There Is No Middle Way in Jihad

The following video shows an excerpt from a report presented on Hungarian TV by a migration expert named Viktor Marsai.

Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

This brief report cries out for explanatory context, and the translator has provided some for us in the form of an essay. But first, watch the video:

Now for László’s analysis:

There Is No Middle Way in Jihad

Interpretations of the 2023 intifada in France raise the question of whether right-wing PC is OK when it comes to Islam. Is partial truth worth anything when the media report about Jihad?

by László

The essay below started off as a brief description to accompany the video presented here on Gates of Vienna. It ended up almost as a novel — as I was trying to explain why I think a seemingly honest and outspoken Hungarian report on the 2023 “French riots” fails to tell the whole truth about Islam and Jihad. The piece of truth the expert in the report does tell us, though, prompted me to invent a new term that may describe Islam in Europe from a novel perspective: “free-floating Islam”.

The video from Hungarian state TV M1 has its own merits, particularly in that it correctly mentions that the “rioters” have been shouting “Allahu akhbar” and that that means “Allah is the greatest”. Which is a very positive development, by the way, because some years ago even the right-wing media in Hungary parroted the usual Western mainstream lie that it means “God is great”.

In actuality, “akhbar” is the elative, or combined comparative and superlative, form of “kabir” (great, big). So it may be more accurate to translate the Islamic battle cry as “Allah is greater” — as Robert Spencer recommends. It describes Islamic supremacism better — expressing the Islamic thought that ‘Allah is greater than your God and government’ etc. But it’s quite a thing that Hungarian state TV (!) says that it means “Allah is the greatest”, especially because the meaning of the Hungarian word M1 uses for it (“leghatalmasabb”) also means “most powerful”. And it is all about power, isn’t it?

On the other hand, I think Mr. Viktor Marsai’s analysis on M1 is a wishy-washy one, concerning both the causes and the effects of the events he elaborates on. He seems to fail to mention the root cause, for example, which is Islam. And he fails to explain why Muslims in France have targeted the institutions of the state in their attacks. They have done it because, in my opinion, they are waging war on the kafir power structures (in unison with some far-leftists.) Therefore framing the events in questions as “riots” is also misleading, because in fact it is Jihad. The difference is obviously huge — just like the potential political and human consequences of this lie.

Well, what if call it “intifada”, instead of “riots”? That would be much nearer to the truth.

On the plus side, Mr. Marsai explains the particular circumstances and personal traits of the Muslims that have been wreaking havoc: that they are mostly young, cut off / disengaged from the [kafir] society. That they do not go to school very often, and they do not really speak either the language of their countries of origin or French.

On the minus side, the expert in the report puts the cart before the horse if he means to imply that these circumstances are causes. Because the cause, again, is Islam, which prohibits the Muslims to integrate into the host society of the najis kafirun (dirty non-Muslims), and to hate that host society and diametrically oppose and dismantle that society at all levels. Daniel Greenfield (at the David Horowitz Freedom Center) posits that crime by Muslims against non-Muslims and Jihad are essentially inseparable. Therefore, I think, not mentioning the Islamic root cause in this case is a serious lie by omission.

With all that, Mr. Marsai’s accurate description of the “rioting” part of the Mohammedan parallel society in France led me to invent a new term: “free-floating Islam”.

In Europe a stratum of Islamic society has evolved that I call a “free-floating Muslim community”. These people, now in their tens of million in Eurabia, have no roots anywhere. Though born in Europe, they do not speak the language and know neither the culture of their Western host countries, nor that of their countries of origin any more. They belong nowhere — except to Islam. Therefore, in their lack of national Islamic root-cultures, they will be forced to return to the deepest roots of their Islamic identity: Jihad. Hence the Ummah will unite them all in Jihad more easily.

Have you, dear Reader, noticed that the French intifada has spread to French-speaking countries (or NWO districts, rather) in Europe? Namely, to Switzerland and Belgium, that I know of. Now, it’s about the notion of the Ummah. All the Muslims are one body, and if one limb hurts the whole body hurts and reacts, Mohamed declared when he started Islam. [Al-Nu’man ibn Bashir reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6011, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2586]

Well, that “reaction” has always been the justification for violent Jihad stemming from the Ummah. I think that must be the heart of the motives and behavior of Muslims in the French intifada of 2023. And that’s also why the future armies of Muslims might feel motivated to join the Jihad from all over Europe, in order to beat down their enemies… in other countries. And they may also unite their political power in Europe, one day, and they [i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood] are definitely working on that right now.

