You Were in Their Territory — You Should Have Worn the Veil

The Italian journalist Eugenia Fiore recently paid a visit to a no-go zone in France as part of her investigation into the murder of a high school teacher by a culture-enriching “youth” named Mohammed. She and her camera crew were attacked for filming in front of a mosque, and Ms. Fiore was knocked to the ground, beaten, and kicked. The police were of no help. They averred that the journalist was, after all, Muslim territory, and besides, she hadn’t been veiled.

You had it coming to you, girl!

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   You shouldn’t have filmed!
00:07   You must leave me alone! —You can’t film!
00:10   Help! Leave me alone! —Don’t film! —Don’t! Leave me alone!
00:14   Ouch! Help! Leave me alone! Ouch! Ouch! Stop it! Ouch!
00:20   Please, don’t! No, please, don’t!
00:29   In France there are areas that have become inaccessible.
00:36   We were attacked in front of a mosque just to get a few shots with the camera.
00:41   It happened in Roubaix, a city just a few kilometers away from where,
00:46   a few days ago, the nightmare of terrorism returned.
00:52   Our journey through horror begins here.
01:00   I don’t want this. Not for my children.
01:05   We are in Arras, a town in the north of France.
01:09   A few hours ago there was an attack.
01:12   A radicalized Muslim killed a teacher of this high school,
01:16   with a knife to the throat, shouting “Allah Akbar”.
01:28   It’s horrible. I have no words.
01:34   He was one of the nicest teachers we’ve ever had.
01:39   We have to save Europe from all this danger.
01:43   He’s got a knife. He’s going to get him.
01:47   They’ve evacuated everyone.
01:52   People are coming in to pay their respects.
01:55   Just a few hours have passed since the attack.
01:58   This city has woken up in shock today.
02:05   Who’s the terrorist? We went to see where he used to live.
02:13   We are in the western outskirts of Arras. The terrorist used to live in this building.
02:18   He lived here with his family. His family
02:21   was supposed to be expelled from French territory in 2014.
02:28   I am sorry to disturb you, do you know Mohamed?
02:32   The one who used to live here? No, I don’t know him.
02:39   We’ve seen the police and the army come here several times.
02:43   It’s scary. He could have harmed our children.
02:46   There is a big playground area, down there. He used to go there often, with children.
02:50   They didn’t want to do anything to do with us.
02:58   I am from Tunisia. They are Algerians.
03:01   Algerians? —We just knew him by sight. Not personally.
03:06   This is what the neighborhood looks like.
03:09   There are young immigrants, Northern Africans, even minors,
03:12   who spend their days selling drugs.
03:19   We’re moving to Roubaix, a city about 40 kilometres away.
03:24   We walk along these streets, but we feel out of place.
03:28   It’s like being catapulted into a faraway country.
03:38   We hear people speaking mostly in Arabic.
03:41   Many women wear the full veil, which has been banned in France since 2010.
03:48   We enter a bookshop. Even in the children’s books, people’s faces are erased.
03:59   What these children say is worrying.
04:02   I’m a Moroccan. And she’s an Algerian.
04:05   I need to buy a book which shows me what I can and what I can’t do.
04:09   These children attend an illegal school in the area,
04:13   where they perform religious practices which are banned in public schools.
04:17   We must wear the veil compulsorily.
04:20   There’s also the prayer, five times a day.
04:24   For example, you can’t have a partner before getting married.
04:29   Friendship between boys and girls doesn’t exist. In this city,
04:32   children are indoctrinated at an early age,
04:35   forced to follow a rigorous form of Islam.
04:38   Look, this is a mosque, and there’s also a Quranic school.
04:46   At some point, a crowd of people starts leaving the mosque.
04:50   There are many families, women, children.
04:55   Are there many classes? —Yes. Arabic and Qur’an.
04:58   The situation seems calm, so we try to get some shots with a small camera.
05:03   Some men, after leaving the mosque, start surrounding us.
05:06   First one, then two, three, four, ten. There are more and more.
05:11   Give me the camera! —All right, André. Let’s go! —I’ll take it and break it.
05:15   Give me the camera. —Okay, calm down.
05:18   Give me the camera! You must give us the camera!
05:21   We didn’t film anything! —Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
05:25   We didn’t film anything! —Calm down!
05:28   We didn’t film anything. —You can’t film! Where do you think you’re going?
05:34   Watch out! We are going to smash your camera! — No, no! —I can’t speak French.
05:38   Either you let me watch what you have been filming, or we smash it!
05:43   They don’t want us to leave; they try to take the camera from us.
05:50   At some point I start running. I thought that since I am a woman, they wouldn’t do anything to me.
05:55   Instead, I’m chased by even more men, I am surrounded, pushed, thrown on to the ground, kicked.
06:03   That’s not possible! They can’t touch me, here! —Where do you think you’re going?
06:06   Don’t! Don’t! Leave me alone! —You shouldn’t have filmed us!
06:10   You must leave me alone! Help! Leave me alone! Don’t, don’t! Leave me alone!
06:15   Ouch! Help! Leave me alone! Ouch!
06:19   Ouch! Stop it!
06:22   No, please, don’t! Please don’t!
06:28   Give me my stuff back.
06:31   Give me my stuff back.
06:37   Where’s my colleague?
06:42   Nobody in that neighborhood came to my rescue. There was even one passer-by
06:45   who took pictures of me while I was being attacked.
06:48   While they were attacking me, my colleague was also hit with punches.
06:53   What are you filming? —The whole neighborhood was revolting against us.
06:59   What do you want? Stop it! —We’re going to break your camera!
07:05   “You have called the European emergency number. I am listening to you.”
07:10   I’m an Italian journalist and they hurt me. They beat me up.
07:17   Rue de Turcoing. We called 112, but no police car came to our rescue.
07:25   They threw me on the ground, they threw me on the ground, they kicked me.
07:29   Leave me alone! ouch!
07:32   Ouch! Don’t! Please, stop it! Please, don’t!
07:45   They took the camera, they stole it from us. They slammed me to the ground and kicked me.
07:50   This is what happens when you film in front of a mosque.
07:54   In the end, we managed to escape that Islamic ghetto,
07:57   and we reported what had happened to the police.
08:00   The police officers, in the police station, told me that if I had also worn the veil,
08:05   none of this would have happened.
08:15   Eugenia Fiore is the reporter who made this news report.
08:19   First of all, how are you, Eugenia? —Let’s say that watching these images again
08:24   makes me feel under pressure, it makes me feel bad, it also makes me angry.
08:30   At a certain point, I could hear your voice saying “please, don’t!”
08:35   Were you afraid they wouldn’t stop? Yes, they would have done anything
08:39   to kick us out of the neighborhood.
08:44   They wouldn’t have stopped. They would have done anything to take the camera from us.
08:51   They had gone wild. They were all men? —Yes, all men.
08:54   All of them out were coming out of the mosque? Or most of them?
08:57   They were coming out of the mosque, but I didn’t imagine something like that.
09:00   I thought: “I’m going to escape now, I’m going.” —And they chased you? —I secured the equipment.
09:05   Since I’m a woman, I thought they wouldn’t chase me, they wouldn’t do anything to me.
09:09   There were more men around me; they kicked me to the ground. —They kicked you to the ground,
09:13   they beat you up, they punched you. —Yes, because when I was on the ground, I got a lot of blows,
09:19   but I don’t remember what happened, because probably…
09:23   I’m also having trouble sleeping now, it’s not…
09:27   And the police told you: “If you had worn the veil, nothing would have happened to you”?
09:32   Yes, a policewoman inside the police station told me:
09:36   “That’s their territory.
09:39   If you had worn the veil, probably none of this would have happened.”
09:43   Thank you for your work, Eugenia.

