Tom Vandendriessche: “The European Union is Completely Off the Rails”

Tom Vandendriessche is a member of the European Parliament for Flanders. In the following video from the floor of the EP he calls out the European Union for usurping the powers that rightfully belong to its member states, and for violating the principles on which it was founded.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Chairman, colleagues: The institutes of the European Union
00:03   are usurping more and more power that nobody has given them,
00:07   and for which they are not accountable to anyone.
00:10   The European Commission was originally established as a
00:13   board of officials tasked to carry out what the member states
00:16   Agreed to, but conducts itself more and more as a sort of European
00:20   government that wants to dictate the policy of the member states.
00:23   Citizens particularly ask themselves the question:
00:26   Who really are these people, for whom nobody has ever voted?
00:30   Technocracy opposed to democracy.
00:34   The European Court of Justice was originally established to
00:37   judge the application of the European treaties. Through liberal
00:41   and activist interpretation of the treaties, the Court puts itself above
00:46   the constitutions of the member states in domains where it is not empowered.
00:50   They usurp more and more power to judge the internal organization of member states,
00:54   make policy choices, and themselves rewrite laws
00:58   against which no appeal is possible. Here, also, citizens ask themselves:
01:03   Who are the alien judges, for whom nobody has ever voted?
01:08   Courtocracy opposed to democracy. The Commission and the Court
01:14   conspire together against member states who do not want to bow to
01:18   their liberal sharia, which wants to take away their voting rights
01:22   and financially blackmail them with the contents of the billions from the Corona-recovery funds
01:27   which, by the way, everyone now realizes that it was never about
01:31   Corona, but really about power and control. This usurping of power
01:36   sells itself as a defense of the democratic
01:41   constitutional state. It cannot get more hypocritical than this. The constitutional state
01:46   is democratic when it respects the sovereignty of the people, and thus democracy.
01:50   Not judges and officials from the European Union,
01:55   but nation states decide how they organize themselves internally and which
02:00   political choices they make. Because they are democratically legitimized
02:04   through their people, and that is not the European Union.
02:08   The European Union is completely off the rails and has become something
02:13   that we never signed on for. For that reason, the British
02:16   drew their conclusions and left. As the first…

One thought on “Tom Vandendriessche: “The European Union is Completely Off the Rails”

  1. “Liberal Sharia”- he got that right. Also nailed it about the courts and judges from which there is no appeal.

    More and more people, including government officials, are seeing the light about the Scamdemic and what it accomplished in the former democracies of the West.

    The MAGA people and other nationalists in Europe were getting way too much power, especially in the USA under the reign of MAGA King Trump who started it all.

    Now we know what happened- the CCP Fauci Flu was the means by which the Demo-Marxists threw the election to a senile old pervert who can barely tell you what day it is, let alone what his policies are.

    More and more people are awake, not woke. Let’s hope and pray it is not too late.

    The US is being destroyed on a daily basis. The NWO/ WEF plans are being implemented. They are very well organized, they never quit either.

    Where is the Resistance? Where are the leaders? There are none, except for our President in exile, Donald Trump. May he be restored to his rightful office, sooner than later.

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