Headin’ Out

I’ll be leaving home shortly to visit an old friend of mine in another part of the Old Dominion.

I haven’t been out-of-state since the plague arrived. During the height of the “pandemic”, the Coronamadness was much worse in Maryland than it was here in Virginia. Indoor dining was shut down there months after things had opened up here. The governor of Maryland decreed a mask mandate in all public places, which, bad as things got, never happened here.

The news from Maryland just made me want to stay this side of the Potomac. I suppose the situation must have improved by now, but my aversion persists — I’d rather limit my travels to Virginia, and to the more rural parts of the state at that, where people are relatively sane.

North Carolina would probably also be OK, but I don’t have any kin or friends that live down there.

I was at the dentist’s office the other day, and much to my delight they had lifted their mask requirement for patients (the staff still had them on). I guess that means the “pandemic” is officially over.

I’ll be gone overnight, so there will be no news feed tonight. But I should be back in time to post one tomorrow night. See you then!

Movin’ Along

I’m leaving in a little while to attend a birthday dinner for a friend who just turned 70. It’s a right good ways from here, so I’ll stay overnight and return to Schloss Bodissey sometime tomorrow.

There will be no news feed tonight, but I shouldn’t have any problem putting one together for tomorrow night.

Auf wiedersehen!

Nun danket alle Gott

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m about to depart to visit some of my relatives, who very kindly invited me to eat dinner with them, even though I’m not vaxed.

I’ll be home sometime this evening, so there will be a news feed, but possibly not much else.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget to social distance at the table, and keep your masks on between bites.

Another Road Trip

I’m going away overnight to visit some of my relatives — different ones this time; I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

There will be no news feed tonight, but I should be back early enough tomorrow to post one.

While I’m gone, I recommend visiting WRSA, Conservative Tree House, and Power Line to keep up with all the political shenanigans and read analyses of last night’s elections in various states and cities.


Road Trip

I’ll be heading out shortly to visit relatives in another part of the state where cold rain is coming down, just like it is here. I don’t think I’ll be seeing any good weather this trip.

I’ll be gone for two nights, so there will be no news feed tonight or tomorrow night. I’ll be returning sometime on Friday, so you can expect a news feed that night.

The practice of demanding vaccine passports hasn’t yet come to this part of Virginia, so I don’t anticipate a problem gaining entry to any restaurants or watering holes.

Y’all have a gonzo time while I’m away.

Steal Me Away With an Echo

It looks like another “pandemic” is in the works: the Delta Variant is the new COVID monster that we’re supposed to be deathly afraid of. I’m anticipating another lockdown in the fall, so I’ve decided to engage in a few enjoyable activities this summer while I still can.

I’m heading off on a little getaway to the mountains, where the air is cool and fresh breezes blow, and where I’ll be meeting up with friends and family. Unfortunately, it looks like the hurricane weather is going to be reaching its tendrils all the way up there, so I may be stuck indoors most of the time.

I’ll be gone for two nights; there will be no news feed tonight and tomorrow. If all goes well, there will be one on Friday night.

In the meantime, here’s an exercise for my British readers. Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist bombings on London transport. Are there any public observances of the occasion in the UK? Are people talking about it among themselves? Or is it all gone and forgotten?

You can leave your responses in the comments, and I’ll moderate them when I get home.

I’ll see you later, boys and girls. And persons of indeterminate or undefined gender.

The Great Unmasking



A week ago Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam, in his infinite wisdom, decreed an end to his face mask mandate. After raising a moistened index finger, mind you, and determining which way the political winds were blowing.

Last Tuesday I took a trip to town to see how the good burghers of Charlottesville were handling their newfound freedom. My first stop was the ABC store, which is one of the few places I always wore a mask, because it’s a state-run enterprise where the mask rule was enforced (as was also the case with courthouses, county office buildings, and other government-run real estate). The two checkout clerks were still wearing their mouth zorros, but not the customers. Yippee!

Next was Wegmans. I love Wegmans, but I would expect its customer base to be COVID-compliant. And so it was: I counted only nine customers besides myself who weren’t wearing masks. But still, that was better than zero, which is the way it had been there for more than a year.

The place was crowded. I looked around at the masked customers and thought, “Hmm… These are Wegmans customers, which means that well over 50% of these folks have been vaccinated.” So either they don’t believe the vaccine works, or they’re trying to prove they’re not Trump voters, or they’re just doing what they consider to be the polite thing. Or some combination of all three.

On Thursday I set off on my trip to visit family. I left all my masks behind, and was absolutely determined not to wear one. If some business or other asked me to mask up, I planned to just turn around and walk out. Shake the dust from my feet and go spend my money elsewhere.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. Everywhere I went, most people were going maskless, and giving every sign that they were enjoying it. A lot of the staff in business establishments were still wearing masks, but most of their customers weren’t.

