The Cold-Blooded Execution of a Swedish Cop

Last week I posted about a Swedish policeman who was murdered by a culture-enricher in Gothenburg. The following essay from Katerina Magasin is a blistering indictment of Swedish political leaders for their migration policies which led to the execution of the officer.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

A declaration of war against Sweden — How many more must die before politicians act?

Information: Shooter aimed straight at policeman

Not an accidental shooting, mistake, or something similar

July 1, 2021

The headlines about aggravated violence are so thick that we have become stunned. We cannot take any more. Terror, stabbings, gang rapes, torture, brutality our country has never previously suffered. But yesterday’s cold-blooded execution of a young policeman in this vulnerable neighborhood of Biskopsgården in Gothenburg — who, as far as I understand, was talking to people to gather witness statements — is another step toward a lawless and deadly country where criminal foreigners openly declare war against the society that so generously took them in and gave them all the conditions in which to live a respectable life. The incompetent police leaders have sacrificed a policeman in service. The criminals have already declared war against our Sweden, and the execution is another step in the war. What will it take for society to strike back? [PM Stefan] Löfven’s phrases at today’s press conference are just empty words. He has promised since 2014 to break the gangs. The result is that a policeman was murdered in the street. We find ourselves with an internal attack against our nation. Yet the political debate is almost exclusively about not giving the Sweden Democrats political influence. It is as bizarre as it is sick.

Many of us feel great sadness and despair that a young policeman was murdered yesterday. The month of July could not have begun worse. But there is room for many feelings in the body. Sadness over an extinguished life, meaningless death in an unsafe Sweden which is incapable of protecting either our children, our elderly, or emergency personnel. And at the same time, anger over paralyzed politicians who flat-out lie and fight with each other for power as if they were a bunch of small children in a sandbox at the same time Sweden is writhing in pain and convulsions. Politicians who have been entrusted by the electorate with leading the country, who cannot complete the most basic tasks. On the contrary, politicians spit in the faces of their own people. Instead of defending their own people, they pamper criminal foreigners. The Social Democrats have allied themselves with Islamists whom they help in every way they can, at the expense of the Swedish people.

A couple of years ago I was contacted by a police officer who wanted to remain anonymous. He informed me that there was a price on a policeman’s head in the part of Sweden where he worked. The criminals gathered together a pot, which whoever succeeded in killing a police officer would get. I am leaving out which part of Sweden that was, but it was not Gothenburg. But it would not surprise me if the declaration of war against our society were to become more focused. The foreigners who hate Sweden strike against everything that our country is built upon: Openness, democracy, respect. They burn buildings and cars, they threaten and injure police, they threaten media and journalists, they rape, beat, murder, extort, torture, and oppress. Sweden’s undemanding migration policy and political cowardice have allowed a growing cancer of foreign clans to grow ever stronger and get a larger grip on society. Silence and fear spread, and nobody goes about secure and safe in what used to be one of the world’s most respected and prominent countries. Instead, it is how a hothouse for Islamists and criminals who rape our country daily. Now how shall authorities and those in power respond to the nightly armed occupation of our land?

Löfven’s government, whether still sitting or resigned, has the blood of a young policeman and the blood of many others on its hands. They are more guilty for this chaos and decay than the criminal gangs who hold the weapons. Someone on social media suggested that Löfven, and also [former PM Fredrik] Reinfeldt, should be brought before a national court. I agree.

15 thoughts on “The Cold-Blooded Execution of a Swedish Cop

  1. As for Lofven and Rheinfelt, they should be facing the hangman’s noose after a quick military tribunal and as many as it takes to get the point across that treason will no longer be tolerated.

    • Indeed! Criminals elevated to the rank of nobles.

      The honorable MP. hahahahahah
      Honorable for what colluding with the enemy ? honorable.

    • And they should share the scaffold with all those Gang leaders too.
      A good Rope is “recyclable” and can be used over and over and over until they run out of “customers” for the Hangman.
      Waste not, want not.

  2. where criminal foreigners openly declare war against the society that so generously took them in and gave them all the conditions in which to live a respectable life”

    Generously? No, stuuuuuuupidly.

    Life must have values, lessons. Invaders are behaving exactly as we, the wise,

    samuel huntington clash of civilizations predicted. Faithlessness, dishonor of politicians are the causes.

    Learning the hard way. People never learn otherwise.

    Why do you think Churchill was so versed in history and its lessons?

    Lessons and exhortation s of the past 3000 years must not be forgotten.

    Sweden should learn a lot of lessons from Israel not from mohamad .

    Today politicians come from the street and have greatness thrust upon them. Very difficult for them to believe that they are at the helm. They don;t steer the ship

    Invaders do.

