There Is No Middle Way in Jihad

The following video shows an excerpt from a report presented on Hungarian TV by a migration expert named Viktor Marsai.

Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

This brief report cries out for explanatory context, and the translator has provided some for us in the form of an essay. But first, watch the video:

Now for László’s analysis:

There Is No Middle Way in Jihad

Interpretations of the 2023 intifada in France raise the question of whether right-wing PC is OK when it comes to Islam. Is partial truth worth anything when the media report about Jihad?

by László

The essay below started off as a brief description to accompany the video presented here on Gates of Vienna. It ended up almost as a novel — as I was trying to explain why I think a seemingly honest and outspoken Hungarian report on the 2023 “French riots” fails to tell the whole truth about Islam and Jihad. The piece of truth the expert in the report does tell us, though, prompted me to invent a new term that may describe Islam in Europe from a novel perspective: “free-floating Islam”.

The video from Hungarian state TV M1 has its own merits, particularly in that it correctly mentions that the “rioters” have been shouting “Allahu akhbar” and that that means “Allah is the greatest”. Which is a very positive development, by the way, because some years ago even the right-wing media in Hungary parroted the usual Western mainstream lie that it means “God is great”.

In actuality, “akhbar” is the elative, or combined comparative and superlative, form of “kabir” (great, big). So it may be more accurate to translate the Islamic battle cry as “Allah is greater” — as Robert Spencer recommends. It describes Islamic supremacism better — expressing the Islamic thought that ‘Allah is greater than your God and government’ etc. But it’s quite a thing that Hungarian state TV (!) says that it means “Allah is the greatest”, especially because the meaning of the Hungarian word M1 uses for it (“leghatalmasabb”) also means “most powerful”. And it is all about power, isn’t it?

On the other hand, I think Mr. Viktor Marsai’s analysis on M1 is a wishy-washy one, concerning both the causes and the effects of the events he elaborates on. He seems to fail to mention the root cause, for example, which is Islam. And he fails to explain why Muslims in France have targeted the institutions of the state in their attacks. They have done it because, in my opinion, they are waging war on the kafir power structures (in unison with some far-leftists.) Therefore framing the events in questions as “riots” is also misleading, because in fact it is Jihad. The difference is obviously huge — just like the potential political and human consequences of this lie.

Well, what if call it “intifada”, instead of “riots”? That would be much nearer to the truth.

On the plus side, Mr. Marsai explains the particular circumstances and personal traits of the Muslims that have been wreaking havoc: that they are mostly young, cut off / disengaged from the [kafir] society. That they do not go to school very often, and they do not really speak either the language of their countries of origin or French.

On the minus side, the expert in the report puts the cart before the horse if he means to imply that these circumstances are causes. Because the cause, again, is Islam, which prohibits the Muslims to integrate into the host society of the najis kafirun (dirty non-Muslims), and to hate that host society and diametrically oppose and dismantle that society at all levels. Daniel Greenfield (at the David Horowitz Freedom Center) posits that crime by Muslims against non-Muslims and Jihad are essentially inseparable. Therefore, I think, not mentioning the Islamic root cause in this case is a serious lie by omission.

With all that, Mr. Marsai’s accurate description of the “rioting” part of the Mohammedan parallel society in France led me to invent a new term: “free-floating Islam”.

In Europe a stratum of Islamic society has evolved that I call a “free-floating Muslim community”. These people, now in their tens of million in Eurabia, have no roots anywhere. Though born in Europe, they do not speak the language and know neither the culture of their Western host countries, nor that of their countries of origin any more. They belong nowhere — except to Islam. Therefore, in their lack of national Islamic root-cultures, they will be forced to return to the deepest roots of their Islamic identity: Jihad. Hence the Ummah will unite them all in Jihad more easily.

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The EU Welcomes the Youth of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Forum of Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO) is a youth group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that is officially approved by the European Parliament and has been invited to participate in various EU events.

Catherine Griset is a Member of the European Parliament for the French party Rassemblement National (National Rally). In the following video, Ms. Griset calls out the EP for pandering to Islamic zealots.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Welcome to Brussels, the Capital of the European Caliphate

The following video (originally in Arabic with French subtitles) was recorded by a “Belgian” man talking about how wonderful it is for Moroccan Muslims in Brussels. What he says about the ethnic and demographic changes in Belgium would be labeled “conspiracy theories” if white people were to make the same assertions.

