The Peter Principle in Action

Except she doesn’t have one.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this report from PolitikStube:

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirms: AKK is as incapable as her predecessor

After the incompetent Ursula von der Leyen came the second catastrophic personnel decision and the next slap in the face for the Bundeswehr: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) was assigned the post of Federal Minister of Defense. Just like “Flinten-Uschi” [“Shotgun Ursula”] back then, AKK now shines with a lack of skills and knowledge of defense policy, but the main thing that at least the quota has been met and women are raised into office.

The incompetence of AKK extends as far as Russia, which quite a few citizens thought or suspected in secret, confirms the representative for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

RT Deutsch reports:

On Friday the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reacted to the attitude of the Federal Minister of Defense, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, towards the dialogue with Moscow:

We did not want to rush to an answer, because we expected that sensible politicians in Germany would correct the results themselves, bearing in mind the results of following such appeals. Unfortunately, it was not like that. That is why we do not have to state for the first time that the statements made by individual politicians in the Federal Republic of Germany with regard to building up a dialogue with Russia are reminiscent of the attempts of a primary school pupil to compensate for his ignorance on the subject with the volume of articulated nonsense.

Ms. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has been Germany’s Defense Minister for a relatively short time. Like her predecessor, however, she demonstrates her inability to propose anything significant for the real consolidation of security in Europe.

We have to remind Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer that of all things, the “good position of German foreign policy” that she recently proposed in the Bundestag, to conduct the dialogue “from a position of strength,” had tragic consequences for the entire world during the 20th century, several times, for Germany and the German people.

Canaries in the Coal Mine

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube about the massive ongoing “refugee” crisis in the Canary Islands:

Daily costs: €300,000! Tourism association issues ultimatum: 6,000 Africans have to leave hotels!

For 6,000 illegal migrants, the paradisiacal accommodation is likely to come to an end soon. The tourism association of the Canary Islands has given the state an ultimatum: the guests have to leave the hotels and be quartered in emergency shelters before December 31st.

The daily costs for the 6,000 illegal migrants amount to €300,000, an incredible €9 million in tax money per month. The accommodation in 16 hotels, partly four-star hotels like the Waikiki, was a temporary stopgap solution, but also a great insanity. The pictures of the front of the hotels, of the well-equipped apartments and hotel rooms, the pools, the buffets, etc. were sent home and so encouraged other illegal migrants to go on the trip and pay for a place in a boat to cross over to the Canaries. reports:

The patience of the tourism industry in the Canary Islands has run out. Fears that the current migration crisis could damage the archipelago’s economic recovery prompted the tourism association and the municipalities of Mogán and San Bartolomé de Tirajana to present the state with an ultimatum: The state is requested to move the 6,000 or so migrants quartered in 16 hotels to other accommodations before December 31, and to use the daily costs of around €300,000 for the announced emergency accommodation.

Afterword from the translator:

Governments and NGOs are always virtue-signaling so quickly with other people’s money. And at the same time those same governments and NGOs push for more draconian laws to battle a “pandemic” that never was and destroy the livelihoods of the same people they force to pay, with their taxes, for the upkeep of the invaders. Something has to give, and when the damn dam breaks it will be ugly, and can be laid fair and square directly at the feet of those advocating for mass immigration, Multiculturalism and Corona measures.

I seriously hope that there will be new Nuremberg Trials, when sanity finally triumphs over the virtue-signaling and immoral preachers of morality.

Soros: A Man with a Mission

The following thoughtful essay by the Hungarian writer Demeter Szilárd was immediately deleted almost everywhere it appeared. After 24 hours of publication the author was forced to delete his Facebook account. has preserved the original article. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

Soros: A Man with a Mission

by Demeter Szilárd

Published on, November 28, 2020
“Revoked” on November 29, 2020

I observe quite a few artists and intellectuals nearing to the end of their lives and looking back to their oeuvre, perceiving that they have been judged in the balance and found wanting; just moments after their deaths they would be forgotten — even by their biographers. Somehow, I can understand the frustration of these people. They have made bad choices and are now facing the consequences. Everybody is living their own lives, but — what is more important — as philosophers have said: everybody will die their own deaths.