  3. This is the usual superficial analysis, that focuses solely on Swedish government dhimmitude. The Swedish people are to blame, they elected the government, they supported these policies of foreign Muslim cultural enrichment of Sweden going back to the mid seventies. The Swedish public are as dhimmified and as clueless on Islam as the political elite they voted for. Sweden is a democracy, the government was not forced on them like a dictatorship. A lot of blame to go around. Just like Germany, where there is this scapegoating of the idiot Merkel for letting all the culture enrichers in, such a policy was supported by the dhimmi German public, a nation of Merkels. It is true that democracy is all about electing a government to put the blame on, for the public’s stupidity.

    The West has a populace that is immersed in sadomasochistic dhimmitude. America is as bad as Sweden. A lot of blame to go around. The dhimmitude goes on and in fact intensifies, among the public, the media, the ‘education’ system. Across the West.

  4. “How many more must die before politicians act?”

    I’m afraid that the answer is very, very many.

    However, it will, when things snap, make for a very efficient sterilization process which will include said politicians.

    It is useful (for identification purposes) that they all feel insulated and safe by their (taxpayer funded) 24hr armed security and walled compounds, because they will all largely be in the same place.

    When this current era has finally sorted itself out and matters return to a genuine cultured civility, those that drove the indigenous population to what now has to happen must be forcefully reminded that they pretty much begged for it (as they are led up the steps).

    PS. I have no doubt whatsoever that state “security” agencies monitor sites such as this very closely indeed (and will know who I and all other commentators are of course).

    Here stand we.

  5. Sweden is an advanced example of what eventually happens when voting is allowed to every person above a certain age with a pulse. There is little need for voting fraud in Sweden because the Swedes are doing just fine on their own in electing leftists, socialists, islamophiles, and virulent feminists.

    The strange case of their prime minister is instructive. The man loses an election but is allowed to remain on as the head of a minority government because none of the parties can agree on a replacement except that they won’t allow a Sweden Democrat-led government to occur so the sacked PM is allowed to remain in office.

    One would think that basic security fears would eventually lead to its XX chromosomed blonde airheaded members deciding to vote for whomever promised to do something about the criminality; to make Sweden safe for women again. Yet this hasn’t occurred. How a group of affected people can so consistently choose to vote against their own self interest is beyond me. Likely for good reason “Stockholm Syndrome” was first described in Stockholm and not in Warsaw or Beijing…

  6. ” How many more must die before they act “?
    In South Africa there have been more than 4000 farmers murdered and we asked the same question . thats not to mention the 38 000 additional murders per year…………
    And the world calls us democratic ?
    Thanks to Sweden who supported the ANC in exile and still feeds them hundreds of millions of Dollars despite the fact that every government department is bankrupt , water , electricity , education , hospitals , police etc etc . In return they, the Swedes, get what they forced upon us ……….and all the cr*p that goes with it . Enjoy your rape and murder statistics as they start to climb through the roof like ours. And may you one day be only 8,5 % of your countries population.
    I have lost 13 friends in 9 years through murder in SA and as such I have spent most of my time outside the country . Why ? Because I have an inclination to reciprocate 10:1 and prison food isnt nice .
    Talk about prison , the president releases between 10 000 and 20 000 prisoners / murderers , hijackers , rapists etc per year for votes and to relieve prison pressure. And the corrupt police get laughed at by them. Since June last year all computer data has been halted /terminated because the corrupt police dept doesnt pay the computer company for services rendered , so as a result there are no forensic tests done till now , meaning no more cases are investigated and brought to court . The chances of being caught for murder is only 4 % . Is Sweden heading that way ?

    • Come on, by now each and every murder in this “Rainbow Nation” is anyway a victim of the “Virus”.
      No forensic needed….. and that way the Government can place roughly a new Corona Victim onto the larger picture scale every 23 minutes, and take them from the grim Crime Statistc.
      Everyone wins that way, the ANC, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, George Soros etc.etc….
      Except the people of South Africa, because they have to foot the bloody bill.

    • Have you heard? SA is burning right now, I too have good friends in SA and they are all very concerned and brought out their old R-4’s and are taking care of business since there are no police at this time.

  7. I think the majority of cops is like: Its just a job.
    And if they wake up, then they rationalize it aka “I took the Kings shilling and I have to accept it.”
    And they are all like the pigs in the stable watching the owner coming close with the butchers knife selecting one of them for slaughter. And they think: “Please not me. Not me. Take James, take John, but not me.”
    And when the butchers bill has been paid they think: “Thank god it wasnt me. Yes, poor Harald, but at least its not me.”
    And when they are selected they think: “Hey guys, help me! Help me please! We are colleagues for twenty years, that must count for something. HELP ME!!!”

    Unless they break free (and I ask myself how the cops in South America broke free and decided to go Death Squad – Government be damned!) they will look blank eyed at our and their slaughter. At least if its not them that is selected for slaughter.

  8. The Muslims are busy settling into non Muslim countries of the west. Or rather what appears to be what’s left of them. Their “settling” however amounts to no more than creating their own separate “nation within a nation.

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