Pimping Her Daughter for ISIS

Camilla Olofsson is a Swedish convert to Islam who accompanied her husband to Iraq to take part in the jihad. This was back in the mid-2000s, before ISIS emerged, when Al Qaeda was trending. Ms. Olofsson took her children with her to give them a chance to be part of the jihad experience, and then stayed on when the Islamic State took over as the biggest stud muffin in the Middle East.

She eventually returned to Sweden, and has now been sentenced to almost seven years in prison for her activities in Iraq, which by Swedish standards is a stiff sentence. Among the crimes she was sentenced for was arranging for the “marriage” of her little girl to one of the mujahideen.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Swedish outlet Doku.nu:

Several years in prison for widow of Swedish Al Qaeda leader

When Moroccan-Swedish Mohamed Moumou died in Mosul in 2008, he was the second-in-command within Al Qaeda in Iraq. Now his Swedish widow, Camilla Olofsson, has been convicted for aiding and abetting aggravated rape against children and human trafficking of her own child. The crime was committed in Syria during the rule of the Islamic State.

Mohamed Moumou was trained in an Al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan and left Sweden when he was listed as a terrorist by the UN in 2006. He died in a drone attack in Mosul in 2008. By that time he had climbed to the position of the number two man within Al Qaeda in Iraq.

According to security police his widow, Camilla Olofsson, and other members of the family were within the radical Islamist environment even after the death of Mohamed Moumou. For example, two of the sons have fought in Syria, one of whom died.

Doku has previously reported on [Child Protection Act] interventions against two of the daughters; in one of the cases one of the daughters was going to take a niece abroad, but she was arrested by police at Kastrup [Copenhagen Airport].

During the spring of 2022, Expressen reported that Camilla Olofsson and a man were charged by the Stockholm court for, among others, aggravated rape of children. The October 11 charge was for Camilla Olofsson’s part in human trafficking on two occasions, aiding and abetting aggravated child rape on several occasions, and forced marriage. The man, who according to an arrangement with Camilla Olofsson was allowed to marry one of her daughters, was charged with aggravated rape of a child.

The prosecutor’s oral evidence was very extensive and included, among other things, interviews with several people within the jihadist environment who were in the Islamic State and who had contact with Camilla Olofsson and the family when the crimes were reportedly committed.

The Solna district court has now announced its judgment. Camilla Olofsson is sentenced to six years and ten months in prison for human trafficking and aiding and abetting aggravated rape against one of her daughters. The forced marriage is included in the human trafficking charge for which she has been convicted, according to the district court.

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Charlie Hebdo: We Paean Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Eight years ago the editorial staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo took serious casualties as the result of an Al Qaeda terrorist attack on its offices in Paris. The Islamic action was in revenge for the magazine’s repeated publication of cartoons featuring Mohammed Pbuh, the prophet of Allah.

Charlie Hebdo has remained defiant in its publication of caricatures, and has just gotten itself in trouble again. This time, rather than going for the man at the top, the cartoonists are taking on one of Mohammed’s minions, the renowned Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran. The occasion for the magazine’s new lampoons is the last several months of demonstrations, especially by women, against the mullahs’ regime.

The Iranian government has just made an official protest to France about Charlie Hebdo’s disrespect for its Führer. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian daily La Libre:

[Viewer warning above link— The message on one of the cartoons says, “Mullahs, go back to where you came from”.]

“This will not stand without an effective and firm response”: Iran warns Paris after the publication of “insulting” caricatures by Charlie Hebdo

Iran warned Paris on Wednesday that it would react after the publication of “insulting” caricatures of the supreme head of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Earlier in the day the satirical weekly published dozens of caricatures featuring the highest religious and political personality of the Islamic Republic.

It concerns caricatures selected during the course of a competition launched in December, as demonstrations multiplied in Iran after the death in detention on September 16 of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman arrested for allegedly violating the country’s strict dress code applied to women.

“The insulting and indecent act of a French publication in publishing caricatures against the religious and political authority will not stand without an effective and firm response,” declared the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahien, on Twitter.

In December, Charlie Hebdo had announced that this “international competition to produce caricatures of Khamenei was aimed at supporting the “Iranians who are fighting for their liberty”.

The authorities state that hundreds of people, including members of the security forces, have been killed and thousands of others arrested in what they generally describe as “riots”. They accuse foreign powers and opposition groups of stirring up trouble.

