Female Refugee Helper in Germany Charged With Raping a “Youth” Under Her Care

In a reversal of the normal procedure, a (female) refugee helper in Germany had to appear in court on a charge of raping her allegedly underage (male) client.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Educator in court for raping 15-year-old Afghan boy

When a woman and a male refugee come into conflict in a rape trial, the distribution of roles is usually not hard to figure out. In a trial at the Landshut county court house things are different for a change: The 45-year-old educator Manuela M. is accused of having raped an allegedly 15-year-old unaccompanied minor in 2015.

The mother of two had worked as an educator in a live-in community for minor refugees in Kumhausen (Landshut county). This is where she met the Afghan boy for the first time. According to his registration, the boy was only 15 years old, but — surprise — all of the involved witnesses thought he was significantly older. At this point, it shouldn’t even have to be specifically mentioned any longer that he was unable to produce any identification.

At the trial, the refugee appeared as a joint plaintiff against the defendant at taxpayers’ expense, and accused the educator of having unprotected sexual intercourse with him against his will.

But on the first day of trial the defendant told an exact opposite story of what happened: The supposed victim had snuck into her room one night and had down her pants. There was no intercourse, however, because she had defended herself, she stated. Unfortunately the 15-year-old’s DNA was found on her body, and in her vagina. Therefore the credibility of the defendant dropped significantly, which let the court to instead believe the version of events that the young refugee had told.

Did gender play a role in the reaching of a verdict?

One thing Manuela M. Had going in her favor was the day after the incident the Afghan had been bragging about having been to bed with her, until he decided that it was actually rape. Furthermore, the refugee had sworn to his “educator” that he was 22 years old, which had corresponded with his appearance. Also the court decided that the educator had not intentionally abused the dependency relationship between herself and the minor refugee. And since it seemed hard to fathom that a woman the height of 160cm could inflict violence on someone with the stature of a man, she was therefore acquitted.

It is interesting to imagine how the verdict would have come out had the refugee been female and the educator male.

“Minor” refugee fought hard against having his age determined

Also, in the acquittal of the defendant, big role played by the fact that the victim vehemently refused to agree to a professional determination of his age through a doctor. Not surprisingly, since he most likely would have had to give up his “all around carefree package” containing security from deportation, first-class housing, care and fun for roughly €5000 per month.

In any case, the Afghan didn’t show a lot of interest in the trial. He missed the first day of court entirely, and on the second day he only showed up long enough to give his testimony, which took place sequestered from the public. After that, he left the courtroom immediately to take care of more important things.

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Giorgia Meloni: “Italy is Treated Like the World’s Laughingstock”

As reported in last night’s news feed, the legal case against Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini will not proceed. A Sicilian prosecutor initiating a kidnapping case against Mr. Salvini for the impounding of the migrant transport ship Diciotti. In order for the case to proceed, the Italian Senate would have had to vote to lift the interior minister’s parliamentary immunity. The
outcome depended on whether or not senators of the 5-Star Movement (M5S), Mr. Salvini’s coalition partner, were willing to be seen as impeding the course of justice. Evidently they are, because they voted against lifting his immunity.

The issue of the Diciotti is not dead, however. Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In the following video Ms. Meloni has a few choice words to say about the Diciotti and the coddling of ungrateful migrants.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Open Letter to Angela Merkel From a Syrian Refugee

Supporters of the Free Syrian Army demonstrating in front of the Reichstag in Berlin

The following open letter to Angela Merkel was written by an actual Syrian refugee — that is, not an economic migrant. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this article piece from RT Deutsch.

Note: Yes, I know that RT is funded and run by the Russian government, and clearly serves the interests of the Russian state. Nevertheless, this letter makes worthwhile reading:

“Dear Federal Chancellor” — Open letter from a Syrian refugee

January 31, 2019

The Syrian dentist Majd Abboud fled to Germany at the end of 2015. In an open letter to the Chancellor, he expressed his thanks for the welcome, but does not see the necessary conditions for integration as being fulfilled. One reason for this is Germany’s policy towards Syria.

Dr. Majd Abboud turned to RT Deutsch with the request to publish an open letter he had written to the Chancellor. Prior to this, the Syrian refugee had already written to numerous other media in this matter, but never received a positive reply — if he got any answer at all.

After the Saarbrücker Zeitung published a guest article by him last year, the 42-year-old was exposed to numerous hostilities and threats — including from compatriots who support the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Below, RT Deutsch documents the open letter of Dr. Majd Abboud to Angela Merkel.

