So Who’s a Covidiot Now?

Oskar Lafontaine is a German politician and the former leader of the Social Democrats. As far as I can tell he is no right-wing extremist. So what’s he doing saying such doubleplus ungood things about the Coronamadness?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Oskar Lafontaine: “The word Covidioten is now falling back on those who invented it”

Since last year, dissidents and critics of the measures have been repeatedly referred to as “Covidiotes”. The creation of the word “Covidioten” was created by SPD co-leader Saskia Esken on the occasion of the first major demonstration on August 1, 2020 against the Federal Government’s Corona requirements in Berlin. For the most part, the demonstrators had no masks on and didn’t play along with the distancing rule.

In view of the scare tactics from politics and the media, the measures prescribed, contaminated masks, unsuitable PCR tests, the daily water level report of the incidence values and the quickly approved vaccines along with negative effects, more and more citizens are now asking: Who are the “Covidiotes” in reality?

Oskar Lafontaine sums it up in a comment:

The word Covidioten is now falling back on those who invented it to belittle others. Although more and more people are vaccinated (57 percent have the first vaccination and 40 percent already have full vaccination protection), Covid howling buoys — Karl Lauterbach in the foreground — use the delta variant to warn again and create horror scenarios. It is becoming more and more evident that the so-called experts, arm in arm with the pharmaceutical industry, paint the devil on the wall in order to vaccinate as many people as possible with the vaccines with “conditional marketing authorization” and to prepare for the next lockdown. The “experts” gradually lose their credibility.

Riding around on incidences without specifying the number of tests performed has always been charlatanism from a scientific point of view. On closer inspection, the warnings of overcrowded intensive care units turn out to be interest-driven lies, as the Federal Audit Office has established. And even the statistics of corona deaths and the conclusions drawn from them are falling into the twilight.

Jens Berger has presented the errors of the Corona policy in detail in his new “Black Book Corona”, which made it onto the customer lists. A compliment to the paediatricians and the members of the Standing Vaccination Commission, who have so far steadfastly refused to advocate the vaccination of children, despite the fact that the pharmaceutical lobby is putting a lot of pressure on its henchmen. The lockdown has caused more harm and suffering to the children than a Covid infection ever could.

The swear word Covidioten falls back more and more on those who seize every opportunity to issue self-important warnings and drive people crazy with unsupported scientific claims.

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  1. The first time I have seen the word “covidiot” was probably on – they used it against beach goers who dared to go to the beach despite the deadly dangerous Coroni flying around in the air. But I think that the term has been immediately turned back on the preachers of the new Masks&Lockdown Religion, because by its very meaning: Covid+Idiot -> The word fits the fearful “Kovid will kill us all, take the vaccine if you wanna live, there is no other way!!!” people.

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