Dispatch From Pandemia

We’re entering the sixth month of the Coronamadness, with no end in sight. Or, more accurately, no end in sight before November 4, 2020. If Trump wins, the madness will ratchet up a notch or two. And if Biden wins, full socialism will be implemented beginning on January 21, 2021. Which will undoubtedly closely resemble the “new normal” we have become accustomed to since early March.

I’ve written a number of times in this space about the difference between my local Food Lion and supermarkets in Charlottesville and other metropolitan areas. Food Lion is at the low-class end of the grocery store spectrum, which means it predominates in small rural towns. The one I frequent had been a refuge from the insanity of stores in Charlottesville. It had an ostensible mask rule, but it was not enforced, and most of the time only about 50% of the people in the store — staff or customers — wore the Corona Hijab. The atmosphere was relaxed. No one screamed at anyone else for not wearing a mask. And the social distancing rules were largely ignored.

All that changed a few days ago. The two Food Lions nearest me have instituted “Entrance” and “Exit” doors, and a Coronavirus Compliance Officer is stationed at the entrance to make sure every customer wears a mask. If you don’t have one, a mask will thoughtfully be provided for you.

Food Lion is now indistinguishable from Whole Foods and Walmart and all the other major retailers in Woke cities like Charlottesville.

The only remaining places of refuge are the Amish markets. There are substantial Amish colonies in this part of Central Virginia, and once an Amish community reaches a certain size, its entrepreneurs open up a market to sell bulk foods, deli items, and other odds and ends. Evidently the Amish don’t believe in masks, because you never see any of the staff wearing them. Some of the customers do, while others like me brazenly enter the store with a naked visage.

It’s a good thing the Amish markets sell a lot of stuff I need, because I’m going to do as much of my shopping there as possible. There’s a big one on a remote back road not too far from me, and I expect I’ll be visiting it frequently. It usually has some really good bargains.

I’ll bet the Amish didn’t close their churches during the lockdown. And I doubt Governor Coonman would have had the nads to try and force them to.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I haven’t yet experienced the new coronacompliant Food Lion firsthand. I learned about it this morning at (for want of a better word) “church”.

You’re probably wondering why I put the word “church” in quote marks. Let me explain…

Since Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam relaxed his lockdown rules for churches, some congregations have been holding limited services, while others haven’t. I’ve heard that the Catholics are celebrating mass in some form, and there’s at least one Presbyterian church in the area that has opened. Baptists, being a fissiparous denomination, vary in their policies — some churches are open, others not. I saw a group of (masked) congregants outside a Baptist church near my house this morning. As I understand it, some congregations are holding outdoor, socially distanced services. Others are gathering in church parking lots and sitting in their cars to hear the word of the Lord.

The Methodists are still locked down, however. And so are the Episcopalians, of which I am one.

After the governor, in his infinite wisdom, issued a new ukase that softened his draconian lockdown order, our diocesan bishop meditated on the situation and came up with a set of “guidelines” — they are mandatory — for parishes that are considering reopening. Below are excerpts from the lengthy document sent out to vestries:

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The Joys of Italian Multiculture

The two videos below provide brief samples of what life is like in Modern Multicultural Italy. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Bivouac in Milan

The area around the central railway station in Milan has become a more or less permanent encampment of culture-enrichers sleeping rough:

Video #2: Lampedusa

This is the prime season for people traffickers to ship their customers across the Mediterranean. As usual, Lampedusa is the preferred destination, and the island is currently overwhelmed. Some of the new arrivals described in this report are infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus:

Video transcript #1:

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Vehicular Attack in Borlänge

A taxi driver went on a vehicular rampage on Friday night in the Swedish town of Borlänge. Witnesses say he deliberately drove into and wounded a group of pedestrians, apparently targeting a particular young lady.

As usual, there’s no mention of ethnicity in this news report. However, there are two major indications that make it almost 100% certain that the marauding driver is a culture-enricher:

1.   He is a taxi driver.
2.   When asked whether there was any indication that the attack was “terrorism”, the police said they don’t think so at this point. In other words, the media and the police are at least considering the possibility of jihad, which makes it very unlikely that the driver’s name is Sven or Olaf.

