Going Galt in Hungary

T.L. Davis sends this guest-essay about the opportunities offered by the nations of the Visegrad Four, especially Hungary.

Going Galt in Hungary

by T.L. Davis

Americans are increasingly looking outside of the U.S. for retirement and freedom. True believers in the republic are seeing the rising wave of socialist and even communist policies being championed on the right. There seems to be no resistance to the increasingly hysterical demands of the environmentalists. The passing of the Patriot Act nearly two decades ago has proven to be as radical and damaging to individual liberty and privacy as it was feared and discounted by government officials as “conspiracy theory.”

Anti-Trump Republicans do not recognize their role in his election. If there had been one solid line of resistance against Barack Obama’s policies, that was not ultimately compromised, Trump would not have been elected. If a candidate like Jeb Bush had been seen as anything other than Democrat-lite, he would have won the nomination.

Republican voters feel as if they are in a fight for their lives and culture and no longer have an ally in the Republican Party. Red Flag laws are nothing but confirmation of that belief. Republican politicians have lost their courage when it comes to individual rights. Did they miss that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez proposed a Green New Deal that would eliminate airplanes and Beto O’Rourke said: Hell yes, we’re going to take you’re AR-15s? Their constituencies hear no outcry, no, demands for a retraction to such an obvious violation of the Second Amendment, or do they simply intend to use it to get re-elected (as usual) with no action to prevent such an occurrence from taking place?

Republicans have lost the trust of their base and have no interest in regaining it. They continue to operate on a playbook from the previous century. They still see Democrats as something akin to John Kennedy instead of Fidel Castro, and that’s only part of the problem. The other part is they are largely globalists, and it is reflected in their voting records. They cannot serve two masters — neither of which are their voters — forever.

More and more, Republican voters of yesteryear feel abandoned, with a sense that electing a Republican will get them no closer to their goals, but rather just a moderation of the Democratic agenda, and that isn’t good enough. That is why they voted for Trump and will again.

The problem is, harder-core small “r” republicans have given up on the process. Rampant voter fraud encouraged by the Democrat Party and not effectively prevented by the Republicans ensures that the socialist train has no brakes. The nation is effectively a democracy with mob rule being the new normal. This impression is enhanced by the recent push to impeach Trump through agreement with no evidence to back up assertions; the assertions seem to be the evidence used by the committee. Small “r” republicans feel as if they are standing on the periphery of the French Revolution and have a choice: to stay and watch the gore fill the streets or bail. More of them are opting to bail, or go Galt, but where will they go?

If the problem is a slippery slope toward communism, with a slight pause at socialism, it would be logical to look at other countries that have survived the brutal axe of totalitarianism and come out on the other side with a stiffer backbone — countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Viktor Orbán arrived at a conference of Christian communicators and requested a meeting with Rod Dreher, editor of the American Conservative, who relayed this message: Orban said that he wants Westerners and others who share these values (to strengthen the national and Christian identity of the nation) to come to the Hungarian capital, where they will be free to speak their minds and establish a base. “I’m trying to create a free place in Budapest,” he said. “Please consider Budapest as a kind of intellectual home.”

It is not unlike the call put out to Europe from America in the 18th Century extolling the advantages of freedom of religion and the inducement of capitalism, promises that Americans can no longer keep. The rise of politicians like Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison suggest that the Sharia takeover of the political landscape is a matter of time, a takeover seemingly backed by Republican politicians, if only in absentia. Like the initial pioneers of America, who risked everything for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, Hungary and other former Soviet states beckon and have a good case to make for American ex-pats. Hungary believes in Christianity as a crucial part of the body politic; it believes that a nation consists of borders defended by laws and guards; it believes in freedom of speech. Hungary also has economic incentives for companies willing to base their operations there. While Hungary is a member of the European Union, it has bucked that yoke, and might be interested in a realignment if the EU continues to play the bully. Perhaps the only way to go Galt in the Ayn Rand vernacular is to go to Hungary.

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  1. I do have reservations about going AWOL in the face of the enemy, but if I am out-manned and out-gunned then a strategic retreat is the only strategy that would make sense.