Presumably George Soros is struggling with the same feelings. Just before the end of his life, he was hit by the truth of the commonplace wisdom: money does not bring happiness. One cannot bring his money with him to the opposite side of the river. The financial security of his family had been established long ago for several generations to come, so only one question remains for him: what will happen to George Soros once he ceases to exist? He is not talented as a writer; his philosophy is troubled and inconsistent. He is, however, smart enough to realize he is not a genius. This might be his greatest grief.

Standing in the doorway of death, George Soros is carving his own statue. He thinks of himself as a man with a mission. His mission: George Soros, the New Messiah. However, this mission is lacking a transcendent dimension. The god of George Soros is George Soros, incarnate and descended to our world in the form of George Soros.

He is moving his chess pieces on a global chessboard. Given that the key to his financial success is playing unfairly, no wonder he also keeps changing the rules in his assumed “world-saving” chess game to his own taste. He is the playmaker, the referee, the striker and the scoreboard clerk in one person.

We have seen enough of this type in the history of mankind. Those with enough money and power made themselves dictators; those lacking it, servants of the dictators. And all of them — without exception — wanted to reach the throne of eternity by climbing a mountain of the corpses of the victims of their own tyranny.

In today’s world, the path to the throne of Soros leads across our very bodies. Europe has became the gas chamber of George Soros. The toxic gas is flowing from the capsule of the “multicultural open society”, lethal to the European way of life, and we, the peoples of Europe are doomed to fight for the last gasps of breathable air treading and climbing over one another’s bodies.

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The State-Sponsored Torture of Our Children

The following article describes a protest by school students in Germany against the collective madness that has supplanted any vestige of rationality in the measures taken to mitigate the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Freezing and starving students, mask terror: Entire high school goes on Corona strike

At last, there are student demos in Germany that have a specific and very immediate purpose and are absolutely justified, in contrast to ideological climate FFF [Fridays for Future] or “anti-racism” BLM protests: In Bremerhaven, a large part of the high school students went on strike, because of the insane decrees bordering on child abuse that force them to be taught at 0° [32°F] with open windows.

The youth rebelled. With this clientele of demonstrators, even die-hard Coronazis and agitators of the left-green mainstream press will now find it difficult to lump all of them into the camp of conspiracy theorists, “covidiots”, right-wing extremists or Querdenker [lateral thinkers] — because this is where the very immediate victims of this collective psychosis demonstrate.

“We are cold, hungry and have a headache,” the students chant.

709 high school students from the Carl von Ossietzky school center in Bremerhaven went on a Corona strike. The students are furious, and complain that many children and adolescents are now depressed. In the classroom they freeze as a result of the ventilation, many get sick (and can then be suspected of being potential Corona cases), and almost nobody can still write by hand because of stiff fingers. Concentrating on the subject matter is practically impossible.

As Bild reports, the headmaster has bought his students 30 blankets out of pity, which he gives to those that suffer heavily from the cold. He, too, says resignedly: “The conditions are unbearable.”

People who wear glasses with masks constantly fog up their glasses; many students complain of headaches from wearing masks for long periods of time, and they feel tired and dull.

Child abuse and lunatic measures

In addition, the cafeteria is closed to high school students, which means that at lunchtime and in the free hours, many students huddle together in the nearby supermarket, accompanied by the risk of infection.

Also at the bus stops and in the school buses there can be no question of keeping your “social distance” — the Bremerhaven school center is visited by 4,000 pupils every day, according to Bild.

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Don’t be a Superspreader This Thanksgiving!

I urge you to maintain proper social distancing at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Greet each other from a distance using hand signals or semaphore, with no personal contact.

Sit at least six feet apart from each other.

No passing food back and forth — the meal should be served in previously prepared portions sealed in individual plastic containers or pouches that have been sanitized before distribution.

Wear your masks between bites.

There should be no conversation during the meal. Instead, people may send text messages to each other via hand-held devices.

Singing, humming, whistling, and non-silent prayers should be completely avoided.