That’s the ultimate danger of the “free-floating Islam / Muslims”, I believe.

When I say it is “free-floating Jihad” in France, I do not mean by that that it has not been incited and directed “from outside”, nor that it would be autonomous. Mass Jihad and intifadas usually start (and are called off) from the mosques.

What I mean by “free-floating Jihad” is that all kinds of Muslims, regardless of their different backgrounds, unite in Jihad as one entity (or even army), after being detached from (actually never attached to) the host society.

All in all, the M1 report is ALMOST the whole truth. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m never satisfied with a partial truth about Islam, because it’s a civilizational survival issue. It’s also about the tendency: how far are we ready to back down from the truth concerning Jihad?

That said, for the general Hungarian public the report will do, because at least it lets us know that there are Muslims and Islamic motivations behind the “riots”. The narrator in the video also tells us that the “rioters” specifically attack the institutions of the French state. And even if we do not get a detailed explanation of why the Muslims do so, the report makes you feel that there is a sort of Islamic war going on in France, against France.

But again, the whole truth has not been spoken out loud — when it could have been. So the question remains: is right-wing PC OK when it comes to Islam? Because if it is, Hungary will be Islamized like France. There is a middle way in reporting about Islam. But there is no middle way in Jihad: either we let it happen or not. And if we let it happen, Islam will eventually take over.

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See also this English-language report on Viktor Marsai’s presentation (hat tip Reader from Chicago).

Video transcript:

00:30   Allahu Akhbar! “Allahu Akhbar” — “Allah is the greatest”, shouted the youth
00:35   while wreaking havoc, on footage spreading on social media.
00:39   Magyar Nemzet has collected several such videos,
00:42   where youths of migrant background are rampaging on French streets.
00:46   One of the videos shows looters as they break into a store
00:49   and steal some motorcycles, all while hailing Allah, too.
00:54   In the last five days there has been a real migrant riot going on in French cities.
00:59   The rampaging youths mostly of migrant background
01:03   loot stores, set medical centers on fire,
01:07   and attack the institutions of the French state in a targeted way:
01:10   mainly the police officers deployed against them,
01:13   whom they also shoot at with fireworks — as their latest method.
01:17   Migration and integration are very serious problems for France now, as well.
01:22   This is what Viktor Marsai, director of the Migration Research Institute, told M1 TV.
01:26   He added: unlike the earlier Yellow Vest protests,
01:30   this time the riots were started by people with a migrant background.
01:34   Now they are clearly the majority [of rioters], and especially the younger generation,
01:39   who are disengaged from society, have no jobs and do not participate in the education system.
01:44   And so they are on the streets trying to find their perceived or real truth.

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5 thoughts on “There Is No Middle Way in Jihad

  1. The analysis is right: this is an intifada against the kafir state institutions. The trans-national “free-floating” Ummah is acting like a virus. More attacks like this will be instructed (from the mosques) in other European states.

    The “youths of migrant background …… are disengaged from society, have no jobs and do not participate in the education system”. This is as instructed in the mosques.

    Although the tv report fails to explain the Islamic imperative behind the attacks it is encouraging for identifying:

    youth of migrant background,
    shouting Allahu Akbar
    targeting state institutions in their attacks

    These important aspects are normally omitted by mainstream media, who, anaesthetised by PC restrictions, talk in the abstract about “clashes”. The value is that these details are now out in the public arena.

    Those who have informed themselves about Islam recognise the jihad aspects:

    destroying, and thus weakening, kafir public services
    stealing kafir possessions – booty in jihad

    Elsewhere there are encouraging developments. The word Jihad is beginning to be mentioned in some prosecutions.

    Agonisingly slowly the media are becoming aware of the Islamic aspects. Reporters are, however, being intimidated behind the scene, so are reluctant to publicise them.

  2. I really like the term ‘free floating Islam’ as it accurately and simply conveys the truth behind the religion of peace. Namely that it is only loyal to itself. I do not understand how a devout muslim can insist he or she is a loyal citizen of any western country and still be true to the beliefs of the “faith”.
    As for Hungary, the proof will be if she can resist the EU’s relentless push to punish her for defying the resettlement directives being touted. The muslim population here is tiny and long may it remain so.

  3. Islam knows no country and never has. National boundaries mean nothing more than inconvenience. France and much of Western Europe cannot assimilate those whose loyalty can never be to a nation – the koran makes that clear. What is also clear is that Islam will spread unless confronted with the hell of war.

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