Ivan Rioufol Confronts the Ummah

Ivan Rioufol is a French journalist and specialist in maritime and aviation law. He is a conservative Catholic, and since 1985 has worked for the newspaper Le Figaro.

Marwan Muhammad is an Islamic activist of Egyptian and Algerian origin. He is the former executive director of the CCIF (Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France, Collective Against Islamophobia in France).

In the following excerpt from a talk show on French TV, Messrs. Rioufol and Muhammad go head-to-head about last month’s March Against Islamophobia and related matters. Many thanks to Ava Lon for undertaking the gargantuan task of untangling these simultaneous threads of invective and then translating them, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Furkan Muslims Fight Islamophobia in Germany

The Furkan movement is a Salafist group in Germany that views Western democracy as the enemy and wants to establish a worldwide caliphate. The Furkans see a growing danger from the “radical right” in Germany, especially the AfD, and warn their members against the growing incidence of terror attacks against Muslims in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Austrian Cassandra

Last month Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s book The Truth Is No Defense was published by the New English Review Press. It is reviewed below by Matt Bracken.

Matt is a former Navy Seal, an essayist, and the author of Enemies Foreign And Domestic.

The Truth is No Defense by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Reviewed by Matt Bracken

Cassandra was reputed to be a daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was admired by the god Apollo, who sought to win her with the gift to see the future. She promised him her favors, but after receiving the gift, she went back on her word and refused the god. The enraged Apollo could not revoke a divine power, so he added to it the curse that though she would see the future, nobody would believe her prophecies. (Paraphrased from Wikipedia)

To understand how the fates conspired to turn Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff into an Austrian Cassandra for our age, you need to explore her incredible background. ESW was born in Switzerland as a self-described diplomatic brat, spending her early formative years in Vienna, New York, Iran, Iraq and finally Chicago, where her father was the Austrian Consul General. As a young adult she was working at the Austrian embassy in Kuwait during the 1990 invasion by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army, where she was held hostage for a month along with most of the diplomatic community. A decade later she was serving at the Austrian embassy in Tripoli Libya during the 9-11-2001 terror attacks.

Throughout her life she was subjected to the entire range of religious and cultural experiences to be found in both the Shah’s and the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Kuwait before, during and after the Iraqi invasion, and Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya. Due to the constant international travel required by her unique upbringing, Elisabeth was serially exposed to varying degrees of Western freedom and Islamic oppression. For example, as a child she watched Iranian women transformed by the Islamic revolution from westernized and independent free spirits into Shariah-bound walking ghosts hidden under black tchadors (black full-body veil). Later, while serving in Libya with a diplomatic passport, she was able to freely drive back and forth between Gaddafi’s dictatorship and the more open and tolerant Muslim nation of Tunisia.

Upon departing these Islamic nations for Austria or America, she was struck by their populations’ lack of concern for what she perceived to be the slow-motion Islamization of the West via the Trojan horse of uncontrolled mass migration.

Traumatized and fully awakened by her experiences living in the Middle East and North Africa, ESW sought ways to inform her countrymen about the risks of creeping sharia that she perceived as invading Austria by stealth. In her own words:

In early 2008, I was asked by the Austrian Freedom Party to hold a series of fully sourced seminars in Vienna on Islam, explaining to interested parties what the Qur’an and the hadith actually teach, along with the basic tenets of Islamic law. At the time, the Freedom Party was considered a right-wing extremist party. Truth be told, though, the Freedom Party was the only political party exhibiting interest in listening and learning about this challenging topic. I would gladly have held my seminars for all other political parties in Austria, including the Social Democrats and the Greens. Alas, no one was willing to listen. As I like to say: “You may choose to ignore Islam, but Islam does not ignore you.” To this day, as far as I am aware, no other party has offered seminars on Islam. The other parties merely have devout Muslims advising them, to their and their voters’ detriment. For the next year and a half, the interest in my seminars grew and attendance increased. It should not have come as a surprise that the success of my lectures drew the interest of Austrian Leftists, who are as determined as Leftists in other Western countries to discredit and destroy the work of those they view as “racists,” “fascists,” and “Islamophobes.” Unbeknownst to me, the left-wing weekly magazine NEWS sent a reporter to one of my seminars in October 2009 to make a surreptitious recording of it.

