Pandemic Peregrinations

I’m about to hop in the Coronamobile and tool on down the road to pay a little visit to various family members and friends. I promised Governor Coonman that I would be a good boy and wear my mask and social distance and obey all the other Coronarules. Maybe sterilize everything that I touch. And burn my clothes after I wear them. Stuff like that.

I’ll be gone for a couple of days. Comments will be on hold till I get back. There will be no news feed tonight or tomorrow night, but there should be one on Wednesday if all goes according to plan.

Keep an eye on Joe Biden while I’m gone. He can’t be left unsupervised.

Pedal to the Metal

I’ll be leaving shortly to pay a visit to my cousins. I’ve become so mask-averse that it borders on obsession, so I’m pleased to say that my relatives aren’t at all mask freaks. They wear them when they have to, like I do, but they don’t rant about it as much.

I’ll be away overnight, so there will be no news feed tonight. However, I should be back early enough to put one up tomorrow night. Comments will be moderated upon my return.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are now closing their messages with a new pandemic-related signoff. I’ll join the trend, albeit ironically:


An Autumnal Interlude

I returned late last night from a three-day weekend at an undisclosed (and rustic) location in Quebec. It was more of a retreat than a conference, and there was no agenda as such. A group of like-minded “red-pilled” people simply got together at a picturesque rural venue to eat, drink, and talk.

This enjoyable occasion enabled me to make contact with people I hadn’t seen face-to-face in a long time, and I also met some folks that I’d only known previously through their videos or in email and skype exchanges. I’m a severe introvert, so meeting new people is hard, but it seemed easier when their faces were so familiar from watching Vlad’s videos.

Some of the material that was discussed over the weekend will be made public in due course, and I’ll post it when it becomes available.

It was the last gasp of summer weather in those latitudes. I hail from a southern clime, so when the sun wasn’t shining it felt quite cold by my standards. I stayed inside a lot of the time, but some of the hardier folk from Canada and Europe actually went swimming. They said the water was warmer than the air.

The temperature was 82°F (28°C) when I stepped off the plane last night in Virginia, and it felt WONDERFUL.

I came in too late to post a news feed, but I’m in the process of extracting a lot of items from the email backlog to make an extra-large news feed for tonight.

Going Where the Climate Suits my Clothes

I’ll be leaving shortly on another road trip, and will be gone for a few days. Once again some of my colleagues have volunteered to moderate comments from time to time while I’m gone. However, there will be no news feed until I get back.

This one’s more of a busman’s holiday than the last one, but it will still be something of a break.

Later, dudes and dudettes.

A Brief Interlude

I’m leaving this afternoon to visit family for a couple of days. It’s my first trip away from home since Dymphna died — in fact, I haven’t even eaten in a restaurant since then. So we’ll see how it goes.

There won’t be any news feed until after I get back. However, a couple of my colleagues have agreed to check in from time to time and moderate comments, and may possibly even put up some posts. So the blog won’t be completely idle.

See you later, alligator.

Going Mobile

I’m taking a little road trip. I’ll be gone overnight, and will be back sometime late tomorrow.

There will be no news feed tonight, but there will probably be one tomorrow night, if I get back early enough.

The weather is ugly — cold and rainy. But the car heater works well, and I have plenty of tunes for the road.

Beep beep… Over 50…

Called Away Today

The B was away all day for a family emergency, now resolved.

Since he was traveling, there won’t be a news feed tonight – there isn’t enough coffee in the house to give him the energy for that.

But if you submitted news, don’t worry: He’ll simply do a double feature tomorrow.

Heading Out

I’m going away on an overnight trip; I’ll be back sometime tomorrow evening. There won’t be any news feed tonight, but I should be back early enough to put one up tomorrow night.

As usual, y’all will be under the gracious care of Miz Dymphna while I’m gone. With only one person to moderate comments, it may take longer for your comment to appear. So please be patient.


In the Wind

I’m heading out for a couple of days. While I’m away, there will be no news feed.

It’s not a funeral this time, but rather a pleasant family event. I’ll be driving a long way to see some people I haven’t seen in a number of years.

Dymphna will be holding the fort. Y’all behave yourselves while I’m gone.

Away From My Desk

I have to go out of town for the funeral of a relative. No, it’s not the relative who was in the terrible car accident last month — he’s still in the rehab place in Richmond, slowly recovering.

This relative was a geezer, only a little older than me, so his death — although a bit early from an actuarial perspective — was not such an awful blow, just a sad occasion. I will be going down there tonight for the service and the reception tomorrow, and will be back sometime tomorrow evening.

So no news feed tonight. Mind your p’s and q’s while I’m gone — don’t throw your empty wine bottles behind the davenport, or stub out your cigarettes in the aspidistra pot.


Out of Town

I’ll be on the road and away from my desk for a couple of days. While I’m gone there will be no news feed, and posting will be light.

Dymphna’s having a lot of fatigue at the moment. She says she’ll do her best with the comments, but no promises.