The Abolition of the Soul

In his poem “Prayer Before Birth”, the late Louis MacNeice wrote the following:

I am not yet born, console me.
I fear that the human race may with tall walls wall me,
with strong drugs dope me, with wise lies lure me,
on black racks rack me, in blood-baths roll me.


I am not yet born; O fill me
With strength against those who would freeze my
humanity, would dragoon me into a lethal automaton,
would make me a cog in a machine, a thing with
one face, a thing, and against all those
who would dissipate my entirety, would
blow me like thistledown hither and
thither or hither and thither
like water held in the
hands would spill me.

This poem was written during the 1930s, when the prototypical despots Hitler and Stalin were, in their separate but equal ways, realizing the Totalitarian Dream. However, in their wildest imaginings they could never have conceived of the powers that the would-be globalist despots of the 21st century, exemplified by the World Economic Forum, plan to wield in their creation of the Brave New World. Secure in their omniscience, confident of their benignity, certain of their superior understanding, and absolutely convinced of their inerrancy, they intend to remake the world into their image of technologically-driven transhuman perfection.

None of this is hidden. It is all clearly and explicitly laid out in text and videos by those who would implement the New World Order, if only we care to pay attention. If, that is, we are willing to let our good night’s sleep be disturbed by an understanding of what lies ahead.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for his mammoth effort in translating this essay from Multipolar Magazin:

The abolition of the soul

In their publications, the World Economic Forum and its chairman Klaus Schwab state with astonishing frankness that they intend to intervene in human nature and in humans’ relationships with others using all the technical means at their disposal. People, animals and plants are to be completely redesigned. Human nature is at stake.

“The real goal of totalitarian ideology is not the transformation of the external conditions of human existence and not the revolutionary reorganization of the social order, but the transformation of human nature itself, which, as it is, constantly opposes the totalitarian process. … What is at stake in total domination is really the essence of man.” — Hannah Arendt, 1951

As one of the most influential institutions in the Western World[1], the WEF has been putting its plans into practice with overwhelming speed since 2020, working title: The Great Reset, gateway: the Pandemic.[2] It has often been pointed out that the World Economic Forum pursues totalitarian goals with its transhumanism. Despite this, a majority still seems to have faith that the global business elites are, by and large, acting for the good of humanity. This is a mistake — regardless of whether these elites themselves are convinced that they are doing good or not.

A fashionable term such as “transhumanism” may leave you fairly unmoved if you don’t shy away from considering what it means. Misleadingly, he suggests that the project it describes has anything to do with ‘humane’, humanity or humanism; it hasn’t. It would be more accurate to speak of anti-humanism — for the transhumanist, concern amounts to abolishing all living things altogether. In its presumptuousness, this project is certainly doomed to failure. But it could cause living garbage, misery and great suffering.

Therefore, the following should make it clear that the plans of the WEF are deeply totalitarian, and why. Klaus Schwab’s book The Fourth Industrial Revolution serves as the main source of information, because this WEF publication describes its plans particularly bluntly, and, although it was published in 2016, still agrees with the statements made by the extremely influential Davos Forum.[3] Hannah Arendt’s famous work “Elements and Origins of Total Domination” serves as the background and standard for this assessment.[4]

The totalitarian claim to power: rule people from within

In her analysis of the totalitarian systems of her time, Stalinism and National Socialism, Hannah Arendt discovered a striving for control that goes far beyond the power ambitions of dictators, despots and tyrants of all kinds:

“The real goal of totalitarian ideology is not the transformation of the external conditions of human existence and not the revolutionary reorganization of the social order, but the transformation of human nature itself, which, as it is, constantly opposes the totalitarian process. … What is at stake in total domination is really the essence of man.”[5]

What unites the totalitarian elites is “…the conviction of man’s omnipotence. They first gave the moral nihilism of ‘anything goes’ its real basis through the much more radical nihilism of ‘everything is possible’… The hubris of really believing that everything can be done, that everything given is only temporary, is enough for them. The obstacle is that it can be overcome by superior organization.”[6]

Substituting ‘superior engineering’ for ‘superior organization’ pretty much describes the beliefs of the World Economic Forum.

The transformation of human nature

Already in the first sentence of his book, Klaus Schwab says that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which in his description “…entails nothing less than the transformation of mankind.”[7] The technologies driving this revolution will be “…fundamentally changing our human identity.”[8] They will change “…what it means to be human.”[9] The Fourth Industrial Revolution “…changes who we are.”

These ideas are indeed revolutionary: If they were realized, humans — and other living beings as well — would finally become objects of industrial production. Nature would no longer be something given that as such has a right to exist and a dignity.

Biological organisms that do not occur in nature

According to Schwab, synthetic biology and neurotechnology make the profound changes in human nature possible. Synthetic biology “… will allow us to tailor organisms by writing DNA.”[10] This, in turn, “… enables the creation of genetically modified plants or animals, as well as the modification of cells of adult organisms, including humans .”[11] All living organisms and all organisms not yet born are now objects of design: “We are confronted with new questions about what it means to be human when it comes to changing the genetic codes of future generations.[12]

Advances in medicine made possible by this are often mentioned, but the whole genome is clearly at stake: “…it’s much easier now to precisely manipulate the human genome in viable embryos… we will in the future probably see designer babies…”[13] Wikipedia clarifies once again that synthetic biology is about “…creating biological systems that do not occur in nature.” And note: “These systems are subject to evolution.”[14] The WEF not only welcomes these prospects, it also considers science capable of implementing them at any time:

“Imagine a world where we can create the bodies we want. In this world we can also design and redesign the plants and animals that live with us. We can change organisms and shape them the way we want them to be. … And this is not the world of tomorrow. You don’t need any imagination. This is the world of today.”[15]

The whole human being becomes the object of technical design — and so are his relationships to other people and things.