Dear Chancellor,

Since the end of your term of office is in sight, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for helping me and my fellow countrymen in need and opening your country to people fleeing war and terror. You have saved us a great deal of suffering; we are safe here and have the opportunity to live in peace. In addition, I have always found it a great opportunity for us Syrians to get to know a new culture in Europe, and through contact with Europeans, to open up new perspectives for us and enabling us to broaden our horizons.

Unfortunately, I have learned that the conditions for genuine integration were scarcely in place and still are not today, after three years. Rather, I perceived the so-called integration as a one-way street: Germany was very accommodating to the fugitives, but did not demand any concessions from them in return. The situation was made more difficult by the fact that the German identity is hardly noticeable to immigrants. It seems as if the country is ashamed of it, and therefore has difficulties communicating its values.

In stark contrast to this, it should be noted that many refugees have an exaggerated, often radical sense of belonging to Islam which has often already caused problems for the state and society in Syria. I was full of hope that you, Mrs. Merkel, would succeed in enabling peaceful coexistence between and/or with immigrants, which we have not achieved in Syria because of an increasing radicalisation and Western investment in political Islam.

There has always been much speculation about your motives, and the answer to this question has usually been that you acted out of humanity and Christian charity. But if we are talking about humanity, then you should have ended the sanctions you recently extended against Syria. Because for years millions of people who cannot or do not want to leave their homeland have been and are still suffering from them. After all, these people also deserve charity. In a genuine democracy, for which you always campaign, these people should also be allowed to have their political opinion without being punished.

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Groping is Just the Price We Have to Pay for Living in a Multicultural Society

The following video from Austria features Irmgard Griss, an Austrian lawyer, judge, and former president of the Austrian Supreme Court. When she was elected to the National Council, Ms. Griss was supported by NEOS, a progressive pro-EU party that has vigorously championed women’s rights.

Her interlocutor is Henryk Broder, a popular writer and commentator.

Ms. Griss seems to be willing to accept a little gropin’ & rapin’ from migrants, as long as they don’t actually get arrested for theft or murder or something like that.

Who says feminists are inflexible?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from the Kronen Zeitung, also translated by Nash:

NEOS politician wants tolerance for macho migrants

The NEOS-representative and former OGH- president Irmgard Griss has just presented a quite interesting new course concerning the topic of migration. On a talk show at Servus TV, Griss literally said: “If he (refugee/migrant) won’t recognize our values, in terms of not recognizing the equality of women… I think we can get over that.” And her answer to Henryk Broder’s objection simply was: “Yes we’ll have to live with it.”

Just one look into the Krone archives shows how determined the NEOS has been in the past fighting for the equality of women and for the strengthening and furthering of women’s rights in Austria. The party is even presenting the women’s rights speaker Claudia Gamon as a top candidate to the coming EU-elections in May.

Therefore it was all the more surprising for viewers of the talk show “Hangar 7” on Servus TV when they heard Irmgard Griss’ latest about-face: The former president of the High Court, Austria’s Supreme Court, was of the following opinion concerning deportation of risk-asylum seekers: “If he (refugee/migrant) is not a thief, if he doesn’t kill anyone, if he’s not delinquent, but if he only does not accept our values, meaning he’s against women’s equality — oh, well, we can get over that.”

Maybe not his daughter

Henryk Broder, the well known author, who was also a participant in the show, interrupted Griss: “Get over that? Maybe not his daughter!” And he made a clear gesture of his hand on his neck, implying decapitation.

[Translator’s note: Here the article does not mention that Griss’ nonchalant answer to Broder is: “Pfft, she can defend herself,” in a very disparaging tone of voice. But in the short 37-second video you can hear her say that. Don’t know why the article didn’t mention that outrageously dismissive comment.]

However, the NEOS politician didn’t let herself be sidetracked to advocate for tolerance for outdated and dangerous macho behavior among migrants. In fact she doubled down: “We have to remain grounded. Yes. We are going to have to live with that.”

Should have been president

On the internet Griss’ statements have already caused intense debates: “Irmgard Griss from the NEOS says here very unironically that we can get over it when people come to Austria who do not acknowledge our values, such as gender equality.” And the sociologist Bernhard Heinzlmaier ironically commented: “So it is clear: Irmgard Griss should absolutely have become our president. She always finds the right words. Thank you.”

Video transcript:

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Gottfried Curio: “Islam is Not Adaptable to European Standards of Democratic Countries”

The video below shows a portion of a speech given by Dr. Gottfried Curio of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) at the New Year’s Reception in Augsburg on February 3, 2019.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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One Tiny Little Glimpse Into the European Soul

Children of the DDR in the ’70s

The video and article below concern the daycare system that was used in the German Democratic Republic (DDR, commonly known as East Germany) until the fall of the Wall.