    • Need to go back and check a few things. Who produces the food (meat/grain etc) and more importantly where? Who and where captures and stores nat gas and oil? Where is the main storage hub that feeds the entire pipeline network? As you think this through do it over a map of the U.S. Interstate system with the thought of how much and what is delivered via trucks – and more important how blue hives are sustained. Rail network too. Who drives those trucks and what is their predominant sense of nation? How many firearms are in the hands of Trad Americans who know how to use them? Find and compare even that general number with that of against active and reserve military and where they come from. It’s not the Acela corridor and “cali/oregon/washington who feed their ranks – think Kith and Kin which also applies to a significant number of LE with notable exceptions such as scum bag punks like Philip Brailsford. My family is INVESTED – in blood: WW1 (paternal grandfather as an IRISH Citizen before he sought and became a legal U.S. Citizen years later), WW2, SKor, and Vietnam. Two cousins KIA in the latter. Me and mine are staying. We will fight from where we are. No matter what the collectivist serpent sends through their ever swinging gate. We can do NOTHING LESS.

      • The blue commiecrat cities of the US would become a graveyard once electricity, water, fuel and food is cut off. The interior of the US is the heartland that produces everything the coastal cities have taken for granted. The left would find out horrifically, that it is not nice to mess with human nature and peoples families.

        • The Chicoms are providing 35% of foodstuff into this country ! The heartland does not produce much of anything. Farmers are bankrupt.
          Hell, cannot even buy underwear made in Amerika !

          • Dan, You haven’t been to the heartland lately, everywhere you go, the fall harvests are taking place, the oil and gas fields are pumping and shipping is all up. When the fun and games from the major cities begin, the commodities will be the coin of the realm.

      • Mr Featherstone: As a rural ag producer, I also am a realist.
        My fuel, lube and coolants, truck and tractor parts, building components [structural, electrical, plumbing, fasteners etc], food production components, and power generation and subsequent distribution/routing, all have a common denominator which is the much loathed population bee hives. To merely infer that we will ‘cut the metro areas off’ is somewhat akin to shooting ourselves in only one foot and then coping with the consequences [adaptive] in addition to our regular endeavors. It may work in the short term, until needing to fill the tanks or making the machinery repairs.
        There is a limit to what we can stockpile for the coming unpleasantness,

  2. Hungary also has the potential to become an oversized FEMA camp in which all the Christians can be held and kept under lock and key.

    • Possible but unlikely.

      I don’t see the EU finding the testicular fortitude to actually use their collective joke of a military to try it. Such overt use of force would bring Poland and likely the rest of Eastern Europe into the confrontation. Once shooting starts and soldiers start arriving home in bodybags, the EU will quickly decide that they don’t really have the strength of will to occupy Hungary or even just cut them off from the outside world.

      • Moon, You have forgotten that the so called EU army would also face the Russians, who would jump into this with both feet.

  3. don’t you worry about America. We will right ourselves before long.
    Republicans have simply been waiting. the attacks on our liberties grow bolder and more brazen and still we wait.

    you see, for the left, political violence is like a knob. they can turn it up and have a protest, turn it up some more and have a riot. every once in a while they turn it up more and murder someone.

    Conservatives don’t think of it as a knob. we think of it as a switch.
    the default position is VOTE. The alternative position is “KILL [vulgar intensifier] EVERYONE”.
    Believe me, when that switch is flipped, it will make Bosnia look like a trip to Disney Land.

    There won’t be anything that the government, either democrat OR republican can do about it either.

    we have only around 800,000 police officers in the USA.

    328 MILLION citizens.
    100 million citizens are armed.
    2 million military and many of them won’t get involved anyway and if they did it would be a very short involvement.

    600 million firearms in the hands of those 100 million citizens. over 4 trillion rounds of ammunition.

    As for me? when it kicks off, I’m going to link up with Mosby’s Irregulars or the Ohio militia.
    I have my pack ready and my arms are cleaned and oiled and I can carry my own ammo. My Jeep is serviceable too.

    any time they want to pull the trigger on that impeachment, we’ll be happy to pull the trigger on a brand new congress.