So it looks like the driver was acting out of revenge, or some other secular motive, rather than waging jihad.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Monkey Tricks in Thailand

By now we’re all used to the madness surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus in Europe and North America. Surprisingly enough, Thailand is in the throes of its own version of the Coronamadness, according to this report from H. Numan.

Monkey tricks in Thailand

by H. Numan

How’s Thailand doing during the Chinese Virus Crisis? Not very good. Pretty bad, actually. Yes, medically speaking, Thailand is doing great. Outstanding is a better word. The number of victims is very low. Thailand enforced one of the strictest medical regimes in the world. That saved countless lives. Fewer than 3,000 people were infected and fewer than 60 people have died. But at what cost?

The number of deaths is actually negative. Sounds odd, right? Well, that’s because of Songkran, or Thai New Year. During the virus crisis the government enforced the state of emergency, including a curfew and a total alcohol ban. You could only buy soda water in the supermarkets. Beer and stronger drinkies were forbidden. I have no idea why Thailand had to go teetotal. Probably because the Thai elite doesn’t like (other) people to drink. Same for a curfew from 10pm until 4am. Makes the streets safer, of course. I doubt it stopped any spread of the virus. But that’s also something the Thai elite really likes.

Songkran is our New Year festival from 12-16 April. It is always celebrated with lots and lots of water. And booze. The extra number of deaths during the ‘seven deadly days’ is usually well over 400, with traffic victims in the thousands. Not this year, because of the alcohol ban and the ban on any social activity. That means that the Thai government saved at least 340 lives. This year the number of extra deaths due to Songkran was zero.

The price the Thai people have to pay for remaining relatively unharmed is steep. Thailand is a tourist nation. About one third of GNP comes from tourism. Thailand has closed its borders completely, so foreign tourism is zero. There you go. We just lost one third of our national income! Nothing to worry about. Local tourism will make up for it, so claims the government. No idea where they picked those numbers from; let’s be polite and say out of a hat.

Perhaps you remember we had elections last year. As soon as the (then) prime minister general Prayuth Chan-o-Cha announced he was considering candidacy, I knew he would become the next prime minister. If Prayuth wasn’t dead certain he’d become PM again, he wouldn’t bother to run for it. So we had elections, and all his generals with whom he committed the 2014 coup were re-elected. With a few new parties added to spice things up. The only big difference is that prime minister Prayuth no longer is a(n active) general. He’s a retired general now. So are most of his ministers. Another thing to show you nothing has changed: in the new constitution (the 25th to be exact) a number of generals are automatically appointed into parliament. They can veto everything they want. None of the other parliamentarians can, just them. This system makes any unwanted changes impossible. Except in the tried old way: a military coup is always an option in Thailand… generals replacing generals. Anything else is now impossible. In the present Thai democracy one can only vote for parties that are approved by and follow policy set by generals.

The government has big plans to kill revive tourism. They want to revamp tourism entirely, and focus on rich tourists. We don’t need poor yokels! Only the rich and the best are good enough for Thailand. At this moment, if you own a private plane you don’t have to worry about closed borders or compulsory 14 days of state quarantine. You can fly to Thailand and enjoy your holiday. How many of you own a private plane? Not a lot, I guess. The number of readers owning a plane with trans oceanic range is quite a bit lower. Probably close to nil. Those are the tourists Thailand wants to focus on.

Thailand is not the first country to look at cloud cuckoo land for brilliant ideas. Greece and Spain tried it in the past. They weren’t too happy being the f**k destinations for Europe. Not that many people go to Ibiza or Mykonos to sniff culture. Both countries spent a lot of money to turn that around. In. Vain. Wasted. Money. They could have spent it on prophylactics with better results. Of course Greece, Spain and Thailand as well have lots of culture to offer.