Note: When I was editing the text, I had a lot of trouble picking out a phrase (adjusted from the translation) to render the all-week overnight daycare that was standard practice in the DDR. The Germans have a phrase for it, but we don’t have an equivalent, as far as I know. So the phrase I coined — “weeklong daycare” — was simply the best expedient I could think of.

Nash Montana, who translated the material, includes this explanatory note about German TV programming:

German TV is keen on reenactments of dramatic scenes, so every scene in this video is reenacted. It’s not real, but just for dramatic effect.

On TV they re-enact entire court cases from family and criminal court. For instance, the “Judge Judy” equivalent on German TV has every case re-enacted — it’s really horrible, not just because of the bad acting but because it’s literally made for 3-year-old children. It’s the worst form of brainwashing I have ever seen, and it happens every day on German TV.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Deutschlandfunk Kultur, also translated by Nash:

The weeklong daycare center kids of the DDR

By Lotta Wieden

Many children in the DDR spent their childhood in weeklong daycare centers, often with far-reaching consequences for their adult life. Research that indicated the negative aspects for the development of these children was suppressed in the DDR. Today, the affected children and new research are working out the consequences.

Most of the children are between 40 and 60 years old now. How many were there really? We will never know. To this day there is very little information about this topic. But it is generally believed that in the DDR territory in the years between 1949 to 1989 hundreds of thousands of babies and small children were given to these centers to be taken care of.

The DDR in the ‘50s affirmed that the construction of the socialist society had begun. The six-day work week was the rule, for mothers too. Article 7 of the still-young Constitution said: “Men and women have equal rights. All laws and decisions which are against women’s equal rights are hereby suspended.” But equal rights were only for women, and only at their place of work. And the question of who was going to care for their children was one that hit single mothers especially hard.

Until 1965 the DDR functioned under the six-day work week rule, even for mothers

Research under pressure

Within five years, so the Constitution said, the DDR had to establish 160,000 kindergarten seats, 40,000 daycare seats, and 60,000 care seats for babies and toddlers. As a consequence, the number of weeklong care centers alone for babies and toddlers rose from 2,500 in the year 1950 to about 14,300 in the year 1955. Ten years later in 1965, Statistics show 37,900 for weeklong care centers for children under the age of three. And the entire massive expansion was accompanied by an equally massive daily propaganda machine. Until the mid-’60s these toddler weeklong care centers were propagandized as equal, if not the better alternative, to familial care.

The mid-’50s the East Berlin Humboldt University began with the first scientific examination into the development of care center children of the DDR. The leading doctor is Eva Schmidt-Kolmer who later became the director of the Institute for the Hygiene of Children and Youths in Berlin. She had documented the development of more than 1,700 children between the ages of zero and three. The random sample group had 440 weeklong care center kids in it. It was examined how well children could orient themselves and move about in a room, and how far their speech and vocabulary and their social skills were developed. The results of that examination revealed grave deficits among the weeklong care center kids in all of the tested subjects.

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A Bridge Too Far

Tabitha Korol’s latest essay concerns a recent event staged by the “Interfaith” movement — which, as Maj. Stephen Coughlin has so assiduously documented, is simply a cover for infiltration and indoctrination by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, in which naïve Christians and Jews become unwitting dupes.

A Bridge Too Far*

by Tabitha Korol

It was brought to my attention that Westmount Temple Emanu-el Beth Shalom in Montreal hosted a Muslim-Awareness Interfaith Shabbat Dinner on January 25, 2019, to pay homage to the six dead and nineteen wounded from a lone attack on a Montreal mosque two years previously. Such well-meaning, but naïve, efforts were hijacked by Muslim apologists to promote their false victimhood status to garner sympathy from others.

One might wonder why there was no outreach from Jews or Muslims for the desecration attack in March 2018 on a synagogue in Thornhill, and no homage paid for the October, 2018 massacre of eleven congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, inasmuch as Canada and the US are connected in many ways. Neither was there any form of condolence or apology offered when a small Canadian Arab newspaper, Al Saraha, published an antisemitic article that posited why Hitler killed the Jews, stated that the number of six million Jews killed during the Holocaust was severely inflated, and asserted that Jews are to blame for Germany’s economic collapse, sexual license and promiscuity.

