Gutmensch From Italy Gets to Feel Migration on Her Own Body

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politikstube:

Gutmensch from Italy gets to feel migration on her own body

The Italian actress Gloria Cuminetti, who is known to be an outspoken opponent of Matteo Salvini and a fervent supporter of Carola Rackete [captain of the NGO migrant-ferry Sea-Watch 3] , was forced to spend the night in the hospital. Reason: An illegal Moroccan knocked her out while passing by.

It happened last Saturday evening in Turin. The 34 year old Halim Ben Daoud from Morocco, an illegal migrant in Italy, staggered down the street, started an argument with a married couple for no reason, not far from the city centre of Turin. Eventually he lurched towards Gloria Cuminetti and punched her in the face. Suddenly there was a muffled sound. Then crashing to the ground, on the asphalt, where she remained lying, motionless. There was no time for her to comprehend that she was punched. “He kept repeating the same sentence over and over in an incomprehensible language; he yelled and he stared at the ground. I only heard one noise, when he walked past me and I lost consciousness”. That is the actress’ last memory. And as soon as she found the strength, she got up and began running towards a police car not far from her.

The military initiated a search for the perpetrator, which ended just a few minutes later. The 34-year-old Halim Ben Daoud, an illegal Moroccan in Italy with priors, was stopped and arrested only a few hundred meters from the crime scene. He was violent towards the police. He attacked them, leaving them no choice but to use the taser and the electronic weapon. The police shot one warning shot, then brought the injured man into the hospital, where he had been released earlier that same evening, and then to jail. Doctors determined a “condition of psychomotor anxiety,” and drugs were found in his system. The 34-year-old had punched a husband and wife in their ‘60s in a similar fashion just before he attacked the actress.

“At the time when I felt the strong pain, I was already on the ground and everything was black, and my jaw still hurts and my lips are still swollen,” the actress says, as she repeats: “I am not afraid; it’s a fact that it happened. I hate racist controversies. Tomorrow is another day. I will continue to live here; maybe I’ll use my bicycle more often, that way no one can stop me and get on my nerves.”

Gloria Cuminetti spent the night at the hospital. In her opinion, the worst came later when the haters began commenting on various news posts she shared on her Facebook page. Cuminetti has been targeted for her position in support of taking in migrants and against Italy’s border security decree. She’s become a target for showing open solidarity with immigrants, and there is no lack of insults in drowning her Facebook page. “The haters on the internet have already begun to insult me.”

“Did you get targeted by a resource [i.e. culture-enricher]? Capita!”, or “Let’s remain human, right?” Another one: “I hope you can get rested up, but you know today you’ll be hit in the face, and tomorrow you’ll be forced into a black bag when Shariah is implemented.” “Forgive him, he’s basically a resource,” says one of the messages, which was left under a post that Cuminetti had shared about solidarity with Carola Rackete.

And again: “Maybe now is the time to thank Matteo Salvini for the border security decree so that the attacker got taken down by the law with a taser, or maybe you got nothing else to say…”

“They look at my stuff, but those who write certain things, I just feel sorry for them,” she says.

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  1. I’m not surprised. A punch in the face might get an idiot’s attention, but it won’t teach her anything. She probably enjoyed the attention.

    • From her idiotic reaction, it sounds like the savage didn’t punch her hard enough for the lesson to be effective.

      • The moon, like all commentators here I always look forward to reading them. They always contain some new flavor and wisdom.

        What is puzzling is who is inspiring the west so negatively with poisoned ideas to help muslims invade the whole world. And who is making the godless infidels so stupid and confused as to be their own enemies?

        Is it Satan, Is it democracy whose inherent trait is brainwashing. Is it secularism?

        PM Netanyahu knows exactly what Israels’ enemies intentions are and the means to achieve them. And not only the whole world is against hi but also half of his own people.

        muslims are alert and clever. Infidels are backward and their own enemy. They are not civilized. To be one’s own enemy and not knowing it, is the most advanced type of duncicalness.

        • I wouldn’t call them alert and clever. Their success in infiltrating western nations and governments has far more to do with the decline in morale, intellect, and will to resist of westerners; the cause of which is a subject for a lively debate.

          In regards to muslims and their proclivity to breed like rats, albeit low IQ rats, I also take the view of Stalin, that “quantity has a quality all of it’s own”.

    • The Sinead O’Connor of Italy gets one in the chops and her one neuron is still occasionally firing.

    • She is not an idiot. She has chosen her public position in favour of migration because it is useful for her career and financial success. If she changes her public position now she will lose face, her public image will suffer serious damage and it may have some bad repercussions on her further career.

      The clever attrice knows well which side her bread is buttered.

  2. What is the attraction for these females? Has it something to do with sexual prowess? Is it that they just hate white males with a vengeance? Are they lacking fulfilment in their lives?
    A truly depraved form of derangement has been incubated and then released into society at large; the consequences of which will be dire.
    Pity the poor children of the future !

    • Taking the politically correct position in public (whatever your private opinions may be) is good for your public image. If you happen to be an actress or a singer or some other showbiz professional, your public image is very useful for your career.

      That is why people like poor Signora Cuminetti promote causes like Muslim migration, LGBT rights, feminism, anti-racism, environmentalism, animal rights … They would support any cause as long as it helps them to succeed, even if the causes in question are contradictory and even incompatible.

  3. “I just feel sorry for them,” she says. You weren’t the only victim of that morrocan, that night. What of the married 60 year old couple? ………..whatevah……………

  4. Very Good , she should [redacted] , just make sure she is supporting that Rackete and this other idiots who destroyed Europe and each European countries, how they don’t see this savages and danger is coming with them I never understand..

