“We girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country”

Vlad refers to the young lady below as “the right-wing version of Greta”. Here’s a brief description of her from an article at the site 1984:

Marla, 14: “We girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country”

Marla is almost 15. She attends a private school in Cottbus. As brave as an Amazon, she tells of her experiences living in a small city. She tells how she’s been sexually harassed numerous times and how she and her girlfriend don’t dare to go to the inner city anymore. The reason, according to Marla: “So-called shelter seekers”. Marla spoke on August 21, 2019, in Luckau by Brandenburg.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/19/2019

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, the naturalized American citizen who is alleged to have sabotaged a passenger plane in his capacity as an airline mechanic, is now suspected of having ties to the Islamic State. Mr. Alani is currently being held without bail in Miami.

In other news, a 19-year-old “Swede” named Hassan is suspected of having committed 221 crimes since the age of twelve. Hassan is currently serving a two-year prison sentence.

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Climate Strike: Where PC and the DDR Meet

Tomorrow is the big day: Climate Strike!

The following video features a young woman named Nicole who advises her viewers to think for themselves rather than blindly follow the climate lemmings.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the climate strike from the Berliner Zeitung, also translated by Nash:

Climate strike by hook or by crook

Students under pressure — those who won’t participate are going to have a problem

BERLIN — This coming Friday, presumably thousands will be in Berlin’s streets after “Friday for Future” has called for a climate strike. So far, so good — one would think. But the group dynamic that has developed over recent weeks around the topic of climate protection has morphed into a compulsion that frankly makes my stomach hurt. It sounds and it feels deeply unhealthy.

For instance, the 11-year-old son of a friend of mine recently asked his teacher if one really had to participate in the climate strike. Because his piano lessons are scheduled for Friday, and he’d much rather go and practice the piano.

Morally pressured

This is where the disturbing part of the story begins. Because even though officially it is a matter of free will whether the kids want to go and participate in the climate strike or not, the teacher, a woman, forced the 11-year-old to stand in front of the class, and began to lecture him.

She got in his face and said to him: “If you don’t care about your future, then of course you don’t have to go there.” And, pregnant with meaning, she added: “I, for one, care about my future.” I mean, seriously? Who does this teacher think she is, to morally pressure this young boy with such a heavy hand? And then to imply a threat in front of his classmates along the lines of “Participate in the climate strike, or you will be an outsider!”

During my time in school in Bavaria about thirty years ago, the book The Wave was a part of our curriculum. We were supposed to learn what happens when a movement takes on a life of its own — even if the intentions behind the movement are noble or harmless. Towards the end of the book the students who didn’t want to participate in the experiment that created an impressive group dynamic ended up being ridiculed, bullied, harassed and even physically attacked.

To dictate what society looks like

Since the teacher about whom I am writing also comes from Western Germany, it’s safe to assume she has read the book as well. But obviously she didn’t get the moral of the story.

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The Moroccan Mafia Claims Another Victim in the Netherlands

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Dutch news site Hart van Nederland:

Liquidated lawyer is not the first death connected to the trial of the Moroccan Mafia

September 18 2019

Derk Wiersum (44), who was shot to death, was the lawyer for Nabil B, who is the Crown’s witness in the case against the most sought-after criminal in the Netherlands, Ridouan Taghi. Wiersum was said to have spoken last week over the need for security of his surroundings, and he was liquidated this morning. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

The lawyer was sworn in in 2003 and subsequently worked in various law offices in Amsterdam. Since this year he has had his own office in the capital. In recent years he has focused on serious or organized crime cases. In that capacity, he assisted the Crown witness Nabil B. in the Marengo trial. The chief suspect in that case is Ridouan Taghi.

Mocro [Moroccan] Mafia

The trial, in which 16 people are suspected, revolves around a series of ruthless liquidations and attempts to that end in the Amsterdam underworld. The motives range from revenge for betrayal to anger over unpaid debts.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Ministry (OM), all lines come together in the fugitive Taghi. He is seen as one of the leaders of a criminal group that is popularly known as the ‘mocro-mafia’. His gang is suspected of at least six murders in the period between 2015 and 2017.

Innocent people murdered

The criminals around Taghi do not shy away from using heavy violence in the public space. For example, a man in Ijsselstein was shot to death while his little daughter sat with him in his car. The girl was unharmed. The murder is believed to have been commissioned by Taghi.