My destination was a small town that’s in an even more remote area than the one I live in. When I went to restaurants on Thursday night and Friday morning, the waitresses were all masked, but most of the customers weren’t. Yesterday afternoon I wandered around the downtown, buying organic cornstarch and wine at some of the hip businesses. The hipper the business, the more masks. But nobody seemed to care about the numerous unmasked people.

Late in the afternoon I hung out in the town square listening to an impromptu group of geezers and near-geezers sitting around playing bluegrass and old-time music. There were three guitars, three fiddles, two banjos, and a stand-up base. It was great stuff. One I particularly remember was a rendition of “Short’nin’ Bread”. One of the banjo players remarked to the fiddler who had led the tune that she (the fiddler) had played the old-time version, while he was more familiar with the bluegrass version, which he proceeded to pick out at lightning speed. I didn’t notice any major differences, but then I’m not an expert on the genres like those folks were.

None of the musicians was under the age of fifty, and most of them were older than I am. They were packed in there on the shaded porch like sardines, and not a mask among them. If they were worried about catching the COVID from each other, they gave no sign.

Meanwhile, behind me on the sidewalk the shoppers and tourists went by in the bright sun, about a third of them masked. I noticed that the younger they were, and the more out-of-town they looked, the more likely they were to be masked.

When happy hour came along I stepped over to the nearby watering hole to meet my relatives and avail myself of a cool refreshing adult beverage. When I walked through the door I received a pleasant surprise: there was not a mask in sight. And this was a place that had been really strict about masks during the “pandemic”. If you wanted to go maskless, you had to sit on the deck, no matter the weather, with no exceptions. But all that has been forgotten now that Honest Ralph has emancipated the Coronaslaves.

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Movin’ Along

I’m about to depart Schloss Bodissey to visit relatives in another part of the Commonwealth. I’ll be gone for a couple of days.

There will be no news feed until after I get back. And, unfortunately, moderation of comments will be on hold as well. Time was, when Dymphna was still with us, there was somebody to approve comments (and reprove the reprobates) while I was travelling. Alas, those days are gone…

See you later, folks.

Pandemic Peregrinations

I’m about to hop in the Coronamobile and tool on down the road to pay a little visit to various family members and friends. I promised Governor Coonman that I would be a good boy and wear my mask and social distance and obey all the other Coronarules. Maybe sterilize everything that I touch. And burn my clothes after I wear them. Stuff like that.

I’ll be gone for a couple of days. Comments will be on hold till I get back. There will be no news feed tonight or tomorrow night, but there should be one on Wednesday if all goes according to plan.

Keep an eye on Joe Biden while I’m gone. He can’t be left unsupervised.

Pedal to the Metal

I’ll be leaving shortly to pay a visit to my cousins. I’ve become so mask-averse that it borders on obsession, so I’m pleased to say that my relatives aren’t at all mask freaks. They wear them when they have to, like I do, but they don’t rant about it as much.

I’ll be away overnight, so there will be no news feed tonight. However, I should be back early enough to put one up tomorrow night. Comments will be moderated upon my return.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are now closing their messages with a new pandemic-related signoff. I’ll join the trend, albeit ironically:


An Autumnal Interlude

I returned late last night from a three-day weekend at an undisclosed (and rustic) location in Quebec. It was more of a retreat than a conference, and there was no agenda as such. A group of like-minded “red-pilled” people simply got together at a picturesque rural venue to eat, drink, and talk.

This enjoyable occasion enabled me to make contact with people I hadn’t seen face-to-face in a long time, and I also met some folks that I’d only known previously through their videos or in email and skype exchanges. I’m a severe introvert, so meeting new people is hard, but it seemed easier when their faces were so familiar from watching Vlad’s videos.

Some of the material that was discussed over the weekend will be made public in due course, and I’ll post it when it becomes available.

It was the last gasp of summer weather in those latitudes. I hail from a southern clime, so when the sun wasn’t shining it felt quite cold by my standards. I stayed inside a lot of the time, but some of the hardier folk from Canada and Europe actually went swimming. They said the water was warmer than the air.

The temperature was 82°F (28°C) when I stepped off the plane last night in Virginia, and it felt WONDERFUL.

I came in too late to post a news feed, but I’m in the process of extracting a lot of items from the email backlog to make an extra-large news feed for tonight.

Going Where the Climate Suits my Clothes

I’ll be leaving shortly on another road trip, and will be gone for a few days. Once again some of my colleagues have volunteered to moderate comments from time to time while I’m gone. However, there will be no news feed until I get back.

This one’s more of a busman’s holiday than the last one, but it will still be something of a break.

Later, dudes and dudettes.