The problem is that not that many tourists want an exclusively cultural tour. In the business we even have a name for it. We call them ABC tours. Another Blasted Cathedral, Another Bourgeois Capital or Another Bloody Church tour. Pick the one you like. As beautiful as Thai temples are: if you have seen one, you have seen them all. At least, that is how 99% of all tourists perceive it. The 1% who do appreciate it are art students or graduates in Southeast Asian history. I’ve been working for 20 years in the tourism business, so I have a rough idea what I’m talking about.

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Culture-Enriching “Swedish” Murderer Sprung From Durance Vile

Here’s the latest news on another “Swede” who had the book thrown at him: three years in juvenile detention for shooting and killing a man in a pizzeria in Rinkeby. Due to the wanton depravity of his crime, he was only allowed out of chokey on “supervised furloughs” to do his shopping at the mall.

Last Tuesday the mischievous youngster was sprung from his odious confinement by two armed confederates (can I use that word? or has it been cancelled?) and whisked away in a taxi. And what do you think the ethnicity of the taxi-driver was, eh?

Actually, I know nothing about the ethnicity of anyone in this story, neither the perp, nor his comrades, nor the taxi driver. Swedish media scrupulously omit any discussion of such WAYCIST details. However, given the context of the case — the age of the murderer and the fact that the crime was committed in a pizzeria in Rinkeby, the most notorious of the culturally enriched suburbs of Stockholm — the probability that anyone in this sordid story was a native Swede — aside from the hapless guards who took the convict shopping — is vanishingly small.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Aftonbladet, also translated by FouseSquawk:

18-year-old murderer freed by two men in taxi

Now being sought by police in Gothenburg

July 23, 2020

The convicted murderer was on escorted leave in Kungsbacka. Suddenly a taxi showed up with two men and freed him in front of the eyes of the guards. Police are now looking for the convicted murderer in Gothenburg. “We are turning over every stone in the search for him,” says Christer Fuxborg of the police in Region West.

It was Tuesday afternoon when the convicted murderer was at a turnout [street] by the Hede Fashion Outlet in Kungsbacka. Two men suddenly arrived in a taxi and freed him. The three men then left the location.

Promoting the escape

According to information received by Aftonbladet, the men in the taxi reportedly were between 17-20 years of age. One reportedly had black clothes and a black cap. The other was reportedly in a blue training suit. The man was also reportedly short and had a strong build.

The three men are still at large and are being sought by police.

The men in the taxi are suspected of promoting the escape. On Wednesday, police in Kungsbacka confirmed Aftonbladet’s information about the escape. Later yesterday, four persons were arrested in the case, according to Christer Fuxborg, police spokesperson.

“Three of them have been released and one is in custody, suspected of aggravated promoting of escape,” says Christer Fuxborg.

Gang Conflict

According to information received by Aftonbladet, the 18-year-old man who was freed in Kungsbacka yesterday is the same person who in 2018 was convicted for a murder in a pizzeria in Rinkeby on January 8, 2018.

The murder was connected to a conflict between the rival gangs, “Shottaz” and Dödspatrullen in Northwest Stockholm. The gangs, according to police, are “extremely violent”.

The 18-year-old, who at the time of the murder was 16 years old, was captured on a surveillance camera while entering the pizzeria in 2018.

On the video, the 24-year-old murder victim is seen going into the pizzeria on Rinkeby Square around 6 pm. Just a few minutes later, the shooter came out on the square, looked at the pizzeria, but turned away. The next time, the shooter came out on the square and scouted the place, carrying out his murder plan.

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Yet Another Somali Success Story From Sweden

Just when you thought the cultural enrichment news from Sweden couldn’t get any more sickening, up pops Ahmed M., the recidivist child-raping “Swede”.

This story is truly stomach-turning. Sensitive readers may want to skip reading the details in the article.

The most appalling thing about the article is the paucity of the sentences handed down. The perpetrator served only fourteen months for an earlier rape of a twelve-year-old girl. And he was sentenced to only eleven years in prison for the extremely violent and sadistic rape of a nine-year-old girl, whom he very nearly strangled to death. Knowing Sweden, he’ll be back roaming the streets in six or seven years, well before his victim reaches her majority.

