Brexit Compels Somali Family to Come to the Netherlands

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Judge rules: Somali “Brexit-returnees”

Somali family gets house

A Somali-Dutch family has “fled” from Birmingham. According to the court in Utrecht, they must immediately receive a house. Fortunately the new, gas-free residences are unaffordable and unpurchased, so they can immediately move into these expensive properties.

Apparently, even more — as many as 25,000 — Somalis want to make the crossing to our little country. This way it will be pleasantly busy on the already tight housing market. Various ministries have even run a campaign to combat the flow of ‘refugees’. It is no problem if we have courts that will place these people directly in homes. This signal is there is still a license come here. The British must be happy, I suppose.

The Somalis were already here in the Netherlands in the 1990s, but they made the choice to move to England. In England they could live in their own enclaves, something that the Netherlands tried to prevent. Various municipalities refused to offer housing to the family that arrived here. This is because they would be ‘homeless due to their own fault’. What it comes down to is that they didn’t actually think about the crossing. They have left an excellent — and safe — residential area to be able to benefit more here. According to various municipalities, this is not how it works.

But the judge thought differently. All the trouble from our government, and then the court decides to announce permission for immigration.

“They get signals that there were problems, so we have sent them a message in Somali that there is no reason for panic. We have told them that for them nothing has changed after Brexit. They are fine there.”

This time the government had good intentions, but the court decision did the opposite. We shall see if more now come, surely with the fear of Brexit in mind.

— Geert Wilders: Sure, first 50,000 homes for fortune-seekers, and now they go to Somalis. Our own people last.

Another Day, Another Riot at the Asylum Center

This time it was in Lower Bavaria, and required thirty police cars to contain. Some of the boisterous “youths” may even be prosecuted! I can’t wait to see how many hours of community service they get sentenced to…

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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More on the Vehicular Jihad in Östersund

Last Friday I posted about a thwarted episode of vehicular jihad in the Swedish city of Östersund. The two TV news reports below contain additional details about that culture-enriching incident.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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A Culture-Enriching Riot in Regensburg

A group of culture-enrichers went on a rampage in the German city of Regensburg, attacking police and throwing paving stones. The motive for the riot is not stated — perhaps the supply of Nutella at the asylum center had been interrupted, or their phone chargers were substandard.

The news report below refers to the rioters as “German and Iraqi”. It’s not clear whether the “Germans” involved were in fact native Germans of European stock, or “people who have arrived here more recently” who have been issued German passports. My bet is on the latter.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Rocky, You’ve Met Your Match

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated a brief article from Fria Tider, and appends additional material about the fascinating legal case against the American rapper A$AP Rocky:

A$AP Rocky Case: The Afghan-Arab demands new trial against A$AP Rocky

August 19, 2019

Law & Right

The 19-year-old Afghan-Arab who was abused by rapper A$AP Rocky is demanding a new trial. He is unhappy and wants the verdict appealed, according to Expressen.

It was last Wednesday (August 14) that A$AP Rocky was convicted of assaulting the 19-year-old Afghan-Arab in Stockholm at the end of June.

The 19-year-old had demanded SEK 140,000 [$15,000] in damages, but received only SEK 12,500 [$1340].

There the story might have ended.

But now the plaintiff [read more about him] wants the verdict appealed.

According to Expressen, the Afghan-Arab is dissatisfied that the defendants “were not convicted of the violence with glass bottles to which he was exposed,” the plaintiff’s attorney Magnus Strömberg told the newspaper.

Neither the prosecutor nor A$AP Rocky’s lawyer has currently decided whether or not they will appeal.

The A$AP Rocky case:

This is completely irrelevant, and of interest only to my own very whimsical self. However…

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The Mediterranean Migration is a Planned EU Project

Hans-Georg Maaßen is the former president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV) in Germany. He was forced out of his position because he refused to corroborate the government’s disinformation about a “manhunt” in Chemnitz.

In the following excerpt from an interview with The Epoch Times, Mr. Maaßen discusses illegal mass migration across the Mediterranean into Europe, and the current policies of the Italian government for dealing with it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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It’s All for Show

This week’s edition of Dymphna’s Greatest Hits is a follow-up to last week’s, which discussed Annie Jacobsen’s encounter with the Syrian trombonists. This one is a review of Ms. Jacobsen’s book.

It’s All for Show

by Dymphna
Originally published on Sept. 27, 2005

Does the accumulation of four years without further terrorist attacks make you feel safer when you fly? It shouldn’t. The Bureaucratic Bunglers are out in full force and with them in charge you don’t have a prayer. Or rather, all you do have is prayer.

