Syrian Youth Planned to Blow Up Synagogue in Hagen

An underage Syrian culture-enricher in the German city of Hagen allegedly plotted to attack a synagogue with explosives during Yom Kippur.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating these two news reports, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Below are excerpts from a Breitbart report (hat tip Reader from Chicago) about the plot to blow up the synagogue:

Syrian Teen Refugee Arrested in Germany Over Islamist Plot to Attack Synagogue

German police arrested a 16-year-old Syrian male, his father, and two brothers on suspicion of plotting an “Islamist-motivated threat” against a synagogue.

The arrests took place in Hagen near Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Thursday morning during Yom Kippur, the holiest period in the Jewish calendar, as a result of what authorities took to be a credible threat to attack the city’s synagogue.

Video transcript #1:

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The Caliphate Advances in Sweden

Below is a view of the 9-11 anniversary as reflected in local political events in Sweden.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this editorial from Katerina Magasin:

20 years after 9-11, you can be charged if you call an Islamist extreme

September 12, 2021

I didn’t write anything yesterday on the 20th anniversary of terror in the USA when Islamist terrorism claimed thousands of lives and forever tore open a bottomless wound in the free Western world. Social media still simmered and boiled filled with memories and reflections, mainly what people were doing themselves when news of the planes hitting the Twin Towers like an exploding suicide belt on all the information channels. Perhaps, I myself remember most clearly the feeling that it couldn’t be true. That it was a bad joke. And that the day after, we awoke to something that could be most described as a huge hangover, anxiety, and sadness. What strikes me today, 20 years and one day later, is how quickly the Islamization of Europe, in Europe in general and Sweden in particular. is going. Islam is gaining more ground, and with the argument of “religious freedom”, it advances its positions-though Islam primarily is a political ideology and a legal system, where religion is mostly a facade. Churches are proposed to become mosques, minarets are built, calls to prayer are permitted. More and more girls and women go around dressed in full-covering Islamic dress. In more and more areas, sharia trumps Swedish law. Imams decide, not Swedish courts. But worst is the mental breakdown of freedom of expression. Court proceedings against former Social Democrat politician Ann-Sofie Hermansson in Gothenburg [prosecuted for defamation as a result of her blog posts] is a clear symbol that Islamists use our own democracy to suppress and obtain the right to exercise their anti-democratic ideology. As I write this, I am thinking: Can I be reported for blasphemy?

You can read the background of the trial against Ann-Sofie Hermansson here.

In short, it can be said that Hermansson called extremists extremists. There is no other way to say it. And here is where it becomes difficult. Should we not be allowed to criticize a political ideology that in many ways goes against principles that all humans have equal value, equality before the law, freedom of speech, and our freedom to criticize ideologies and religions? I think that these positions being advanced are an extremely destructive and unfortunate development. Particularly when Swedish Public Service — which should be objective, non-partisan, and neutral — actually takes sides against Ann-Sofie Hermansson and thinks it is acceptable that her right to express her opinion must actually be tested. “A blessing,” they write that this, that the question be judged in a higher instance. Perhaps Public Service wants us to no longer call extremists extremists? That it should be criminal?

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Mutti Pays Off the Taliban

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

600 million for Taliban-Afghanistan: Why isn’t Merkel charged for supporting a terrorist organization?

by Stefan Schubert
September 11, 2021

What is the difference between needy flood victims in Ahrtal and the radical-Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan? The people in Germany have been robbed of their entire existence, not the least by the failure of politics; they can, perhaps — beginning in October — fill out online forms to apply for state subsidies, which will then, after a review, be paid out sometime. The Merkel government has immediately transferred €600 million to the Taliban terrorists without any bureaucracy or evidence. So much for the priorities of this federal government.

It should not be left unmentioned here that the federal government called on the population to financially support the victims of the flood catastrophe. The citizens with some of the world’s highest taxes and fees should also pay for the failures of politics with additional compensation payments. In the aftermath of the flood catastrophe, it became known that the federal government was responsible for large gaps in disaster control. Over 1,300 special vehicles were lacking, which the federal government was required by law to provide to the states for disaster control. Special vehicles for protection from and for the elimination of biological, radiological, and nuclear dangers are short by about 30%. The former chief of Technical Relief (THW), Albrecht Broemme, was quoted in Der Spiegel with the following words on disaster control in Germany: “The whole world is laughing at us”.