    • I agree with your switch analogy. I don’t think we are anywhere near such a point though. Impeachment would not be sufficient to generate the kind of outrage necessary for people to leave their jobs and families to go start killing one another. I don’t even think assassination would be enough to trigger such a response. The election of another socialist in this day and age would just result in more mayors, police chiefs, sherriffs, and governors refusing to obey federal edicts and declaring sanctuary from whatever ukase happened to be fashionable in Washington at that moment.

      I think the real trigger for violent revolt would be any attempt by the feds to enforce such edicts by the use of force during a time of widespread economic unrest or mass unemployment. People have to have nothing to lose or be seeking revenge for prior actions or both before using violence becomes likely imho.

      • Concur with your sober assessment – we are nowhere close to the second position of that switch. Not even murder of the Prez … but the economy won’t keep humming forever (or will it ?): then the switch flips.

        Now: there’s no clear analogy with the (1st) Civil War of 1860s. There are no adversary Union states, alliances of states, North vs. South if you will. Cali vs. Texas? Yeah, quite some stretch of imagination.

        So no “war” as we know it from history: no battles, no central government controlling anything. Hence chaos, guerrilla-style warfare, skirmishes, generally derailed country with safer enclaves and totally out-of-control ones (Cali comes to mind again). What a sorry picture it may be … Does “the hell will break loose” then?

        Very likely so.

    • All we have to do is come into the public square by the millions, waving American flags. Nadler and Schiff might even self-deport?

      Patriots await a call from our leader, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America.

    • You’re betting on the Sun “not rising” tomorrow.

      55+ years of evidence shows that ‘Murica’s rabbit white Right can only switch from the Vote position to Hide.

      None of this would have happened if hiding were not in the rabbit Right’s DNA.

      Anyything contrary to this fact is pure keyboard commando [rubbish].

      The “noodle arm” Left and its oligarch sponsors are on top. Smart, awake, committed, and busy 24/7/365. The disorganized rabbit Right, otoh, can’t wait for a Ronnie Raygun 2.0 to “save” them, so that they can go back to sleep.

      2nd Amendment tripwire? Nope. Just another excuse, in a very long list, to do nothing. A few examples will be made (remember Randy Weaver and Waco?) and rabbit Rightists everywhere will roll over and either hide their useless firearms or turn them in as demanded.

      My advice? Drop the lolbertarian business propaganda, keep your big mouths shut, stay local and personal (disconnect yourself from cell phones and cyberspace), and re-discover the concepts of family and friends. You have no [Facebook and Twitter] “friends” worthy of the name.

      • You really don’t understand human nature do you? You say the white so called right will do nothing? History says otherwise, do not take patience and stoic calm for weakness and cowardice, for it is in the European DNA to conquer and kill, and the thin veneer of civilization is only an incident or two away. Most weapons in the US are owned by those of European heritage and over 20 million vets, many with counter insurgency experience. So say what you will about white people not fighting, I’ll take history’s long view and bet on white people when the fun and reindeer games begin, because nobody does war better than whitey does.

        • I know the rabbit white Right quite well, thanks. The “noodle-arm” Left is fully aware that your “stoic calm and patience” are excuses, not accurate descriptors. Movement is always in one direction: Rabbits retreat, hide, blame/turn-in the other guy, and the keyboard “warriors” among them simply re-draw the line.

          55+ years ago the rabbit Right let the Civil Rights and Immigration Acts slide on through. Vatican II took the Catholic Church. The National Council of Churches took the Prots. The Golden Age ended in the early 70’s: Feminism, two wage-earner families, divorce. Educational institutions continued their leftward slide. Capital cared nothing for the Blood and Soil of Western nations. But that was okay ’cause “Capitalism was the Unknown Ideal” and “Selfishness was a Virtue.” Oligarchs and their big money financed the active Left and rabbit Right. The rabbit Right ignored the Left’s victims, voted for Ronny Raygun 16 years later, and suddenly it was “Mornin’ in ‘Murica” again. Problem solved! Except it wasn’t. Not even close.

