Girls Just Wanna Have Culturally Enriched Fun

The following video from Germany seems an appropriate follow-up to yesterday’s post about three American girls in Spain who may have falsely accused three Afghan culture-enrichers of rape as part of an insurance scam.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Åsa Westerberg Convicted and Sentenced

I posted a couple of times last month about Åsa Westerberg, the Swedish anti-sharia activist who was brutalized by the police, arrested, and then prosecuted for “hate speech” against Islam. The last time I wrote about her she was awaiting the verdict after her trial.

Now the verdict is in: she has been convicted of insulting Islam, and sentenced. Many thanks to LN for translating this excerpt from Nya Tider:

Åsa Westerberg is sentenced in the case involving Näthatsgranskaren [The National Examiner]

On December 23, the citizen journalist Åsa Westerberg was convicted by the District Court of Södertörn for, among other things, incitement against an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp] and gross defamation. She was sentenced to a conditional sentence and SEK 10,400 [$1,150] in fines, as well as SEK 25,000 [$2,750] in damages to the state-funded Tomas Åberg, who runs the reporting organization Näthatsgranskaren. Westerberg claims to have been beaten bloody by police in her own home when she was arrested.

January 10, 2020

Åsa Westerberg was prosecuted for writing several posts on the US-based social platform MeWe, posts where she wrote critically about Islam and Muslims, in addition to writing disparagingly about Tomas Åberg and his work at Näthatsgranskaren. The indictments related to hets mot folkgrupp, gross libel and slander. Westerberg herself denies that she wrote the posts and believes that no evidence was presented during the trial.

“There’s really no evidence, it’s a MeWe profile that they haven’t been able to link to me. They have not presented any IP address; they have not presented any evidence that it is I who wrote the posts, she tells Nya Tider.

However, the court believes that private pictures of her published there strongly suggest that she is the person managing the profile.

Condemned for insulting Islam

Despite her denials, Westerberg was convicted on 16 counts of hets mot folkgrupp. It is a matter of disparaging commentary on videos published by terrorists of the Islamic State, in which various forms of execution take place. The comments were emotional, with quotes such as “Islam must be eradicated” and “we must unite to eradicate the invasion of pedophile-worshipers.”

The rest of the article is behind a paywall.

Antifa vs. Grandma

The GrandmaGate crisis in Germany is one of the more peculiar stories of our time, at least from a non-Teutonic perspective (see previous posts here and here).

Angry protesters have taken to the streets in Cologne to protest the production by state TV of a propaganda song using a children’s choir. What the demonstrators object to is that the idiotic song refers to Grandma as an “environmental pig”. They don’t like their grandmothers being insulted at taxpayers’ expense.

I’ve seen quite a few German propaganda videos over the years that are far more insulting to ordinary Germans than the Grandma song. This is especially true of taxpayer-funded propaganda promoting mass migration into Germany, which has turned German citizens, especially women, into victims of assault, rape, and murder, and made them afraid to go out at night or walk the street alone. Such propaganda would seem to be far more consequential in its effects, yet it has engendered no public response to match the intensity of the GrandmaGate protests.

I don’t understand the collective psyche of Germans at all. I observe these events, but they don’t make any sense.

And now we see Antifa taking to the streets in a counter-protest against the GrandmaGate demonstrators, and in far larger numbers. The leftists engaged in violent confrontation with the police as they attempted to teach a lesson to the “Nazis” who object to the Grandma video. Not wanting grandmothers to be labeled “pigs” is seen as evidence of right-wing extremism.

So this stuff just gets stranger and stranger.

Below are four videos about the latest GrandmaGate protests and the Antifa response. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1 is a brief news report on the demonstration in Cologne by supporters of Grandma:

Video #2 shows counter-protesters clashing with the police and being arrested:

Video #3 shows a violent encounter between Antifa and the police:

Video #4 is a more detailed report on the demonstrators and their leftist attackers:

Video transcript #1:

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There is Nothing so Cheerful on a Cold Winter’s Night as a Brightly Burning Car

Burning cars has been a New Year’s custom in France for decades. I first became aware of the practice in 2005, not long after this blog was started, when the mischievous “youths” of the Parisian banlieues were particularly zealous in their incineration of automobiles.

Aficionados of the sport keep track of the statistics. As car-burnings go, the New Year’s festival of 2019/2020 was just so-so — more than some years, less than others.