Note that he says the process has been underway since at least the 1970s. In other words: it was planned a long time ago and has been implemented gradually ever since.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating the French subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Old Enough to be Drafted

Today is the eighteenth anniversary of the founding of Gates of Vienna.

In preparing for this post I went through a lot of archival material stored in the Auxiliary Brain, and now I’m suffused with nostalgia. Dymphna and I started this blog together, but it’s been a one-man operation for the last three and a half years. I remember those early days, which simultaneously seem so recent and so long ago. A lot has happened since then.

Looking through the graphics and documents from the old days reminded me of how naïve we were when we started out. In the intervening years, as my hair turned white, I became quite cynical and skeptical, not to mention paranoid. Jamaat ul-Fuqra, death threats, intramural wars in the Counterjihad, and the gradual realization that Islamization was continuing apace regardless of anything we might do or what the ordinary citizens of the West might want — our culture was being systematically deconstructed, and there wasn’t a damned thing we could do about it.

The last six or seven years, culminating (so far) in the Corona hysteria and the war in Ukraine, have brought an increasing ghastly awareness that the controlling oligarchy in the West is a force for evil that intends the destruction of everything Europeans have accomplished and hold dear.

At this point the juggernaut can’t be stopped. It’s too late. My role in the time that remains to me is to chronicle what happens as best I can, knowing that at some point everything is going to come to grief. I may not live to see that dire time, but it’s definitely on the way.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The photo at the top of this post shows a panorama of Vienna as seen from the Upper Belvedere Palace. I took it in May of 2008 during my visit to the city for one of our Counterjihad conferences. I got as close as I could to the view used for the masthead of this site, which was painted by Bernardo Bellotto (Canaletto) in 1758. He must have been painting somewhere a little further to the left, perhaps from a balcony at the far west end of the palace.

To reach the location I took the U-Bahn to the Karlsplatz station, walked across the Karlsplatz and up the hill on Prinz-Eugen-Straße to the western entrance of the upper palace. The Turkish embassy with its ominous red crescent-and-star flag sits across the street and just down the hill from where visitors enter the palace grounds.

The view from the palace includes the spire of the Domkirche of St. Stephan in Central Vienna. Closer at hand is the Lower Belvedere Palace, and in the far distance is the Kahlenberg, where King Jan III Sobieski of Poland arrived on September 11, 1683 to break the siege of Vienna by Kara Mustafa Pasha and the Ottoman Turks.

In the Bellotto painting the Karlskirche is visible in the distance on the left, with the reflecting pool in the Schwarzenberg-Garten in the middle distance. The border trees and shrubbery are much taller now, so those landmarks are no longer visible, at least not when the leaves are on the trees. I never saw the reflecting pool, but based on the Google satellite image, it’s still there.

There’s almost no remnant of the original city walls, so I was never able to take a photo of the actual gates of Vienna. As far as I know, there is nothing left of those gates.

If I make it to the nineteenth anniversary this time next year, who knows what I might have to talk about by then?

Deo Vindice.

Tom Vandendriessche: “The European Union is Completely Off the Rails”

Tom Vandendriessche is a member of the European Parliament for Flanders. In the following video from the floor of the EP he calls out the European Union for usurping the powers that rightfully belong to its member states, and for violating the principles on which it was founded.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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“Listen, Viktor!”: Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy

A couple of days ago Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a video in which he addressed stern and officious remarks to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an attempt to pressure the latter into joining the sanctions regime against Russia and otherwise assisting Ukraine in its cause. Our Hungarian correspondent László provides an analysis of Mr. Zelensky’s statements as they relate to the goals of the New World Order.

“Nazi” Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy

“Listen, Viktor!”: Ukrainian Deep State Puppet Reprimanded the Hungarian PM for War Hesitancy, Branded Hungary as Nazi

by László

If you’ve ever wondered what the voice of the global Deep State would sound like if it were a person, listen to the Ukrainian puppet-president Volodymyr Zelensky calling on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to stop “hesitating” and get his country more deeply involved in the war in Ukraine.

The Globalist media outlet Telex published a subtitled portion of the video that Zelensky had posted on his Facebook page. It is a condescending and manipulative message sent to Hungary, delivered by Mr. Zelensky.

