Greta’s Handlers

It’s been obvious from the beginning that the cultural frenzy surrounding the child climate warrior Greta Thunberg is not a spontaneous one. And, since a lot of people stand to make a lot of money from the “save the climate” fad, it’s no surprise that there are various moneyed interests arranging and coordinating the media feast focused on Miss Greta.

In contrast to the carefully staged appearances before the U.S. Congress and the UN, consider this press conference where the young lady is forced to speak without a script (Hat tip László).

The following video report details some of the people and organizations behind Greta, Inc. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

On a related note, here’s a report from Deutschland-Kurier (also translated by MissPiggy) on the connections between George Soros and the climate marches and strikes:

Who is actually behind the carefully planned and elaborately organised climate marches?

The Child Soldiers of Soros & Co.

Today [Friday September 20] a “climate strike” has been ordered. Not nationwide — worldwide! Take a guess at who is pulling the strings in the background? Luisa Neubauer (23) has become a columnist for Stern, at least that’s what has been reported by the quasi semi-official Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) yesterday. From now on, the “climate activist” will be writing along with three other authors in the Hamburg magazine. Her column is called “Auf dem Weg nach morgen” (On our way to tomorrow).

Let’s come back to the here and now. “Fridays For Future” is back nationwide and this time even worldwide — including sit-in blockades and traffic chaos in Berlin and elsewhere. Neubauer is one of the main organisers of the school-skipping demonstrations. Of course, she only flies out of “necessity” herself — but she does so regularly.

When Neubauer isn’t flying around, she pleads for blocking bridges or airports. According to Neubauer, these are symbols for “the system of profit-based management”, which should be questioned. Apparently the geography student read Karl Marx too. People, listen to the signals!

Neubauer is calling for two crimes that can be punished with imprisonment: dangerous interference with air traffic (§ 315 StGB) and dangerous interference with road traffic (§ 315b StGB). But even if Neubauer were to be actually charged with anything, which is highly questionable today in Germany, she would probably get away with a fine (at most). As a Stern author, she won’t have a problem paying.

George Soros is not far away

Neubauer hasn’t been going to school for a while now. She doesn’t really need to work either. Neubauer almost enjoys a kind of diplomatic status. She is a “youth ambassador” for ONE, an international lobby and campaign organization. As such, it is to be assumed, Neubauer also gets paid, and not too badly. So her salary as a Stern author is just a welcome bonus.

Now you can have three guesses who the source is that keep ONE going. That’s right. The money of the organisation flows from, among other things, the pots of the Open Society Foundation of George Soros, which can be read on the ONE’s webpages.

In general, there are interesting connections in the Fridays for Future support network. Evidence suggests that George Soros and his organisation Open Society Foundation stand behind actions that take place in the immediate vicinity of Thunberg & Co. A close liaison between Soros and Greta Thunberg, according to media reports, is Luisa Neubauer.

Neubauer, who is a Green Party member, leads the battalions of children with a firm hand. The central organisational hub is the aforementioned NGO ONE, in which the Thunberg colleague Neubauer pulls the strings as “Youth Ambassador”. By the way, Neubauer, is not only involved with ONE, but also with the NGOs and The Hunger Project.

The word “child soldier” takes on a whole new meaning

George Soros, who as a stock exchange and currency speculator decades ago almost pushed the British pound, and thus an entire economy, into the abyss, and subsequently rose to become one of the richest men in the world, enjoys the role of left-green humanist. In fact, with the support of NGOs like ONE, Soros & Co. are pursuing tangible economic and power-policy goals, including a worldwide migrant-proletariat in order to lower wages. One could also call it, in a Clausewitzian vein, the continuation of war by other means.

Seen in this light, the phrase “child soldier” suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Well, then, demonstrate beautifully! Soros wasn’t the first. Lenin already knew: There are idiots who are useful.