Neurotechnology: Mind Control, Emotion Control, Relationship Control

Neurotechnology “…includes any process or device in which electronics interface with the nervous system to monitor or regulate neural activity.”[16] The ways to do this are so varied, according to the World Economic Forum that they “transform the human body into a new technology platform.”[17]

The WEF has no objection to that — we are entering “…the era of the ‘internet of bodies’: We collect our physical data through a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn. The result is a vast amount of health-related data that improves the well-being of people all over the world…”[18] But not only that: “At the same time, the data from the ‘Internet of Bodies’ can be used to predict and to make inferences that may affect an individual’s or group’s access to resources such as health care, insurance and employment.”[19]

Many citizens have already experienced that “influencing” can also mean “blocking”: Until recently, for example, we had no access to public facilities such as libraries, theaters or swimming pools without a vaccination certificate. During the trucker protests in Canada, Prime Minister and “Young Global Leader” of the WEF Justin Trudeau[20] had the accounts of the 50,000 truckers and their supporters blocked without further ado. In view of such arbitrary encroachments on the simplest rights of unwelcome citizens, it is not surprising that many see it more as a threat: “If we do not like your behavior, we will block your access to vital resources.” But you don’t have to see everything so negatively, because:

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Conspiracy Fact

MC provides a useful overview of the “pandemic” and the “vaccination” that fixed everything.

Conspiracy Fact

by MC

If one takes the time to think that most of our leaders have taken an oath of office, and then look at the reality of those oaths, sworn upon a ‘holy’ book (but discarded a few seconds later), one cannot help but contemplate their blasphemy.

There are, however, some notable exceptions, and these fruitful stalks among the tares will keep the whole mess functioning until Messiah comes.

Yahovah regards ‘the journey’ (the Way) as important whereas the destination is unimportant because it is always the same (the gates of the Father’s abode), but the spirit of Antichrist always assumes that the ends justify the means; for the pathway to tyranny is paved with good intentions.

I sincerely believe that Hitler and his goons truly believed that they were doing the world a favour by wiping out Untermenschen: Jews, Russians (Slavs), Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Evangelical Christians amongst others.

Many deny these atrocities, but they are well documented and archaeological digs at Sobibor and Treblinka have borne out witness testimony.

As a society, we are rapidly unlearning the lessons of the Holocaust, that men (and women) ‘on a mission’ have a tendency to forget the journey, and concentrate only on the destination.

Too many ‘conspiracy theories’ have turned into conspiracy facts in the last two to three years, and the use of the ‘conspiracy theory’ epithet has become a tool in the arsenal of propaganda weaponry to be wheeled out to distract public opinion from landing at the airport of truth.

When Edward Bernays, at the behest of Big Tobacco, manipulated public opinion such that women could smoke in public, it was a trivial but profitable exercise in mass manipulation, but it was also the treacherous footing at the head of a slippery slope.

Most readers of this site were aware by the middle of 2020 that something was very, very wrong and sinister about the Covid19 panic ‘pandemic’; and that the very definition of pandemic had to be changed was a clear indication that this was a large-scale manipulation. People were dying, yes, but were they dying with covid or from covid or later, from the vaccine?

The propaganda became very leaky when RTA victims were shown to have been included in official covid stats, and when the inventor of the covid (PCR) ‘test’ indicated that it was being misused. Hitherto the word ‘cases’ had only been used when symptoms were present, suddenly, anyone who tested positive was a ‘case’, ill or not, and all based upon a misused test that had a 97% rate of false positives.

I had read (and lived through) the sad history of the ‘AIDS’ panic in the 1980s and I was aware of the shortcomings of PCR testing in the AIDS context, and that the HIV = AIDS theory remained unproven.

The information was available almost from day one when Peter Duesberg stated that AIDS was a product of drug abuse and AZT, the very medicine that was supposed to treat it.

But he was in a long and lonely battle with Big Pharma and the NIH/FDA/CDC medical racket.

And here we were in 2020 with the same cast of gangsters actors with the same “we’re all gonna die” mantra that we had heard from AIDS and from those mad cows…

We did not ‘all’ die, in fact relatively few of us died (from covid, that is)…

A few got in their hurricanes and started to spit fire; they were the ‘conspiracy theorists’. They pointed out that the (doodle) bugs were easy to kill if you got the preparations right. Even the President caught on and recommended hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic (to howls of rage from ignorant and inflamed Democrats and RINOs).

Warp Speed was supposed to bring us a new, safe and effective vaccine, it was warped and it was fast, but it was fast because it was already on the starting grid waiting for the green light. All that had to be set up was the delivery and payment systems…

All for a virus that supposedly appeared in bats sold in a wet market that did not sell bats.