Before you watch the video (translated from the Hungarian subtitles, kindly subtitled by Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation), here is some context to help you understand the sinister insinuations he made:

Hungary has been one of the more reluctant European players to take sides in the Ukraine war. I’ll call it “war hesitancy”, referring to the now established pattern of Deep State psyops that seek to psychologically “inoculate” everyone with their current poisonous substance — this time with warmongering. Previously one’s intention to remain unharmed and free was officially called “vaccine hesitancy”, and it also had to be mocked, criminalized and subdued for “the greater good”.

To that end, the Deep State tool Zelensky specifically addressed Hungary and PM Viktor Orbán, as a part of his longer speech at a recent EU and NATO summit, in an effort to guilt-trip Hungary into joining the war by bringing up the country’s involvement last century in the persecution of Jews.

In his speech, Zelensky refers to the so-called “shoe memorial” on the bank of the River Danube in Budapest, where Jewish people were shot into the river in 1944 and 1945 by the Nazis.

“The memorial was erected in 2005 to commemorate the systematic killings of Hungarian Jews by Hungarian fascists (Hungary allied itself with Nazi Germany in the false hope of regaining territories lost in WW1),” writes Budapest Danube.

The text of the video (the highlights are mine):

Hungary! I must stop here and be honest. You must decide once and for all whose side you are on. You are an independent country. I’ve been to Budapest; I love the city. I’ve been there several times; I loved it, it’s hospitable, like the people. You have been through tragic moments. I went to the quay where I saw your memorial. I saw the shoes on the Danube bank where a mass murder had taken place. I was there with my family. Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on at Mariupol? Please go to the riverbank, and look at those shoes! And you will realize that genocide can happen again in the world, even today. And that is what Russia is doing now. Mariupol has the same shoes and the same people. Adults, children, grandparents. Thousands have died already, thousands are gone. And you are hesitating whether to impose sanctions or not?! And you are hesitating whether to send the guns or not?! And you are hesitating whether to trade with Russia or not? There is no time to hesitate. It is time to decide now. We believe in you, we need your help. We believe in your people. We trust in the European Union, and we trust that Germany will be with us in the crucial moment, as well. Thank you! Slava Ukraini! [Glory to Ukraine]

It is obvious that Zelensky’s masters were trying to emotionally blackmail Hungary — by covertly branding Hungarians as ‘Nazi mass murderers’ unless the country gives her expected contribution to the war, on the side of Ukraine.

Yet, while accusing Hungary of Nazism, Zelensky concludes his video with the now infamous battle cry that is also used by the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion: “Slava Ukraini” [Glory to Ukraine]. This is the same current of double-dealing Internazi politics that has endeavoured to flood Europe with huge masses of murderously Jew-hating Muslims — recently Hungary too, a country that is still a safe haven in Eurabia for Jews.

Since the video was posted, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has rejected the demands, making clear that the effects of the sanctions to be imposed on the energy imports from Russia would seriously endanger the Hungarian economy. On Hungarian state radio, PM Orbán went even further, saying that if the country stopped buying Russian oil and gas, it would literally stop the economy cold very soon.

The English-language Hungary Today writes:

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán rejected the demands to take sides: “Hungary stands on Hungary’s side in the Russia-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after the EU and NATO summit in Brussels. […] PM Orbán stated that if sanctions are extended to energy, “the Hungarian economy will come under intolerable pressure, while the Russians might hardly notice it.”

According to Telex:

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Europe Down the Pan

This essay by Michael Copeland was originally published at LibertyGB in September of 2015.

Europe Down the Pan

by Michael Copeland

The EU’s much-vaunted “Core Values” are a scam. Dishonestly promoted as “for economic benefit”, their real purpose is Nation-Breaking, to undermine and destroy the national identities and cultures, so as to create a brave new Afro-Eurabia with the EU’s unelected elites in control.

Free Movement, Asylum Granting and Welfare Provision have together created a dire and dangerous Gold Rush.

Nobody was asked. The tainted BBC, in full propaganda mode, soaks the airwaves with emotive images of dead children to manipulate public opinion: Goebbels would have been delighted. The traitor class politicians continue to push this insanity, inflicting “quotas” of Africans and others on the unwilling populations of member States, but not, of course, on themselves.