          Politics is low intensity war. The objective of politics is power. The Left understands that. The rabbit Right does not.

          Putting things right would have been much easier 55 years ago. Now look at us. Backed into a corner with our only outlets controlled by the enemy. Sad. Very sad.

          So go ahead and “go with history.” Quite all right. I’d come back and ask for an update in 10 years but this website, already on the “fringe,” won’t be here.

          “Cultural” marxists are winners who never quit. The modern rabbit Right, on the other hand, never leaves the comfort of three hots and a cot.

          I’ve known many big-talkin’ 2nd Amendment types. Most of the older ones come with beards, beer-bellies, Molon Labe tee-shirts, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Young guys take a look at ’em: Can they be taken seriously? Of course not! So don’t go out and do something foolish based on the “advice” of wheezing old diabetics who never so much as put their money where their mouths were. They had their chance and failed.

          • You have a problem with civil rights? The slaves didn’t ask to be transported, and their descendants have a right to be treated equally (but no more than that).

          • Oldtradesman, With all due respect, you are quite correct in stating that our state affairs has gotten progressively worse since the 60’s and as a Catholic in poor standing, very correct in the watered down Vatican we have today, however, if you have ever been to a vet reunion or Marine Birthday Ball, you will find that the chat is about the current state of affairs and the networking that takes place. If you think most vets are beer bellied redneck, NRA types wearing their don’t tread on me t-shirts, you could not be more wrong, for the vets that are my friends, they are the quiet professional types that can do more damage in an afternoon, than what you describe could do in a month, if they ever got off the couch. I’ll leave that there for you to ponder over.
            So I will tell you how this is eventually going to play out, Western Europe is going to be the first to suffer insurgency as the 2 per centers finally activate and go hot, another 10 per cent will quickly follow, the authorities will quickly loose control and the militaries will take over, especially as the 3rd worlders run riot and burn cities to the ground, then the Purges of all things leftist and their 3rd world pets will take place as those nations go full on nationalist, so the blood and carnage that will ensue will make the Balkans pale in comparison. What does that have to do with the US and Canada? The democrats will see this as an opportunity to try to take weapons out of the hands of citizens, for public safety, the 2 per centers in this country, will see this as an opportunity to act, as in Europe, another 10-15% will follow. The major democratic cities will be left to their own devices and can be easily cut off from life’s basic necessities(food, water, electricity and fuel) and no democratic politician will be able to show his/her face without someone sending them to their fate. What we end up with as a form of government will be a crap shoot at that point. So before you dismiss human nature, please do a little study of history where these types of scenarios are quite common and human nature always finds a way.

        • One other thing, G. Those millions of gunowners and veterans with counter-insurgency experience count for next to nothing. Most are risk-averse, have little money, no serious political legitimacy, no organization beyond Wayne La P’s 501c3 or ability to coordinate, and no logistics chain. They are unable to agree on a mission statement beyond “Ah’my defending muh fweedumbs,” can’t identify the enemy beyond “those gawd durn socialists,” don’t know their own troops (half of them would shoot the other half), and don’t comprehend the geographic, much less sociopolitical terrain of their locality and region. They are, at best, a mob. At worst they are a few handfuls of criminals to be hunted down.

          • You seem to be itchin for an argument.

            Trying to get people to pop off with big talk. Doers dont talk. They listen and act and probably dont often get to be seen coming.

            Lets get real. No one wants to see bad stuff happen, unless they are nuts. Bad talk gets weak minded people worked up and then they do stupid things.

            You seem to think pretty highly of yerself… where I come from that makes people look long and hard and try to move off. Dont be a pusher of bad ideas and talk… is somebody payin you to do this?