Charlie Hebdo published the caricatures in a special edition on the anniversary of the deadly attack against its Paris office on January 7, 2015, which was perpetrated by assailants declaring they acted in the name of Al Qaida to avenge the decision of the paper to publish caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.

The publication of these caricatures caused a lot of anger in Muslim countries, and the 2015 attacks brought a wave of support for the magazine around the world.

Below is the Iranian press release, as linked by F Desouche, also translated by Gary Fouse:

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A Fundamental Right to Jihad

In March of 2016 the Islamic State pulled off two coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels. The surviving alleged attackers are currently on trial.

A court in Belgium has just enjoined the state from conducting any further searches of the defendants’ — ahem — nether orifices when they are transported from their prison cells to the courtroom. The citizens of Belgium will thereby be deprived of fundamental justice!

A side note: The case appears to have a Mohammed Coefficient of only 14.3%.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from La Libre:

Summary Court prohibits anal cavity body searches imposed on defendants in the March 22, 2016 attacks

Accused received partial relief

December 29, 2022

Caption: Police escort the accused before the Criminal Court

On Thursday the summary court ordered the Belgian state to end its systematic practice of anal cavity body searches imposed on the defendants being tried before the Brussels Criminal Court for their alleged participation in the March 22, 2016 attacks.

This practice, imposed during the transfers between Haren Prison and the Palace of Justice, where the Criminal Court sits, is aimed at checking that the prisoners have nothing hidden in their anus.

Thus, in its ruling, issued Thursday, the tribunal partially granted the requests of six of the seven accused prisoners, Mohamed Abrini, Sofien Ayari, Salah Abdeslam, Ali El Haddad Asufi, Bilal El Makhoukhi and Hervé Bayingana Muhirwa. Osama Krayem did not join in the petition.

For the tribunal, this systematic body cavity search seemed to constitute inhuman and degrading treatment prohibited by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The tribunal is giving the Belgian state eight days to end this practice, under penalty of a fine of €1,000 for each violation with a maximum of €50,000 per petitioner.

Double Trouble: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey

A crucial Senate race is underway in Pennsylvania in the coming midterms: a cognitively impaired stroke victim vs. America’s celebrity Turk. In the following essay David Boyajian examines the unsavory connections between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey.

Double Trouble: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey

by David Boyajian

TV personality Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz is the Republican candidate for U.S. senator in Pennsylvania. He could become the first senator to hold dual citizenship, notably that of Turkey and America.

Which country does Oz owe his allegiance to? That’s what journalists and others have justifiably been asking.

It’s an important question, particularly as Turkey remains a rogue NATO member and unapologetically repressive and corrupt.

Moreover, Ankara has long supported international terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

Oz and Turkish Terrorism

Ahmet S. Yayla was Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-2013. He acknowledged in 2020 that “Turkey was a central hub for… over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials [including] IEDs [improvised explosive devices], making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”

Terrorism expert/State Department adviser Dr. David L. Phillips directs Columbia University’s Peace-building and Human Rights Program. In Turkey: A State Sponsor of Terrorism? (2021), Phillips showed that if a “non-NATO country behaved like Turkey, it would warrant designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.”

Has Oz ever forthrightly condemned his country’s terrorism, repression, or corruption? Seemingly not.

Does Oz even care that Turkey sponsors ISIS and other terrorist organizations? I find no evidence of that.

Take his January 10, 2022 Washington Examiner op-ed. He expressed his “deep concerns about many of its [Turkey’s] authoritarian domestic policies and harmful foreign policies.”

Which “policies,” exactly? He didn’t say. I asked his campaign for examples. It hasn’t replied.

Moreover, Oz’s alleged “concerns,” as noted by the journalist Benjamin Baird, appeared only after the latter’s stinging, detailed, exposé of the doctor’s “many entanglements with Turkey’s government” (National Review, December 23, 2021).

Americans, said Baird in June, can rightly “question Oz’s loyalty and wonder why he wishes to prolong his allegiance to an oppressive authoritarian state.”