In Utrecht, a man was shot dead at the entrance to his flat. It appears to have been a mistake. A few days later another attempt was made to liquidate the intended target, but failed. According to Nabil B., Taghi is the one who gave the order.

Taghi is also connected to the murder of the crime-blogger and ex-criminal Martin Kok. He (Kok) was shot to death in his car in the parking lot of a sex club in Laren in December 2016. Several unsuccessful attempts preceded the murder, including one with a bomb.

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ZDF Ambushes Björn Höcke

Björn Höcke is the regional spokesman for the Thuringia chapter of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). He a popular leader of the party, but has caused controversy in the past due to his unwillingness to bend his use of language to fit within the strictures of Political Correctness. As a result of the outrage (much of which came from within his own party) generated by one particular incident, he withdrew from campaigning for a seat in the Bundestag, and confined himself to working at the state level in Thuringia. More than any other AfD leader, Mr. Höcke is painted by the political establishment and the media as a “Nazi”.

The following video shows the way ZDF, the state broadcasting service, set Mr. Höcke up for an ambush during an interview. Reneging on his previous statements about what would be discussed in the interview, the ZDF interviewer used the opportunity to paint Mr. Höcke’s rhetorical style as Hitlerian. After more than ten minutes of such hostility, the AfD spokesman terminated the interview.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Sharia Creeps Into the Schools of Cupertino

The following letter written to a local school official was sent by a reader in California, who includes this note:

The following letter was sent to the superintendent of the Cupertino (California) Unified School District. It is self-explanatory. In brief, a Syrian Moslem woman who practices sharia (in her dress, in the dress she enforces on her daughters, in her views) is a big part of the school PTA. I happen to know the parent who wrote this letter, and so am sharing with you, just as another concerned American who sees sharia creeping into many of our communities.

Here is the letter:

Dear Superintendent,

Perhaps you are aware that in Iran, governed by Islamic sharia law, women are not allowed to enter football stadia. Last week, an Iranian woman, who was arrested for trying to enter, immolated herself and has died today. Here is a report.

Why am I writing to you about her? Because while such horrible discrimination can seem very far away to us in America, in reality it may exist in milder forms here too. There is a lady (named Nasreen Ally, mother of Jude Al-Sakka) who is part of Sedgwick PTA, who actually does such discrimination with her own daughters as part of her Islamic upbringing. See this interview of her daughter.


My mom was really traditional, so when I was a little girl, she would tell me, ‘You should be doing this and this and other feminine activities,” and she’d get really mad and annoyed whenever my dad would take me to play soccer and do adventurous stuff.

The girl also expresses some religious bias even in who she sits with (“in my school, I’d always sit with a group of Muslim people”).

I also know for a fact that she does not allow her daughters to play outside her home, and to just do normal things teenage girls do (sports, hanging out with non-Muslims, etc.)

Now here is my concern. Such a person is part of the PTA. She is very much involved with the school activities. Can we really allow such a person to be so close to our children at a formative age? What about the girls at Sedgwick? Are they also going to be discouraged, perhaps subtly, from doing things this lady considers against Islamic values for girls?

Here is my suggestion for your kind consideration. Please restrict her access to the school. After all, her daughter has accepted her biases in print in an interview. Surely the parents of every daughter at Sedgwick have a right to be concerned that a person with such a mindset is allowed near their children.

Thank you,
A parent of a Sedgwick 3rd-grader

PS: I have also written to Principal Erin Lindsey about this. Please note that the lady’s views are in print offered by her own daughter, so it is not as if we are making assumptions here. As a parent of a 3rd grade girl, I am highly uncomfortable that a person with such views is influencing our PTA.

“It is up to us to Dictate How a Society Has to Look”

Herbert Grönemeyer is a popular German actor and musician. Nash Montana, who translated the material below, describes him as the German Bruce Springsteen.

Mr. Grönemeyer caused an uproar recently with an onstage call for the dictatorial suppression of the Right in furtherance of maintaining left-wing governance, which he considers an absolute necessity.

The number of blatantly totalitarian statements from the Left seems to be increasing. Western Europe is ahead of us in that regard, but as the 2020 election campaign heats up, there is more and more of it here in the USA.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

From the German edition of Rolling Stone:

This is why Herbert Grönemeyer bothered people with his speech against the right

For many years the singer Herbert Grönemeyer has been taking a clear stand against right-wing extremism. But after his latest speech at a concert in Vienna, he has received massive critique

Grönemeyer is currently on his “Tumultuous” tour across Europe and is more political than ever. Last summer in Chemnitz he said, “This land is our land. We hold it steady and keep it stable and we don’t let it swerve to the right.”