Enjoy yourself, and have a SAFE Thanksgiving!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

When I sent the future Baron these guidelines for a COVID-compliant Thanksgiving, he replied: “The sad thing is, this doesn’t sound like satire.”

I wrote back:

No, it’s not really. I just took the requirements from the diocesan “guidelines” for safe worship, and adapted them. And threw in a little sarcasm.

The latest innovation from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia is the fortuitous invention of the “singing mask”. Choral singing is allowed if the singers wear the singing mask. The congregation can’t sing, but a limited subset of the choir can (I forget how many, maybe ten or fewer). The singers must be spaced at least six feet from each other, and at least twenty feet from their audience.

And no, I’m not making this up.

Everything for the Benefit of the Migrants

The following article from Il Giornale references a speech given in the European Parliament by Silvia Sardone, an Italian MEP for the Lega. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

Europe’s priority on migrants: housing and jobs for those who disembark here

The new plan on integration into the EU revealed: Space and social inclusion projects and new housing for migrants. Meanwhile, the report on civil rights arrives in the European Parliament: No mention of terrorism, priority given to the fight against racism and Islamophobia

by Mauro Indelicato
November 24, 2020

Crucial days in Brussels, between sessions in the European Parliament and commission meetings. It was to be expected, given what is happening in all of Europe, between the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

Still, the ongoing arguments have nothing to do with recovery or recovery plans. On the contrary, they talk about migrants and civil rights.

The EU plan on integration

In these days, for example, placed at the top of the work agenda of the European Commission is the new plan for the integration of migrants. These are multi-year projects, with which the EU is trying to give precise directions on the issue. In recent hours, the plan, which will substitute that approved in 2016, and which should last for a period of time including the years between 2021 and 2027, was announced by the European Commission itself.

It is based on four principal pillars: Education, work, access to health care, and adequate housing. The responsible principals of social policies are the member states, but the EU has the possibility to coordinate the policies and give specific directions. And according to the institutions of Brussels, in the coming years, the various governments must always commit themselves to inclusion, with investments and spending relative to more adequate accommodation for the migrants present in EU territory.

The first point concerns inclusion in the world of education: “There is a need to commit to education and training that are inclusive from early infancy to higher education,” the commission plan reads, “concentrating on the facilitation of recognizing qualifications and on continuous learning of languages, with the support of EU funds.” The second point, however, concerns the work world, where all migrants, “and women in particular,” the plan further reads, must receive the support to express “their full potential”.

Then there is the third point, concerning the health sector. “In addition to specific financing of the EU, “the document states, “the action plan looks to guarantee the people are informed as to their rights and recognize the specific challenges faced by women, in particular during and after pregnancy.” Finally, the fourth pillar calls for, “adequate and convenient finances through the European Fund for regional development, the European Social Fund Plus, the Asylum Fund, and Migration and Invest EU,” to find better housing for migrants.

Investments and priorities that could cause — and not a little — those outside EU institutions to wrinkle their noses. Especially because for the moment, in the countries hardest hit by the Corona virus pandemic, there are no clear indications as to funds that the EU will make available to restart the economy. Whose eventual collapse, not so remote through anti-contagion measures, could involve everyone, from citizens to migrants.

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Cultural Enrichment, With Tourniquet

In the following video a man in a German hospital bed gives an account of what put him there. It seems he attempted to serve an eviction notice on a “Syrian” “refugee”. Big mistake!

The prosecutor’s office ordered the alleged assailant released before his victim was even discharged from the hospital.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Three Girls Raided by the Corona Stasi

The following video gives an account of a police raid on three young ladies in an apartment in Bavaria. Evidently this was a COVID-related operation, and the girls’ “crime” was that people from three different households had gathered in a single domicile. It took a task force of twenty police officers to subdue these dangerous criminals.

It’s hard to tell for certain, because their faces are blurred, but I think the story is being told by at least two of the three victims of the raid.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Mysterious Crime of Andreas Noack

This is a follow-up to my two posts from earlier today. We’re still no closer to knowing what Dr. Andreas Noack did wrong that caused him to be raided by the Bavarian police.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from article from RT:

One day after the amendment to the Infection Protection Law in the Bundestag, a video went viral in social media which shows a police raid. What was it about?