The reporter’s article quickly led to ESW being charged under Austrian law with (1) Inciting hatred (hate speech), and (2) Denigrating a legally recognized religion. Thus began her decade-long march through the Austrian and finally the European Council’s (not to be confused with the European Union, which has its own, separate court) justice systems. In February of 2011 a (female) Austrian judge found Elisabeth not guilty on the count of hate speech, but guilty on the charge of denigration of the religious teachings of a legally recognized religion. (Tapes of her secretly recorded seminars were played in court, and it was obvious to all that ESW was always calm and professorial, relying entirely upon the Koran, Hadith and other Islamic texts to make her case against allowing the expansion of Islam and Shariah law in the West, so she was fortunately acquitted on the hate speech charge.)

But ESW was not to be fully exonerated. In Leftist, multi-cultural and pro-immigration Austrian politics, she had to be punished and made an example as a right-wing hater, and so she was found guilty for denigrating Islam, which brings us to the most amazing element of her improbable story.

Living for many years in Islamic countries, both as a young girl and an adult woman, and being exposed to Islamic texts, Elisabeth had been shocked to discover that Mohammed not only had dozens of wives and concubines, but that at the age of 54, he had “married” his favorite “wife” Aisha, when she was only six years old! They “consummated” their “marriage” when little Aisha was but nine.

In one of her secretly recorded private seminars, after relating this sick and demented biographical fact about the founder of Islam, ESW made an offhanded remark that Mohammed “had a thing for little girls.” She never said that Mohammed was a pedophile, but nonetheless she was charged with denigrating a recognized religion because, according to the female judge who convicted her, “Pedophilia is factually incorrect, since pedophilia is a sexual preference which solely or mainly is directed towards children. This does not apply to Mohammad. He was still married to Aisha when she was 18.”

Again in Elisabeth’s own words:

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Courage: What Would WE Do?

Prompted by last week’s deadly Islamic terror attack on London Bridge, Michael Copeland sends the following essay.

Ignacio Echeverria

Courage: What Would We Do?

by Michael Copeland

The scene was a conference in London involving educators and ex-prisoners. One of the participants was known to some of the others as a Muslim convicted of terrorism. Suddenly the convicted terrorist produced a long knife and slashed at and stabbed others near him, wounding two fatally and others seriously.

What would WE do if a crisis like that were to occur in front of our eyes?

Two men acted fast and courageously. Sizing up the situation swiftly, one grabbed a five-foot long narwhal tusk from the wall, another picked up a fire extinguisher. The jihadi knifeman left the building and ran out along London Bridge. The two men followed him, caught up with him and challenged him. He brandished his lethal knives menacingly at them, murder in his eyes. The tusk-wielder kept him at bay, while the extinguisher man set it off in his face, the stream of pressurised water disorienting him completely, and enabling them to close in and pin him to the ground. Passers-by came to help. Between them they held the struggling killer to the ground, managing to wrest the knife from his hand. Within a short time armed police arrived and hauled the heroes away. The mujahid opened his jacket to reveal a suicide vest. “A bomb!”, someone shouted, and people began to run from the scene. Two shots killed the killer. It was all over quite quickly.

How many more would have been stabbed without that swift reaction? We can never know. That quick-witted improvising of weapons, and the courageous selfless pursuit of such a dangerous armed individual are highly commendable. Those two men selflessly safeguarded the public from a lethal killer.

Back in June 2017, not far from that same location, a Spanish man, resident in London, was bicycling back from skateboarding one night when, in London’s Borough Market, he saw a woman being stabbed by a Muslim mujahid. Unhesitating and unarmed, he went to her rescue wielding only his skateboard.

What would WE do in a split second decision?

Ignacio Echeverria put his life on the line to save a female stranger. He struck at the knifeman with his skateboard, but was stabbed from behind by the mujahid’s two accomplices, ceramic knives strapped to their wrists. He died from his wounds.

That is courage, fine manly unselfish courage, a shining example. Quite rightly he has been posthumously awarded the Police’s medal for bravery.

The first policeman at the incident was likewise greatly courageous. He tackled the knifeman with only his baton. He was badly wounded in the face, head, and leg, but survived, crippled for life. He said:

“I feel like I did what any other person would have done. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more…”

A passer-by, Gerard Vowles, 47, told local media that he saw the three attackers stabbing a woman at the south end of London Bridge. He said he threw chairs, glasses and bottles at the attackers in a bid to stop them.