According to Annie Jacobsen, we’d better do our homework on this one because there is no one watching out for us. Back in April, Gates of Vienna posted on Ms. Jacobsen’s tenacity and her willingness to follow this story wherever it led. That post, “Silence of the Sheep,” proved that the author is a sheepdog indeed. Her interviews with other passengers, with government agencies, with the House Judiciary Committee, with airline personnel, and with individual people who bear the day-to-day hazard of working in this field, have made her case. The tale of her experiences is documented well in Terror in the Skies.

This is a top-down problem. The guys in harm’s way — the pilots and flight attendants — know the problems but they have no more power to address them than you do. Less than two percent of pilots are armed. Want to know why? Because in order to actually carry a firearm on board, the firearms training must be done on the pilot’s own time and it has to be done in a place far from home, squeezed into his holiday time or vacation.

And flight attendants? Again, they have to arrange self-defense training on their own time, at their own expense and without the cooperation of the airlines themselves. Think of it this way: what if Brink’s hired drivers and gave them no training in handling attempted robberies? What if they expected their employees to get training — if any — on their own time and their own dime? How long do you think Brink’s would be in business?

That’s the situation we have in the friendly skies of America. When you add to that the cruel joke of the Federal Air Marshals, the lackadaisical behavior of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the farce we all know as the Department of Homeland Insecurity, it’s enough to make you want to stay home and do your business by long-distance and email.

Let’s take just one: FAMS. This is bureaucratese for the Federal Air Marshal program. You know the old joke that goes “you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny”? Well, for this program, the first part may or may not be the case, but for the second premise — being dressed funny — you can count on FAMS. Due to the boneheaded policies of those in charge, Federal Air Marshals are required to wear sport coats and collared shirts. Yes, that’s right: they must look like Federal Air Marshals at all times because they are a reflection of FAMS and dressing in a slovenly disguise would somehow bring disgrace to the organization. Comments about being a lovely corpse would be appropriate here.

Then there’s what they do after they’re up and dressed. Remember, they’re carrying guns, right? So obviously they can’t go through security. However, there’s a second obvious thing they can do — they can fight the current and walk through the exit lanes for deplaning passengers. How’s that for subterfuge?

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Niqab-Wearers Are Exempt From the Niqab Ban

The Dutch government recently enacted a law banning the niqab in certain public situations. However, in order to avoid discriminating against any particular religion, the law targets people wearing “full-face coverings”, as is usually the case with such laws.

No one among us deplorable “Islamophobes” is surprised to learn that the Dutch police only arrest people who wear face coverings that are not the niqab.

The two videos below show scenes from a demonstration against the “niqab ban”, and follow the actions of a man named René (who happens to be a fan of Tommy Robinson). René is in favor of the new law, but wants to see it applied equally to all face coverings. He wears a balaclava to the demonstration to make a point: he is arrested, while none of the women wearing niqabs are.

You’ll notice that besides the relatively small number of (presumably Muslim) wearers of the niqab, the demonstrators seem to be mostly white middle-class women. Useful idiots, in other words.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video 1: The demo, and René gets arrested

Video 2: Next day, after the arrest

Video transcript #1:

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Islam: Can a Religion Actually Be Evil?

Islam: Can a religion actually be evil?

by SF

It’s human nature to love the members of your own tribe, and to hate those from enemy tribes. Many religions follow this principle to varying degrees, but none does so to the extent that Islam does. Islam is a totalitarian “religion” that demands total mind control from its adherents. It turns believers into “robots for allah”. Its supreme example is Muhammad. In early Islam, he was still a human being, and totally separate from allah. But as Islam quickly evolved, Muhammad received a promotion. He became “the only perfect human being who has ever lived, and who ever will live”. As such, “his every thought, word, and action were perfectly in tune with allah”. In other words, if allah himself came down to earth and was incarnated as a human being, that human being would be Muhammad!

As a result, Islam was “perfect” from its very beginning, and could never be improved upon. And if you ever wondered what you were supposed to do, you only had to copy Muhammad, and do whatever he used to do (including marrying and having sex with nine-year-old girls).

Accordingly, it is worthy of note that the Koran tells you not to take non-Muslims as friends, and obligates you to convert all non-Muslims or conquer them, so that the entire universe ends up under the rule of allah and his chosen people, the Muslims.

Following the example of Muhammad, Islam originally spread through the sword. Of those countries containing the most Muslims in the world, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were all conquered by the sword. In contrast, Indonesia converted to Islam voluntarily. The rulers there saw Muslims as their most powerful potential allies, and converted in order to win their favor (similar to the way Germanic pagans converting to Roman Christianity).