On Thursday September 12 the singer gave a concert in Vienna, Austria and made some comments in front of a sold-out concert audience concerning what he sees as an unstable political climate: “I only know it from hearsay, to live in times that are so brittle, so fragile, and on such thin ice. And I believe it should be clear to us, that even when politicians are weak, whether in Austria or in Germany, that it is up to us.”

The audience applauded, and Grönemeyer continued, “And then it is up to us to dictate how a society has to look. And whoever then tries to abuse an insecure situation for rightwing drivel and for ostracism, for racism and hate, they have no place here. This society is open and humanist, and we will not move one millimeter to the right, not a single millimeter to the right. And that is how it is and that is how it will remain.”

“I hate to say it but it sounds like a speaker from 1945”

But for a fact Grönemeyer’s speech against the right was received less positively on the Internet than it was at the concert. Of course there were many users on Twitter and other social media who support him and agree with him and find that he hit the target. But there were quite a few prominent voices who openly critiqued the singer’s speech. They mostly talked about the drastic tone of voice of the musicians. His voice got louder and louder during the applause of his audience, and towards the end, the speech ended on a grim note.

“The tone of voice with which Grönemeyer stoked the enthusiasm of his audience, was a bit scary to me,” the German author Bernd Stegemann tweeted. The supporter of the left-wing movement “Stand Up” added: “I hate to say this but it sounds like a speaker from 1945.” Said tweet has been one of the main shared tweets against the 63-year-old Grönemeyer’s speech. But the majority of commenters can’t agree with the criticism. One user on Twitter had this to say: “He speaks AGAINST the right and sounds scary? I hate to say it but that is rubbish!”

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/18/2019

Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau has found himself in the midst of a new scandal after a photo of him wearing brownface surfaced. The picture was from a 2001 yearbook at a school where he was teaching, and was part of an “Arabian Nights” event. Mr. Trudeau says he regrets the incident, and now believes it was racist.

In other news, a man crashed his vehicle into the lobby of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York, injuring several people.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to Dean, Insubria, JD, Reader from Chicago, SS, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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My Big Fat Turkish Wedding

Wedding celebrations in the most culturally enriched countries of Western Europe are opportunities for “New Europeans” to ostentatiously showcase their wealth while laying claim to the territory that used to belong to Europeans.

The following translation by FouseSquawk reports on one such wedding in Rotterdam. The translator includes this note:

Turks and Moroccans are constantly doing this during wedding processions. Recently a cop was beaten trying to intercede. This is also a problem in Germany and Belgium.

The translated article from De Telegraaf:

Fireworks and a Lot of Noise Nuisance

Rotterdam Police Seize Ferrari in Wedding Procession

September 15, 2019

Police in Rotterdam have seized a very expensive Ferrari because documents of the driver, who was riding in a wedding procession that cause a lot of disturbance, were not in order.

This is what was reported by a local police officer on Twitter. The wedding procession was making its way though the Maas [part of Rotterdam] on Saturday evening with a lot of outward show. According to the police, the speed limit was considerably exceeded. Naturally, one motorist was arrested.

The driver apparently wanted to brighten up the inner city with fireworks and with a lot of noise nuisance,” a local agent, Wim Rietveld, described euphemistically on social media.

Countless expensive cars rode in the wedding procession. The driver of a white sport car received a citation for traffic violations; the Ferrari driver had to turn over his car. “Of the required documents, none turned out to be in order.”

Twitter post:

@Police Rotterdam — This evening, a driver from a wedding procession, who apparently wanted to brighten up the Rotterdam inner city with fireworks and with a lot of nuisance noise, got a citation for his annoying behavior.

Such showing-off of cars is the order of the day, the Turkish-Dutch entrepreneur and publicist told De Telegraaf earlier. The wedding processions used to be more modest. “It has become pure showing-off of cars. The young men stand above the police. They are the boss, and they let it show.”

Beating of police officer

That another annoying wedding procession goes through Rotterdam stinks. At the beginning of this month, the police agent Gert Jan de Jonge was knocked unconscious by a driver in another wedding procession, after complaints about the nuisance had come in . The police are still looking for the perpetrator. Despite several calls, the person has not yet been located. Last week De Jonge told his story on the TV program Jinek. The local policeman Rietveld ‘watched it with anger’, he wrote on social media.

