Steal Me Away With an Echo

It looks like another “pandemic” is in the works: the Delta Variant is the new COVID monster that we’re supposed to be deathly afraid of. I’m anticipating another lockdown in the fall, so I’ve decided to engage in a few enjoyable activities this summer while I still can.

I’m heading off on a little getaway to the mountains, where the air is cool and fresh breezes blow, and where I’ll be meeting up with friends and family. Unfortunately, it looks like the hurricane weather is going to be reaching its tendrils all the way up there, so I may be stuck indoors most of the time.

I’ll be gone for two nights; there will be no news feed tonight and tomorrow. If all goes well, there will be one on Friday night.

In the meantime, here’s an exercise for my British readers. Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist bombings on London transport. Are there any public observances of the occasion in the UK? Are people talking about it among themselves? Or is it all gone and forgotten?

You can leave your responses in the comments, and I’ll moderate them when I get home.

I’ll see you later, boys and girls. And persons of indeterminate or undefined gender.

10 thoughts on “Steal Me Away With an Echo

  1. Only WW2 and how the UK beat the Germans is remembered. That liar Boris Johnson the caveman is still at the helm is a crime. People are distracted by his prehistoric hair pile.

  2. Haven’t seen or heard anything about 7/7. I remember I was working in Guildford, SW of London that day, and first heard when my brother called to check I was ok. As it happens, I’m off to Somerset to see him next week, so hope we both have good trips.

  3. Bangkok goes into lockdown as of tomorrow. Today it was very busy in the supermarkets, people are stocking up.

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