If there were any justice in Sweden, Ahmed M. would be expeditiously dispatched to whatever reward awaits him in the hereafter. Failing that, he would serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. Or, if he were ever released from incarceration, the prison doctor would surgically remove certain portions of his anatomy to ensure he could never practice his depraved hobby again.

But there ain’t no justice in Sweden. Not as I understand the word.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Somali sentenced for bestial rape of 9-year-old girl

Dragged her by the legs on her back into the woods

July 20, 2020

Law and Justice: A 39-year-old Somali immigrant has now been sentenced to 11 years in prison for aggravated rape of a 9-year-old girl in Norrköping. The prosecutor also wanted to convict him of attempted murder because he strangled the girl.

On April w5 the 9-year-old girl was on her way home from school in a small location in Norrköping after she hurt her finger. She encountered 39-year-old Ahmed, who dragged her in some bushes and raped her at knifepoint.

Today the judgment has been handed down, to which Fria Tider gained access.

The document describes the terrible abuse of the little girl.

“Inside the small bush, he hit her on her left cheek with his open hand and held a knife to her throat. She was so scared that she peed herself. He waited until there were no cars and dragged her by her legs and on her back to a forest nearby. When they came to the forest, he showed her the knife, which was red or black. In the forest, he took off her clothes and smeared her all over with clay, even her hair and between her legs.”

The text continues:

“He also forced water and clay into her mouth and wanted her to swallow. He put on a pair of see-through gloves and tore her between her legs. He told her to put her hands behind her back and tied them with a sweater. Then he strangled her with two hands so that she could not move. She kicked with her legs and her body was trembling. She felt as if she were going to die.”

“The man then had vaginal intercourse with the girl, kissed her then ‘peed on her’,” as it says in the judgment.

“Before he left, he said that if she said anything to police or her parents, then he would kill her entire family. When he said that, he held up the knife,” writes the court.

According to Nyheter Idag, the man is originally from Somalia, but he received Swedish citizenship in 2014. Therefore he cannot be deported. The newspaper writes that he was recently convicted of aggravated sexual abuse of a child when he lured another 12-year-old girl into a cellar. There, he threatened the girl with death with a knife against her throat, forcibly removed her clothes, and then raped her. This time he also used plastic gloves.

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The New Untermensch (And Some Old Ones, Too)

Our Israeli correspondent MC weighs in on the Black Lives Matter phenomenon and associated battlefronts in the Culture Wars.

The new Untermensch (and some old ones, too)

by MC

Black lives may matter, but not, it seems, if they are either Jewish or if they are still happen to be in the womb. So it is now official: there are certain classes of people who are less equal than others; and, of course, snowy is one of them. But this time the pigs are in trouble, too, and it is the black sheep who rule.

‘Untermensch’ was a German word used by the Nazi party to describe people that they did not like: Jews, Slavs, gypsies and others. In the Nazi parlance it is much more nuanced than just the literal translation of ‘less than human’. It also implied ‘dangerous’ in a eugenic context, as in polluting the ‘Aryan’ phenotype . They also did not like Africans, Asians and Muslims, but for political reasons had to pretend to accommodate them. Africans were not really relevant and the Japanese and ‘Palestinians’ had to be treated as allies for political reasons.

To clarify the above , I use ‘Palestinian’ in its modern context, but in WW2 one might have called them Pan-Arab Nationalists, followers of Haj Amin Al Husseini, an ardent Nazi and founder of Fatah and the PLO (now the Palestinian Authority).

Because of the confusion between political ‘left’ and political ‘right’, there is a problem of nomenclature with BLM. It is a race-based movement, very similar to the Nazi movement but lacking the nationalism of the Nazis, or rather, paying heed to a ‘Nation of Farrakhan’, where Louis Farrakhan is a kind of race-based cult using the name of Islam as an image enhancement.