Twitter post (Rietveld):

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Is Sweden Going Under for the Third Time?

The immigration-induced crisis in Sweden seems to have passed the point of no return. In many urban areas the police are unable to exert their authority. The violence and lawlessness have now spilled over into less culturally enriched areas, and have become so serious that even some of the mainstream media outlets have begun to take note.

Fjordman has written about the situation at Snaphanen (in dansk or norsk; I can’t tell them apart): Er Sverige ødelagt? (Is Sweden destroyed?)

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated three articles about the catastrophic failure of Sweden. The first one is from Samtiden:

Sweden is “a complete political failure,” writes Janne Josefsson. “State power is being hollowed out bit by bit,” writes Wilhelm Agrell.

Now Both Janne Josefsson and Wilhelm Agrell Raise the Alarm: Sweden is Going Under

by Dick Erixon
September 13, 2019

Two heavy public opinion makers, the journalist Janne Josefsson and the peace researcher Wilhelm Agrell, each in his morning newspaper, have today emerged with an emergency call that Sweden is undergoing violence and lawlessness.

Is that violence now approaching the establishment events in the media and academia?

The stench of powder smoke

Janne Josefsson writes in the DN Chronicle, “It is gunpowder smoke in the world’s best country” that Multiculturalism has created de facto apartheid in Sweden. Less than one percent of pupils have Swedish as a mother tongue in the Shumila school at Hisingen in Gothenburg — maybe four pupils out of 500.

Sweden is no longer a country; it is different worlds, and “a politically perfect failure”. But once the denial begins to dissolve, the government and Morgan Johansson (S) [interior minister] are being labeled “abominable beasts”. The words get worse: “The less they know how to solve the social situation in the country,” Josefsson writes.

The schools are “transmission belts” that deliver boys to the criminal gangs. At Shumila School, 26 percent of the boys were prosecuted for a crime within a few years of completing school. “We get the society we deserve,” concludes Josefsson.

Sweden’s internal armed conflict is sinking it

The state’s monopoly on violence no longer exists, the professor in intelligence analysis Wilhelm Agrell writes in a debate article in SvD [see the bottom of this post].

“We must act to save the country.”

He writes that “the phenomenon of internal armed conflict can help highlight the dynamics of an event that has great destructive potential for a society. In the typical internal armed conflict, different groups are fighting each other and to varying degrees a state power that has completely or partially lost its monopoly on violence.”

In such situations, violence escalates, as it is easier than reversing it. The latches have been released and the violence has its own dynamic. Agrell cites Lebanon in the 1980s and the Balkans in the ‘90s as examples where internal armed conflict has escalated to war. In an internal armed conflict, social functions break down and those who are able to flee the country.

Agrell believes that the development of violence has been uninterrupted for too long because both citizens and politicians have regarded Sweden as a safe country. The authorities are very slow to begin to consider serious organized crime as a social threat. “The violence is not only becoming more brutal and escalating, the victims may be anyone who happens to get in the way or anyone who is perceived to stand in the way…” State power has been cut out bit by bit and no longer exists. The country is broken. He believes that it is “the destructive dynamics of the internal armed conflict that we need to pay attention to and fight for if the country, the country in which we want to live, is to be saved.” Otherwise it will quickly get worse.

Will the government wake up now?

Will the government, with its support parties, wake up and take note of the fact that people within the establishment groups are now also sounding the alarm that the situation is extremely serious and acute? My answer is: no. You do not have the mental and intellectual capacity to understand that Sweden is no longer like it was twenty years ago. You also do not want to understand. You are afraid to comprehend reality. Therefore, they will continue to estimate while at the same time throwing out those who warn of the development — which of course mainly applies to the Sweden Democrats, who are ten to twenty years ahead of everyone else.

To acknowledge the situation is to acknowledge that Jimmie Åkesson is right. They would rather let Sweden go down than do that.

The only people who can break the deadlock are the Swedish people. They can show who they sympathize with. An edge in the opinion polls is probably the only thing that can induce the political powers to begin to take action.