The sinister compulsory Free Movement obligation of the Schengen “agreement” means that those millions of miles of EU outer border, Greek islands, Atlantic islands, African enclaves, and French colonies like Mayotte, are ALL targets for invaders seeking to benefit their lives and enhance their own welfare. The fit strong young African man, in “Europe or Die”, a documentary, explains (at 0.58):

“I left my country for a better life, for a new life, for freedom.”


A man with a rather cumbersome name, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, is considered the “grandfather” of the EU. In the 1920s he was dreaming of a Pan-European State long before the EU’s predecessors were founded. In his memory, the EU awards a Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize to politicians who have helped his dream. Merkel and van Rompuy have both received it.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, a man of mixed race — his mother was Japanese — had a vision of the Europe of the future. This is what he wrote:

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear… The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples…”

— Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism)

An Italian article, originally posted on Identità, bears this perceptive heading:

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Religion vs Religion

In his latest essay, our Israeli correspondent MC wades into the deepest swamps of the Culture Wars.

Religion vs Religion

by MC

Perhaps my love of America and all things American has its roots in the regular supply of US comics sent to my brother and me by various relatives in the ’50s and ’60s, and amongst which was the occasional edition of MAD magazine.

Much of MAD was over my young head, but Spy vs Spy was always amusing and sticks in my mind, especially their pointed snouts clamped together when investigating a box (trap) from opposite sides.

However, Religion vs (political) Religion is not so amusing, nor is it confined to ink and paper, for the successful side of Western culture is defined by its (Christian) religion, and its demise is defined by the political religions which seek to destroy Christianity and all that goes with it.

The Christian revolution (I am not a Christian but I believe in the Bible) occurred when the Bible was translated into local languages and printed for all to read, and the Church was dragged out of its roots of feudalism (slavery) into what became democracy and even republicanism.

An important part of this process was the separation of Church and State; the Church having been responsible for many abuses that had held the communities of Europe in thrall for over a thousand years.

The feudal system over which the Church held suzerainty was a typical product of tyranny: a small elite, the aristocracy, owning most of the people as serfs, to do with as they please, and a tiny middle class of tradesmen to manufacture those things consumed by their betters. This was just a slight variation on the ‘warlord’ culture that has run most of the world from time immemorial and to this day in some places.

In the UK the feudal system was broken first by the Black Death, which killed off some 30% of the workforce. The subsequent competition for labour destroyed the idea of ‘ownership’ of people. Secondly, and as a consequence of this pandemic, a growing equality of opportunity was provided by increasing access to quality education. Ex-slaves and serfs used their newfound freedom to better themselves.

Under the feudal system, the church provided education and the higher-IQ peasant children were syphoned off into the cloisters. To a great extent this provided the stability required as potential peasant leaders were ‘kidnapped’ into religion (Janissaries, anybody?). Heresy invited a death penalty and life was cheap. In feudal times the Church was very much a political religion, and the Pope reigned over all the monarchs of Europe.

All this emerging freedom from under the tyranny of political religion, however, took hundreds of years to get to the idea of individual liberty. The cultural and economic impacts were minimised by being spread over such a genteel timescale. My paternal grandfather was a boy coalminer at age 12, but his sons went to grammar schools, receiving a quality education, and his youngest son even got a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

But do not think that the ‘elites’ did not fight back. Their main ploy was to create another politicized version of the feudal system that the church had failed to sustain. This took the form of ‘socialism’ where the elite claimed to be working in the best interests of the ‘working class’ by controlling all aspects of their lives. This was yet another political religion, of which we have now seen quite a few forms. Each causes its own mayhem, because there is no separation between political religion and state, and thus there is nothing to stop the killing when it inevitably starts.

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Culture Wars International: EU There and Democrats Here

Culture Wars International: EU there and Democrats here

by SF

The following essay is pretty inflammatory; but as we have all seen, acting in a nice, civilized, restrained, and decent manner towards a Hitler or a Stalin, and never saying out loud what is actually going on, only leads more quickly to our own doom.

The EU and America’s Democrats are two sides of the same coin.