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A Twilight Struggle in France

At long last, and not until after the percentage of Muslims in the population passed the point of no return, the French government has decided to do something about “radicalization”. The initiative seems the very essence of futility, since Islam is firmly established in dozens or hundreds of banlieues, from which it can never be dislodged without the use of massive and lethal violence.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Le Journal du Dimanche:

Fight against Islamism: The plan extended to the entire country

November 27, 2019
by Stéphane Joahny

After targeting fifteen districts particularly affected by the phenomenon of radicalisation, the fight against Islamism and community withdrawal is spreading throughout the country. Prefects are meeting Thursday at the Ministry of Interior to discuss it.

Prefects are meeting Thursday morning at Place Beauvau for an exceptional seminar on the theme of “the fight against Islamism and community withdrawal”. No fewer than four ministers — Nicole Belloubet for Justice, Jean-Michel Blanquer for National Education, Julien Denormandie for Cities and Housing, and Marlène Schiappa, in charge of Equality between Women and Men — will be present alongside Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. “This working meeting is in line with the plan to combat radicalisation presented in February 2018,” the ministry is told.

Fifteen “republican reconquest districts”, those most affected by the phenomenon of radicalisation (community withdrawals, departures for Syria, etc.), such as Trappes in the Yvelines, had been targeted. The action of the State — both administrative and judicial authorities — has resulted in the closure of twelve mosques, four schools and one hundred and thirty drinking establishments close to the radical Islamist movement.

Objective: mobilize all government services throughout the country Public authorities have also made adjustments of several million euros through the CAF [Caisse d’allocations familiales/Family Allowance Fund] and the Urssaf [Unions de Recouvrement des cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales/Social Security and Family Allowance Contribution Collection Offices].

Instruction will be given on Thursday to the prefects to mobilise all the services of the State to apply this plan to the whole country, in line with to local circumstances. Locally, prefects already coordinate departmental assessment groups (GEDs), responsible in particular for monitoring radicalised individuals at risk of violence.

The Prisoner of Hasaka

Hundreds of captured Islamic State fighters are being held in a former Syrian government prison at Hasaka in northeastern Syria, hoping to be allowed to return “home” to Europe. The following two videos provide a look at two “Dutch” prisoners held in Hasaka.

Hans Jaap Melissen is a Dutch journalist with extensive experience reporting from war zones in the Middle East. In these videos Mr. Melissen first interviews the prisoners, and then analyzes the honesty (or lack thereof) of their responses.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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The Lost City of Londonistan

Earlier today a terrorist attacked pedestrians with a knife on London Bridge, wounding several people before being shot to death by police (see the Breitbart report on the incident). The attack prompted our English correspondent Seneca III to send the following essay.

The Lost City of Londonistan

by Seneca III

Before the perfectly naturally angry and precisely directed response to today’s atrocity on and about London Bridge is officially designated ‘wrongthink’ and generates the inevitable screams of ‘Islamophobia!’ from the collective entity ultimately responsible, perhaps a little dose of facts and history may help level the playing field.

The noun ‘Islamophobia’ is a compound oxymoron concocted to obfuscate historic reality, and it is the reverse of the same propaganda coin the obverse of which reads ‘Religion of Peace’. Consider: how could such a long, fully documented record of fourteen centuries of relentless Islamic aggression during which Muslims launched jihad after jihad spreading death and atrocity far and wide across the globe now be ignored in order to enforce a revisionist dialogue totally contrary to recorded facts?

Europe itself was assaulted on every quarter from Iceland to Ireland to Scotland and England to Scandinavia and the Low Countries; from Spain to France to the Balkans and Austria. The devastation caused by this incessant slaughter and the after-effects of Islam’s scorched-earth policy was immense, and rendered vast swathes of Europe uninhabitable. According to some sources it was during these periods that approximately 15 million Europeans, close to 20% of a population of roughly 78 million, were either killed outright, starved to death, died of diseases spread through displacement or were taken and sold into predominantly sexual slavery in the souks of Arabia and the Barbary Coast.

The Italian scholar Franco Cardini wrote: “If we ask ourselves how and when the modern notion of Europe and the European identity was born, we realise the extent to which Islam was a factor (albeit a negative one) in its creation. Repeated Muslim aggression against Europe between the seventh to eighth centuries, then between the fourteenth and the eighteenth centuries was the ‘violent midwife’ to Europe.”