Inasmuch as the Jewish-Muslim Interfaith Dinner so closely preceded Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day designated to confront the hatred and crimes against the Jewish people, it begs the question as to why that was not incorporated into the outreach, except that Muslims do not grant victimhood status to others, and they continue to deny the Holocaust as the systematic murder of six million Jews. Our FBI records show that Jews still experience the greatest number, by far, of attacks and assaults, yet nothing was done to honor those victims and awaken the attendees to the dire situation of antisemitism that is once again upon us.

It is pertinent to include herewith a few unpalatable facts. Muslims have killed 669 million people over 1400 years, a number quite astounding, but correct. Those who were not killed — the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others — were forced into captivity and conversion. They became the ancestors of today’s 1.6 billion Muslims, including the masses who are now committing unspeakable crimes in Sweden, Germany, France, England — 29 countries worldwide.

Arab-Islamic attacks on Jews began with the Battle of Khaybar in 628 AD, against Christians with raids into Byzantine lands in 630, and rapidly engulfed the non-Arab people of North Africa, Spain, Persia, and beyond. In 1801, the Barbary pirates attacked American shipping, and in 2000, the USS Cole. The World Trade Center was attacked twice, in 1993 and 2001, followed by group bombings, shootings, stabbings, and property damage — hate crimes. However, in a country the size of America, the imams have informed their jihadis that eventual conquest must be achieved by other means — through civilizational or stealth jihad. Hence, our government now has an inordinate number of Muslims in office. Unashamedly antisemitic and anti-American, they are working to change our laws to be increasingly socialist and then sharia-compliant.

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Merkel’s Looney Bin Germany, Year 13

Here’s another batch of rhetorical eloquence from Gottfried Curio, a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Zweikaiserbund: An “Ever Closer Union” in Europe

As we reported a few weeks ago, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met last month in Aachen to sign a compact that I’ve been calling the Zweikaiserbund*.

The essay below by Robert Kearney about the treaty signed in Aachen was originally published at Compact News in a slightly different form.

The Franco-German Union, last step towards an EU Empire

By Robert Kearney

On January 22, 2019, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, signed a treaty of bilateral cooperation which pledged to unify both France and Germany in a way not dreamed of since the ninth-century reign of Charlemagne. A new Franco-German Empire of sorts (this was clearly the intent as evidenced by where the treaty signing took place, the town hall of Aachen, France, the city that had been the historic capital of the old Carolingian Empire), this new treaty was received warmly by various European and global elites. However, it raised concern among the more Eurosceptic nations such as those of Central Europe, Italy and even some in Britain (not to mention nationalist and anti-EU parties and citizens within France and Germany themselves). The great fear amongst many in Europe is that this agreement will lead to a unified Franco-German superstate that will further shift the balance of power in the EU away from sovereign nation states and toward a centralized bureaucracy ruled from Brussels with the economic and even military backing of Paris and Berlin.

This Franco-German treaty represents the culmination of years of attempts by the leadership of the European Union to move the bloc from a loose federation of nation states united by economic concerns into an actual centralized, supranational entity akin to a federal republic such as the United States or Germany wherein member states would lose much of the sovereignty they have still managed to maintain, giving it over to a system controlled by a handful of unelected elites who, when allied with corporations, multinational banks, and media systems, will have an almost unlimited control over the lives and freedoms of their member states. Whether this was or wasn’t the original endgame of the EU’s founders is something that can be open for debate. What is clear, however, is that this is precisely the trajectory that the modern European Union is, by its own admission, headed towards.

At first a union of European states was seen by many as not only a way to strengthen the continent’s economy through trade and free movement of goods, and people flowing across now almost nonexistent borders, but also as a “remedy” to the nationalistic impulses of its various member states. On the first premise the entire system was sold, many times very reluctantly, to the nations who joined its bloc, but the second concept was always very present and constituted a large reason why the entire project came about in the first place.

The biggest backers of a unified Europe were always the economic elites who desired the transformation of societies into atomized collections of individuals bereft of any strong national or ethnic ties, who would see themselves as only lone members of a great mass of humanity whose entire existence would be based on the endless consumption of cheaply manufactured consumer goods with little interest or concern for the fate of their wider communities and their descendants who would inhabit them.

This dream had already come to pass throughout the United States of America, the paradise of capitalist consumer culture where the individual and his immediate rights and needs trumped any concern for a lasting and established society based on a common culture, traditions and set of values. In stark contrast stood Europe, a continent of many cultures and subcultures, each having been in existence for centuries, all intertwined by a very collective spirit which emphasized the communal over the individual, tradition over the novel, and national life and values over every passing, mass-produced fad. True, this description of Europe may sound considerably idealized when compared to the lives of many, especially the more prosperous parts of that continent today, but it is still a strong part of the strength and ideal that have made up European man and his worldview for far longer than the present age that has been foisted upon us.

