Goin’ Where the Climate Suits my Clothes

Actually, the place I’m going to has more or less the same climate as Schloss Bodissey, so I should be OK.

I’ll be leaving shortly on an overnight trip to visit some old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. There will be no news feed tonight, but I expect to get back in time to post one tomorrow night.

Back in the good old days, whenever I went away overnight I would warn commenters to be on their best behavior while I was gone, because Dymphna would be watching them closely, ready to smack anyone who got out of line. She would moderate comments until I returned, and would sometimes post her own stuff while I was away, especially in the earlier years when her health was better.

Now, alas, all I can do is lock the door, pull down the shade, and hang up a “Gone Fishing” sign in the window. Everything has to be put on hold till I get back.


3 thoughts on “Goin’ Where the Climate Suits my Clothes

  1. “Everybody’s Talkin’, by Harry Nilsson, 1968 (I had to check the date). Lovely, atmopheric song.

    Have a good trip!

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