That we Europeans became less involved in internecine conflicts and more militantly oriented beyond our borders is not an indictable action but a natural product of the will to survive and a growing awareness that offence is the best form of defence. It was not a case of the West being the aggressor and Islam the victim, as the cultural relativism narrative would have us believe; if anyone has a grievance to air it is the West, not the demented slaves of Allah in the occupied territories now established from Londonistan to Glasgow and blighting the whole face of Europe like a human pox.

Remember, nothing in Islam changes. In the final analysis we would be mad to accept the claim that we Westerners are in any way responsible for the current state of affairs, other than that in our sublime stupidity and fear of being labelled ‘Racist!’ we have allowed our corrupted academic and political classes to physically impose this pre-medieval abomination upon us without much more than a fearful murmur of disapproval.

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Matt Bracken and ESW on InfoWars

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff appeared recently on InfoWars via skype when Matt Bracken was sitting in as host.

She talked about her just-released book, The Truth Is No Defense, which concerns her experiences being prosecuted and convicted in Austria for “denigration of a legally recognized religion”.

She and Matt also discussed the state of free speech in Western Europe (short version: there is none) and the current assault on the First Amendment here in the USA:

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

A Thwarted Islamic Terror Attack in the Netherlands

Two men have been arrested for planning an Islamic terror attack in the Netherlands using suicide bomb vests. One of the men is said to be from Iran, and the other is “Dutch”. It’s not clear whether the latter is an ethnic Dutch convert, or a culture-enricher holding Dutch citizenship (and possibly born in the Netherlands). In Germany and Sweden, anyone who holds a passport for that country is described in the media as a “German” or a “Swede”, respectively.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Dutch news site NU.nl:

Two arrests for preparing a terror attack with bomb vests

November 26, 2019

On Monday police arrested two men from Zoetermeer between the ages of 20 and 34 who are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in the Netherlands. The attack, with bomb vests and one or more car bombs, would likely have been carried out at the end of this year in the Netherlands.

The 20-year-old man is a Dutchman, and the 34-year-old man comes from Iran, a spokesman from the Public Prosecutor’s office confirmed Tuesday evening to NU.nl. It is not yet clear what the target would have been, said the Public Prosecutor. No weapons or explosives were found with the men. According to a spokesman, they probably did not yet have them at their disposal.

In a hidden space above a ceiling in the residence of one of the men, a throwing ax, a dagger and a mobile phone with several SIM cards were found.

The General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) tipped off the State unit after receiving information that the men intended to carry out a jihadist attack. “They wanted to make use of explosives and obtain training,” reports the Public Prosecutor.

Subsequently, the police deployed infiltrators. “They were indispensable for gaining insight into the suspects and their plans for carrying out an attack,” said the Public Prosecutor. One of the men was arrested in his home, the other on the street in The Hague.

The men have been interrogated, and will be brought before the examining magistrate on Thursday. This will determine the length of their custody.

A Thwarted Islamic Terror Attack in Czechia

The following article concerns a Slovak in Czechia who converted to Islam and was planning a terrorist attack. For whatever reason — whether PC or legal/technical — he was not convicted of a terrorism offense, but of the lesser charge of public endangerment.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for translating this article from iDNES.cz

The Slovak got six and a half years for public endangerment; it was not preparation of terror

November 15, 2019

Dominik Kobulnicky was sentenced to six and a half years in jail in his trial for public endangerment. The prosecution had originally accused him of preparing a terrorist attack and disseminating propaganda for the Islamic State and the Kavkaz emirate. In his apartment the police found chemicals for making explosives and instruction videos, he had shared the content on Facebook, which, according to prosecution, was spreading terrorism.

“The accused was exceptionally and extensively interested in radical Islam, by which he was dominated; it was clear that he was fascinated by its warriors. He had searched out even the most brutal videos, and had done so repeatedly. About this, there is no doubt,” opined Judge Silvie Slepickova on the verdict of the Prague municipal court. In this, the judge was in agreement with the opinion of the state prosecutor and also in agreement with the psychologist and psychiatrist regarding the personality [mental state] of the accused. “The accused mimicked, in his fascination, acquired clothing, which he had seen in the above-mentioned videos. Thus attired, he had photographed and videoed himself,” shared the senate president.

His enthusiasm for this clothing was, according to her, distasteful even to the believers in the mosque where he had worshiped. That is why the court had found him guilty of support and propagation of extremism. Regarding the hoarding of pyrotechnics in the apartment building in Stodulky [district in Prague], the judges put in the record that the Slovak might have been storing them for making New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Klobunicky downloaded instructions for the manufacture of explosive loads [IEDs], but they could also have been used for the manufacture of fireworks. By handling a large amount of pyrotechnics in his apartment, he had endangered 70 residents of the apartment building through a heightened risk of explosion and fire and toxic fumes. That is why there was the verdict of public endangerment.