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Raped, Tortured, and Murdered by a Culture-Enricher

On Sunday I reported on the culture-enriching murder of a 12-year-old girl named Lola in Paris. The sordid details of the case were bad enough then, but even more horrific information has emerged since then. The victim was raped and tortured before she was killed, and the principal Algerian suspect was under a deportation order that had not been carried out.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Murder of Lola in Paris: Elected officials point to the “responsibility” of the government

by Dinah Cohen

Several on the Right and in the Rassemblement National [National Rally] denounce the “horror” of the crime and the presence in France of the principal suspect.

“Barbarism”, “torture”, “agony”…The words don’t seem strong enough to describe the horror of the murder of the young schoolgirl, Lola, whose body was found Friday wrapped in plastic in a trunk in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Off to the side of the ELA association recital to which she had been invited, First Lady Brigitte Macron spoke Monday on the “absolutely abominable and intolerable tragedy.” “We are with the pupils, the teachers, and certainly with the families,” she stated.

The following morning, the head of state personally received the parents of the victim at the Élysée Palace to assure them of “his complete support”. A reaction deemed tardy by part of the political class, who now point to the “responsibility” of the government for the tragic fate of the child. According to the first results of the investigation, the principal suspect had been the object of an order to leave the country at the end of the summer (OQTF), but this was not carried out.

In the face of these revelations, the deputies of the Right and the nationalist camp did not fail to take the various ministers to task Tuesday afternoon during the questions to the government session. At the microphone, elected representative (RL) Eric Pauget denounced the “weakness of the Republic” and its “laxness”. “Lola lost her life because you did not carry out the expulsion of this foreign national,” the Alpes-Maritimes deputy reproached in addressing the Guardian of the Seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti. “This is the heavy consequence of your inaction,” he stated.

Government taken to task

In the process, the president of the Rassemblement National party, Marine Le Pen, directly challenged the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. “The suspect in this barbaric act should not have been in our country,” she reproached her, calling into question the “migratory laxness” of the Executive. “You did not gauge the immense, deep emotion this tragedy has awakened in the heart of the French people,” she added.

A few hours earlier, messages addressing the responsibility of the government multiplied on social media. The deputy and candidate for the presidency of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti, demanded that “justice be done, whatever the cost.” His colleague and competitor Aurelien Pradie asked that “little Lola not be lost amid all the various facts.” When the third candidate for the party presidency, Bruno Retailleau, evoked “civilizational combat” and reproached the Minister of Interior “for agitating the extreme Right to mask his incompetence rather than more effectively fighting against the extreme violence.”

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Knife Jihad in Ludwigshafen

Ludwigshafen is a city in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Yesterday at lunchtime a young Somali culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage that left two people dead and another seriously wounded.

Early news reports about the incident said the perpetrator’s motive was unknown. Since then it has emerged that the high-spirited youngster attempted to dismember and slit the throats of at least some of his victims, and shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during the act. Readers are left to draw their own conclusions.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this brief news video, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Notes accompanying the video, also translated by MissPiggy:

German and Ukrainian fatally attacked with machete in Ludwigshafen by a Somali denied asylum

A German (35) and a Ukrainian (20) died at the scene and another person seriously injured on Tuesday, October 18, 2020 during a knife attack in Ludwigshafen/Oggersheim. Police officers were able to fire shots at the suspect (Somali, 25 years) before arresting him; he shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

Sources report that the perpetrator tried to cut off body parts using a machete and stabbed the neck and heart areas.

Below is an article about the attack in Ludwigshafen. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this report from Junge Freiheit:

Bloody deed with two dead

Knife attack in Ludwigshafen: Somali shouted “Allahu Akhbar”


The Somali knife attacker who murdered two people in Ludwigshafen on Tuesday shouted “Allahu Akhbar” before he did it. The 25-year-old African cut off a victim’s hand during the bloody deed, reported Der Spiegel, citing security circles. Another man was injured in the attack before police were able to gun down the perpetrator.

Before the act, the Somali tried to visit his children who live with his ex-girlfriend. When he didn’t succeed, he freaked out and, according to the Bild newspaper, made threats with a machete and shouted in front of the apartment.

Somali is in the hospital

He then killed his two victims. They are said be two painters. He then ran into a drug store and seriously injured his third victim.

The injured Somali attacker is currently in a hospital. He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Bild reports: The victims (20, 35) are painters; one is said to have rushed to help the other. Both died from their stab and slash injuries. A neighbor: “A painter was thrown to the ground and then his left hand or arm was severed.”

