Road-Walkin’ Blues

I’ll be leaving shortly on an overnight trip to visit family. I plan to partake of adult beverages this evening while listening to live music, if all goes well.

There will be no news feed tonight, but I should be back early enough to be able to put one up tomorrow night.


11 thoughts on “Road-Walkin’ Blues

  1. Have an extra adult beverage and consider it a toast in your own honour sent from Newfoundland ! Enjoy your brief break. Have fun.

    Forget about the state of the world for a few hours …

    • Yes, as I’ve reported here, I get an injection in the affected eye about once every six weeks.

  2. It is true that I always miss your news feed when you are out and about, but I am so happy for you just to know that you are with people you love.

    I must add that I’m always so relieved to know when you are back home safe and sound.

    Take good care dearest Baron, we are many who really just got attached to you, through the years, reading your witty mind opening essays and different posts.

    Bless you,

  3. Hope you had a great time. It’s 9/11 as I write this so I’m a bit behind. But I have to comment that I’ve never heard walkin blues stated as Road Walkin Blues. Weird. Sounds like something a Euro might say, not an American. Where else would you be walking? If it’s off road, it’s hiking, no? You need to spend a little time listening to some real original blues, for what that advice is worth. Anyway, keep up your excellent work, and all the best to you and family. (why do I have the feeling that you’re going to clobber me with a pile of Road Walkin Blues titles and the such?)

    • No, it’s my own concoction — I don’t know of any song called “Road-Walkin’ Blues”. But I like the rhythm of the words; when I hear them in my head, they overlay “old walkin’ blues” in the Hot Tuna version of “Walkin’ Blues”.

      “Road” makes it specific. After all, I could be walking on a sidewalk, or a footpath, or a backstage catwalk in the flies. But I’m not.

      As for listening to original blues: yes, I’ve done plenty of that. Blues is not my favorite genre, but I like it well enough, and have listened to my share.

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