In the USA the ‘woke’ movement is using race, and particularly skin colour, to divide the American people, whereas the Communists traditionally used class, which was only relevant in Europe. This flexibility demonstrates just how close Nazi socialism and Communist socialism are.

So the USA now has a pseudo-Nazi political religion which is currently as untouchable as a First World War trench system, surrounded as it was by the old barbed wire upon which it is all so easy to get oneself hung.

The German Nazis showed how easily democracy could be destroyed by an extreme party which, because ‘the ends justify the means’, could lie, cheat and steal in order to exploit democratic vulnerabilities, and thus end the democratic process and replace it with tyranny. Democracy requires that participants to be willing to defend democracy by undemocratic means if necessary, but that the participants believe in the overall benefit of democracy.

The particular vulnerability that the Nazis exploited was that the role of Chancellor and of President could, under the Weimar constitution be held by one person, thus giving the one person, in this case Adolf Hitler, plenipotentiary powers to dismiss the Reichstag and rule by executive decree.

The US Constitution is a lot more difficult to crunch, and the separation of powers inbuilt into the system means that no one person can hold ultimate power. But we are seeing before us a wholesale attempt to bring down any form of constitutional government and replace it with a one-party system. Although the Democrat Party appears to be the vehicle for this, hijacking the Democrat party has been part of the process.

The vulnerable points of the Constitution are the respective roles of the Supreme Court and the role (or non-role as the case may be) of the media as the established major critic of balanced government policy and the purveyor valid information to the people.

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The Christian Democrats Just Chose Eurabia

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan checks in with the latest political scuttlebutt from The Netherlands.

The Christian Democrats just chose Eurabia

by H. Numan

An interesting event happened in The Netherlands. The Christian Dhimmicrat Democrat Party CDA held internal elections for the new party leader. There were three candidates; one didn’t matter. The other two were Hugo ‘Pipo’ de Jonge and Pieter Omtzigt. Mrs. Nobody fell off in the first round. Before the voting, Hugo boasted for a bottle of good wine that a second election round wouldn’t be necessary. He would win by a landslide. Well, he lost. Pieter Omtzigt got 40%, so a second round was necessary. That round Pipo the Clown won, but barely. The difference was less than 1% in favor of the clown. About 300 votes…

Why do I call the right honourable Hugo de Jonge ‘Pipo the Clown’? That’s because of his choice of shoes. Hugo doesn’t stand out in anything, so he decided to stand out as the most ridiculously dressed politician ever. He has a sense of fashion bordering the deranged. No matter how inappropriate, he wears clown shoes. Pipo, pardon, Hugo wore a nice blue suit with white clown shoes when the customary photo was taken after the inauguration of the present cabinet. He stands to the left of the king.

This is a very formal situation, not suitable for a wannabe court jester.

Hugo the Clown is not the minister of funny walks, but minister of health. Under his incapable leadership the Chinese virus pandemic was mismanaged. Even our parliament wasn’t too pleased with Mr. Funny Shoes’ performance, and grilled him. He barely saved his political skin by putting the blame on someone else. He had his staff call Dr. Diederik Gommers. How many ICU beds are available this weekend, was the question. “I dunno, about 1,600, I guess” replied Dr. Gommers. He is head of the ICU unit of a major hospital and member of the Chinese Virus outbreak team. “Can you confirm this by sms?” So he did. To his amazement he discovered that statement was used by Hugo to save his skin. “There is nothing wrong, 1,600 ICU beds are available; I got this confirmed by Dr. Gommers.” Needless to say Dr. Gommers is anything but pleased.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother writing you about an overly ambitious local nincompoop. You have plenty of those yourself. But his election is important, as it is another brick in the wall of Eurabia. Apart from having no fashion sense whatsoever, his ambition is without peer. Hugo de Jonge is by far the most europhile politician in the CDA. A party that already is a very euro-centric party.

