Darmanin Orders the Protection of French Jews

The following translation came in a few days ago, but was delayed for various reasons. The news story was published after Iran attacked Israel, but before Israel’s retaliatory attack against Iran last night. The level of protection required to keep French Jews safe today must be enormous, given that at least 15% of the population of France is now Muslim.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Strikes against Israel: Darmanin asks for security reinforcement at places of worship and Jewish schools

April 14, 2024

At the approach of the Passover holidays, the Interior Minister has asked prefects to provide a “stationary and visible” police presence in front of places of worship and “the most sensitive and emblematic” buildings.

On Sunday, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin asked prefects to reinforce security in front of Jewish places of worship, as well as in front of religious schools, the day after the attack carried out by Iran against Israel and in anticipation of the Passover holidays. The minister is asking prefects to provide a “stationary and visible” presence of police in front of places of worship and “the most sensitive and emblematic” buildings.

“The security forces [police and Gendarmerie, editor’s note], of course, cannot carry out these missions alone,” the minister writes in a dispatch dated Sunday. “You will also need to requisition the Sentinel soldiers for this purpose,” he adds. On the approach of Passover, the Jewish Easter (22-30 April), he asks them to pay particular attention to the “religious services and gatherings that traditionally concentrate large numbers of people.”

“Stationary guards” and “ regular visits”

The Minister of Interior is also asking that “stationary guards be placed in front of religious schools beginning Monday, systematically, at the hours when pupils enter and leave.” Gerald Darmanin is also calling for the establishment of “regular visits by the police and Gendarmerie” at “specialized businesses”.

This decision was taken due to the “very high level of terrorist threat,” “the continuing high level of acts of an anti-Semitic character,” and “the persistence of tensions at the international level, including the attack by Iran upon Israel,” during the night between Saturday and Sunday, he detailed in the dispatch.

4 thoughts on “Darmanin Orders the Protection of French Jews

  1. If the Jews in France have not seen the writing on the wall by now, they are nothing but a statistic at this point and the way out is rapidly closing to escape, sealing their fate as history has shown time and time again, welcome to the new pogroms.

  2. I have read that half of British Jewry is contemplating leaving their homeland. Some have already physically moved themselves to other parts of the world. This was in January as best as can be remembered. As the Jews are sometimes considered canaries in the coal mine, it might be asked what Christians when they get around to coming for the Sunday people?

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