Taliban: Murderers of German soldiers receive German tax money

Until the takeover of the Taliban, politics and the mainstream media observed the same assessment of the fully-bearded radical-Islamists: A brutal, Middle Ages terror organization that oppresses girls and women, including forced marriages, rape, and stoning. Homosexuals are not only verbally persecuted, but sometimes end up on the gallows, and Islamic Sharia stands above any law or human rights.

The Taliban were mainly described as a brutal terror organization, who with bombs and suicide attackers blew up and mutilated thousands of Western soldiers. Afghans who were accused of being collaborators with the West were shot on the spot without any due process. In addition, the Taliban are close allies of other Islamist terrorist organizations, like Al Qaeda, who murder worldwide in the name of Islam as well as persecute and terrorize Western citizens as “unbelievers”.

Has anything changed in any of these points since the Taliban took Kabul in a coup and inflicted a humiliating military defeat on the West?

No, it has not. The blood of countless victims of their reign of terror, including the blood of dozens of murdered German soldiers, still clings to the hands of the Taliban and their close allies from Al-Qaeda.

What are the survivors and traumatized Afghanistan-veterans supposed to feel when the Chancellor of the Federal Republic stands in front of the microphones of the capital city (Berlin) press and announces talks now with the Taliban? These bloodthirsty Middle Ages monsters have now, from one day to the next, been upgraded by Mrs. Merkel to equal negotiating partners?

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The Crash of Civilization

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The Crash of Civilization

by Fjordman

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were the type of shocking event where many people remember exactly where they were and what they did that day. Personally, I was living in Egypt at that time. I had started studying Arabic language at the University of Bergen in western Norway. In 2001 I continued these studies at the American University in Cairo.

My linguistic skills in Arabic were mediocre. Since I left the Middle East in 2003 and haven’t practiced the language since, my Arabic has deteriorated and is now quite poor. For me, studying Arabic primarily became a door into studying Islam and Islamic culture. I was far better in this field of study, and continued my personal studies of Islam for years. I am at heart not a linguist, but rather an analyst with a strong interest in history.

Before September 2001, I was already growing more skeptical of Islam based on my own studies and personal experiences. Still, living in the largest city in the Arabic-speaking world during the September 11 Jihadist attacks was certainly interesting. The Mubarak regime imposed a curfew on Tahrir Square and parts of downtown Cairo that day. Perhaps they feared that some local Muslims would publicly celebrate the attacks, the way some Palestinian Muslims did. When Egypt received billions of dollars in aid from the USA, this would not have been good publicity.

I followed the news and newspapers back home via the Internet. They claimed that all Arabs and Muslims were sad and horrified by the attacks. This is not true. I know. I was there. Some of my Egyptian Muslim neighbors celebrated with cakes and said openly that they were very happy about the attacks.

To me, the most shocking thing about this was not that many Arabs and Muslims hated the West in general and the USA in particular. I already knew that. What was truly disturbing was that virtually the entire Western world seemed to be in complete denial about this fact. This was an entire civilization which once used to cultivate logic and reason, yet now seemed to have lost the ability to think rationally. That really scared me.

The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu completed his book The Art of War around the year 500 BC. Despite being more than 2,500 years old, it remains surprisingly fresh and relevant. This is because Sun Tzu focused mainly on the psychological aspects of conflict. While human technology has changed greatly in 2,500 years, human psychology has changed a lot less. One of the most famous quotes from The Art of War is this:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

From what I observed in September 2001, it seemed that the Western world had forgotten who our enemies are. Far worse, though, was that we had even forgotten who we are, and the roots of our own civilization.

A decade later, another terror attack would have an even more direct impact on my life. Both attacks became national traumas. Yet the 2011 attacks in Norway were carried out by a single individual acting alone, whose alleged terrorist network only existed inside his mentally disturbed head. The 2001 attacks in the USA were carried out by many different individuals from a real international terror network whose ideology has adherents worldwide. Moreover, when a small country is attacked, this is bad for that small country. When a large and powerful country is attacked, this has geopolitical consequences.