The second article is from Fria Tider :

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The Self-Pity of a Geezer-Beater

A weeping culture-enricher from Africa is confident that he will be let off without any jail time for severely beating an old man in the German city of Offenburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Ali M. Beat Pensioner Detlef J. (75) Half to Death

The Sorrowful Letter of a Geezer-Beater

It was in May when the pensioner Detlef J. became a completely innocent victim of Ali M. As BILD reported, he was on his way home from playing Yahtzee when he met Ali M. near the Offenburg train station.

Since the once-spry pensioner met the rejected asylum seeker Ali M. on 16 May, his life and that of his family have changed dramatically. The victim of the African migrant initially fell into a coma and must now be fed externally. He is no longer responsive and blind in one eye. The victim’s sons currently do not know who will pay for the care of their beloved father, who was half beaten to death (jouwatch reported).

Now the thug has written a letter full of self-pity. In the miserable letter, parts of which were quoted by Bild newspaper, he writes how bad he feels. He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the crime and became afraid of drug addiction. That is why he presumably hit the old man, according to the African, who had already beaten a taxi driver in Freiburg before the crime. Ali M. was arrested several times by the police because he had behaved in a conspicuous manner, the newspaper continues.

Ali M. has no word of regret for his victim in his woeful letter. He writes that he is on the right path now and undergoing therapy. In addition, he confidently assumes that he will get off with probation, because he was under the influence of drugs and was therefore unfit to blame. Ali M. ends his letter with the information that nobody has noticed. That he is crying.

See also: Bild article

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/17/2019

Addressing a crowd of 80,000 supporters, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini called for a referendum on immigration to prevent the new government from reopening Italy’s ports to migrant-ferry NGOs. Mr. Salvini accused the M5S-PD coalition government of committing treason.

In other news, exit polls indicate that today’s election in Israel is still too close to call, so it is not yet known whether Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to continue as prime minister.

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I Do Not Like That Ham-I-Am

Our German translator JLH has a few things to say about the latest “News of the Weird” story from South Africa.

One of the many things you can learn by reading the news at Gates of Vienna

by JLH

Let’s see if I understand this. Burger King is removing the syllable “ham” from “hamburger” in South Africa so as not to offend anyone. The best statistic I can uncover is that Islam accounts for 1.5% of the ca. 56 million South Africans. The largest single religious group is Protestant Christianity. In second place are those who profess no religion. It makes you wonder whom Burger King consulted (or was directed by). Certainly not the local Jewish lobby. When is the last time you ever heard the owner of a Jewish deli complain to the ADL about the BBQ bar and grill next door advertising spareribs?

This is a pioneering alteration to the language. The word for a type of sausage originally named after its city of origin is reduced to a severed trunk (-burg) that means “fort.” In US English, at any rate, calling somewhere a “burg” is not particularly flattering. I know because I come from a state with a lot of burgs. If I were a citizen of one of the largest cities in Germany — an international port, a center of trade, and an original member of the Hanseatic League — I would not like to be told that I was living in -burg.

This presents a whole new vista of linguistic change, calling up fond memories of the Hitlerian desire to expunge foreign words and phrases from the German language.

Where else in English, for instance, can we find this insidious infidel word “ham”? Perhaps in the Broadway musical about one of the Founding Fathers — you know, Alexander -ilton. Or in the name of a cute little rodent — the -ster — that is so fond of treadmills. Or, if you don’t want to call a small town a burg, you could call it a -let. And if you damage that place down in the back of your leg, you could say that you hurt your -string. This could lead to some confusion, so it may be better to take the high road and say that you pulled one of the tendons that laterally and medially border the depression in the popliteal fossa. That’s a little clumsy, but there are no infidel words in it. (Unless some really picky Muslim scholar objects to the use of the language of the Roman Church.)

And what if we can’t just remove the offensive syllable? What if that’s all there is? Like “Don’t ham it up.” We just have to substitute, and tell show-offs “Don’t steak it up!” “Don’t be such a steak!”

Just to be safe, we should also do away with the term we use for that crispy stuff we often eat in the morning. The morning special might be called “two eggs any style, with choice of ground infidel meat or infidel crispy stuff.” Alternatively “Canadian infidel crispy stuff and eggs.”

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Rasmus Paludan in Canada, Part Two

This is the second installment of Vlad’s interview with Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”) party in Denmark, in Quebec earlier this month. (Part 1 is here.)

As the interview continues, you’ll hear him recount the series of events that led to his having armed police bodyguards accompany him whenever he ventures out of his apartment.