MissPiggy has translated a series of videos and articles to produce a report on this year’s carbecues in France over the New Year’s holiday. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a French news report about the trolling of President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron by President Donald Trump over the car burnings in France:

The second video illustrates the unabashed, abject surrender of public intellectuals to the endemic lawlessness of the immigrant banlieues.

MissPiggy translates from the notes on the video: “For the French columnist and lawyer Marie-Anne Soubré it’s better to have torched cars than riots between young people and police officers. The transition to the New Year was marked by many car fires. In Strasbourg, more than 200 vehicles were set on fire. Marie-Anne Soubré concedes that she prefers to see this kind of incidents rather than riots.”

Below is an editorial about the car-burnings from the news site Boulevard Voltaire:

January 2, 2020

There were burnt cars in Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Limoges, Nantes and even at my house: Le Monde has seen “nothing”?

Globalization is a wonderful phenomenon, especially for our evening life, as we used to say before. Thus Le Monde keeps you informed on a daily basis about the fires burning in Australia and the good performance of the French car market.

Fire? Automobile? Well no, the association did not wake up the editor. Nor did the smell of burnt cars coming up from Strasbourg, the suburbs of Paris and elsewhere, many regional metropolises and sometimes even small outlying towns; no, Le Monde no longer has a sense of smell, sight or a special correspondent. At the time of writing, on 2 January, almost forty-eight hours after the fact, no summary article has been published. On the other hand, Philippe Martinez, Carlos Ghosn, and Emmanuel Macron at the Angoulême Comic Book Fair are being followed closely. Cédric Pietralunga tweets the scoop on the presidential visit scheduled for the end of January. In Le Monde, we are definitely looking very far over these fumes of the 31st…

But the globalization of the world and the world according to Macron cannot prevent the reality of these burning cars, on the evening of the 31st, from coming up on social networks, via a tweet from Trump or via the videos of the riff-raff bragging about them. And the regional press can’t fail to mention them, or risk losing even more credibility.

So there was Strasbourg, as our Alsatian friend José Meidinger told you. But the West and the Southwest were not spared.

In Nantes, in the Malakoff district, at least fifteen cars were set on fire, but other areas of the city were affected, according to Ouest-France, as a police source told the daily: “We had them almost everywhere.”

In Limoges, between 26 and 36 cars were set on fire, according to Le Populaire du Centre. When questioned, the prefect’s chief of staff said that “the emergency services and the police were hard-put, in particular by the throwing of projectiles by small groups”.

In Bordeaux, too, Sud-Ouest could not hide the reality: “Tensions in Bordeaux on New Year’s Eve: cars and garbage cans burned.” The Aubiers district was particularly affected, but in fact several communes in the agglomeration were affected. The regional daily knows no more than the prefecture’s statement: “The police had to deal with tensions that began early Tuesday evening with groups of young people and resulted in car and rubbish-bin fires in several towns in the metropolis. There have been arrests following the throwing of projectiles at the police.”

Le Monde says nothing. For the time being. The regional press says a little. All that’s left are the desperate tweets from the unfortunate owners of the burned cars.

There are lawless areas in France; it’s well-known. There are also white zones, where communications do not go through, where the press does not seem to investigate, and stick to the communiqués of the prefecture. It looks like a war communication, by the way. Our journalists should think about this. There are also white periods, from 12/31, “very early”, until the 1st or the 2nd very late, we will now be asked to concentrate… I don’t know… on the wishes of Emmanuel Macron? Why not stretch them, by the way: 18 minutes, then 36, then 48 hours. Before joining the Comics Festival in Angoulême to launch his New Year with a fanfare.

Angoulême? The Charente Libre tells us that the city also had its “urban violence” and “burnt cars” on the evening of the 31st. Before looking into the hypothetical visit of our President Potemkin to the festival of bubbles, Le Monde could perhaps investigate the fumes of Soyaux, no?

But, in fact, as early as 2017 — January 4, the wake-up date — Le Monde warned us by sending out the phenomenon with a Shakespearean title: “Cars burned on New Year’s Eve: much ado about nothing”, with a sociologist to back it up: “This figure [of burned cars] is surely a symptom of something, but we don’t know what. In any case, it doesn’t explain or tell us anything.”

Haven’t understood yet?