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To Defeat Putin, You Must Go Without

I wrote yesterday about the plans that the architects of the New World Order have for us. According to the latest word handed down from on high by the World Economic Forum, those plans include the demand that ordinary citizens endure severe privation and hardship in order to defeat the evil Vladimir Putin, and also save the planet.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

They take everything from us…

WEF decrees total renunciation: We should freeze, cycle and dawdle against Putin

The vexatious sanctions against Russia are hitting the civilian population all over Europe hard, and people are suffering from an unprecedented wave of inflation. The World Economic Forum around “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab has now presented its unworldly and disturbing solution: people should simply do without everything if possible. That saves them money — and hurts Russia the most.

Globalists want collapse and make regulations

Wochenblick has already broken down the way globalist circles would benefit from the impending collapse across Europe in order to force us even further into dependency on them. But apparently the rulers of the world are so sure of victory that they no longer make any secret of their intentions. It is no longer enough to stink for sustainability and against evil rogue states — a recommendation that German authorities have long been making. According to Schwab & Co., cold apartments, rusting cars and human capital walking on foot are the order of the day.

At least that’s what a new WEF video suggests. The think tank, under whose wing the powerful of this world like to blather about their radical transformation, falls back on the proven method of educating people with short 80-second clips. The title of the latest work: “Nine ways Europeans can reduce their energy consumption, save money and help Ukraine”. This compilation alone shows clearly: They want to sell us radical renunciation as a “good thing” that should save us, our fellow human beings and the planet.

[Twitter link]

Unworldly recommendations beyond all reality of life

The WEF also refers to the “Energy Action Plan” of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The OECD subsidiary organization was considered the driving force behind the “Agenda 2030” resolution, which wants to change the world in the interests of the Global Elite under the guise of “sustainability”. In the past, it was often notable for grossly incorrect forecasts. The head of the Agency, which has strategic oil reserves with which it can intervene in the price level on the energy market, is the Turkish Fatih Birol, who is considered an important reference point for German climate and energy policy.

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They Have Plans For Us

When I wrote last week about the financial crisis and the Great Reset, I said:

None of the above is the raving of a tinfoil-hat paranoid. It has all been written up, more or less the same as I summarized, in articles and treatises and papers put out by the World Economic Forum and the other institutions that are planning our globalized future. None of it is hidden. It’s not secret. But it’s TLDR for most people, so they pay no attention.

The following report talks about Klaus Schwab’s most recent book, which is an example of the blatant out-in-the-open plans our future overlords have for us. They probably rely on the fact that almost nobody outside of their totalitarian technocrat community reads their stuff.

The sheep just never look up.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

“Insane!”: Schwab’s new book “The Great Narrative” is torn in two

It was published in English on December 28 last year and has been available in German since February 21: The second part of Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” is called “The Great Narrative” and has the dubious subtitle “For a better future”. The latest work by the founder of the World Economic Forum is not well received by readers.

The big narrative est [sic!] is a guide for anyone who wants to better understand how the world has evolved since the beginning of the pandemic and what solutions can make it more resilient, fairer and more sustainable..

This is how the 293-page book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret is described on Amazon. However, users find completely different words for it. The 1-star ratings outweigh the others in both the German and the English version. German readers state:

“Insane! Does he believe he is “God”? Orwell sends greetings: he says protection, peace and freedom. He means control, slavery and paternalism.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Severely sick! A lone man who has gathered a kind of elite cult around him is trying to transform all of humanity according to his ideal! Mankind should do everything possible to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“A dangerous pamphlet that promotes totalitarian socialism with pretended global problems such as climate change. Pooh!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The ratings for the English version are hardly more forgiving. Here is what UK readers write:

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A Handgun Against the New World Order

In my introduction last week to Thierry Baudet’s video I said, concerning the implementation of the New World order, that “…the same is true here in the USA. The process is fully underway now, and not enough people are aware of it for it to be stopped, by democratic means or otherwise. Not only can we not vote our way out of what’s happening, we can’t shoot our way out either, because we are too fragmented and isolated, and under such constant surveillance that the formation of any coherent mass resistance is now all but impossible.”

Western Rifle Shooters Association featured Mr. Baudet’s video (and my comments), but is not as pessimistic about the future of the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America. Concerned American said:

Perhaps here in the former USA as well as Europe.

But perhaps not.

Or more properly, the demon is most certainly in both places, but his final standing — victor or vanquished — is yet to be determined.

Earlier today, the state of Georgia became the 25th American state to remove any form of handgun license requirement for Georgians who otherwise can legally possess firearms.

That means that every day in each of those 25 American states, the servants of tyranny will have to assume that some significant portion of the “civilian” population is both armed and trained at least as well as the average policeman.

So too every politician and bureaucrat in each of those states.

And in another relatively recent post, the Baron was kind enough to bring back a voice from the grave on just what can be done with a handgun.

L’audace, mes amis — l’audace!

Once you know that the government stooges intend to inject, imprison, starve, and eventually kill you and your family as part of the Great Reset, then make them each pay for their bloodthirsty allegiance to Evil.

No matter what weapon, adequate or not, you have at your disposal.

No matter your enemies’ titles, costumes, or alibis.

For the NWO jackboots, their masters, and their bureaucrats:

No prisoners.

Far be it from me to gainsay his remarks. There is no doubt that millions of Americans are well-armed, well-trained, and — shall we say — skeptical about the designs of the federal government.