Islam is designed to make it easy for men to convert. But once you do convert, it becomes like the legendary roach motel: You can check in, but you can’t check out. If you try to leave Islam, then all Muslims are given permission to kill you, and are encouraged to do so.

Islam is also designed to give its warriors an incentive to fight and die for Islam. And, following the example of Muhammad, it is obsessed with sex. If you fight an infidel and win, you immediately get all his possessions, including his wife and children, who become your sex slaves. And if you fight but die, your reward is even greater: you are given free admission to a sexual paradise. This paradise is flowing with wine, which you can drink endlessly but never get too drunk. And best of all, you are given 72 virgin sex slave angels, devoted to your endless sexual gratification. They are busty and beautiful (Muhammad was apparently a breast man), and remain forever virginal no matter how many times you have sex with them. And, if you ever get tired of women and crave a little variety, you are also surrounded by immortal beautiful young serving boys. (Predictably, it is never stated exactly what reward faithful Muslim wives will receive in the Muslim paradise, but according to them, it must be pretty good).

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The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

As reported in yesterday’s news, the Swedish court reached a verdict in the assault case against the American rapper A$AP Rocky and his entourage, as scheduled. The defendants were convicted, but were sentenced to pay only minuscule fines. Our Swedish correspondent LN has prepared a summary report on the court proceedings.

The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

by LN

Summary of a completely trivial episode in Stockholm City and its consequences:

1.   By chance, two groups of people meet.
2.   Group A: Rocky, two or more companions as well as a bodyguard.
Group B: an Afghan-Arab culture-enricher and at least one companion.
3.   Group B begins to follow Group A. Probably some form of verbal communication begins.
4.   Group B is asked by Group A — perhaps only by the bodyguard — to f*** off, or go to hell.
5.   Group A continues, but Group B follows.
6.   Possibly, probably steps 4 + 5 are repeated several times — it is now a matter of persecution on the part of Group B. Gibes might have been exchanged. No form of serious scuffle or bodily contact from either group has occurred.
7.   Group A is now tired of the persecution — shoves and the like are possibly made by Group A against Group B. Some sort of mêlée arises; the bodyguard acts.
8.   Someone in Group A, (maybe) Rocky, lifts the Afghan up and throws him elegantly into the street; two Group A companions rush forward and hit the lying Afghan, who also receives one kick.
9.   The Afghan claims to the police that he was hit on the back of the head with an empty bottle; however, the bottle was missing.
10.   The Afghan’s forearm has wounds from broken glass; how these were inflicted has remained unknown.
11.   This is a case of illegal retaliation, not of adapted legal self-defense.
12.   According to Swedish law, there was no attack from Group B that could motivate self-defense by Group A as described in Step 8. The Swedish judiciary as usual is not interested in the causes, which is what happened before Step 7.
13.   The verdict is judicially 90% correct — consideration should have been taken of Steps 5 and 6, and of the Afghan’s lying, false statement, Step 9.
14.   All taken together, it should have resulted in Step 15. One month in Swedish indecent detention is punishment enough for this trifle.
15.   Benefit of the doubt should have prevailed.

For details on the verdict, see Fria Tider (and use Google translate).

More about the plaintiff.

Note. Sweden today is a kretinocratic, stupido feminist, socialist country, reminiscent of the old DDR, which does not resort to exercising anarcho-tyranny against its own indigenous population.

Raped and Murdered by an Asylum Seeker in Buitenveldert

Back in April a 68-year-old woman named Rinia Chitanie was raped by a culture-enricher in Buitenveldert, a district of Amsterdam. Afterwards the perpetrator beat his victim so badly that she went into a coma, and was unrecognizable to her family.

In June the family decided to take her off life support, and she died. In practical terms, she had been kicked to death.

Public outrage about the incident was compounded by the government’s plan to open a residence for illegal migrants in the same neighborhood, where most of the residents are senior citizens.

Below are four videos about the heinous incident, and the public reaction to it. Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video reports on various reactions to the brutal attack:

In the second video Femke Halsema (Green Left, formerly Communist), the mayor of Amsterdam, is interviewed about the attack on Ms. Chitanie:

The third video chronicles a protest by local residents about the new residence for illegal immigrants:

The final video features interviews with witnesses and a representative of the police:

The article below was published in June after the victim was allowed to die. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from the Algemeen Dagblad:

Woman (68), Beaten and Raped, Dies in Amsterdam

A 68-year-old woman who was victim of a severe beating in Amsterdam on Easter Monday died yesterday of her injuries. A 20-year-old suspect is in custody.

June 11, 2019

The suspect has since confessed that he beat and raped the woman. The investigation, which continues as a sex crime [investigation], made the TV program Opsporing Verzocht [Investigation/Search for Clues Requested] on Tuesday.