It’s about the YouTuber Andreas Noack, who has attracted attention in the past with crude theories on topics such as artificial intelligence, health, minerals and nutrients.

While the chemist was making a livestream, you can see police storming the premises. The incident is said to have happened on Wednesday evening.

In the meantime, the police of Middle Franconia confirmed via the short message service Twitter that the police operation had taken place, but pointed out that it was “not directed against the operator of the livestream”.

Andreas Noack is said to live in the district of Fürth and to have been critical of the Coronavirus measures in the past. Because of the amendment to the Infection Protection Act being passed in the Bundestag and thousands protesting against it near the Reichstag building, speculation quickly arose in social media on Thursday that the police deployment might also have something to do with Noack’s criticism of Corona policy. However, the authorities denied this. It was pointed out that the operation had “no connection to Corona”.

Was the Corona Gestapo Raid a Fake?

Long-time readers know that on those rare occasions when Gates of Vienna gets fooled by a hoax, we own up to it. Posting a correction or retraction is painful medicine to take, but necessary.

Some sites (I don’t want to start an intramural food fight, so I won’t be more specific) just remove the bogus post and never mention it, as if nothing had happened. But I can’t do that; it just doesn’t sit right. When I get snookered, I let my readers know.

In the wee hours of this morning I posted about the raid on Dr. Andreas Noack during his livestream. A few hours later a reader emailed me to say this:

Hi Gatesofvienna Team,

about your newest post “Livestream of a Gestapo Raid”, i’m afraid it is not very clear, maybe not entirely fake, but look here:

Since the linked video was in German, I had to consult the German Desk to find out more about it. They looked into it, and here’s a summary of what they found:

The original unlisted video is on the channel of the man in the little box in the lower right-hand corner, who calls himself Jabba.

Jabba attacks Dr. Noack and says his story is [bovine excrement]. He’s really rude, and says the doctor can’t prove there was an actual raid. He says there would be documents.

But the police raid was real. The police confirmed it.

It was reported in at least one article that a special police unit raided his apartment. This is an article from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: Video: Police raid on YouTuber during live broadcast on the Internet

During the video Dr. Noack holds up the only document he has from the incident, which is a report from the paramedics who were called to the scene. Some people in the comments paused the video and looked at the document he was holding up, and could see that it states he was arrested and then handed over to the paramedics.

Dr. Noack is an alternative doctor, i.e. a real doctor who treats patients with alternative therapies. Someone in the comments suggested the raid was about vitamins, but a poster in the comments writes: “Das war ja die USK, dass Unterstützungskommando aus Bayern, also war das mit Sicherheit nicht wegen Vitaminverkauf.” (“That was the USK, the support squad from Bavaria, so it was certainly not because of the sale of vitamins.”)

Someone also writes that due to the new Corona law, the police can enter anyone’s residence at any time for any reason. (Die Polizei kann in D jetzt leider ohne Dokumente, Richterliche Verfügung in jede Wohnung kommen dank neuem Gesetz.)

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Political Islam is Given a Seat at the German Table

Sawsan Chebli is a German politicianess of Palestinian descent. Deniz Yücel is a Turkish-German publisher and journalist who has written for a number of MSM outlets. The following report describes their joint effort to present “Islamism” as a part of the normal democratic process.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Chebli agrees with Yücel: Islamism belongs to democracy

After the controversial Turkish-born author Deniz Yücel, in a contribution to the debate for Die Welt, put forward the thesis that Islamism could also be part of democracy, he ran openly — hardly surprisingly — to open the door to the most gifted State Secretary of all, Sawsan Chebli. Chebli, the walking blossom of style and model migrant of the SPD, saw Yücel’s callout to intellectual terrorists as “building bridges”.