By 2011, I had been living in the same flat in Oslo for eight years, since my return from the Middle East. When the July 22 attacks happened, some people blamed me personally for the atrocities. I suddenly found myself near the epicenter of an international news story. This was extremely unpleasant, but in some ways also educational. If the 2001 attacks weakened my trust in Western mass media, the 2011 attacks totally destroyed it.

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Been There. Done That.

Unless some compelling reason emerges in future years, this will be my last 9-11 anniversary post.

It’s been an educational twenty years, to say the least. The first three anniversaries came up before Dymphna and I started blogging in October of 2004. During those years we had begun our studies of Islam and sharia, eventually launching Gates of Vienna to make our own small contribution to what later became known as the Counterjihad. From 2005 onward, one or the other of us always did a commemorative post when September 11th rolled around.

I still remember what I was doing when I heard the news on that bright, cool September morning, and how the day subsequently unfolded, but I’m not going to write about all that — I’ve covered it too many times before. And I’ll stay away from the political sequelae, except to note that the way the Patriot Act was eventually abused was at least as bad as the most skeptical libertarians predicted, and probably worse.

Over the next decade I spent a lot of time educating myself about Islam and sharia. Beginning in 2009, retired Major Stephen Coughlin was especially helpful in furthering my education. He made me understand the depth and breadth of the penetration of the federal government and the military by the Muslim Brotherhood, to the point that we had written sharia into the constitutions that we devised for Iraq and Afghanistan.

At first it seemed that a combination of ignorance and cluelessness had led to such foolhardy behavior, but as time went by — especially after the Islamophiles in the Obama administration got going full throttle — I realized that there was more than mere ignorance at work. Yes, there were plenty of ill-informed and stupid people at the upper levels of the government and the military, but John Brennan — just to pick an example — was not one of them. There was no way that he could have failed to understand exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood was up to. Thus we can only conclude that Islamization is part of the Deep State’s plan for the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

As the teens wore on, my cynicism and disillusionment about our government got worse and worse. I had started out with the naïve idea that there were decent people among our political leaders who really were attempting to do their best for the country. However, the true state of affairs eventually became ineluctable: corruption and malevolence were (and are) the norm, from the lowest to the highest levels of government. There are a few very rare exceptions, but they play no meaningful role in steering the ship of state.

The five years since Donald Trump stormed onto the political scene have really clarified the extent of the evil rot that has eaten out the core of our political and cultural institutions. The investigation and impeachment of Mr. Trump revealed the true purpose of the Patriot Act. And last fall’s election showed that the Deep State now has full control over the counting of the votes, so that no future elections will show any results other than those they intend. Diehard Republicans who are salivating over the midterms or 2024 are the most clueless of all. If they haven’t yet realized the nature of our new totalitarian dystopia, they probably never will. There’s no voting our way out of this.

So here we are, twenty years later. Afghanistan has reverted to what it was in 2001, except with much better roads, airfields, telecommunications, and surveillance equipment. We just handed the country over to the mujahideen we overthrew back then, lavishing upon them such quantities of state-of-the-art munitions and equipment that they will be the most powerful jihad army ever assembled, courtesy of the United States of America.

Here at home we are entering the full Corona despotism that the paranoid cynics among us have been predicting ever since the start of the “pandemic”. Since I intend to remain unjabbed, by this time next year I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get medical treatment, or eat in a restaurant, or even shop in a supermarket. By September 11, 2022 I might be unable to post a 9-11 commemoration, even if I wanted to.

I remember the ubiquitous “Never Forget” banners that popped up all over the place after 9-11. I didn’t forget.

I remember the “Let’s roll!” spirit that emerged. I rolled as best I could.

I remember when George W. Bush promised to hunt down the evil perpetrators and bring them to justice. And he did manage to round up quite a few of them and stash them in Gitmo until they were released to become ministers in the new government of Afghanistan.

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The Bataclan Mujahid Goes on Trial

Salah Abdeslam has gone on trial in Paris. The “Belgian” man is the sole survivor of the group that planned and executed the Islamic terror attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015. The most well-known action on that horrible day took place at the Bataclan Café, where ninety people were executed. Yet for some reason the Bataclan isn’t mentioned in either of the two articles below.