A Roster of the Carbecues:

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ClownWorld Germany 2019

The following video from Germany is a sardonic wrap-up of the political and cultural events of 2019. The German progressive mindset is amazingly similar to what we experience here in the USA — the same intolerance of differing opinions, the same tendency to call “racist” or “Nazi” at the first sign of disagreement, and the openly stated desire to exert totalitarian control in order to suppress political dissent.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Stuttgart: City of Swords

Stuttgart is no stranger to violent criminality involving swords. Long-time readers will recall the murder by sword that occurred in the city last summer, when the victim was dispatched in front of his apartment building by his culture-enriching flatmate.

The perp in this latest incident is also a culture-enricher, but probably not a Muslim, since he is described as a Serb.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

This article about the incident from Pforzheimer Zeitung (also translated by MissPiggy) doesn’t mention the sword aspect:

Fatal shots after a traffic accident in Stuttgart!

According to police, a Serb (32) was driving a silver car in the Stuttgart-Vaihingen district on Saturday morning at about 12:40am, attracting the attention of other road users due to his unsafe driving style.

The 32-year-old then turned into a roundabout against the direction of travel, grazed a building wall and crashed head-on into an advertising pillar, which was completely destroyed.

Video transcript:

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2019: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

Our English correspondent Seneca III wraps up the year from an Anglocentric perspective.

2019: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

by Seneca III

It has been a fascinating year all round as in so many ways prevailing ideological and political dams cracked and started to leak once the sacred cows from which they had been constructed began to be herded towards metaphorical slaughterhouses weeping and squealing. Some of these sacred cows I will itemise below.

First, though, and surprisingly after so many years of censorship and suppression, it is now observable that the public and private commentariat — particularly in the UK where the protections of a First Amendment do not exist — have regained confidence in themselves, lost their fear of persecution and prosecution for speaking truth to power and in ever larger numbers loudly iterate the obvious and the previously unsayable. It is possible that they have subliminally realised the strength that there is to be found in numbers.

To continue: As the mutative process of non-existent ‘Global Warming’ evolved first into ‘Climate Change’ and then, as it became apparent that more and more of the educated and sane public at large refused to buy into this iniquitous project, its self-serving constructors desperately reconstructed the prevailing meme and delivered it as the form of hysteria labelled ‘Climate Emergency’ only to be derided further after the contrived appearance of a sixteen-year-old autistic child programmed to pollute the minds of a generation of young children whilst being paraded as an icon of salvation fell flat on its face.

She, Greta Thunberg, so inadvertently made the pragmatic “deniers’” point for them that I wonder at her promoters’ understanding of the history and inevitable consequences of such schemes. And I further muse on the fate of Jeanne d’Arc who from a similar young age was used by ambitious manipulators, and who also had ‘visions in the night’ for which she was first publicly venerated and later burned at the stake at the age of nineteen — not that I would wish that on the poor psychologically damaged child Thunberg, but I would have no objection to that becoming the fate of her parents and her other beneficial handlers.

Next: Mass migration from a failed third world — which could not provide for its heaving masses because of a low collective IQ, endemic kleptocracy, unremitting primitivism and a consequent inability to develop a workable socio-economic model that could supply at least the basic needs of its population — was more and more publicly recognized as the primary threat to survival by indigenous populations throughout the West. What had previously been a truth that did not dare declare its name now became a noisy rallying point for the frustrated victims whose lives and fortunes were being torn asunder on a rack of multicultural barbarism.

On the sidelines: The fightback against the petulant driveling of ‘academics’ began to take a stronger hold later in the year, but has only barely begun if it is ever to be effective. The cascade of socio-destructive propaganda being pumped out by Western universities these days is catastrophic: cisgenderism, transgenderism, heteronormativity, intersectionality, patriarchy, rape culture, racism, diversity, affirmative action, enrichment and toxic whiteness to mention but a few… a suppurating collection of ideological garbage that is infecting the minds of a whole generation of young people, perhaps several generations. This imposition of academia’s collective moral misconceptions inculcated and taught as a form of ‘knowledge’ based on their subjective sense of ethics is classic brainwashing. These smug, sinecured, so well-funded architects of this assault on the human mind deserve neither mercy nor magnanimity. It is imperative that henceforth they be denied all access to young minds and cast out into the real world to earn a living as best they can… if they can’t then so be it, and let them starve, for they no longer serve any useful purpose.