Although Deniz Yücel was actually able to convince himself of the democratic rule of law of a regime devoted to “political Islam” during his arbitrary political stay in Turkish jail (whereby Erdogan’s Turkey is still a more moderate representative of Islamist rule), he defends political Islam against attempts by liberal Western states to contain it: Yücel describes the fact that, after France, Austria is also planning to criminalize Islam with a political agenda as “questionable under the rule of law”, as “factually wrong” and as “distraction and submission at the same time.” Because: “Islamism can also be part of democracy. The focus on it is too wide — and too narrow.”

Immediately Sawsan Chebli — who is always emphatically tolerant of faith, but in truth masters with virtuosity the keyboard of Muslim self-styled victimization — felt a warm glow around her heart:

[Screenshot: Twitter]

It is revealing what Chebli describes as “hateful”: Not the terror, but the ensuing debate, which, mind you, had ignited after brutal acts of violence in the name of Allah (about which, even among the “moderate”, ostensibly non-political European Muslims, there was much less indignation than about the subsequent government countermeasures of the countries affected again by the terror).

Blood-soaked discussions rather than hateful debates?

It says everything about Chebli’s education and character that she is posting an apology for Islamofascism, as Yücel exhibits the best appeasement conduct in the “world” — on the fifth anniversary of the barbaric Bataclan attack in Paris with 130 dead — instead of tweeting about the victims of terrorism that springs from the same mindset that Yücel praises as “belonging to democracy”.

[Screenshot: Twitter]

Also with Chebli, who dreams of “building bridges”, of “pleasantly factual” dialogue with those who understand and sympathize with terrorism, there was nothing to read about concerning another current event, which she as an emancipated woman and Muslima (as she likes to see herself) actually should care about: In Iran, the mullahs’ regime (the all but complete realization of “political Islam”) sentenced the women’s rights activist Yasaman Aryani to 16 years in prison for her protest in favor of equality. Among other things, Aryani had refused to wear the headscarf in public (which Chebli and others celebrate in this country as a symbol of self-determination and cosmopolitanism):

Yasaman Aryani was imprisoned for 16 years for not wearing a headscarf . #Iran #Feminism

— Andreas Hallaschka (@Hallaschka_HH) November 14, 2020

These examples of the reality of Islam (and Islamism, with all of its flowing transitions) apparently appear neither in the mind of Sawsan Chebli nor in the minds of most German mainstream journalists.

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Geert Wilders: “A Monster Called Islam”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, recently spoke at a debate in the Tweede Kamer (lower house of the Dutch parliament) about freedom of speech, in the wake of the beheading of Samuel Paty in France. The video below shows excerpts from Mr. Wilders’ remarks.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from the RAIR Foundation:

Geert Wilders Slams Dutch PM: ‘You Have Imported a Monster Called Islam Into Our Country’

The Dutch House of Representatives held a debate on freedom of speech at the request of Party for Freedom (PVV) leader, Geert Wilders after the beheading of the French teacher Samuel Paty. Wilders slammed the open-borders policies of the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte for “importing a monster called Islam into our country, which has put our country in danger.”

Geert Wilders, who is thought of as, “The Donald Trump of The Netherlands”, opened the parliamentary debate with a summary of the islamic attacks and threats in recent weeks. He also addressed the call by Amsterdam’s imam, Yassin Elforkani, who just two weeks after the murder of Samuel Paty, began demanding the criminalization of insulting Mohammed. A petition was even launched by his fellow Imam, Ismail Abou Soumayyah insisting the government to adopt sharia blasphemy laws. The petition has currently been signed more than 125,000 times.

Once again, Wilders told the Dutch legislatures to enact his five point plan to tackle what he deems the biggest danger to their society,

“Islam is the poison of our society. We imported a sample. I’ve been warning about it for twenty years. How many more victims have to fall before the penny falls until we realize that this terrible Islam does not belong in the Netherlands?”

Wilders’ plan asks the government to; “recognize that Islam is a violent ideology”, close the borders, “dismantle institutions of Islam”, lock up and deport all muslims threatening violence — along with their sympathizers, and have schools and media “show Muhammad cartoons”.