Video transcript:

00:09   She’s one of the most controversial personalities in public life of the last twelve months.
00:14   Greta Thunberg. After hearing all the opinions about the 16-year-old girl,
00:19   we wanted to know: Who is actually behind the climate activist?
00:24   Basically, there’s a debate raging as to whether or not Greta Thunberg is just a PR puppet?
00:30   Her intentions and sincerity are in question. The closest allies of the influential child
00:35   are her parents. Her mother, Malena Ernman, is an opera singer and author.
00:40   Her father, Svante Thunberg, is a talent agent and managing director of the media company
00:45   Ermahn Produktion AB. Neither one is a stranger to Swedish media, and both are well-connected.
00:52   They manage their daughter’s media contact to the outside world.
00:56   Young Greta is also supervised by a third adult, the PR and financial expert Ingmar Rentzhog.
01:03   As the story goes, Rentzhog, discovered Thunberg by chance on August 20th in 2018
01:07   when she was demonstrating in front of the Swedish parliament. Three days after
01:11   the viral discovery of the climate-concerned child, the autobiographical work
01:15   “Our House is On Fire — Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis”,
01:20   in which Greta plays a key role, was published as a book on August 23rd 2018.
01:25   Opponents see it as calculated PR. Advocates, on the other hand, see this as pure coincidence.
01:31   Chance or not, everything since can be described as a pragmatically-planned PR campaign.
01:37   The businessman who discovered Greta also founded the social media platform
01:42   “We Don’t Have Time” in April 2018, with the aim of convincing as many as possible
01:47   to become active, because the climate has to be saved as soon as possible.
01:52   Among the investors in “We Don’t Have Time” is Gustav Stenbeck, whose family owns
01:56   one of Sweden’s largest venture capital companies. Prior to his time
02:02   as an environmental lobbyist, for 13 years Greta’s PR mentor headed the Laika Consulting agency,
02:08   which focuses on financial communications. He also trained with the Climate Reality Project.
02:15   This is led by former US Vice President and environmentalist Al Gore.
02:21   Furthermore, Rentzhog has been Chairman of the Swedish think tank Global Utmaning
02:28   (Global Challenge) since May 2018. However, that’s not the end of the financing.
02:32   Ingmar Rentzhog has close connections to the prestigious and internationally active
02:37   sustainability NGO, the Club of Rome. Since the 1970s this club has been publishing strategies
02:43   for climate protection, but also investment alternatives for rich investors towards a green
02:47   sustainable turnaround. The German SPD politician and environmental scientist
02:52   Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, for example, was co-president of the club of Rome until 2018.
02:58   Only two months after the discovery of Greta in November 2018, there was a joint conference
03:03   of the Club of Rome and Rentzhog’s “We Don’t Have Time”. This conference emphasised
03:08   that the extreme urgency required a paradigm shift. “I believe that after two degrees of warming
03:17   we should be guided by ethics rather than economics.”
03:21   Greta Thunberg has inspired other investment leaders in the West to be market-oriented
03:27   and innovative, and to take full advantage of the green economic change we are striving for.
03:31   Trevor Neilson is one of those investors, and also made a name for himself as a philanthropist.
03:37   He told the British “Guardian” in July of 2019 that his recently launched initiative,
03:44   the Climate Emergency Fund, was explicitly inspired by Greta Thunberg.
03:49   In the past, the business magnate and owner of the Virgin group, Richard Branson, and
03:54   Microsoft founder Bill Gates were among his most powerful clients.
03:58   For his “Climate Emergency Fund” he was able to engage the heiress Aileen Getty of the famous
04:04   Getty Petroleum Empire. She is the granddaughter of the world’s richest man,
04:11   of his lifetime, J. Paul Getty, who died in 1970. Trevor Neilson was also able to win over
04:16   a descendant of the influential US American Kennedy dynasty, Rory Kennedy
04:21   for his lobbying undertaking. His initiative makes the following statement:
04:25   “We believe that only a peaceful planet-wide mobilisation on the scale of World War II
04:31   will give us a chance to avoid the worst-case scenarios and restore a safe climate.”
04:37   Over €500,000 ($551,000) has already been invested in climate protection movements
04:43   such as the presumed grassroots movement “Extinction Rebellion”. One hundred times that,
04:47   half a billion euros, has already been donated by patrons until the end of this year.
04:52   Large private capital flows will be unleashed to provide the youthful grassroots movement
04:58   in the Western world with powerful resources to put pressure on their governments.
05:04   The hope is then that the richest people in the world, who happen to have been the most
05:08   climate-damaging, will lose on their investment. What it really comes down to is asking the
05:14   very same people to save the climate who have deliberately destroyed it over many decades
05:18   by their way of doing business. They aren’t driven primarily by moral imperatives, but once again
05:24   By economic profit. These young people are being tempted to join a movement
05:29   without knowing what powerful interests are behind it. Among all these machinations
05:35   and networks and all the personal hostility and praise, Greta Thunberg is just one
05:41   of many young people whose backs are used to carry out the new pragmatic policy of the elite.