Political correctness / culture wars / political Marxism began in Europe. Initially, it was a not unreasonable response to the powerful people (the aristocrats and tycoons) using their power to reward their friends, while keeping “the little guy” from being able to advance and earn a decent living. In Eastern Europe it developed as violent Communism. But Western Europe was different, in that it consisted of many individual, highly developed, independent nations. In each of these nations the struggle was between Conservatism and democratic Socialism. Both were nationalistic. But then Hitler brought things to a head by using Conservative Racist Nationalism to try to dominate the world.

World War Two brought about a Darwinian change in Europe. The most aggressive and militaristic Europeans died in the fighting. The survivors were the ones who were the most wimpy and pacifistic. They were determined to bring about a socialist utopia. Their first goal was to ensure that any Hitler wannabes could never again gain power. So they began a never-ending struggle against nationalism, militarism, capitalism, Christianity, and “white supremacism”. As a counterweight to Christianity, they promoted Islam as “the religion of peace”, especially because most of its adherents were non-white. To do this they had to delude themselves about the true nature of Islam, but they did it happily. Pretty soon they invited Muslims from nearby lands to emigrate to Europe, so that they could dilute the remaining native white conservatives, and they even subsidized the Muslims with welfare payments to make it easier and more attractive to them.

And so we end up with today’s situation in Europe: hordes of unassimilated, Christian-hating Muslims living in no-go zones, most receiving welfare, and committing crimes in the name of Jihad (terrorism, rape, etc.) while the “progressive” governments make excuse after excuse for them (they are unfamiliar with our culture, they are not practicing “real Islam”, they bring more benefits than losses, etc., ad nauseam). And naturally, if you are crazy enough to point out how insane this all is, they will inevitably ruin your life (shades of Stalin).

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Police Terrorise Tommy Robinson Again

Paul Weston’s fisking of the Greater Manchester Thugs Police is dictionary-perfect.

What precisely is the point of the useless royal eunuchs who pretend to preside over a country and yet permit lawlessness not only to exist but to prevail? This on-going mess has turned me into an anti-monarchist. There’s not enough pomp and circumstance to cover this Greek tragedy in what has become a third-world, unsafe, and bitter green isle.

Paul is more eloquent than I in describing the high crimes and misdemeanors of the police enforcers:

May God have mercy on them all.

The Crucifixion of Roger Scruton: Britain’s Pivotal Moment

Paul Weston gores the Pygmie Left in the once-great Britain:

I didn’t realize until now that many of Paul’s videos have been taken down. Do you see why we need what those alternatives to YOOTube have to offer? Bitchute, etc., are slow, but as they move out of beta mode look for improvement. It will come with usage.

Here are the essays Paul linked:

Roger Scruton: An apology for thinking

Roger Scruton’s sacking exposes the Tories’ cowardice

The Smear Of Roger Scruton

The Real Roger Scruton Scandal

Read and weep for the death of Truth and Beauty…and yes, the murder of Goodness while we’re at it. Is England’s karma catching up with its history? Even I do not wish on Britain such a fate.

Gateway Pundit Exposes the MSM Narrative on Church Burnings in France

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, exposes the refusal of the MSM to name this particular evil. He has some links to other sites which give cumulative damage to churches in France.

Makes one wonder if this is a growing phenomenon which will only intensify now that the Big One has been taken down.

Here’s Jim’s home page, full of interesting American news. Scroll down to see the link to a news item from the U.K. Sun, claiming that 875 churches were damaged last year in France.

So who is Macron demonizing? Why those gilets jaunes, of course. In many respects, they are the French equivalent of America’s MAGA hat troops. They want their country back.

The EU’s Smoky Back Room

Or, for a more universal analogy, how about “Watch your sausages made here”?

This is what we Americans would call “insider baseball” – i.e., of great interest to the players involved and their fervent fans, but for others, not so much.

However, there are always exceptions and this is one. It was educational for me,

Because this video concerns Viktor Orban’s party’s outlook in the coming EU elections, the comments by this speaker will be of interest to many of our readers. It certainly held my attention, enough so that I’ll be watching the outcome of the May elections with great interest.

So which path, of the four he mentions, do you think Orban’s party will follow?

[NB: I had my first cataract surgery today so my moderation of comments will be rare. But just you watch: the B is much harder than I am on offenders. He’s already caught a few I missed and let in without seeing their infelicities, leading to my decision to let him do them all. So if your deathless prose never appears, don’t blame me.]