Nun danket alle Gott

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m about to depart to visit some of my relatives, who very kindly invited me to eat dinner with them, even though I’m not vaxed.

I’ll be home sometime this evening, so there will be a news feed, but possibly not much else.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget to social distance at the table, and keep your masks on between bites.

11 thoughts on “Nun danket alle Gott

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Baron. So much to be thankful for, today… like not living in Austria or Australia. I am grateful for America today. And grateful for Gates of Vienna.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Ned.

    We don’t have thanksgiving here although it is very close to the festival of Loy Kratong, the Thai Lantern festival.


  3. Dear Baron, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well !! You are mighty lucky to have people invite you as a Non-vaxed: my own family refuses to see me, so I spent the day at the laundromat ! My brother e-mailed me, when they discovered that I won’t partake, that having me in the family is like having an alcoholic who won’t stop drinking. This cut deeply, as both of our parents were alcoholics.
    Anyway: I have ordered the book by Robert Kennedy Jr. re: Fauci and Gates and will I find my ‘comfort’, so to speak, there.
    Thanks for your site: I guess my vision is going, on the turkeys in your photo looks like a bear cub….

  4. Cheers Baron!

    Turkey! I haven’t eaten one in a very long time, but I do remember it so well.

    May all of those on this site use this day to remember those who stood before us regardless of the cost so that we could celebrate and remember their achievements.

    It is often many years after the commitment that others realise the costs that those before us endured to make what we have now seem normal.

    None of what you enjoy today – heating, transport, supply chains, computers and so on were created by any majority group. No. All of these things were created by white people.

    Never forget that key point. The key component that created our current wealth is the key to the future.

  5. Thank you for introducing me to the Wartburg Choir. I enjoyed the anthem that you posted, then I watched the full-length ‘Wartburg Choir in Germany.’ Thanks again for posting this anthem.

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