The problem is not that ornery Americans lack the firepower, or the will to use it. The problem is: Who are you going to shoot?

I’ll present a couple of examples that illustrate the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Imagine that your son is in the second grade at George Floyd Memorial Elementary School. You have some suspicions about the kind of indoctrination that is being inflicted on him, so you slip a micro-recording device into his backpack before he goes to school so you can find out what’s going on. You discover that it’s even worse than you expected: he’s being instructed by his “non-binary” teacher in the explicit details of homosexual erotic practices, and cautioned not to tell his parents about it.

Who do you shoot?

The teacher, maybe. The principal. The superintendent of schools. The mayor and various members of the city council. And perhaps, just for good measure, the purple-haired pierced genderqueer being who represents your district in the state legislature.

And then what happens? If you don’t get blown away by the cops while exacting retribution on the people who did this to your son, you get locked away in the slammer for the rest of your life. In either case, your son grows up without a father. And he still gets instructed in the mechanics of gay sex in his elementary school classes.

The obvious alternative is to pull your kid out of the public schools ASAP. A private school, or, if you can’t afford it, home schooling. The latter can be costly in its own way, if both parents had previously been working for wages. Plus the state or city where you live may make it difficult to home-school. You might be required to use an approved curriculum, which would of course include explicit instruction about gay sex for 7-year-olds.

At that point you might decide to relocate your family to Florida or a rural area in Texas where people are still relatively sane.

In any case, there’s no obvious way to solve the problem by shooting people.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Another example.

Imagine that your employer decides to mandate as a condition of your continued employment that you agree to be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. You assert your basic human right not to undergo a medical procedure against your will, and decline to comply. As a result you receive two weeks’ severance pay and are shown the door.

You’ve got three kids to support, so you have to find another job pronto. Unfortunately, all the other employers in your area are imposing the same vax mandate, so you can’t find one. After several months of fruitless searching, the mortgage company forecloses on your home, and you’re out on the street with your wife and kids. The entire family ends up sleeping in a van and using the portosans in the park where all the other homeless people live.

Who do you shoot?

Your former employer, for a start. The bank manager, maybe. And, for good measure, the purple-haired pierced genderqueer being who represents your district in the state legislature.

Then you get put away, and your wife and kids are still sleeping in the van down by the park, only now they have no husband or father to protect them from marauding drug addicts and/or violent rapists.

Once again, shooting people didn’t solve the problem.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The above examples are relatively trivial compared to what’s rapidly coming down the pike at us. I’m talking about the Great Reset, of course.

The full New World Order will be upon us shortly. The conversion of the tattered remnant of the American republic into a province of the Global Paradise will be ushered in by the collapse of our currency, which is already well underway.

Two essential components will be necessary for the new system to function: universal personal digital identification and a global digital currency. The recent vax passport or “green pass” schemes were a test run for the universal digital identification. The digital ID will be combined with the global digital currency (I’ll call it GDC), and will be mediated by your cell phone.

And everyone has a cell phone, right? I am literally the ONLY person I know who doesn’t have a cell phone. Everybody I know, even the most deplorable libertarian types, has a baby monitor. There must be a few other stone-age weirdoes like me, but they’re few and far between. When the time comes to implement the NWO, it will hardly be necessary to make ownership of a hand-held device mandatory.

If you have a cell phone, the government and major corporations (yes, I know, same thing) know where you are. They know what you buy. They know who you hang around with. And, obviously, they know what you say or text through your phone. If you have Siri or Alexa or something similar, they know what you and your friends converse about in your living room.

Once a personalized digital currency is added, the corporate state will have achieved total surveillance and total control over your personal life.

“Ah,” you say, “but I’ll never be willing to use their digital currency. So they won’t have that.”

Well… You might not have any choice.

It’s not that cash will be outright abolished, not immediately. The first step will be to make it worthless.

That’s where the inflation comes in. The severe inflation that’s beginning right now isn’t a bug in the system, it’s a feature. In order for you to be willing to embrace the new GDC, the currency you’re used to has to lose 99.9% of its value.

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Ecotokens for Compliant Drones

It appears that parts of Europe are about to launch a Chinese-style social credit system. The first rollout will reportedly be in Italy, but based on the following article, the planning for the Bavarian version was first: it began back in 2019.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Report24:

Social Credit System not only in Italy: such a system is also coming to Bavaria this year

The “Smart Citizen Wallet” pilot project in Bologna, Italy, is currently making headlines. This is to be launched in September and will focus on “the virtuous citizen: Those who are good and, for example, separate their trash, save energy and use public transport, are to be rewarded with points for which they can secure certain benefits. What many consider to be the first social credit system in Europe is, sadly, not a novelty: In Bavaria, a very similar system has long been planned in the form of the “Ökotoken.”

The Bavarian “sustainability token” appeared earlier in the long version of the “climate protection offensive” of 2019. The stated goal is to “promote sustainable behavior in everyday life by rewarding environmentally conscious actions.” The token is intended to have a “signal effect for companies and citizens” (in other words, it is an educational measure). The State Ministry for Digital Affairs is responsible.