So why this article? Because his victory may very well be a pyrrhic victory. That’s because of his opponent, Pieter Omtzigt. As politicians go, Omtzigt is a popular hard-working not (overly) ambitious parliamentarian. Very popular with his electorate, much less so with his peers and the civil administration. Omtzigt is a muckraker. He likes to investigate what is swept under the carpet. And he doesn’t let sleeping dogs lie. Several whistleblowers of nefarious affairs in the civil administration got his support. He’s also a very vocal voice on the MH17 scandal. One doesn’t make friends in high places that way.

All Omtzigt wanted to be is a hard working parliamentarian. He never said he wanted to run for office. ‘Winner’ Hugo said — silly as it is — that there are no winners, he will work as a team with Pieter. That’s sheer nonsense. There can only be one party leader. That goes for dictators just as well as for democratically elected parties.

Pieter Omtzigt can no longer be a regular parliamentarian. Given the fact that he ended in second place with a mere 300 votes’ difference, he has to be given a much higher position. The only job available is party whip. Which means that our ambitious clown will have to take orders from Pieter Omtzigt. That could lead to very funny situations in the near future.

Now don’t get your hopes raised too much. Hugo the Clown is very much against any cooperation with the PVV and FvD parties. Even more than the D66 party. Difficult to believe, but there you go. He hates both with a passion. With him in the command seat the boycott is total. But Pieter Omtzigt is also against such a coalition. He’s not as vocal about it, nor as outspoken. That’s all. Effectively, it doesn’t matter much whether Omzigt or de Jonge hold the command seat. Both will oppose any attempt to work with the PVV and FvD parties.

Having elected de Jonge by the narrowest of margins, the CDA goes bravely forward to their own rapture. De Jonge is not a popular minister. His election will turn off many voters. Omtzigt is far more popular, and could revive the CDA. However, the powers that be (The Hague, Berlin, Brussels) prefer have an easy-to-manipulate clown. Like the one they have in Paris.

Let me explain what the CDA is and why it’s doomed to fail. CDA stands for Christian Democratic Appeal as a reaction to the consistent secularization of Dutch politics. Until 1977 every Dutch cabinet consisted of at least one Christian party. However, those parties were shrinking in popularity. They realized if they didn’t cooperate, a — heaven forbid! — cabinet without a religious party would come soon. So three Christian parties merged together into the CDA: The KVP, Katholieke Volkspartij or Catholic People’s Party, the ARP, Anti Revolutionaire Partij or Anti-Revolutionary Party and the CHU, Christen Historische Unie or Christian Historical Union.

Their positions were center-right for the KVP, center-left for the CHU and definitely left for the ARP. Oh, what revolution are those devout ARP Calvinists against? The FRENCH revolution. (Don’t ask me why. It makes no sense. I know.)

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Before we resume our regularly-scheduled programming, I’d like to pay another visit to the Farmville Detention Center.

I wrote last December about the immigrant holding facility known as the Farmville Detention Center, located not far from here in Farmville, Virginia. It’s operated by Immigration Centers of America, a contractor for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The center’s inmates, mostly Hispanics and Haitians, enjoy cushy living conditions at taxpayers’ expense.

Since the Coronamadness set in last March, the price tag on the culture-enrichers’ lodgings must have increased drastically, based on the article below from The Farmville Herald. Each inmate is now receiving a medical checkup twice daily.

The most interesting thing about the story, however, is the incidence of symptoms of the Wuhan Coronavirus among the detainees who tested positive for the disease. The headline tells us that 74% of the culture-enrichers have tested positive, which is 268 people. Buried much deeper in the story is the fact that only three migrants — 1.1% of those tested, or 0.8% of the population of the facility — have been hospitalized with serious symptoms, and none of those has died.

The only reason ICE ordered general testing at the center was the fact that three cases of the coronavirus — possible the same three who were hospitalized — appeared among a group of newly-arrived residents who were under quarantine. That is, hundreds of the center’s inmates had already been infected with the disease without showing any symptoms.