The trial began today, and Mr. Abdeslam declared his allegiance to the Islamic State in his opening remarks. The entire judicial process is expected to last nine months, with a possible verdict handed down next May.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating these two articles. The first was, from France24, was published yesterday, before the trial began:

The November 13 attacks: The undersides of an extraordinary trial

September 7, 2021
by Bahar Makooi

Historic and unprecedented in its size, the November 13 trial attacks required more than two years of preparation in order to set up a titanic and highly secure judicial system. Over the course of nine months, more than 300 witnesses will be heard by the Special Criminal Court of Paris, which will be charged with judging 20 accused, including Salah Abdeslam.

It is the largest criminal hearing ever held in France. In a few days, the trial of the terrorist attacks that produced 130 deaths and 350 injured in Paris and Saint-Denis will begin in the capital.

Beginning September 8 and lasting 9 months, the Special Criminal Court of Paris will be charged with judging 20 accused, including Salah Abdeslam, the lone survivor among the commandos tasked by the organization Islamic State with committing terrorist attacks in France. Facing trial, 14 accused will be present, and 6 will be judged in absentia.

A titanic judicial setup was planned because this trial is extraordinary, first of all because of the elevated number of civil parties: Almost 1,800 people of some 20 different nationalities. Some 300 witnesses will be heard, essentially next of kin of the victims and some survivors of the attacks, represented by almost as many lawyers.

This trial is also unprecedented in its emotional weight and its length: At least 145 days of hearings are scheduled until May 25, 2022. Holding a trial of this magnitude till its end constitutes a challenge without precedent for the judicial institution, particularly in a time of pandemic and a still-elevated terrorist threat.

A custom-built courtroom

From a logistical point of view, the judicial setup required two years of preparation and the construction of a special, highly-secured courtroom in the heart of the historic Palace of Justice at the Île de la Cité in Paris.

This principal courtroom will be able to accommodate up to 550 people. An ultra-modern room, without any windows, custom-built in the middle of the famous Salle des Pas Perdus, and eventually removable. About 15 other rooms of the Appellate Court will be able to be utilized to broadcast the arguments according to the number of people, for a total capacity of 2,000 seats.

A web radio for the civil parties and psychological assistance

From the main room, eight cameras, technically controlled, will film the entirety of the trial. But no image is supposed to leave the special criminal court because these recordings will be destined exclusively for the audio-visual archives of the court.

Among the thousands of persons constituting civil parties, those who don’t attend the sessions will be able to follow them on Internet radio. This will be the first time that a device of this type has been put in place for a criminal trial. Only the sound will be broadcast, in a slight delay of a half-hour, under ultra-secure conditions. A number for psychological assistance will be placed at the disposition of the listeners.

On the security side, the terrorist threat being persistent, the number of gendarmes and police has not been disclosed, but a considerable security perimeter will be in place, forcing the residents of the quarter and trial participants to undergo identity checks.

A million-page investigative file

The first witnesses are expected to take the stand beginning on Monday September 13. But before that, the president of the court will read his report, summarizing the 542 volumes of the investigative file. That is a file of a million pages, equivalent to 53 linear meters.

These historic trials filmed for the archives of justice

The victims will take the stand for five weeks, from the end of September to the end of October, telling about this night of horror in 2015. The court will interrogate the fourteen accused beginning in 2022.

Twelve of the twenty accused are facing life imprisonment. Three of accused, against whom the charges are less serious, are free under judicial supervision.

If the court keeps to its deadlines, the verdict could be rendered in May 2022.

The second article was published today by France Bleu:

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Islam: No Peace Can Be Made

Islam: No Peace Can Be Made

What Islamic Leaders Say

Compiled, with minimal editing, by Michael Copeland

No peace can be made between us and the non-believers,
This what Allah… this what our holy book says.
Grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun and the sword,
Terror struck into their hearts is an end in itself.

Jihad means killing all kafirs around the world.
Push your sword in their bodies and cut them in pieces.
Jihad! Jihad! Jihad is incumbent upon you.
Yes, we will kill them. Of that we’ll not be ashamed.

Kill them wherever they are unless they convert.
Muslims conquered, invaded, and took over countries.
The goal is to rule the world and all mankind.
Any power that gets in the way we fight and destroy.

Power, fighting, jihad, beheading and bloodshed,
Killing, fighting, blood and striking of necks.
These are great, noble, and blessed steps towards order.
Until the last day of our lives we’ll fight and kill.


