bus full of soccer players at the same place, since they took it upon themselves to park at the football stadium.

Today a Pakistani Muslim criminal was shot down in front of a local mosque in Vesterbro, Copenhagen while celebrating Eid. It happened in an area with many kids and innocent passers-by. ‘Luckily’ the only people hit beside the criminal Muslim were two of his fellow Muslims. The police have managed to find one of the perpetrators (yes, also a Muslim) in… Sweden! At a taxpayer-funded hospital receiving treatment for gunshot wounds in his leg.

The shootout had another one of our Immigrant Role Model Politicians as a witness, Mr. Sarwar. It all happened at the Eid party he was attending. He is now very angry about this incident. ‘Its all about drugs’. Nothing to do with Islam. But we all knew that of course.

As if that were not enough, another socialist was attacked today. His name is Kamal Qureshi, and he is from Pakistan.

And now it gets funny. A local candidate for the Danish People’s Party had aired an election video showing an old lady being attacked by a Muslim criminal while ‘Muhammad’ in the background shouts ‘racist’ towards the candidate because he speaks up against the violence. Since then, Kamel Qureshi has gone ballistic. He says that he is so tired of the DPP associating all Muslims with criminals. That in fact it is the DPP who are the criminals for constantly pointing out what is obviously the truth.

Well, today Kamal Qureshi met some of his non-violent fellow muslims comrades up close and very personal.

Below is TB’s translation from Ekstra Bladet:

MPs attacked

One of SF’s top politicians was attacked this morning after a Ramadan celebration in Valby. Received a head-butt from a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

At an end of Ramadan party at Valby Hallen, the 41-year-old socialist Kamal Qureshi was attacked this morning by two as yet unknown perpetrators.

Allegedly the Pakistani-born Qureshi escaped without serious injury, but police confirm to that there was an incident involving Kamal Qureshi.

The Club Denmark Hall, located right next to Valby Hallen, hosted a festive event organized by the Islamic Religious Community in Denmark for 15,000 Muslims at the end of Ramadan. Kamal Qureshi participated and he subsequently distributed election materials to the participants in front of the building. It was reportedly at this time the attack took place.

Very aggressive and provocative

According to a witness who saw the attack, the politician escaped suffering from nothing more than fright and shock.

“I only saw that first one who went directly at him and shoved him in the chest. And then came the second guy and did the same. Then Kamal’s glasses fell off and the others around him had to help him away from the site. The two men were very aggressive and provocative,” the witness says to has also obtained a videotape in which the two masked attackers have been caught on camera about to leave the area at a run. The police are now in possession of the video.

So far, it has been impossible to learn details about the episode from the victim himself. The SF headquarters at Christiansborg reported later that Kamal does not want to elaborate further on the attack.

Got a head-butt from Hizb ut-Tahrir

But Qureshi has this to say about the episode to

“A few people from Hizb ut-Tahrir were handing out materials in which there were pictures of me. They stated that I received an award from the National Association of Gays and Lesbians, and therefore Muslims should not vote for me in the elections,” says Kamal Qureshi and explains that the mood after the party became more and more tense.

Allegedly one of the Hizb ut-Tahrir members tried to run off with some of Qureshi’s election material.

“I grabbed the box and said he should keep his hands off our material. Then I was struck in the chest several times, and one of them gave me head-butt,” Kamal Qureshi says to

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

The Beeb Does it Again

The BBC has put out yet another hit piece on the English Defence League, doing everything in its power to paint the peaceful demonstrators at EDL events as violent. It ignores the fact that the vast majority of violent attacks at the demos are initiated by the “anti-fascists” who oppose the EDL.

Even worse, there is the not-so-subtle hint that EDL demonstrators are the equivalent of the rioters, arsonists, and looters that ravaged London earlier this month.

Vlad Tepes has supplemented the BBC’s hatchet job with some additional footage and commentary:

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/29/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/29/2011Muammar Qaddafi’s wife and three of his children escaped across the border into Algeria today. The family’s relocation was confirmed by the Algerian government. The NTC — the new government of Libya — said that Algeria’s provision of refuge for members of the Gheddafi family constituted an act of war.

In other news, a proposed amendment to the Spanish constitution would impose a limit on the size of the public deficit. The Moody’s rating agency reacted positively to the announcement, which may improve the rating on Spain’s sovereign debt. However, both the “Indignados” and the unions are protesting publicly against the measure.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Gaia, Insubria, Kitman, Nilk, Srdja Trifkovic, TV, Vlad Tepes, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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