  4. “If the problem is a slippery slope toward communism, with a slight pause at socialism, it would be logical to look at other countries that have survived the brutal axe of totalitarianism and come out on the other side with a stiffer backbone — countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.” I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why this website has such immense problems at accepting the geographical name of Czechia in it’s articles. A few years back I understand it wasn’t as widely known (even though it has existed for centuries and was well used in English speaking countries in the first half of the 20th century), but since then it’s used by google and other major websites and should be well known to anybody.
    Guess what? Poland and Hungary are also republics, but you don’t see the political names written anywhere, only the geographical ones. From a stylistic perspective it’s incorrect to mingle those two.
    Please learn to use the proper terms, as with “Czech Republic” you’re only refering to an establishment from 1993, but we’re one of the oldest countries in Europe, with one of the steadiest borders out there.

    As for the topic of the article itself: I understand why people from the West want to go to a more peaceful land when they grow old, I do. But frankly, if Hungary (or any other country) gets flocked by Germans, French and Americans, it’s going to cease to be Hungary just as much as it would with waves of Turks, Arabs or Nigerians.
    Let’s be honest: 1) anyone over 60 will have a hard time learning a completely different language to their own 2) peace and quiet is nice, but there are still going to be massive cultural differences 3) many of the goods Americans are used to aren’t avaiable in Europe and vice versa 4) establishing American (or any other) neighbourhoods is no good.
    If Americans wants to leave the country for retirement, they would probably be better off in places like New Zealand or maybe even just Hawaii – away from the continent, but still able to speak the language and be in a moderately familiar environment.
    And while Hungary might be welcomming right now, to a few and far between, it most likely won’t be if the numbers should grow to a few thousands or even more.

    That all aside, personally I don’t agree to leaving the homeland in the first place.

    • Apparently you haven’t noticed when I use “Czechia”, which I do quite a lot, especially since the Czech government made it official. Then people gave me a hard time for doing that — said it wasn’t the real name of the country! So either way, I couldn’t win.

      But this post was written by T.L. Davis, not me, and he’s free to choose which name to use. Both are officially recognized by the Czech government.

      • I do notice when “Czechia” is used, I just don’t think I’ve seen it here recently. Could be I missed that particular article, I don’t read all the news. My bad if I’m not vocal enough about the positive parts. I’ve spend years fighting for the name and it can get frustrating that, after our government finally did their job and recognized it officially, some people still refuse it.
        There’s this notion with some people over here that we can choose the name, but that’s simply not true. Those people are uneducated. Not only is Czechia a Latin name used as far back as 1622 (or so), in the 90’s (after Slovakia separated from us) a commission of historians, lawyers, linguists, etc. etc. etc. got together and thoroughly investigated what historical name could be used and this is what they came up with. I don’t believe any of the deniers is more educated than that think tank combined. And it’s funny, really, because nobody here has any problems with the same word in German, French, Italian, Russian, or any other language, but somehow they make an uproar about the English version. It just makes no sense…

        No, it is NOT a choice. Of course you’re not going to edit the articles or anything, it’s the authors themselves that should know better. As I mentioned before, “Czech Republic” is a political name. “Czechia” is the geographic name. And it’s more convenient, just like most people will simply say “America” or “the US”, instead of “The United States of America” in common language. Most importantly though, from a linguistic perspective it makes no sense to combine political and geographic names. You can either use the political one for all countries or use the geographic one (which is used most of the time) for everyone.
        I understand people are often used to something, but I like to think adult people don’t enjoy making mistakes and if they are able to do better, they will.

        Lots of information can be found here: https://czechia-initiative.com/czechia_articles.html (especially the column on the right).

        • You probably haven’t been seeing “Czechia” here much because it’s mostly not my writing. I know it, and use it at least 50% of the time in my own prose.

          But your government still accepts “Czech Republic” as one of the officially recognized names, so there’s nothing wrong with using it.

  5. I never liked John Galt in the novel (“Atlas Shrugged”); he and his friends were smug and arrogant.

    • I think reading Atlas Shrugged is a rite of passage to rational thought; however, as one grows into adulthood one begins to see the unrealistic nature of Ayn Rand’s idealism.

    • Nope, what really gets to most folks is the fact that Galt and his friends don’t need you. Quite the reverse.

  6. If only we had two parties! As events unfold, it’s easily seen that Trump is fighting the uni-party for us,

    “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

    ― Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope. Quigley, btw, was much admired by
    . . . Bill Clinton.