On April 21 around 9:30pm the police received a report from residents in Geervliet, who heard screams outside. Witnesses also say a man was beating on “something”. That turned out later to be the woman. Officers sped to the Geervliet and shortly thereafter found her seriously beaten and unconscious. The police were able to quickly arrest the suspect nearby.

The victim, Rinia Carlien Hazra Chitanie, who worked as a doctor in the Ministry of Defense, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. There she lay in a coma for weeks. She was so disfigured that her family members didn’t even recognize her in the hospital. Yesterday, the family decided to let her life end. The prospects for recovery were minimal.


It is not clear where and how the suspect and the woman came together. It is important for the investigation and relatives to learn more, the police say.

What they suspect : The woman probably left her residence on the Rhijnestein in Buitenveldert around 9:15 pm. She walked in the direction of the Gijlsbrecht van Aemstelpark and turned right there just before the bridge. Because of this, she was walking parallel to the park and the water. How the woman continued walking is not clear. The police want to talk with anyone who saw Chitanie walking, they tell Opsporing Verzocht.

The woman is about 1:50 meters tall, of Surinamese origin, and wore black half-high shoes with white soles and light-colored, vertical stripes, black pants, light T-shirt and a black and white shoulder bag.

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Two From Stuttgart

As you all know by now, a German-Kazakh was recently murdered with a sword in Stuttgart by a “Palestinian” pretending to be a Syrian. Below are two videos with more news about the gruesome incident. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a news report about an attempt by the German government to prosecute citizens who recorded and propagated videos of the bloody attack:

The second video is a report from Der Spiegel featuring detailed information about the atrocity and interviews with eyewitnesses. I was surprised to see the full name and unpixelated mug shot of the perp — I thought that kind of thorough reportage was not allowed in Germany:

Video transcript #1:

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Onan in the Driver’s Seat

What is it with Swedes and buses this week?

This latest story could give a whole new meaning to the word “busjacking”…

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

By the way — there’s no indication in this report of cultural enrichment. However, Muslim immigrants to Europe are notorious for this kind of behavior, so I wouldn’t bet against it.

Video transcript:

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Off the Bus

It seems we’re in the midst of a series of bus-related cultural enrichment stories from Sweden. On Tuesday there was the story about the sharia dress code being enforced on a bus in Malmö. And there’s another one coming up later today or tomorrow.

The article below describes an incident in which a municipal bus in Stockholm was transformed into a makeshift mosque during prayer time, and no infidels were allowed to enter.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Samnytt:

Driver Held Muslim Prayer in SL Bus – Refused to Let Woman Board

August 5, 2019

Another picture that shows how a public transport bus is transformed into a Muslim prayer room has been widely disseminated. Just prior to departure, a female traveler in Stockholm discovered that the bus driver inside the bus was conducting the Muslim prayer together with two younger boys. When the woman, who felt herself to be unsafe in the dark outside the bus, knocked to be allowed in, the driver refused to let her in.

Last week, Samnytt (Social News) picked up a picture showing a driver conducting Muslim prayer on a packed prayer rug on one of Malmo’s city buses. Social News spoke with the communications chief at Malmö’s bus operation, Nobina, who didn’t want to give straight information about whether the action is in accordance with regulations.

On Friday evening, around 10 pm, a similar situation occurred in Stockholm. When a woman was traveling on a bus belonging to Greater Stockholm’s Local Traffic (SL) from Värmdö towards Slussen in the inner city, she discovered that the driver was engaged in Muslim prayer in the bus.

Samnytt has spoken with the female (Malmö) traveler. She prefers to remain anonymous because of a perceived threat from the driver, but wants to share the course of events on the bus.

She says that there was only a minute left until the bus was supposed to leave, but that despite this, no driver appeared in the lighted bus. As the woman looked further into the bus, however, she discovered how the driver and two younger boys were lying down on the seats and praying.

“Let me stand out in the dark”

The woman explains to Samnytt that she felt herself unsafe and wished to be allowed on the bus so as not to risk being exposed to any danger out in the dark or miss the departure. But when she knocked to call the driver’s attention, he chose to ignore her appeal.

“I was completely shocked that the driver let me stand out in the dark while he kept praying in there with his two children who were seven to ten years old.”

Driver chased and photographed the woman

Later, after the woman was finally allowed to get on the bus, the driver appeared irritated and aggressive that the woman had disturbed him, which he made clear was something he could not accept. The woman then called an acquaintance who had driven her earlier to the bus stop. A dispute occurred afterward between the driver and the two persons.

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