A reminder: we’re talking about COVID-19, a disease that is more dangerous than the Spanish Flu, the bubonic plague, and the Black Death combined. A disease that is so virulent that it spread like wildfire among a group of immigrants detained in a closed facility. A disease that is so deadly that none of them knew they had it.

The American people — and not just Americans, but the whole world — are being massively hoaxed about the ChiCom flu. The populace has been indoctrinated to be so frightened of it that millions of people hide in their homes, or venture out in terror, screaming at anyone who isn’t wearing a mask or who gets too close. The economies of Western countries have been wrecked by the lockdowns, more of which are coming as the “second wave” sets in just time for the fall campaign season.

The virus is real, but the official reaction to it, especially as purveyed by the media, is an artificial construct created for political ends.

Below are some excerpts from the article in the Herald:

74% of Farmville ICE detainees positive for COVID

by Alexa Massey

After testing all the detainees of the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Immigration Centers of America (ICA) Farmville Detention Center, 74% have tested positive for the coronavirus, with 71 test results pending.

ICE Public Affairs Specialist Kate Pote said Tuesday, July 14, ICA Farmville offered testing to all of its detainees from Wednesday, July 1, to Friday, July 3. 359 of the center’s 360 inmates were tested, with only one detainee declining testing.

Of those 359 detainees, 268 have tested positive. 20 have tested negative, and 71 test results are pending.

Officials said Tuesday three detainees were actively hospitalized due to complications with COVID-19, but in stable condition. Pote added the majority of others who tested positive are asymptomatic, but are being closely monitored and are receiving appropriate medical care.

Detainees who have tested negative will be retested and are being held separately from positive detainees.

Medical checks, according to officials, are being done twice daily, including a temperature screening and medication disbursement.

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The Stubborn Persistence of Gender-Segregated Education in Sweden

The two news videos below are from the Swedish state broadcaster SVT. In them several education officials discuss a religious school (friskola, “free school”) which has persistently refused to obey the edicts of education authorities to hold classes in which boys and girls are not segregated.

The reports don’t specify the religion of the school’s administrators. They may be Unitarians, or possibly Buddhists.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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Just Lie Back and Think of the Multiculture

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this Dutch article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Refugee Commission advice on immigration policy: “Nothing can be done, and it is far too expensive”!

by Wout Willemsen
July 5, 2020

Can anything be done with the immigration policy? The answer to the question is to be found in the advice that was sent on July 3 from the ministry to the Tweede Kamer, and is written in response to the investigation into the revision of the UN refugee treaty. July 3 is the day the summer recess begins… Not so surprising, because the conclusions are sad: “We can’t do anything, or it is too expensive.”

Dr Jan van de Beek has a nice Twitter thread set up where he manages to expose the core of the document (and its problems).

Tweet: [Inset]

1/6. It is noteworthy that this investigation into the revision of the UN refugee treaty, announced in the 2017 coalition agreement, will be sent to Parliament on July 3— the day the summer recess begins

In the document, numerous fallacies are found, mixed with half-truths. The conclusions drawn are the following: “To adjust immigration policy costs a lot of money and is not worth it. Adjusting the UN refugee treaty costs too much diplomatic effort, so you also should not want to. And actually, we are all delivered to our fate, and migration is a kind of natural force that we can’t do anything against.”

This is outright nonsense, naturally, but the idea of border controls is bombarded with images of North Korea, military zones, and the Iron Curtain. And later there is suddenly talk as if they will now be “permanently closed borders”. It makes no sense, of course, but the message is clear: Very scary! So we have to continue to try to make agreements with untrustworthy countries then everything will be fine (perhaps, over time).

The cabinet will not do anything about it and also doesn’t want to do anything. They just follow this advice. It is so simple.

“Lampedusa Doesn’t Deserve All This”

Lampedusa is a small Italian Island close to coasts of both Tunisia and Libya. It is the preferred landing point for the people-smugglers who want to get their customers across the Mediterranean and into the European Union.

I’ve been covering the mass migration into Europe via Lampedusa since 2007. The constant influx of mostly-Muslim immigrants has done inestimable damage to the island’s culture and economy.