“His behaviour could have raised the suspicion that he was heading towards planning a terrorist attack. In the senate as a whole, we have arrived at the conclusion that this suspicion is high, but insufficient to prove guilt in the way the prosecution has presented. It is not possible to conclude, with absolute certainty, that the accused was planning a terrorist attack using a home-made explosive,” stated the jurist Silvie Slepickova. The Senate considers the punishment to be appropriate.

Infatuated by Islamism

For the youth, who was fascinated by Islam and Islamists, the state prosecutor proposed a nine-year term for preparing an act of terror. “It is clear that for him, it was like a drug,” the prosecutor Matin Bily described Kolubnicky’s relationship to militant teaching.

In contrast, the defense lawyer demanded that all charges be dropped against her client. “The prosecution has failed to prove even the intent of my client to damage the governance of the Czech Republic,” stated the defense lawyer Lucia Svecova.

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The Muezzin is Yodeling Over the Mountains of Salzburg

A Europe-wide network of Islamic zealots is preparing for the inevitable time when Europe becomes Islamic. In furtherance of its goals, it holds training retreats in the Alps near the Austrian city of Salzburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Salzburger Fenster:

Salafists Training in Salzburg’s Mountains

by Sonja Wenger

A London network is spreading fundamental Islam worldwide. A team operates in Austria.

“Kevin becomes a Muslim, what now?” is a short video (see below) showing in time-lapse the inner purification of ten young men who have converted to Islam. “Their names are Julius, Roland, Jonas and Michael. Germanisation is taking place,” the Viennese organiser expresses with pleasure about the German converts on Twitter.

Crash course for converts

Amir El-Shamy is general secretary of the Austrian branch of the organisation Iman, which belongs to the worldwide Dawah movement (conversion to Islam). The four-day workshop, “only for brothers”, in which the contribution towards expenses is €50, took place at the end of August 2019 somewhere in Salzburg’s mountains. The accommodation shown on Facebook seems to be in Tennengau.

The psychologically sophisticated programme aims at creating the experience of togetherness, esteem and orientation — things that young people in a Western consumer society often lack. After the crash course, Kevin reports on the happy feelings he has experienced. The former life of the likeable blond manufacturer from Lower Bavaria included alcohol, party nights and hanging out. Now Kevin knows that this is un-Islamic and haram (bad).

The London Islamic businessman Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, a Greek convert, and Austria agent Sertac Odabas in the Almbach Gorge near Hallein. Picture: Facebook.

Long beards and billions

The seminar in the mountains is part of the global jihad (struggle/effort) underway since the 1970s. This extremely reactionary Islam has been carried into the world as a result of the Iranian revolution. According to the US State Department, Saudi sheikhs and Qatar have pumped $130 billion into this struggle over the past ten years. Thus, millions and millions of dollars flowing with the spirit of Islamic Sharia into the construction of schools, kindergartens and mosques in Bosnia. The dress code of these Ultras is long beards and short trousers.

Beginning in January of this year, a leadership team of the Iman movement came to Salzburg to explore locations for canyoning in the Almbach gorge. Among them was the managing director of the umbrella organisation Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) based in London. The non-profit employs 36 field representatives, internally called “range specialists”. They build up local networks, organise training camps and collect donations.

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It’s 1801 All Over Again

According to H. Numan, today the Barbary Coast has expanded to encompass the entire Western World.

It’s 1801 all over again

by H. Numan

At this moment the Dutch and other European governments have difficulty getting mohammedan nations to follow signed treaties. They are milked for all they are worth. It’s like going back into time to the 1800s when Barbary states did as they pleased. If you don’t learn from history, you have to do it all over again.

The Dutch government tried — in vain — to negotiate with Morocco to be able to deport Moroccan criminals back to their own country. The Moroccan government didn’t even want to receive a Dutch minister to talk about it. Other treaties are also not honored. For example, many Moroccans live on Dutch benefits for whatever reason. That can be disability, being unemployed, etc. Not a problem, they are entitled to it. However, you do have to declare all your possessions and financial accounts anywhere in the world. That’s what they don’t do. They consider possessions and money in Morocco (or in Turkey, or wherever) to be exempt. To do with whatever they feel like.