    Is this not what we’ve been handed going back to Wilson / FDR?

    Under D or R administrations, the march to the great welfare state, the NWO, continues. No great changes or course reversals have ever happened; it’s always been a one-way ratchet-up to more government.

  7. Nobody is killing anyone! Netflix is on and the pizzas are ordered so STFU. “Is that them in the drive”? “Naaah, its a swat truck thats all”. “They must have the wrong house, carry on until the pies get here”.

    • Shut of the electricity and then watch human nature in all it’s glory. It has been demonstrated by various agencies and SF military units how easy it would be to pull the switch and put major cities back into the dark ages, thus forcing those who watch TV to actually have to get up and survive.

  8. Gun laws in Hungary:
    Real Firearms: You need serious and expensive licences and a long procedure, if you want to buy a real firearm for sport. It could be semi-automatic. Our sportshooters are less year by year. Of course, you need the same procedure, if your airgun is stronger than 7.5 J. [airgun??]

    If you need a real gun for self defense, it is almost impossible. {Read that again} For the cops, soldiers too. If you get the licence (smaller wonder), you are limited to two guns. You can be allowed to carry them hidden, of course.


  9. No, I’ll not leave this country to go to another and start over.
    We would be just like all those illegals crossing that southern border coming in here. They need to stay in their countries and fix them instead of bringing all their problems here.
    This is my country and I’ll be here till I’m not. 🙂

    • Same here Sunny, I’m with you on staying and doing what needs doing.
      It all begins with each of us.
      There is more at stake for me besides politics and agenda. It is a matter of honor, and fighting for what is right in this world.
      As the great Patrick Henry put it about not knowing what other men will do, it is Liberty or Death for me.

  10. Baron, It´s a question for yoo from an outsider

    Do you think that democracy will survive in USA in the near future ?


    • If by “near future” you mean the next 25 years or so: no, not in its current form. At some point the debt overhang will come crashing down. It’s unavoidable.

      But I don’t make specific predictions, not anymore. Back in 2009 I was wrong, as was everybody else. The system has held together for an additional decade — who can tell how much longer it will last?

      • I’ve recently watched Demolition Man again and I have to say it’s frightening how much closer we’ve gotten to that utopia by now. The positive thing is: it didn’t last all that long. Go figure that socialism can’t keep itself upright once it burns through the savings from whatever the previous system was.

  11. I have a great affection for Middle Europe, those PPL who halted the Loose Mimb invasions, I’m also a big fan of Horse Culture and these nations have, even under the Soviet’s eyes, preserved and celebrate that as well! To top it off Middle Europe crafts some fine beers. If I were a younger person I might consider moving but my place and final responsibilities lay here, among my people

    • Ah yes they did halt the Loose Mimb invasions with extreme prejudice, but now they embrace a Loose Mimb invasion with extreme nonchalance. Their countries are being overwhelmed by the very hordes their forfathers gave their lives to defeat, All the while, like an ox to his slaughter, they embrace the rape and pillage of their land, their culture, and their children. I spit on Europe (except Hungary) they have made their bed and now they have to sleep in it. However, I fear the horde will overwhelm our great nation while we diddle away our time living the high life, much like them. But my place is here, I could no more move away from my Homeland than I could disavow my children. I am a Saxon, the blood of my forebears is not the blood of the current [contemptible pseudo-conservatives], my neighborhood will not fall to the horde as long as I draw breath.

      • I left the UK six years ago and I have no regrets. I do not want to learn Urdu or Arabic and I do not believe in allah. Thailand suits me well and if I get into difficulty, my wife acts as an interpreter. They even drive on the correct side of the road and the beer is very pleasant. I admire the Buddhist philosophy and support any effort they make to suppress islamism.

  12. Besides people, there’s no guarantee that Hungary will remain a bastion of Western Christian values. Then leaving the USA would all have been for naught.

  13. First of all this T.L. Davis writes very well, let´s highlight it here.
    I did not know that there were two republicans groups.
    One pro-Trump and other contrary to. I`ve thought republican party was united until now. It´s a pity for America and for the world.

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