9 thoughts on “You Were in Their Territory — You Should Have Worn the Veil

  1. What do you expect when you welcome a conquering people who believe their culture is superior? Islam starts with small slights and victimhood, then to taking over territory. Next, crime and murder to create fear. Finally, atrocities and war. Just ask the Israelis who face this every day.
    To ignore the hate preaching in mosques and in schools is to invite our demise.

  2. since I am a woman –
    since you are a woman you are engaged in the current renegotiation of relationships where changed material and cultural norms mean that prior considerations are moot. Success is synonymous with the same level of irresponsibility that is still touted as a male attribute by the propaganda machine, despite everybody seeing reality as otherwise on a daily basis. Just as an example take the pink hat wise women and their omission of two words – they let. They are rich, educated, good looking, young, just to get in the door. Let is shorthand for paying a price that is expected to yield an enormous return – no other return on investment comes even close.
    Since you are a woman reporter you have known at least since Lara Logan the territory into which you went. You also know that in this territory your Universal Human Rights were superseded by the Cairo Declaration of 1990 which is essentially sharia law. Reality is literally punching you in the face on the streets and it is an asset for the followers of the koran that they are honest in their fidelity. In theory the west can honestly say that the koran is barbaric and then face the barbaric violence, but the west is incompatible with honesty.
    There are plenty of woman not pulling this crap – follow their example for credibility Eugenia

  3. After Lara Logan’s experience in Cairo more than a decade ago, it’s hard to believe that there are female journalists who don’t understand what they may be getting themselves into when dealing with Muslims.

    • According to Martin Sellner (a big evil Nazi who talked to the AfD a few weeks ago and it was big in the news, you know remigration and throwing nice, friendly muslims out of Europe and into the cold uncaring muslim countries, oops, those countries are friendly but sending muslims back is evil) more than 90% of all journalists (at least Germany) are left wing (57% are Greens, 23% are The Left, former PDS former SED of East Germany and 11% are SPD).

      So, they are all of the Peace and unicorn tradition when it comes to Islam.
      And even IF reality hits them, they will talk it down or claim that it was a misunderstanding and we need more money to fight the evil right aka Nazis.

  4. If she wound have wore a veil she would have infiltrated and understand much more.
    This people need to be eliminated by any means

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