The brief description reads as follows:

  • Development of a documentation system including an evaluation framework, in which users can collect plus points in the form of sustainability tokens according to their environmentally conscious behavior; these can then be used for discounts with partners (theaters, swimming pools, possibly organic markets).
  • Establishment of a state office, creation of a consortium for the operative business.
  • Integration of a financial service provider, e.g. Landesbank, for in-valuation and exchange for the partners, see below.
  • Networking of partners from business and the public sector

Implementation was originally planned for 2021 — however, a response to a question to the Bavarian State Parliament in August 2021 indicates that Covid initially put a spanner in the works:

The “ecotoken” (working title) has not yet been used. The measure has been suspended mainly due to the pandemic situation, especially because of the bonus benefits for environmentally friendly behavior, which should preferably concern analogous activities, such as visiting cultural institutions or the like.

However, the project was only temporarily put on hold. A summary of the package of measures in the “Climate Protection Offensive” dated November 15, 2021, indicates that the so-called “ecotoken” is to be implemented in 2022. Of course, this fits in perfectly with the current “freeze for peace” propaganda: the Ukraine war is currently being shamelessly abused for the sake of pushing through the “energy transition”, which is highly damaging for Germany.

Archbishop Viganò: “The New World Order Agenda Requires That Italy Should Perish”

Carlo Maria Viganò is an Italian archbishop who is the former Apostolic Nuncio to the USA. He has deviated from the Vatican party line on multiple issues, most notably on the Wuhan Coronavirus “pandemic” and related matters.

The following video shows excerpts from an interview with Archbishop Viganò in which he discusses the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Who Will Succeed Him?

I’m talking about Klaus Schwab, actually, and not Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron. Mind you, it would be nice to see Marine Le Pen succeed Junior. If for no other reason, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see her in a fond embrace with the Guru of the Great Reset.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Corona Transition:

Who takes over the throne from Klaus Schwab?

The big maneuvers to succeed Schwab as WEF leader have begun. Why ICRC President Peter Maurer has the best chance.

by Guy Mettan, Bon pour la tête

The big maneuvers to succeed Klaus Schwab at the head of the World Economic Forum have begun. On March 30, the great Sultan of Cologne turned 84, and the burden of the years has left its mark on him, too.

Who could follow Schwab? This is of course one of the most sacred taboos of international Geneva. Those who have tried to break it have stumbled. All envisaged sequels, including those that the grandmaster himself brought into play, became history pretty quickly. Some of them because they put Schwab in the shade too much. We remember, for example, the head of a multinational company or a former president — their names disappeared from the spotlight at the WEF as quickly as they appeared there…

The governance of the WEF, which has now become an international organization with ad hoc status, is indeed problematic for an international body that should apply to itself the rules of transparency and democracy demanded everywhere else. The laws of the private sector only apply to a limited extent in the WEF. Klaus Schwab has headed the forum, which was founded in 1971, for 52 years. He has been in office twice as long as Putin, whose longevity is currently a popular subject of criticism. Only Kenneth Roth cuts a similarly good figure in Geneva. He has run Human Rights Watch with an equally iron fist for 29 years. So, monarchical governance is not exclusively Russian.

However, things could change soon: in September, Peter Maurer, the current President of the ICRC, will hand over his office to the diplomat Mirjana Spoljaric Egger. The nearly 65-year-old Maurer is a member of the WEF Council and acted as guarantor in the transformation of the WEF from a private NGO into a public international organization. It would only be logical for Maurer to assume the position of Grand Vizier Schwab, bearing in mind that a place of honor must be reserved for the outgoing ruler. A constitutional monarchy might emerge.

The image of the WEF is not exactly in good shape. The institution has become a symbol of oligarchic globalization and the Great Reset ideology, and accordingly the butt of the wrath of “conspiracy theorists” on social media.

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Thierry Baudet: “The New World Order is Upon Us”

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (Forum voor Democratie, FvD). He has been a member of the Tweede Kamer since 2017.

In the following English-language video Mr. Baudet discusses the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, “climate change”, and the coming regime of totalitarian global governance. He believes that the globalist project is so far along in Europe that there is almost no chance of impeding it. I tend to agree, but would take it even farther and say that the same is true here in the USA. The process is fully underway now, and not enough people are aware of it for it to be stopped, by democratic means or otherwise. Not only can we not vote our way out of what’s happening, we can’t shoot our way out either, because we are too fragmented and isolated, and under such constant surveillance that the formation of any coherent mass resistance is now all but impossible.

The political process has devolved into theater. We can be entertained by it, as if it were a sportsball event or a series on reality TV, but it has no meaningful effect on the major issues that control our lives, especially those surrounding the imposition of the new order.

Look at the stupid things Joe Biden said! Listen to Kamala Harris cackle! Nancy Pelosi is drunk! Justin Trudeau is a moron! AOC is an idiot! Boris Johnson’s hair is out of control! Emmanuel Macron’s wife is old enough to be his mother!

That’s what preoccupies us, so that we don’t see the boot stamping down on our faces — forever.

Here’s Thierry Baudet’s take on the NWO from a Dutch perspective:

Hat tip: Thomas Landen.

It’s Time to Vax the Chix

A few months ago the narrative surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus had begun to unravel, so the Russo-Ukrainian war had to be arranged. Evidently that war has now stagnated to the point where it is losing some of its Great Crisis punch, so another pandemic needs to be launched. This time it’s the bird flu, and the initial focus will be on the chicken population.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German website Arrangement Group:

Now comes the vaccination requirement for chickens and with it the shortage of eggs and poultry

In the US, bird flu has long since returned, and it has already caused shortages in egg and poultry supplies. For this reason, vaccination for chickens will soon be compulsory in the USA and private chicken keeping will be banned.