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Art Therapy for Victims of Culturally Enriched Gender-Based Violence

A hospital and museum in Barcelona are planning to use art to help “persons of different cultural origins” who have been subjected to domestic violence and other trauma-inducing episodes.

Pampasnasturtium, who translated the article for Gates of Vienna, includes this prefatory note:

Western art used to combat marital rape/wife-beating/clitoridectomy/taharrush-gamea/you-name-it… The nth attempt by the native Eloi to find solutions to problems caused by imported Morlocks.

Vall d’Hebron Hospital is world-class, second-to-none when it comes to research staff and installations. It’s featured weekly in local TV and print news for this or that positive scientific breakthrough, but I’m not so sure about this one…

There’s no mention of ethnicity or nationalities. Would we be right to suppose it’s more Middle East and Northern Africa than Latin America? A visual images activity quite likely directed at individuals whose upbringing conditions them to reject mimetic representation outright (‘haram’)? Sounds to me like another potential ‘€150 million to employ 120 persons’ scheme like the one outed this week in Milan.

The translated article from Europa Press news service:

National Museum of Art of Catalonia and Vall d’Hebron Hospital launch new treatments through art

February 11, 2019

Refugee and immigrant women under post-traumatic stress will test a therapy

The National Museum of Catalonian Art (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, MNAC) and the Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus have joined together to launch new treatments through art, the first of them in the field of psychology for some thirty women of diverse cultural origins who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to what was explained during a press conference this Monday by the head of Psychiatry Services at the center, Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, it’s a ‘very ambitious’ project, since it will be the first time a strategy has been designed with persons of different cultural origins who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

He stated that the therapy will start by the end of April, and will take place during ten sessions of two hours each, the first ones for reception/welcome, the others for unconscious feelings to come to the surface so the story of the trauma can be clearer, while at the same they will enable a ‘social interconnection among them [the patients]’.

Thirty patients have been selected in total — half of them will undergo the therapy at the hospital, and the rest in the museum — all of them having diverse cultural origins: (female) refugees and immigrant women, chosen this way because ‘more than 70% of immigrant women in Catalonia experience situations of gender violence’. [Translator’s note: ‘violencia de género’ is literally ‘gender violence’ but it’s locally understood, almost exclusively, as male-on-female domestic violence.]

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Yellow Vest Demonstrations in Germany

The three videos below feature Yellow Vest demonstrations from last weekend in different cities in Germany. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first clip is from Wiesbaden, which seemed to have the largest demonstration. The Yellow Vests were harassed extensively by the Antifas, and were only partially protected by the police:

The second video is from Stuttgart, where the protest mainly focused on the Greens:

The third clip is from Heilbronn, where the issue was the government’s new ban on diesel vehicles:

Video transcript #1:

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Viktor Orbán: “The Center of the New Internationalism is Brussels”

On Sunday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave his annual State of the Nation speech in Budapest. Below are excerpts from the speech that have relevance for a non-Hungarian audience.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Muezzin Will Not Be Silenced in Karlskrona

The Sweden Democrats of Karlskrona tried to stop the Islamic call to prayer from being ululated in their town, but they failed.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Sveriges Radio:

SD (Sweden Democrats) voted down— Yes to continued call to prayer in Karlskrona

January 31, 2019

After a long and intense debate in the General Council, the motion of the Sweden Democrats to forbid religious calls in public space in Karlskrona was voted down.

The Islamic Cultural Association in Karlskrona may continue their calls to prayer from their mosque in Kungsmarken during the Friday prayer.

The mosque in Karlskrona now has all the permits that are required from the police and municipality.

But the Sweden Democrats want to change the local order charter, and suggested in a motion that “no religious call can be made in public space.” The Sweden Democrats maintain that religious freedom also means a right to avoid hearing religious messages, such as a call to prayer.

“One should not impose on anyone,” says Robert Andersson (SD).

Several members argued that that the question of religious freedom cannot be settled by changing a local charter.

“I think that the trade-offs and limits of religious freedom belong to the Parliament. We can’t have one religious freedom in Karlskrona and another somewhere else,” says Börje Dovstad (L).

The motion was voted down with a tally of 39-29. Five members were absent, and two abstained from voting.

How each individual member voted in the vote will not be made public until next week. However, according to the chairman of the council, Gunilla Ekelöf, nobody deviated from their respective party lines.

“M, KD and SD (parties) voted for the motion. And SW, C, L, MP and V voted against,” says Gunilla Ekelöf.