Immediately after the crime, the armed attacker ran across a residential area, past shops and a kindergarten. In a drugstore 500 meters away on Comeniusstraße, the alleged killer stabbed another victim (27), seriously injuring the man.

Afterword from the translator:

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Losing Their Heads Over the Motoons (Again)

Angry culture-enrichers in France are threatening to give a teacher the Samuel Paty treatment, i.e. they intend to behead him. It’s not clear what he did to upset the soldiers of Allah, aside from the fact that he’s Jewish.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

“We’re going to make him a Samuel Paty”: A history-geography teacher threatened with death in Essonne

by Guillaume Poingt
October 13, 2022

An anonymous letter was delivered to the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes on Monday, October 10. The teacher was also the object of anti-Semitic remarks in the letter. An investigation is in progress.

A professor of history-geography at the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes in Essonne has been targeted with death threats and anti-Semitic insults in an anonymous letter delivered to the school on Monday, October 10, Le Figaro learned from the public prosecutor’s office of Evry, confirming a report by CNews. The prosecutor’s office informs us that an investigation has been opened for “death threats directed at a public service employee,” with aggravating circumstances pertaining to religion.

“The dirty Jew should stop being sly,” “We will make a Samuel Paty out of him and his father, the old Zionist rabbi,” and further, “We don’t want Jews in the high schools, stay in your synagogues,” we can read in the letter, revealed by CNews.

The teacher, who filed a complaint, was placed under police surveillance. “This is very violent, it touches me personally in my private identity, it touches me as a professor because there is the name of my colleague (Paty), it causes me anxiety… I am determined to return to teaching, but there will be a before and after,” he confided to our news colleagues.

These threats come as teachers and students prepare to honor the memory of Samuel Paty within the context of the revival of attacks against school secularism. On October 16, 2020, Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old professor of history-geography, was beheaded near his school, Bois-d’Aulne Middle School in Conflans-Saint-Honorine (Yvelines). His killer, Abdoulakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old Russian refugee of Chechen origin, accused him of showing cartoons of the prophet Mohammad to his pupils.

The Trail Leads to Pakistan

In April of 2021 a young Pakistani woman named Saman Abbas disappeared in Italy, and was presumed to have been “honor-killed” by her parents and male relatives. Below is another new report with information on the case.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Corriere della Sera:

Saman Abbas: In Pakistan, the federal police on the trail of the father to arrest him

by Alessandro Fulloni and Andrea Pasqualetto

New impetus for the investigation. The girl’s brother: “ I looked for the body in the greenhouses.” Three months before she disappeared, she had written her black list with five names: all under investigation. The interviews: How it went that night.

The searches

A risk that seems to have been averted last year by a sort of protection on the part of the local police in Punjab, where the Abbas’ reside. But which now could turn through the federal police of Pakistan, which depends on the army. This, at least, is the news that comes back from Islamabad. Last year, everything had been grounded on the part of the Pakistan national cabinet chaired by the prime minister. The Pakistani magistrate had to respond to the Italian letters rogatory, proceeding to the examination of the documentation from Reggio Emilia through Rome, in order to then proceed to arrest. “But no response, of any kind, ever arrived,” the Foreign Ministry explains. But now there is this new impetus.

I looked for her in the greenhouses

Returning to the dramatic evening, the brother understood everything, and it was confirmed to him by the uncle, Danish, accused of being the material perpetrator of the crime: “I killed her; don’t say anything to the Carabinieri.” The boy, who had seen the uncle take Saman away while putting a hand over her mouth, gasped. He asked where his sister was. “I wanted to hug her for the last time, but he answered that he couldn’t tell me.” Given the circumstances and the times, he thought that Danish had killed her in a greenhouse on the farm, perhaps strangling her, imagining also that he might have cut her into pieces and buried her or thrown her into the Po river. “In Pakistan, that’s how they do it.” They do this with women who betray or refuse an arranged marriage, Saman’s sin. With this frightening idea that evening, the brother of Saman, therefore, went to close the greenhouses.” First, I walked around inside looking for my sister’s body, but I didn’t find it.”