No peace can be made. —Yusuf al Qaradawi
Grab onto the shovel. —Abdullah Faaruuq, Boston Imam
Terror struck into their hearts. —Malik, Brigadier S.K., The Quranic Concept of War
Jihad means killing all kafirs. —Ayatollah Khomeini
Push your sword. — Ayatollah Khomeini. Islam Watch, 4 April 2010
Jihad! Jihad! Jihad! —Child preacher, Abu Ja’far, FrontPage Mag
Yes, we will kill them. — Sheikh Ahmed, member of IS
Kill them wherever. —Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt
Muslims conquered, invaded. —Sheikh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni, Jihad Watch
The goal is to rule the world. —Maududi, Jihad in Islam
Any power that gets in the way —Maududi, Jihad in Islam
Power, fighting, jihad. —Imam Hussein Bin Mahmoud, prominent writer
Killing, fighting, blood. — Sheikh Hussein bin Mahmoud, Islamic State
These are great, noble. —Al-Jazoul, Sudanese Cleric, Jihad Watch
Until the last day of our lives. — Sheikh Ahmed, member of IS

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

Knife Jihad Against a Female Gardener in Berlin

Yet another mentally ill culture-enricher has gone on a homicidal rampage with a knife, this time in Berlin. What’s interesting in this case is that the authorities are willing to use the I-word in their attributions of motive, although they hedge it with the weasel-word “Islamism”.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Berliner Morgenpost:

Man stabs female landscape gardener several times in neck

Sept. 5, 2021

The Afghan, who seriously injured the woman, may be mentally confused. The authorities are also examining a possible Islamist motive.

Berlin. After a knife attack on a landscape gardener, police are investigating a 29-year-old man who was apparently motivated by Islamism as well as being mentally confused. The Afghan citizen reportedly first spoke with the 59-year-old woman on Saturday around 1:30pm near a green area at the corner of Prinzregenten and Guentzel Streets in Wilmersdorf. According to the police, he was apparently upset that the woman was doing paid work.

Then he reportedly stabbed the woman several times in the neck, and she was critically injured. A 66-year-old man who hurried to her aid was also reportedly seriously injured by several stab wounds to the neck. Both victims were operated on in hospitals.

Police arrested the Afghan right at the scene of the crime

The suspected Afghan was arrested by police at the scene. The State Prosecutor is investigating him for attempted murder and serious bodily harm. An investigating judge issued an arrest warrant against the man on Sunday. The man is in investigative custody for attempted murder and serious bodily injury, as well as the attack on the good Samaritan for serious bodily injury, as stated.

The police first reported that a psychiatric illness may have played a role in the crime. The spokesman for the State Prosecutor, Martin Steltner, said that these indications were not definite enough to justify taking him to a psychiatric facility.

According to police, the investigations are being carried out “also from the perspective of a possible Islamist-motivated attack.” “The man reportedly made statements during the commission of the crime that suggest an Islamist attitude,” said the State Prosecutor spokesman, Steltner. As to what statements were made, Steltner did not wish to say in reference to the ongoing investigation.

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Mohmadin’s Lamp

Here’s a report from The Daily Sun with news on the latest violent extremist incident in New Zealand:

New Zealand Lampman Who Attacked Eight People Before Police Shot Him Dead Can Finally be Named

The ISIS-supporting terrorist who went on a battering rampage in a lighting store in New Zealand on Friday has been named as Mohammed Mahmoud Mehmet Mohmadin.

The 32-year-old Sudanese refugee was shot dead after clubbing eight people with lamps in Light of the World, a lighting business in east Auckland. Five of the victims were seriously wounded, with two receiving life-threatening injuries. Mr. Mohmadin is alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during his rampage.

On Saturday morning numerous stores in Auckland removed lamps, flowerpots, wine racks, picture frames, teakettles, and other heavy objects from displays in response to the attack. Anti-terrorism experts have warned that such objects may be picked up and used as weapons opportunistically by terrorists. The bedding store Lullabies went so far as to remove pillows from its showrooms after Police Commissioner Beezle McFee warned retailers that a victim may be smothered to death with a pillow in as little as 90 seconds. He said that there have thus far been no terror attacks with pillows, but he fears that it is only a matter of time before one occurs.