The PVV leader sent a clear warning to sharia-adherent Muslims who refuse to assimilate into the Netherlands, leave he demanded — go to an Islamic country,

“for all the Muslims in the Netherlands who do not respect our freedom, our democracy, and our core values, who find the rules of the Quran more important than our secular laws….get out! Leave for an Islamic country. This is our country. Not your country, but our country. This is the Netherlands.”

Video transcript:

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“Stay at Home”: Propaganda Video Ridicules Postwar Contemporary Witnesses

The following clip is a crude propaganda video from the German government. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

From THE ANALYST — There rarely is anything that engages our minds more and touches our hearts more deeply than listening to contemporary World War Two witnesses telling us their recollections of the horrors of war, and of post-war austerities. One can barely even imagine today what those people had to suffer through. And yet they found the strength to build Germany back up after the destruction the war left behind.

They are, or more specifically they were, old men and women who — fighting back the tears in their eyes — would tell us of their fates in front of cameras rolling. Today, most of them have since passed away. It would behoove us to never forget their life-time achievements from which we have infinitely profited from.

Peak of Crudity

The Federal Government now ridicules the memory of those contemporary witnesses with a propaganda piece. Made in the exact style of above-mentioned interviews, it encourages citizens to obligingly stay at home, park themselves lazily on the couch all day, and munch potato chips.

The plot is easily told: In front of a rolling camera, an old man recalls his memory of the “Winter of Corona 2020”, with which horror he had been confronted as a 22-year-old man. Back then “the entire country looked at us” as “an invisible danger threatened everything we believed in, and suddenly the fate of our entire country was put into our hands”. He and the other “heroes” of said epoch “did everything that was expected of them, the only right thing”: To stay at home, lazily park themselves on the couch all day and eat potato chips.

It is hard to one-up this infantile piece of tastelessness. The video may be found on YouTube. Through the use of framing, nudging and blatant disinformation, there is no doubt that the message will fall on fertile ground in susceptible brains.

Video transcript:

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En Route to the Promised Land

The following article discusses the disappearance of thousands of registered asylum seekers in Greece, and the possibility — indeed the likelihood — that the missing culture-enrichers are on their way to Germany, if they are not already there.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from JournalistenWatch:

On the way to Germany?

Every second asylum seeker registered in Greece is “missing”

While Germany is worried about virtually blown up “infection numbers” and expects an even sharper lockdown, atrocities that no longer seem to interest anyone are happening every day in Europe unnoticed by the public.

The “refugee crisis” is not interrupted by the worst pandemic: As it became known on Thursday, that no less than half of all refugees who have applied for asylum in Greece are “missing”. Since, according to the Greek Migration Minister Panagiotis Mitarakis, the asylum applications are still open, there are no fewer than 84,000 people, to which may be added another 32,574 rejected but not deported asylum seekers in Greece. This means that almost 116,000 people have gone underground.

One can guess where they are headed: To Germany, where they cross the (mostly green) border every day as one of several major streams of illegal EU “internally displaced persons”.

As the portal “” reports, one reason for going underground could be the fact that the issuing of electronically readable identity papers for asylum seekers should be completed by January 15, 2021 at the latest — a measure that an EU that is concerned about the safety of its citizens implemented first in 2015, right after the refugee crisis initiated by Angela Merkel.

If identification is made easier from now on, a much clearer picture will emerge of who among them is actually in Greece — or who is actually hanging around illegally in other EU countries as a refugee registered in Greece.

The route of the money

It is true that Greece also assumes the possibility that a certain number of those who have gone underground “still live illegally in Greece,” but the majority may have “traveled illegally to other EU countries” — against the background that Turkey, since March 10, is not accepting the return of anymore rejected asylum seekers, which corresponds to the contractual agreement between Ankara and Brussels — a regulation owed to Turkey’s economic weakness (with the accompanying dwindling acceptance of refugees there), which is reinforced against the background of the corona pandemic.

It is no surprise that the migrants do not want asylum in Greece and prefer to move on to Germany — and further proof of the hair-raising misconception that a “solidarity” quota of refugees across all EU states would result in something like a fair sharing of the burden.

In fact, they are economic migrants — who want to use the best possible and most lucrative social system for themselves — and that is — where else? — the one in Germany.