Saman was not afraid

He had his heart in his throat and a sense of infinite guilt. It was he who showed the photo of the kiss with a boyfriend disliked by the family. And it was always he who kept them up to date on her relationships, naturally, without imagining the tragic consequences. “My sister had already escaped two times, once in Belgium and one time from the community, and in our religion, that’s a big mistake…” the boy said on May 15, 2021, noting that he had always feared his uncle a lot: “She, on the other hand, had no fear of him and talked back to him, and this he didn’t like.” It was always like that. And in that period, the situation had further worsened.

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A Mother’s Role in an Honor Killing

Below is the latest news in the case of Saman Abbas, a young Pakistani woman in Italy who disappeared in the spring of 2021 and is believed to have been “honor-killed” by her relatives.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“Your father and I died”

The wiretap of Saman’s mother

The 18-year-old’s mother, Nazia Shaheen, was wiretapped after the alleged crime. The telephone call with the younger brother of the girl. “Your father and I…”

by Rosa Scognamiglio
September 25, 2022

“Your father and I died on the spot.” These are the words spoken by Nazia Shaheen, the mother of Saman Abbas, in the course of a phone call with her younger son and brother of the 18-year-old Pakistani who disappeared from Novellara the night of April 30 a year ago. The wire interception, in the files of the case for homicide and illegal disposal of a body, goes back to the end of August 2021. The mother was likely already back in Pakistan with her husband Shabbar.

The call

The details of the conversation between Nazia Shaheen and the younger brother of Saman (the boy is currently housed at a protected structure in the Bologna area) are not yet known. This is certainly not an insignificant element. It is the latest in this tangled family affair which, for the moment, involves five persons: The two cousins of the girl, the uncle, and the parents. They are all under investigation, even if the Abbas spouses, for whom there is an international arrest warrant, remain free. The fact is that this call, as well as that from Shabbar to his step-brother, is the umpteenth piece of the puzzle that the investigators are attempting to reconstruct. The hypothesis of honor crime, already confirmed in part from the statements of Saman’s father — “I killed her for my dignity,” were the man’s words — now takes on even more body and shape with the cryptic phrase spoken by Nazia: “We died there.”

The homicide told by Ijaz

It was reportedly Ikram Ijaz, one of the two arrested cousins, who furnished the relevant details of the dynamic of the alleged homicide. According to what he reportedly told a detainee, who then passed on the contents of the alleged confession to prison authorities, Saman was allegedly strangled with a rope, cut into pieces, and finally thrown into the Po River by “a man with a balaclava”. The crime was reportedly carried out in the countryside of Novellara, probably in the greenhouses of the agricultural business where the Abbas clan worked. Nazia, who allegedly accompanied the daughter in her final steps before handing her over to her uncle Danish, reportedly broke out in tears. At that point, Shabbar reportedly asked her to return home, giving the task of finishing the operation by disposing of the cadaver to an unknown person.

Previous posts about the honor killing of Saman Abbas:

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Convicted of Exposing Islam?

The following article about the travesty of “justice” inflicted upon my Danish friend Steen was written by Peder Jensen, better known as Fjordman.

Earlier this month Steen was convicted in a Danish court and given a four-month prison sentence (suspended) for writing about and linking to a video of the murder of two young Scandinavian women by mujahideen in Morocco in 2018. He simply described what happened and linked to a site that had posted the murderers’ video of the atrocity, and that was enough to bring down the wrath of the Danish legal system upon himself.

Before I get to Fjordman’s account of what happened, I’d just like to say a few words about my association with Steen. I got to know him online in early 2007, and stayed with him at his flat in Copenhagen later that year when I attended the first of a series of Counterjihad conferences in Europe. He and I became good friends, and he is one of the finest people I know. (As it happens, that event in Copenhagen was the first time that Fjordman and Steen met, but that’s another story.)

Back then Steen, Fjordman, and I all wrote pseudonymously. Nowadays all three of us are public — how times have changed!

Steen took over the small blog Dansk-Svensk in 2004 and turned it into Snaphanen, retaining the combined focus on Danish and Swedish affairs. He was neither a blogger nor a writer by trade, but a professional photographer. Nevertheless, by patient work as an editor and collator, he made Snaphanen into the largest blog in Denmark.

In July of 2011, after the massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya, like so many of us Steen was exposed to the glare of the media klieg lights by his site’s association with Fjordman. Under the same circumstances, numerous other Counterjihad activists fled and hid in the shadows in the face of all the vicious publicity, shutting down their sites and retiring from activism.