Commissioner McFee defended his officers, and said there was no indication an attack was imminent when Mohmadin arrived at the store, adding that long-term surveillance is ‘difficult’.

In a bid to reassure the public, he vowed to increase police presence at lighting stores, bedding stores, supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, churches, and other locations where soft or heavy objects might be accessed by known extremists.

Police have not yet been able to determine a motive for the attack.

[Yes, the above article is satirical, at least for the time being. I used this report from The Daily Mail as a model (hat tip: Seneca III).]

Europe Under Assault

Europe Under Assault — What people have been saying

Edited by Michael Copeland

Train after train full, bus after bus,
Laid on, provisioned, and paid for by us,
Bring enemy combatants, dealers in drugs,
Welfaring freeloaders, rapists, and thugs.

The Germany of Madam Merkel seems to be still floundering along wishfully believing that these disruptive activities are manageable annoyances and that life can continue along much as before.
— Matthieu Baudin, comment, Jihad Watch

Not only is the cost of employing so many extra security forces high, an additional cost of surveillance and security planning and equipping is running into millions. This is the burden placed on us by Islamic savagery and governments living in denial of the intent of Muslims they insist in allowing into our countries.
— Tommo, comment, Jihad Watch

Europeans had their weapons taken away from them years ago… Now they are like sheep and Merkel has opened the gates allowing the wolves in.
— Barry, comment, Jihad Watch

There are no longer any “legal” niceties about this situation any more than there would be in the face of an oncoming tsunami. The issue now is one of survival.
— revereridesagain, comment, Bare Naked Islam

The betrayal of the people, the citizens of these nations by their leaders is beyond criminal. And the assistance of the ‘religious’ leaders in this invasion, as well as the complicity, is abominable.
— grouchyfogie2, Bare Naked Islam

North African states refuse to take back Muslim ‘refugees’ Germany wants to deport
Bare Naked Islam

Consider that the prophet was himself a rapist, child molester, warlord, murderer, slaver and armed robber, and that the Qur’an sanctions all of these things and holds Muhammad up as the ideal human. What else can you expect?
— Shafiq Islam,former Muslim, 2016.01.18

A Canadian school district just cancelled ALL school trips to Europe because they cannot get insurance after the Paris attacks; and note this decision was made before the NYE rape jihad. On another forum an American said his daughter’s German class trip to Germany has been cancelled. On the weekend I spoke to a family member in France and she said the big high school in her city has cancelled all student travel. I’m sure there are many more. Who wants to go on vacation and be raped by a filthy Muslim?
— Tina 2016.01.18

irresponsible incompetent multicultural governments are paying tax money to import colonist welfare recipients to destroy them.
— Mahou Shoujo, comment, Pamela Geller

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The Afghan Crisis, Turkey, and Washington’s Global War on Terrorism

The following essay by David Boyajian was written before today’s massive terrorist attack outside the airport in Kabul, in which twelve American troops (eleven Marines and a medic, if I’m not mistaken) were killed, along with dozens of Afghan civilians, and possibly also British troops and Taliban guards. It’s not yet clear how this atrocity will change the political calculus; it introduces a new stochastic aspect into the already volatile mix, making predictions difficult.

The Afghan Crisis, Turkey, and Washington’s Global War on Terrorism

by David Boyajian

As America’s presence in Afghanistan draws to a close and the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s worthwhile to consider the countries that sponsor global terrorism and Washington’s response to them.

One country stands out: Turkey.

NATO is purportedly a bulwark against attacks on Western civilization.

Yet NATO member Turkey has long supported ISIS and numerous other anti-Western terrorist organizations.

Turkey has been arming terrorists and sending them into countries such as Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan.

For example, in 2020 Turkey transported terrorist mercenaries into Azerbaijan, which then deployed them against Armenian-populated Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh. These included former ISIS commander Sayf Balud and war criminals such Fehim Isa of the Sultan Murad Brigade.

One hundred bipartisan members of Congress (2021) and the European Union Parliament (2020) have condemned Turkey and Azerbaijan for that.

In contrast, the State Department has said little and done nothing about those two countries’ blatant use of terrorist thugs. Does Washington still have a Global War on Terrorism?

The U.S. is concerned that ISIS-K (an ISIS affiliate) and Al-Qaeda will remain in Afghanistan after America departs and become a threat to America.