There is ample evidence that many Moroccan and Turkish nationals living in The Netherlands who claim benefits own real estate in their home countries. Or even have/run hotels there. Under Dutch law they have to declare those assets. The value would be deducted from their social benefits. Which would mean for them the end of their stay in Luilekkerland (candy land). One may be destitute in one country and claim benefits. Not if they own luxurious properties abroad, of course. That’s not how mohammedans like it. Infidels should pay their jizya humbly and without grumbling.

None of them sees this abuse of our social system as fraudulent. They merely collect their jizya. Nothing wrong with that. Neither do their governments. Both the Turkish and Moroccan authorities refuse to assist investigations into their citizens. Also, both Turkish and Moroccan law forbid their citizens to renounce nationality. It can be done — but it’s very very difficult to do so. Regardless of the fact that their citizens absolutely refuse to renounce their nationality.

We have the weird situation that several members of the Dutch parliament, including the chairman of the house, Khadija Arib, hold dual nationality. Mrs. Arib is both a Dutch and a Moroccan citizen. Likewise Ahmed Aboutaleb is the mayor of Rotterdam, with two nationalities. Dutch and Moroccan. Ahmed Marcouch is the mayor of the city of Arnhem. All of them flatly refuse to give up their original nationality.

It’s even worse than that. For example, Mr. Aboutaleb was interviewed. During the interview he was asked what he would do if his daughters were to come home with Dutch non-muslim boyfriends. He openly said that he would not accept that. His daughters will marry muslims. Period. Those are the words of our enlightened liberal mohammedan mayor of Rotterdam. He’s a moderate muslim. Just imagine a new mayor who’s less moderate … Abou was lucky to be interviewed by a progressive journalist. Image if he had been interviewed by a real journalist: he would have to answer the question ‘what would you do if your daughters came home with a black very dark-skinned atheist boy from Suriname or the Antilles?’ He’s clever enough to not say: throw both of them off the nearest balcony. But that’s almost certainly what he would have thought.

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Mother of Satan Comes to Berlin

A Syrian culture-enricher has been apprehended in Berlin for allegedly planning a terror attack using TATP (triacetone triperoxide), an explosive known as “Mother of Satan” for its extreme volatility.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below from FOCUS Online was also translated by MissPiggy:

He Was High on the List of Islamist Threats — Special Unit Police Arrest Abdullah H. in Berlin

November 19, 2019

The police have arrested a man under suspicion of terrorism in Berlin. The 26-year-old Syrian is said to have informed himself over the Internet about the construction of bombs and exchanged information. “The purpose of the chat traffic is said to have been to prepare for terrorist attacks,” the Berlin public prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday. A special unit of the Federal Police arrested the man on Tuesday morning.

According to ARD, the arrested man is said to be Abdullah H. According to ARD reporter Holger Schmidt on Twitter, Abdullah H. is at the top of the list of dangerous Islamist groups in Germany.

Editor’s note: In a first version of the text, the suspect was described as 37 years old. The Attorney General’s Office has now corrected this statement: The arrested person is 26.

Planned attack with the “Mother of Satan”

The arrested terrorist suspect was employed as a cleaner at a primary school in the capital. Previously, he had worked until September in the Bode Museum in Berlin, said Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) on Tuesday. There was no information about a possible target for the suspect’s attack. “We assume that there was a considerable danger,” said Geisel. In evaluated chat reports, the aim was to kill as many people as possible with a terrorist attack.

He had a radical Islamist attitude and had already begun “to procure the necessary components and chemicals for the construction of an explosive device,” according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. In August the man allegedly bought acetone and in September hydrogen peroxide solution. “Both chemicals are needed to produce the highly explosive triacetone triperoxide (TATP). The planned bomb “was to be detonated at an unknown location in Germany at an unknown time in order to kill and injure as many people as possible”, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office further announced.

TATP is known in connection with terrorist attacks in Paris. The explosives can be produced by simple means. This makes it attractive for terrorists. In the Middle East TATP is also known as “Mother of Satan”.

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The Beginning of Remorse

In the following video you’ll see an instructive exchange between Caroline de Haas, a French feminist and Amnesty International militant (among other things); and Francis Szpinera, a celebrity French lawyer, whose Jewish family came to France from Poland. Mr. Szpinera causes distress for Ms. De Haas by pointing out her association with Muslim Brotherhood zealots during a recent rally.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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