But not Steen. He remained defiant. He kept Snaphanen open and active, saying to those who would bring him down, in effect: “Here I am. Come and get me.”

Seven years later the Powers That Be at last managed to find a way to get him. The case against him is ludicrous. It’s buffoonery. The Danish government ought to be ashamed of itself.

Somebody should market lapel buttons featuring the slogan (in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English): “We are all Steen now!”

Many thanks to LN for translating this Danish-language article from Snaphanen:

Convicted of exposing Islam?

by Fjordman
February 24, 2022

Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen met a beastly death in the Atlas Mountains. Back home in Denmark and Norway the media and authorities did not want people to know about it.

For many years the Danish writer and photographer Steen Raaschou has run the website Snaphanen.dk. On September 20 2022 he was sentenced by the District Court of Copenhagen to four months’ imprisonment, suspended, for writing in December of 2018 about the murders of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland in Morocco, and for linking to a video that showed the atrocities.

The trial has taken several years. Early on the morning of May 8 2019, Raaschou had his private residence searched by at least five police officers. They confiscated his computer equipment and handcuffed him as if he had been a dangerous terrorist. Raaschou was by then a pensioner and had no criminal record.

However, the authorities wanted a harsher punishment. The prosecutor had asked for six months of unconditional imprisonment for Raaschou. But the judges decided to impose a suspended sentence, partly because of the defendant’s age and health. Steen Raaschou has been seriously ill with cancer and is still taking numerous medications on a daily basis.

I know Mr. Raaschou personally, and was present in court myself, as one of dozens of witnesses. As a non-lawyer, I immediately found the application of the law to be strange.

Raaschou was convicted by the Copenhagen District Court of violating ¶264d of the Danish Criminal Code, which prohibits the dissemination of images relating to the “private affairs” of another person and which are clearly not in the public interest.

An example of this practice is if you were to distribute or publish nude pictures of your ex-girlfriend or spouse. Such actions are intended to personally harass and humiliate another person with images that are clearly private and certainly not in the public interest.

People die every day. Some die more brutally than others. Death by murder places an extra strain on the survivors, on the family and friends of the victims. This is because serious crime is not just a private matter. The right to privacy must be balanced against the public’s right to be informed about what is happening in the world around them. People should be made aware of problems and potential threats. They have a right to demand to receive basic information about the society in which they live. Moreover, withholding truthful information may often encourage the spread of rumours, which can be both true and false.

The double murder of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland bore the stamp of an act of terrorism. The militant Muslims who committed the murders in an extremely brutal and ritualistic manner sympathised with terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State (IS).

A deadly terrorist attack against a Danish and a Norwegian citizen is of obvious and general interest to citizens of Denmark, Norway and other countries. It is quite unreasonable to treat this in the same way as the dissemination of private nude photographs.

Steen Raaschou referred to this fact on his website Snaphanen.dk in December of 2018 because he felt that the mainstream media were not reporting the whole truth about what had really happened in Morocco. The media in Denmark and Norway wrote diffusely that the two women had received “injuries to their necks”. This is such a gross paraphrase of what actually happened that it is in fact a complete lie. Raaschou himself says that he wrote to inform the public of the truth. In no way was this done to cause inconvenience to the victims’ families.

The judges at the Copenhagen District Court rejected the arguments by Raaschou and his lawyer that he had used his freedom of speech to inform the public. They considered that the victims’ interests outweighed the defendant’s freedom of expression.

It was also argued that Raaschou could have reported the double murder in a different way, rather than by showing a diffused screenshot and providing a video link to another website.

The video footage of the murders was not shown to the parties in court. However, a witness who has worked for the police was called. He described parts of the video. The judges prohibited reporting the content of the video.

Everyone present in the courtroom, including members of the audience such as myself, were thus prohibited from describing what we heard mentioned in the courtroom about the video. Violation of this prohibition could, in the worst case, lead to our own prosecution.

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Berlin’s Resident Palestinian Terrorist

Just over fifty years ago eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team, plus a German policeman, were murdered in Munich by Islamic terrorists from “Palestine”. According to recently revealed accounts, one of the surviving terrorists lived unmolested in Berlin for thirteen years.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

For 13 years

Olympic terrorist probably lived undisturbed in Berlin

[Photo caption: Olympic 1972: An Arab terrorist on the balcony of the Israeli team quarters-Photo: dpa]

One of the three surviving 1972 Olympic attackers reportedly stayed undisturbed in Berlin for 13 years. The Bavarian police were reportedly informed about it; however, it is not clear how trustworthy the informant at the time was.