Hence, Turkey’s support for ISIS and other terrorists is relevant to the Afghan debacle.

Moreover, Turkish President Erdogan just admitted that he’s comfortable talking to the Taliban “since Turkey has nothing against the Taliban’s beliefs.” The State Department has apparently not reacted to this stunning confession. That’s disturbing.

Turkey’s terrorist record goes back years.

Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-13 says: Ahmet S. Yayla, “Turkey was a central hub for … over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials [including] IEDs, making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”

This makes NATO itself look like an ISIS supporter.

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France Greets the Taliban!

As I reported earlier today, Belgian police officials are concerned about the possible arrival of members of the Taliban mixed with the refugees from Afghanistan. In France, however, it has already occurred: French intelligence services have identified newly-arrived members of the Taliban.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Five Afghans repatriated to France placed under surveillance due to their presumed connections with the Taliban

by Jean-Marc LeClerc and Steve Tenre
August 23, 2021

One of the individuals admitted belonging to the movement and acknowledged carrying weapons as person-in-charge of a Taliban roadblock at Kabul.

Several repatriated Afghans in France have been placed under surveillance by French authorities, Le Figaro learned on Monday, August 23. The cause: Their alleged closeness to the Taliban fundamentalist movement, which invaded Kabul on August 15. Five men have thus been made the object of an “individual measure of administrative control and surveillance (Micas),” stated Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

The cases of two men brought to the attention of Le Figaro particularly drew the attention of the surveillance services: Nangialay S., born in 1995 at Logar, some 100 kilometers from Kabul, and Ahmad M., born in 1991 in the Afghan capital. According to orders issued by the Interior Ministry, the first one, Nangialay S., admitted belonging to the Taliban and also acknowledged carrying arms as person-in-charge of a roadblock at Kabul. He reportedly also “largely aided in the evacuation of the French embassy,” explained Gerald Darmanin to Agence France Presse. The second, Ahmad M., was seen in connection with the Islamic movement, carrying a weapon in the streets of the city.

The two individuals, for whom there “exists serious reasons to think that their behavior constitutes a threat of a particular gravity for security and public order,” have been integrated with the two other Afghan nationals also “marked for their connections with the Taliban movement,” during a French repatriation operation taking place on August18. As of August 23, almost 2,000 persons have been taken in by France, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian. As for the fifth man, “After an investigation by DGSI, we saw that he had connections with these persons, though they came separately,” detailed Gerald Darmanin.

Those concerned, who must be “regarded as being habitually in contact with persons or organizations who are inciting, facilitating, or participating in acts of terrorism,” have thus been placed under individual measures of administrative control and surveillance.

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Belgium Greets the Taliban!

The following article is from a Dutch newspaper, but concerns Belgium. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this piece from De Telegraaf:

Internal e-mail warns police services: “Arriving fundamentalists cannot be ruled out”

August 23, 2021

Brussels: There is fear among Belgian police that human smugglers, extremists, recruiters, and violent people will arrive among the Afghan refugees. According to the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that comes from an internal email to the police services.

Belgian Minister for Internal Affairs Annelies Verlinden shares that fear, according to the newspaper. The police reportedly sent out an urgent email with the message that they want to know what the “coming significant wave of refugees” will bring with them. The email is directed to the services that have supervision over the asylum-seeker centers. In the email, the police services were called upon to report “all facts on religious recruiting, extreme violence, and human smuggling” to a central email address.

According to Het Nieuwsblad, it may be concluded that a portion of the Afghans who are now in asylum centers do not have the best reputation. “Some of these young Afghans behave very violently. There are groups on TikTok where the content incites violence. It is disturbing that some persons are doing Islamic religious recruiting and claim to be followers of a strict type of Islam which they dream will be introduced to Belgium.”

A police source says that the asylum centers are clearly part of a much greater problem. “The people in asylum centers, they are under control. But the rest who remain here and there or on the street, we know hardly anything about. And that is not reassuring.”

Earlier the Belgian public prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw stated that “the new regime in Afghanistan will not immediately be a new terror threat”. According to him, “the Taliban will first focus on the local situation.” However, he added, “A threat may emerge within two or three years.” Van Leeuw also indicated that in Belgium there are possibly some supporters of the new regime already present.