As a result, many states have now completely banned the sale of chicks to the public. The largest egg producer in the US has culled all of its chickens and fired its workers.

How can these viruses coordinate so well and make one of them Corona during the winter while the others will soon spoil our summer? It’s all just starting slowly for us, but due to the flight movements of the birds in spring, the viruses are making good headway towards us at the moment.

The coronavirus flies by plane, and the bird flu comes straight to us with the birds from Ukraine.

There, such viruses were grown in the high-security laboratories and in the video below you can see the malicious grin of the wife of the Virus Lord (Billy Boy) when he announced the next pandemic.

We will probably see the bottlenecks in the food trade with eggs and poultry in Europe around the middle of the year. But as always in such cases, that’s only half the story. Because not only are chickens threatened by the bird flu, but also people. Incidentally, the new bird flu virus was deliberately developed in such a way that it can be transmitted directly from birds and chickens to humans. This is where you should start getting worried. They want to starve you and make you sick at the same time. This will end tragically.

Afterword from the translator:

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The West’s Goals in Ukraine

Emmet Scott sends his analysis of the causes and goals of the Russo-Ukrainian war, as seen from the perspective of the architects of the New World Order.

The West’s Goals in Ukraine

by Emmet Scott

In a speech delivered, or stumbled through, in Poland on March 26, Joe Biden declared that Russia was in need of regime change, a sentiment echoed throughout the Western media. Many commentators and media talking-heads agreed that “regime change” is and should be a fundamental goal of Western policy towards Russia. One or two went so far as to argue that this is the reason for the West’s effort to prolong the war by continuing to pour arms into Ukraine — rather than call for an immediate ceasefire, as is the normal procedure in modern wars.

One such commentator has been Niall Ferguson, who has cautioned Western leaders that the desired regime change will almost certainly not be materializing in the foreseeable future. Writing in Bloomberg News, Ferguson concludes that the Biden administration “is making a colossal mistake thinking that it can protract the war in Ukraine, bleed Russia dry, topple Putin and signal to China to keep its hands off Taiwan.”

But is regime change the primary goal at all?

The is no question whatsoever that the Western elites loathe and despise Vladimir Putin, and they would indeed be glad to see him go — into retirement, or better still, into the grave. The source of that animosity, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with Putin’s real or alleged brutality, far less with his warmongering or aggression.

The “West” itself has been a reasonably enthusiastic warmonger over the past few decades, invading and destabilizing dozens of countries in numerous parts of the globe, often under the most mendacious of pretexts. The destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and yes, Ukraine, can all be chalked up to Western “humanitarian” interventions over the past thirty years. Nor is Putin’s (alleged) contempt for the democratic rights and freedoms of his own people a problem: Western “elites” have displayed a commendable contempt for the rights and freedoms of their own citizens, or subjects, over the past two years. None of these things bother Western “elites” at all. Whence then comes the loathing for Putin? That’s a question I’ll address presently.

Notwithstanding the Western elites’ hatred of Putin, do they really think a prolonged war in Ukraine will achieve the goal of removing him? That is highly unlikely. As Niall Ferguson pointed out, wars tend to unite countries behind their leaders, and this is particularly the case with Russia, which has a “heroic” national narrative that glorifies the sacrifice of its people and its soldiers in wartime situations. This narrative, Ferguson notes, can be traced back to the time of the Russian people’s struggles against the Mongols, and manifested itself again during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and during the Nazi invasion in 1941. Western leaders, I assume, are as aware of this as Ferguson, and must know that nothing short of catastrophic casualties, involving the loss of quite literally millions of men, is likely to shift the Russians away from their patriotic support for their army and their leader. But if this is the case, what then do Western leaders hope to achieve by prolonging the war?

And that point is very much worth emphasizing: It is the West which is prolonging the conflict. Indeed, it was the West which provoked the conflict in the first place. If the West had wished to avoid war, all it had to do was give Moscow a guarantee that Ukraine would not be joining NATO and insist that Kiev implement the provisions of the Minsk Accord, which provided a limited autonomy for the ethnic Russian populations of Donetsk and Lugansk. This was never done; on the contrary, the West encouraged Kiev to provoke the Russians by launching periodic attacks upon the inhabitants of the above two regions, and by providing the Ukrainians with high-tech weaponry to launch those attacks.

So, we are back to the original question: What does “the West” — or the West’s leadership — hope to achieve by a prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine? This was a topic I touched upon in an article published towards the end of January this year (“The Great Reset: Why Now?New English Review, February), where I predicted a war in Ukraine within a few months. As it turned out, the war kicked off even earlier than I had imagined. In that article I said that the “West” actually wanted war with Russia, which is what made its occurrence all the more likely. I explained at length that when we speak of “the West”, we are actually talking about an immensely wealthy oligarchy comprising no more than a few thousand people, an oligarchy which effectively dictates the policies of Western governments. It does this through its control and ownership of 90% of the world’s wealth, a stranglehold which is augmented by its near-total control of the media. The latter allows the oligarchs to shape the narrative and therefore, to a great extent, what people think. “Public opinion” is therefore ultimately what the billionaire and trillionaire class decrees it to be.