This is reported by the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Saturday. The Palestinian terrorist reportedly commuted between West and East Berlin almost daily. This was also reported by a man in the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) to the police in Bavaria. However, the reliability of his account has not been clarified, according to the file material. This is stored, meanwhile, in the Munich City Archives and is of limited accessibility. Whether the information was followed up on is, to date, unclear.

“The question arises as to whether the police were generally active or held back in order not to risk any attacks by militant Palestinians in the Federal Republic,” the Süddeutsche Zeitung quoted the Munich historian Dominik Aufleger. He reportedly has had access to the file material. The theory of individual survivors goes one step further: According to them, the hijacking of the Lufthansa plane “Kiel” was only faked.

Was a deal made?

The report now fuels the theory advanced particularly by Israeli survivors: The Federal Government subsequently made a deal with the Palestinians to prevent further attacks in Germany. In exchange, the attackers would be released. A spokesperson for the Bavarian Interior Ministry said Saturday that a commission of historians was responsible for processing the files.

On September 5, 1972, a Palestinian terror commando team attacked the Israeli team during the Olympic games in Munich. In this attack eleven people were taken hostage, who were later killed in a shootout. Among the dead victims were also a policeman and five of the eight terrorists. Three of the attackers survived and were imprisoned, but shortly thereafter, were freed with the help of a plane hijacking.

Decades of negotiations

Police and authorities admitted to serious mistakes and omissions. Just a few days ago, the survivors of the Israeli victims agreed with the German Federal Government on a compensation payment in the amount of €28 million.

Nice Truck Jihad Back in the News

On Bastille Day of 2016, a 31-year-old Tunisian named Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel deliberately drove his truck into a crowd of people celebrating France’s national day in Nice. A total of 86 people were killed. The attacker was killed by police. Eight people are currently on trial in Paris, charged with aiding the terrorist.

Today, police in the French town of Auxerre in the Yonne Department arrested a 20-year-old man for disseminating hateful messages on social media against the victims of that attack, and supporting the attack itself.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the regional daily L’Yonne républicaine:

A resident of Auxerre, age 20, arrested after a hateful message regarding the victims of the attack in Nice

On the morning of Tuesday, September 13, The Auxerre police arrested a resident of Yonne[1] (Department in France) age 20, suspected of being the writer of a hateful message on social media regarding the victims of the attack in Nice. He will be tried Wednesday, September 14 in an immediate appearance, by the criminal court of Auxerre. The defendant had already been convicted of expressing support for terrorism in 2020.

A young resident of Auxerre was arrested Tuesday morning, September 13, 2022 for writing a hateful message on social media on August 28, 2022, regarding the victims of the attack at Nice. He is suspected of disseminating images on social media of the truck that killed 86 people on the Promenade des Anglais, accompanied by the phrase, “Nissa[2] Sh** , 80 fascists disappeared”.

As indicated by our colleagues with Nice Matin, the national prosecutor in Nice had ordered the “opening of an investigation for support of terrorism”. In light of the “place of residence” of the alleged writer of the message, the prosecutor’s office of Nice “withdrew from the case in favor of that of Auxerre,” the national prosecutor of Auxerre, Hugues de Phily confirmed. The case was assigned to the Judiciary Police of Auxerre, who carried out the arrest of the defendant Tuesday morning in the city center of Auxerre.

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Blood and Horror

Daniel Greenfield on 9/11:

Before 9/11, I had a sense of a dimly understood future rushing toward us. I still have that sense now.

Islamic terrorism is not the only thing that matters. It’s not the only thing that will determine our survival. But it is one of those things. And it’s the one that we’ve forgotten. And one of these days we will once again wake up to blood and horror and mass death. Let us hope that this time we stay awake.

The 50th Anniversary of Black September

Next month will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the kidnapping and massacre of eleven Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich. The Israelis were taken hostage and murdered by Palestinian terrorists of “Black September”, most of whom were also eventually killed.

The two articles below concern controversy over the commemoration of the massacre, and were translated by Gary Fouse.