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The Rockets’ Red Glare in Skåne

There’s no mention of cultural enrichment in this article about arson and rocket attacks in southern Sweden. However, I have my doubts that there is anyone named Sven or Erik or Lars among the perpetrators.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. The “rockets” referred to are fireworks:

Rocket attacks in Skåne continue

Police forced to seek protection in police cars

Skåne — A gang continued to attack ordinary people and police in Skåne with rockets on Saturday night-Sunday morning. Just before midnight police were shot at by a large gang of up to thirty persons in Helsingborg. Around 3am police were shot at again with rockets, this time in Kristianstad, something Expressen reported on earlier. “Police patrols were forced to seek protection in police cars in order not to be hit by the rockets,” police report on their home page.

In Helsingborg police went out on a call just before midnight to Skaragatan [Street] near the area of Frederiksdal.

When police arrived at the location, they discovered about thirty people who were shooting rockets at building materials from a nearby construction site, and cars were beginning to burn. One car was completely burned, and a car sustained damage before rescue services were able to put it out.

According to Expressen, rockets were also fired at police.

Police identified a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man among the persons who are suspected of shooting rockets at the cars and building materials. A spokesman did not want to disclose whether they were previously known to police.

A report on the fire damage is being prepared.

A few hours later, it happened again. Around 3am on Sunday police were called to a kiosk in Kristianstad after a break-in alarm went off, police report on their home page. The kiosk is located by Långebrogatan, which goes through the Charlottesborg area.

When police arrived at the scene and got out of their cars, they were shot at with rockets by a dozen masked persons.

“Police patrols were forced to seek protection in the police cars so as not to be hit with rockets,” police report on their homepage.

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Gottfried Curio: “The goal is to make every internal refugee in Africa a problem for Europe”

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The following video shows a speech about mass immigration given by Dr. Curio in the Bundestag. During the speech certain MPs for the CDU (Angela Merkel’s party) were so distressed by Dr. Curio’s remarks that they turned their backs to the speaker.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Hysteria Eleison

The German state broadcaster WDR2 (West Deutsch Rundfunk 2, West German Broadcasting 2) used a children’s choir to create a propaganda song pushing action to stop “climate change”. The main point of the little ditty seems to be that riding motorcycles and eating pork chops are doubleplus ungood activities.

The diminutive choristers are to be indoctrinated trained as “ambassadors for climate justice”.

MissPiggy, who translated the text and video below, reports that WDR2 later back-pedaled, claiming on Twitter that the song was in fact a satire. However, an announcement from last October by WDR2 belies that assertion, demonstrating that the broadcaster was launching the initiative in all seriousness.

In case it gets removed from the Internet, MissPiggy has screen-capped the page in question:

(Click to enlarge)

Here’s the translation:

On Saturday, 5 October 2019 the WDR Children’s Choir of Dortmund will sing at the closing event of “Plant for the Planet” in Königswinter, Bonn.

At the same time the singers will be trained as ambassadors for climate justice by other children. “The topic of climate change is on everyone’s lips right now, and with “Fridays for Future” it has also become a topic for the younger generation. In addition to the activities of Greta Thunberg, there are also many other very exciting and meaningful projects on the subject of climate, such as the organisation “Plant for the Planet”. This organisation trains children in a one-day academy to become “climate protectors”, and plants trees with the children in cooperation with a forester. Many hundreds of thousands of trees have already been planted in this way.

Within the framework of this project there will be a WDR report.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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There Really is a Left-Wing Conspiracy

In his latest essay, our Dutch correspondent H. Numan responds to a commenter named Reconquista, who took him to task in the comment thread on his previous post.

There really is a left-wing conspiracy

by H. Numan

A few days ago I wrote an article about massive political losses of the left-wing parties in America and the UK. A reader responded this was nonsense; I was just an old fogey longing for the days where communists were prosecuted. I had to smile when I read it. Yes, I am an old fogey. Yes, I’m also a (C)old war warrior. What the reader doesn’t know, but I proudly say: I was member of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary or Koninklijke Marechaussee. A unit not exactly known for their love of progressiveness and liberalism. I’m not repudiating or refuting this reader; I’m more than happy to give him the benefit of doubt. Let’s just say he doesn’t know better. Most people don’t know all this. It’s up to me to clarify. That’s why I write for the Gates anyway.