A resident of Lampedusa made the video below to show what is happening to his island, and to decry the complicity of politicians in the continuation of the destructive people-trafficking.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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How Dare He?

A female politician for the Social Democrats, Assistant Mayor Elfi Scho-Antwerpes of Cologne, was groped in broad daylight by one of the culture-enrichers for whom she so assiduously provided a “welcoming culture”.

The video below features commentary on the incident by the vlogger Unblogd. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling (note: MissPiggy has copied the German subtitles for the portions that are in English):

The following article from Politically Incorrect (also translated by MissPiggy) describes the incident in which Ms. Scho-Antwerpes was molested:

Migrant sexually assaults an SPD political icon in Cologne

By MANFRED ROUHS — It happened in broad daylight. In the middle of colourful, cosmopolitan, multi-cultural Cologne. Cologne’s assistant mayor Elfi Scho-Antwerpes was confronted with the harsh reality of a society that lacks universally accepted values. The well-known politician from Cologne did the only right thing:

I then called in policemen nearby for help. The perpetrator could be identified immediately. […] It was a man around 30, apparently with an immigrant background. The man didn’t even apologize.

When the well-known SPD representative, who was also a member of the Bundestag for a time, is walking through the cathedral city, the forces of law and order are not far away. A shout is enough, and then the access takes place.

But what should women do who are not travelling with a large entourage in the city? All they can do is call 110 and hope that help will arrive in time.

Scho-Antwerpes now hopefully realises what the policy of open borders of her party means for many women in Germany. She complains: “To experience something like this is a drastic experience, simply unpleasant. I am deeply hurt. You can’t expect such an irreverent attack.”

Video transcript:

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Throwing the Book at ’em, Swedish Style

Two culture-enriching “Swedish” youngsters have received sentences of three and a half and two years for the robbery and murder of a third culture-enricher. The one who received two years did not participate in the murder, according to the court, and the other one pretended to be 16 at the time of the crime to avoid a stiffer sentence. Which, knowing Sweden, might have been as much as — gasp! — seven years in detention. As it is, he will serve his draconian three-and-a-half-year sentence in juvie.

The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Petterssonsblogg.se:

Murder with 66 knife cuts and robbery brings 3.5 years juvenile custody for immigrant of unknown age

by Av Pettersson

In December of last year, a dead man, Rabeen Zuher Khalid, was found by passersby in Lövgärdet in Gothenburg. He had been beaten and been killed with 66 stab wounds in his head, throat and neck. Today, two young men were sentenced for the act. One for murder and robbery, the other for robbery and protecting a criminal, aggravated crime.

The younger of the two, Ayuub Mahamed Nur, with duel Somali-Swedish citizenship, and possibly 16 years of age at the time of the crime, was sentenced for murder and robbery to three and a half years in juvenile custody. The prosecutor had claimed that he was older than he stated, and that he was 18, not 16, when it happened. Concerning this the district court wrote: “In light of the margin of error regarding the medical age investigation and what else has emerged, the district court considers that the age of 19 does not appear more likely than 17 years. The district court shall thus assume the age which is most favorable to NN, and in this context that is 17 years.”

In the investigation, a letter was found where Ayuub himself wrote that he would soon be 19 years old, yet he is sentenced as a 16-year-old at the time of the murder.


From Migration Court judgment UM 2437-13 dated February 11 2014:

It is the asylum seeker who must prove that he is a minor.

This principle also applies to unaccompanied children.

In the first place, written evidence is relevant.

However, the asylum seeker has the burden of proof concerning his age, and if he cannot prove that he is underage, he will be considered an adult.]

The older of the two, Ibrahim Ali Mohamud, born in 1999, and for some reason a Swedish citizen, was sentenced to two years in prison for robbery and protection of a criminal, aggravated crime. He is freed of any suspicion of murder.

Pettersson wonders why the courts don’t follow the law regarding age; it is the asylum seeker who must prove his age, and if he can’t he is to be considered an adult and sentenced as an adult.