Official recognition of the anniversary has been clouded by two recent issues in Germany. First, remarks by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have caused consternation. Mind you, Mr. Abbas was also one of the masterminds of the Black September massacre, but we’re supposed to forget about that niggling little detail.

From the German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle :

Middle East conflict

Palestinian president Abbas causes anger in Berlin with Holocaust comparison

After a meeting with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of a “Holocaust” and with that, unleashed heavy criticism. The term “apartheid” was also mentioned at the press conference.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz sees no “apartheid” in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel. After a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Berlin, Scholz said he didn’t want to use this term. Abbas had previously spoken about “apartheid” and raised serious accusations against Israel. Abbas demanded that the EU and UN fully recognize the Palestinian state.

Currently the Palestinians only have observer status at the UN. However, Scholz rejected Abbas’ demand. Germany continues to support a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, he said. This is “not the time to change anything.”

Abbas expressed disappointment that after the visit of US President Joe Biden, the US had also made no steps towards a new Middle East initiative. “We are still awaiting today the practical steps that follow words,” he said with a view toward Biden, who had also spoken in favor of a two-state solution.

Abbas accuses Israel of “Holocaust”

Abbas caused serious irritation when he accused Israel of a “Holocaust” against the Palestinians. Israel has “committed 50 massacres, 50 Holocausts” against the Palestinians. Scholz followed the statements visibly angered and with a stony expression, and he was prepared to reply. His spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit declared the press conference over immediately after Abbas’ answer. The question to the Palestinian president had already been announced as the last. Hebestreit later reported that Scholz was angered by the Abbas statement.

Deutsche Welle correspondent Nina Haase, who was present at the press conference, analyzed the incident this way: “Scholz didn’t look good here. But it is also unclear whether Abbas did his cause any good by knowingly provoking the German Chancellor in this manner. It could affect the future support readiness of Scholz.”

Scholz: Unbearable and unacceptable

Later, Chancellor Scholz rejected the Holocaust accusation against Israel by the Palestinian president in clear words. “Especially for us Germans, any comparison to the Holocaust is unbearable and unacceptable,” Scholz told Bild-Zeitung. He expressed similar words in a tweet:

Tweet from federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz:

“I am deeply outraged by the unspeakable words of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas. Especially for us Germans, any comparison to the Holocaust is unbearable and unacceptable. I condemn any attempt to deny the crimes of the Holocaust.”

Criticism also came from the Federal Government’s commissioner for anti-Semitism, Felix Klein. “Through his Holocaust comparison, President Abbas has shown a lack of sensitivity towards us, his German hosts,” Klein said to the Germany Editorial Network: “That especially applies in view of the question posed about the Olympics attack that was carried out by PLO-terrorists.”

The new German ambassador to Israel, Steffen Seibert, criticized the Holocaust comparison by Abbas as false and unacceptable. “Germany will never tolerate any attempt to deny the uniqueness of the crimes of the Holocaust,” the former government spokesman wrote on Twitter.

Sharp criticism from the International Auschwitz Committee

The International Auschwitz Committee accused Abbas of deliberately using Berlin’s political stage to defame “German remembrance culture and relations with Israel.” Executive Vice President Christoph Heubner made a corresponding statement: “With his shameful and inappropriate Holocaust comparison, Abbas has again tried to serve anti-Semitic aggression in Germany and Europe.” Heubner also directed criticism at the federal government: “It is astounding and strange that the German side was not prepared, and Abbas’ provocations and statements about the Holocaust in the press conference remained uncontradicted.”

Angry reactions in Israel

Meanwhile, the Israeli government also sharply rejected the Holocaust comparison. That Abbas accused Israel of “committing 50 Holocausts while he was on German soil is not only a moral shame but also a monstrous lie,” explained the Israeli government head Jair Lapid. “History will never forgive him.”

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz condemned the statements of the Palestinian president as well. Whoever wants peace “should not distort the truth and re-write history,” the minister warned. The president of the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem, Dani Dayan, condemned Abbas’s statements as “terrifying”. “The German government, in the Federal Chancellery, must directly react in appropriate ways to this inexcusable behavior,” Dayna demanded.

The second article, from the Süddeutsche Zeitung, concerns the withdrawal from the event by relatives of the victims, due to what they consider an inadequate level of proposed reparations to be paid by the German government:

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