  5. This use of “resource” to refer to a person is new to me. What is the history of this usage? Why “resource”?

    • I imagine it’s because they are a resource required for pity merchants to retain employment in refugee support programs.. (and left wing politicians displaying false altruism). They can’t display it by helping poor unfortunate natives because racists do-gooders think Europeans somehow have an unfair advantage and are undeserving. The only advantage possessed by Europe is the European culture they despise and seek to destroy with multiculturalism.
      External Enemies can sit back and wait for the pathetic resulting western countries and gain more power.
      China etc. Must love our traitorous academics and politicians, they don’t need spies or covert operatives anymore.

    • Immigrants are often referred to as “resources” by politicians in Europe. They are trying to convince us that this wonderful “resource” will create an economic boom. We were told that refugees from Syria were educated and eager to work and therefore would be a huge resource. This turned out to be a lie.

    • Can’t speak for Italy though. In Germany the term would be understood as parody; like “Kulturbereicherer” (culture enricher) or “Goldstücke” (nuggets) or “Hirnchirurgen” (brain surgeons). Parodies on the praises or the immigrants officials told us some years ago.

      • In italy it depends who is saying it: if it is a promigration person (leftist), he is absolute serious in meaning of exactly a “human resource” or an “economic resource” (they also said migrants will pay the retirement funds of italy, also many economists said we need more migrants for economic growth, like a private company who needs more workers, except that in italy there is not a gold rush with economic boom); if somebody from the other side is speaking (more than 80% of the people in italy), he would use this word with an ironic meaning.

      • Yeah , engineers, computer programmers, doctors!!, Merkel invite all of them !!, in millions I wondering if she knew that savages are potential terrorists wit lowest IQ ever !!, and now? Well now Germans working very very hard to feed this filth „ Wir schaffen das „ !! NOT !!, wake up you are I the progress on replacing population , , terrible is , she still in the office, bizarre..

  6. I don’t think it’s a good idea to gloat at someone else being injured, even if they call it indirectly on themselves through their positions.

    For one thing, it demeans to ill-wishers.

    For another thing, on-line, personal, threatening harassment ought to be legally actionable. There is a line between criticism and personal threats or personal spamming.

    In a sense, the situation already exists. Either the voting public has not learned yet to conceptualize the criminality and disruptiveness of the immigrants, or else the legal and political system have developed to where they are far from the people. So, in terms of effects, it doesn’t matter whether Gloria is attacked or not.

    It used to be said, a conservative was a liberal who was mugged. But, leftists no longer respect even themselves enough to react when personally attacked by the objects of ther concern.

    • RaonaldB, I really do enjoy your intellectualism and your sense of civilized demeanor in the face savages. You deep down must realize that there is only one inescapable conclusion in dealing with the 3rd world savages? Cold, ruthless responses with an iron will to carry it out. One way or another, this ends in massive bloodshed, surely, you must realize what is coming shortly?

    • Gloating? I don t think so. Those who are perceived to gloat are actually concerned about her safety and others safety in Europe.

      Humans learn the hard way. A few learn by proxy:they watch victims of circumstances and learn a lesson. Human nature: most people are not afraid of fire until their own fingers are burnt . If the burn is really painful then that pain in imprinted in their psyche and not only they try to avoid that source. Of pain but to warn others as human trait built in them as a result of the empathy: that noble virtues the bible tries to instill in us through the golden rule.

      Tough love. Discipline and love keep a godly balance

  7. She said she will still live in that town “and ride her bike more often so people will not stop her and get on her nerves ?What makes her think a cultural enricher could not punch her off her bike or push her in front of a truck when she is on the road?

    • And her bike is a valuable item itself. Stealing it while she is riding would involve violence. I conclude that this idiot likely lost a lot of intellectual capacity when she was knocked out.

  8. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to gloat at someone else being injured, even if they call it indirectly on themselves through their positions.”

    Sorry, but imagine Tlaib, OAC and Omar getting the treatment from a gang of 40 MS-13 types.

    Most people on here including me, would have a beer. 100 million Americans would celebrate. Trump would post a zinger of a Tweet or two and the world would be a far better place without these three evil Jew hating women.

    We are in a war. Realize that.

    • Tlaib, OAC and Omar getting educated on the ways of the world by a horde of MS-13 types would be reason enough to have several beers; perhaps to even raise a glass to their teachers.

      Seeing those who richly deserve to reap what they sow get their reward in this lifetime is deeply satisfying on a primal level. Untold thousands of plays, books, works of art, and movies have used this trope successfully. I believe it is the rare individual that doesn’t derive at least a little satisfaction from such well-deserved justice.

      • Justice served is an artistic trope for a reason: we see so little of it in life.

        I relish the thought of the squad receiving a brutal smackdown. And yes, it is satisfying on a primal level. And that’s okay.

        I tend to think of these traitors in our midst as collaborators. I once wrote an Op-ed about how Greeks on the island of Zakynthos dealt with Nazi collaborators after the war:

        It will come to scenarios like that–and worse, soon enough.

        • Thank you, Plum,
          your great article reminded me, how, when I was visiting the Greek island of Crete, over twenty years ago, a strong emotion “seized me by the throat” when I saw a monument for the Australian, British and the New Zealand troops who defended this last part of Greece, that wasn’t yet taken over by Nazis. On that dry, hot, sunny day, the thought of all those young men, fighting and falling so far away from home, was very deeply moving, for someone like me, who was born in a communist country and was experiencing every day the outcome of that war, which placed the entire Eastern Europe in the Soviet prison. For me (and my people) that war wasn’t over, and the fight of those heroes was still recent, still very relevant to my life and very close to my heart.

  9. When someone fervently but mistakenly believes something to be true that isn’t, it can take a lot of reality to open their eyes. Perhaps the victim in this case believes the globalist propaganda about migrants.

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