Let’s start by looking at me, way back when I was a kid. My parents were devoutly Roman Catholic. They voted for the KVP (Catholic party), later the CDA (Christian Democrats, after the merger). For one reason only: they were Catholic, and Catholics vote for that party. No other reason. Now, my parents were not rich. Far from it. We never lacked for the bare basics, but no more. A car, for example, we never had. During the holidays we kids had to amuse ourselves; my parents couldn’t afford to go away on a holiday. At best we went on one— or two-day trips. My clothes — as many over the age of 50 will remember — were usually hand-me-downs from elder cousins who had grown out of them. Fortunately, my sense of fashion was and still is non-existent.

You might say that my parents and myself later on were the ideal voters for a labor or social-democrat party. After all, we had a lot to gain and nothing to lose by voting labor. Yet I never felt attracted to socialism in my life. Not as a young boy, not as a young new voter and certainly not now. I think you have to work to achieve something. You can choose something else, but that is your choice. Don’t ask others to pay for your hobbies and daydreams. So you can say I’m a die-hard conservative from the cradle. I never voted conservative (VVD) because I particularly liked that party, but more for want of anything better.

Right now, we have more options. For me there’s the PVV party, which is a conservative party for the common man. There is also FvD (Forum for Democracy), which is another new conservative party. Only this one targets a more affluent audience. The VVD party calls itself a people’s party, but in real life they are anything but. The VVD only works for the people who actually own factories, businesses and banks. Nowadays it’s a wishy-washy party trying to be as progressively liberal as it can get away with. Which is quite a lot, regretfully. The name VVD stands for Volkspartij voor Vrijheid and Democratie, in English: People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy.

Now you have a bit of a background. Let’s look at the conspiracy. The biggest lie of them all is calling national socialism anything other than socialism. Both national socialism and fascism are variants of socialism. Neither Hitler nor Mussolini had a problem with socialism itself. All they did was add nationalism to it. Or get rid of the ‘inter’ prefix, if you prefer. And Hitler was quite enchanted by the extreme racism, the infamous Jim Crow laws of the Democrat Party in the southern USA. That’s what he based his Nuremberg Laws on. Not on muslim dhimmi laws, as I stated in an earlier article. He probably would have, had he known about them. Those laws are even more vile.

But Hitler and Mussolini hated communism, you say. They persecuted communists, locked them up, killed them and conquered (or try to) communist states? Surely you are mistaken! Not at all. True, they most certainly hated communism. Not because they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum but because they are so closely related. That happens a lot in history. We had many wars between Catholics and Protestants, or Shiite and Sunni muslims to mention a few. Both share more than 96% of their opponents’ ideology, differing only on minor points. For which they fought and fight each other to death. Make no mistake: national socialists and fascists are both forms of socialism. They just don’t like the ‘inter’ prefix.

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Åsa Westerberg: “All Are Equal Except for Ethnic Swedes”

I reported last week on a speech by Åsa Westerberg, the Swedish anti-sharia activist whose home was forcibly entered by police. She was brutally mistreated by a special anti-“hate” police squad, and then arrested. Since then she has been prosecuted, and the verdict was due to be announced today.

Below is an interview with Ms. Westerberg recorded immediately after her trial. The interviewer is from the Swedish dissident channel SWEBBTV.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Methodologies and Catastrophic Failure

Seneca III has some thoughts on the increasingly totalitarian-fascist behavior of the European Union as it enters its final decline.

Methodologies and Catastrophic Failure

by Seneca III

In the field of scientific research there are two distinct methodologies — the Theoretical and the Empirical. The former, being purely speculative, is by its very definition unable to be proven right or wrong until subjected to rigid empirical testing. Both disciplines, of course, have a mathematical basis, but whereas Theories are almost totally mathematically based, being pure speculation or the extrapolation of known facts, Empirical (experimental) science uses mathematics only to tabulate, record, analyse and explain repeatable experimental data before coming to conclusions that can then, where necessary, be verified or disproven by further experimentation.

If one projects these two processes onto the field of human affairs, particularly the ways in which socio-political, territorial and economic dynamics evolve and impact, then similar outcomes prevail. I would suggest that the EU and its Globalist agenda are a classic case thereof. Originally the concept of a United Europe was pure emotion-driven theory, wishful thinking, to be generous, but unfortunately that theory did not take into consideration the lessons of history. Very soon, as it was forced into utilising ill thought-through Empirical methods, hurried experimentation, to achieve its end. It soon became clear that the theory and its implementation were badly — indeed terminally — flawed.