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“Listen, Viktor!”: Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy

A couple of days ago Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a video in which he addressed stern and officious remarks to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an attempt to pressure the latter into joining the sanctions regime against Russia and otherwise assisting Ukraine in its cause. Our Hungarian correspondent László provides an analysis of Mr. Zelensky’s statements as they relate to the goals of the New World Order.

“Nazi” Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy

“Listen, Viktor!”: Ukrainian Deep State Puppet Reprimanded the Hungarian PM for War Hesitancy, Branded Hungary as Nazi

by László

If you’ve ever wondered what the voice of the global Deep State would sound like if it were a person, listen to the Ukrainian puppet-president Volodymyr Zelensky calling on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to stop “hesitating” and get his country more deeply involved in the war in Ukraine.

The Globalist media outlet Telex published a subtitled portion of the video that Zelensky had posted on his Facebook page. It is a condescending and manipulative message sent to Hungary, delivered by Mr. Zelensky.

Before you watch the video (translated from the Hungarian subtitles, kindly subtitled by Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation), here is some context to help you understand the sinister insinuations he made:

Hungary has been one of the more reluctant European players to take sides in the Ukraine war. I’ll call it “war hesitancy”, referring to the now established pattern of Deep State psyops that seek to psychologically “inoculate” everyone with their current poisonous substance — this time with warmongering. Previously one’s intention to remain unharmed and free was officially called “vaccine hesitancy”, and it also had to be mocked, criminalized and subdued for “the greater good”.

To that end, the Deep State tool Zelensky specifically addressed Hungary and PM Viktor Orbán, as a part of his longer speech at a recent EU and NATO summit, in an effort to guilt-trip Hungary into joining the war by bringing up the country’s involvement last century in the persecution of Jews.

In his speech, Zelensky refers to the so-called “shoe memorial” on the bank of the River Danube in Budapest, where Jewish people were shot into the river in 1944 and 1945 by the Nazis.

“The memorial was erected in 2005 to commemorate the systematic killings of Hungarian Jews by Hungarian fascists (Hungary allied itself with Nazi Germany in the false hope of regaining territories lost in WW1),” writes Budapest Danube.

The text of the video (the highlights are mine):

Hungary! I must stop here and be honest. You must decide once and for all whose side you are on. You are an independent country. I’ve been to Budapest; I love the city. I’ve been there several times; I loved it, it’s hospitable, like the people. You have been through tragic moments. I went to the quay where I saw your memorial. I saw the shoes on the Danube bank where a mass murder had taken place. I was there with my family. Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on at Mariupol? Please go to the riverbank, and look at those shoes! And you will realize that genocide can happen again in the world, even today. And that is what Russia is doing now. Mariupol has the same shoes and the same people. Adults, children, grandparents. Thousands have died already, thousands are gone. And you are hesitating whether to impose sanctions or not?! And you are hesitating whether to send the guns or not?! And you are hesitating whether to trade with Russia or not? There is no time to hesitate. It is time to decide now. We believe in you, we need your help. We believe in your people. We trust in the European Union, and we trust that Germany will be with us in the crucial moment, as well. Thank you! Slava Ukraini! [Glory to Ukraine]

It is obvious that Zelensky’s masters were trying to emotionally blackmail Hungary — by covertly branding Hungarians as ‘Nazi mass murderers’ unless the country gives her expected contribution to the war, on the side of Ukraine.

Yet, while accusing Hungary of Nazism, Zelensky concludes his video with the now infamous battle cry that is also used by the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion: “Slava Ukraini” [Glory to Ukraine]. This is the same current of double-dealing Internazi politics that has endeavoured to flood Europe with huge masses of murderously Jew-hating Muslims — recently Hungary too, a country that is still a safe haven in Eurabia for Jews.

Since the video was posted, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has rejected the demands, making clear that the effects of the sanctions to be imposed on the energy imports from Russia would seriously endanger the Hungarian economy. On Hungarian state radio, PM Orbán went even further, saying that if the country stopped buying Russian oil and gas, it would literally stop the economy cold very soon.

The English-language Hungary Today writes:

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán rejected the demands to take sides: “Hungary stands on Hungary’s side in the Russia-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after the EU and NATO summit in Brussels. […] PM Orbán stated that if sanctions are extended to energy, “the Hungarian economy will come under intolerable pressure, while the Russians might hardly notice it.”

According to Telex:

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Scientific Insanity

MC’s latest wide-ranging essay addresses various aspects of the Culture Wars, most of them from the American front.

Scientific Insanity

by MC

We should by now be learning that ‘Nazism’ as such, is not an instance in history, but a logical pathway for those who seek totalitarian power. Soviet Communism destroyed itself because it assumed that ‘equity’ would overcome all difficulties, and that expertise was bourgeois, unneeded and unwanted. By killing off successful farmers, the Soviets destroyed their agriculture, failing to learn that ability needs to be rewarded, otherwise it is replaced by mediocrity; the “to each” side of the equation driving the “from each” to a degree which renders the whole instance unbalanced and unworkable.

Nazism works, and had to be taken down by overwhelming (and expensive) force of arms; it rewarded each according to his input and thus kept the workforce motivated.