12 thoughts on “Greta’s Handlers

  1. I wouldn’t class Pippi Longstocking’s evil twin a warrior. I’d rather call her a troublemaker or an irritant or a nuisance.

    But the truly evil ones in all of this apart from Mr Soros and his gang, are her parents.

    • And I see a spunky young girl who stands up for what she believes. At 16, ss she ready for prime time in an arena that, from various perspectives, vexes some of the best minds of the day? Is she knowledgeable about the scientific, economic, and political issues that all feed into this fantastically complex matter of climate change? Of course not. Is she being managed? Certainly- it would be irresponsible on her parents part if she were not.

      Nonetheless, she is addressing in whatever capacity she can a cataclysm that is bearing down on her generation. She deserves- and the issues she raises- a more respectful hearing than a stupid, meaningless, emotive, personal response such as calling her an “evil faced Swedish female Chucky doll “.

      • I agree that this level of abuse is uncalled for, especially when aimed at a very young person who suffers from autism.

        Given this, the people who exploit her- all of them- are also abusing her, and the idealism which often goes with youth, as it should; and the- presumably experienced- adults in the UN and elsewhere who applaud her demean themselves by taking lectures from someone so young and inexperienced.

        She, and the millions who idolize her, may not understand (or care, in some cases?) that adopting panic measures would impoverish millions, causing mass starvation and deaths from cold when heating becomes unaffordable, but the people in power should.

        • It is a case of mass hysteria. It is very similar in nature to the same mass hysteria that produced the witch hunt of the 15th – 17th centuries or the Children Crusade in the Middle Ages.

      • She may be spunky, but her face is disfigured with fanatical hatred. Really, a 16 year old girl with serious mental illness should be undergoing treatment and not stand haranguing grown-up people.

    • Liatris and Mark, you’ve fallen for it–she’s only 16, she’s got autism, therefore people aren’t allowed to be offended by her and express their offence in unkind language. Liatris–I’ve think you’ve fallen for her completely. I remember myself at 16, sans autism, but not without my own problems, and perfectly capable of feeling ‘passionately’ about all manner of nonsense. A clever girl, I was an expert on any subject I’d read one book on. My critical sense was far from fully developed. So it was for good reason that I never got to address the United Nations, or any other serious (for want of a better word) adult forum. ‘Seen and not heard’ has some wisdom in it, you know. Greta doesn’t really know what she’s talking about–witness the hyperbole. The adult world hasn’t stolen her, or any other child’s, future. There used to be grape vines along Hadrian’s Wall, you know–the earth has been both hotter and colder during human inhabitation. None of the computer models has so far come true, probably because even the IPCC admits that climate is a complex, non-linear, chaotic system and doesn’t readily reduce to such things, and possibly also because in the past, warming preceded increases in CO2, not the other way around. Greta has now been nominated for a Nobel Prize–she’ll probably get it, the world being as it is. It’s time Greta was allowed to be responsible for what she does and says. And it’s also time the UN was held to account for using the climate change scam as a means of promoting world government and worldwide wealth distribution.

      • Of course, we all must be kind to mentally sick people. But it does not mean that we have no right to criticise their crazy views when such views are being imposed on us. Otherwise, we will end up being ruled by insane people. Or are we already ruled by them?

    • Unreal!!, that’s Soros founding this for brainwashing young people, young generations, in Western Europe and US. Only , I don’t know why only Europe and US , but this [odiferous material] is happening very badly way ..

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