Road Trip

I’ll be heading out shortly to visit relatives in another part of the state where cold rain is coming down, just like it is here. I don’t think I’ll be seeing any good weather this trip.

I’ll be gone for two nights, so there will be no news feed tonight or tomorrow night. I’ll be returning sometime on Friday, so you can expect a news feed that night.

The practice of demanding vaccine passports hasn’t yet come to this part of Virginia, so I don’t anticipate a problem gaining entry to any restaurants or watering holes.

Y’all have a gonzo time while I’m away.

10 thoughts on “Road Trip

    • I only found out why recently: most mammals, ourselves included, manufacture antibodies in their bone marrow; bats, like birds, can’t as they have hollow bones so that they’re light enough to fly, making them particularly susceptible to infection.

  1. Safe Travels Baron. How true our world becomes more strange and bizarre with each passing day. nothing surpriese me any longer.

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