We know that repeated attempts to make a losing strategy work are futile, and until one admits that failure, and accepts that there is a need to change the direction of the strategy, then failure will follow failure. To continue to try and make failure work without changing the strategy is pure insanity. In a society that forces the productive to support the unproductive there is an element of unpaid labour inflicted on those who produce. Am I therefore a 30% slave if I have to pay a third of my paycheck in extra taxes to support the idle?

Traditionally, those unable to work — the ‘poor’ — were a family responsibility, but historical Poor Laws made them a parish responsibility, and in many ways this was the start of the disintegration of the family as responsibility and duty passed to (expensive) bureaucrats. Costs increased, as did the numbers as more and more discovered that they could ride the gravy train. Thus the ‘solution’ was worse than the original problem .

This tendency for failure to repeat itself is endemic in democratic politics where the appearance of emotional intelligence is essential to winning votes, but irrational when it comes to actual lawmaking. Thus are politicians always benighted with the need for inappropriate emotional answers (lies) to rational questions.

There can be no doubt that President Trump was a highly successful President, as Presidents go, but he lacked an emotional empathy with a particularly avid but active and vocal group of powerful and immoral people for whom the ends justify the means. While they succeeded in displacing President Trump — possibly through the illegal manipulation of the vote — his compromise replacement(s) were and are totally disastrous.

The powerful voices in the Democrat party — Clinton, Sanders etc. — were unelectable, and even Democrats are wary of avowed communists and unindicted criminals.

So we got Brandon as a time-served and ranking Dem, who, they thought, could be relied upon to follow the party line. However in a divided party, the party line comes from she who shouts loudest.

But the big drawback of rigging votes is that the election concerned lacks credibility and does not help the winner’s political credibility. In the case of President Trump in 2016, it would appear that vote rigging was inconclusive and failed because Trump basically got more votes than had been predicted in (biased) pre-elections polls (poetic justice?). Still, shedding doubt on outcomes because more ‘people’ apparently voted for Clinton, did not help the Trump presidency.

In 2020 the vote rigging was much more blatant. It was based on COVID panic measures, and relied on a biased media and a bought (or blackmailed) SCOTUS for any credibility it had.

The Brandon administration started under a cloud which got blacker and blacker as Brandon lost all real credibility. He is at best senile, and at worst in the middle stages of dementia. All at a time when the USA needs strong leadership. The Veep is no better, displaying a strange idiocy even without the obvious dementia. This idiocy of the Veep is the guarantee that the dolt needs to stay in power. She is there because she is non-white, female and incompetent non-threatening.

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Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

One of the curious facts of our time is that both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky are alumni of the Young Global Leaders sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Moreover, just about all prominent Western politicians (and many who are not at all prominent) are also alumni.

So what’s really going on with the war in Ukraine? With that question in mind, our Hungarian correspondent László fisks a recent speech by Mr. Putin.

Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

by László

Below are excerpts from the transcript of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent speech that was supposedly on the war with Ukraine and the West.

“And I emphasize: even in the current difficult situation at the end of the year, we need to achieve a reduction in the level of poverty and inequality. This is a quite feasible task even today. I ask the Government and the regions to focus on achieving this task. And I would like to add that it is not only of an economic nature, as we all understand, but is also a matter of social justice.”

“reduction in the level of poverty and inequality”

— Communism. (He is talking about it in connection with the situation inside Russia.)

“social justice”

— Socialism.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian business community, the labor collectives of companies, banks and organizations that not only provide an effective response to the sanctions challenges, but also lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy.”

— “Sustainable development” is a known buzzword for the transformations planned for ushering in the New World Order (NWO). Most governments in the West have it in their written strategies. And the president of a country “expressing his gratitude” to private entities speaks volumes. Moreover, the fact that Putin says that these companies “lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy” is a clear indication of public-private partnerships… Actually, there is a more accurate term for public-private partnerships: it’s called fascism.

“a decree giving additional powers to regional heads”

— Arbitrary state tyranny.

“this is how we have built our counter-coronavirus measures”

— In the name of freedom, of course. Is Russia different? No, it isn’t. And remember, it is supposed to be a speech on the Ukraine war, right after the Corona-hoax.

“I am instructing all branches of the federal government in the regions to coordinate their work with the regional authorities in the next six months, and for governors to create operational headquarters to ensure economic development, and to personally lead this work.”

— Building back the economy from above; like the good old “five-year plans” in the Soviet era. “Rhymes” with Build Back Better in the West. Controlled demolition provided by the “war with the West”, so that you can “build back better”.

“The State Council and its specialist commissions have already proven their effectiveness. I ask the State Governance Committee headed by Sergei Sobyanin to work together with our government colleagues to identify problematic issues on the regional agenda, develop the best solutions and apply them to all of Russia’s regions. We have had good experience in dealing with the epidemic.”

— He seems to entrust the same people with the transformation, justified by the war, who were also responsible for the Plandemic measures. An NWO crisis-team that need not be ‘specialists’ in anything (like healthcare or the economy) but the transformation of society.

“All the strategic, national goals we have set for the period until 2030 must be achieved. The current challenges and the opportunities they present should only mobilize us, and that is what we should set ourselves up for, aiming to achieve tangible results in the interests of our citizens.”

— Agenda 2030. And “mobilizing” for it now. Because Ukraine. In the interests of the citizens, of course… NOT. “Set ourselves up for” — oh, yes, it is all a setup.

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