Thus, much of the consequent experimentation — in finance, taxation, defense, education and ‘diversified’ multi-cultural demographics (essentially, an EU-inspired and -encouraged mass invasion camouflaged as immigration and asylum seeking etc.) — was not only poorly designed, it was also deliberately designed to produce a desired outcome which, in the end was not achieved. As a last resort the door leading to the imposition of a draconian control regime across the Union was opened… the very thing that the EU was created to prevent. [For a perfect example of this retrograde process see this Breitbart article.]

Now, the architects of that catastrophic experiment should be starting to fear the inevitable consequences heading their way as the forces of reversal and retribution gather on their near horizon. Soon the Bureaucrats of Brussels, their trailing troughers and their countless, treacherous allies buried deep in the bowels of constituent Nation States will truly reap what they have sown.

— Seneca III, in a Middle England quietly contemplating the remaining forty days to freedom awaiting us this 22nd day of December, 2019

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

Socialism Really is a Cult

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan takes a look at the bizarre wave of socialist madness that is currently raging on both sides of the Atlantic.

Socialism really is a cult

by H. Numan

A bit of a bold statement, I know. Let me explain. There is nothing wrong with being social. After all, we humans are social animals. However, socialism as a political ideology is wrong. Very wrong. Socialism doesn’t work. It lets others do the work. Socialism has failed wherever it was implemented. It sometimes took a while, but it always failed. The few states left over that really are socialist are failing or going to fail. No question about it. With one exception: China. But China is first Chinese, then Chinese, then a long time nothing and finally they are socialist. Sort of socialist, that is.

Now, China has always been an absolute monarchy. Not surprisingly Mao ruled as one too, and so does the present emperor — who is titled president for life now. Not emperor, but effectively the same thing. Just a different name. He isn’t socialist, he’s Chinese. Red was always the preferred color for the Chinese. Red being the color of socialism is just an extra. All Chinese companies are effectively, if not outright, state-run organizations.

China has two major problems that it cannot solve: first of all, their failed one child policy. By the time China becomes a real superpower their army will be made up of old fogies with crutches and drips. Don’t underestimate that problem. China already has huge problems finding sufficiently capable soldiers at this very moment. Imagine what it will be like in twenty years, when they really will have an enormous manpower problem.

The second problem is corruption. Corruption is ingrained in Chinese society, regardless of ideology. Socialism only makes it worse, much worse. The current Chinese leadership is more worried about the reliability of their army, specifically the top brass, than anything else right now. If worst comes to worst, we can always buy a couple of Chinese army commanders. The leadership knows it, and dreads it.

On the bright side: China is not interested in conquering the world. Just the business part of it. On the not-so-bright side: they’re damned good at it. China is a problem for the future. Right now we have bigger worries. The first is socialism, and the second one is mohammedanism. More about mohammedanism in another article.

So let’s get back on topic. Socialism is a cult. You see it in America, where the Democrat party is anything but democratic right now. And in England, where the Labour party should rename itself the Stalinist party. Likewise, in all western countries social democratic parties have been taken over by diehard old-fashioned communists. And … the left is again losing. Again, because they have learned nothing from the past. Like Louis XVIII of France, the king who replaced Napoleon: they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn even had the gumption to say: “We have won the debate, but failed to achieve a majority.” His followers blame everyone — except themselves. They blame the ‘extreme right-wing media’ for their loss. And of course the silly, stupid and antediluvian electorate. Anyone and anything, except themselves. Now, the media in Europe are about as left-wing as Pravda was during the heydays of communism. It was Corbyn (and his minions) who vilified themselves. Not the media.

For Corbyn really is a vile person. He is a warm supporter of every socialist dictator alive. Kim Jong-Un, Maduro and Castro among others are his friends. Corbyn is a virulent antisemite, though he calls himself anti-Zionist. It’s exactly the same, but being antisemitic is nowadays punishable by law. Hamas and Hezbollah are his friends; they fight against the capitalist Zionist conquerors of their country. The media did all they could to soften Corbyn’s words so it wouldn’t hurt him too much. Labour adherents who say the BBC is a right-wing broadcaster are delusional.

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