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The firestorm continues to rage over the State Department emails discovered on the laptop of Anthony “Studly” Weiner, the estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin. Mr. Weiner has not yet negotiated a final, definite plea deal with prosecutors, according to his lawyer. Ms. Abedin is still missing, although reports have surfaced saying that she made an appearance at Clinton campaign headquarters. The first Democrat pro-Hillary TV talking head has broken ranks, saying that he can no longer support Frau Clinton. And Donna Brazile, the chairbabe of the DNC, has been let go by CNN after it was revealed that she had handed over advance debate questions to Ms. Rodham’s campaign.

In other news, the bodies of a Syrian refugee and her two children were discovered in a freezer in her apartment in Denmark. Danish police are now searching for the woman’s husband.

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The Political Rape of Sweden

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The Political Rape of Sweden
by Fjordman

The first text I ever wrote under the pen name Fjordman, on February 20, 2005, was about the imported rape wave in Sweden.[1] Even though I am from Norway, I have probably written more texts in English about Sweden. Some essays that I wrote in 2005 or 2006 are still being circulated and quoted on the Internet, many years later.

Why this interest in Sweden? Perhaps this is due to its strong “brand.” Many outsiders still have a very positive view of Sweden. They are shocked when somebody describes what the country is actually like today.

Sweden is not the peaceful Utopia some admiring outsiders imagine it to be. Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot and killed on February 28, 1986. This assassination became a national trauma. Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was stabbed and lethally wounded on September 10, 2003. Tensions in Swedish society are even higher now than they were back then.

I was among the first to write for an international audience about the problems in Malmö. Sweden’s third-largest city is probably the most Islamized city in Scandinavia. In the past generation, unrest in Malmö has escalated from stabbings to frequent car bombings. Similar problems are spreading to other areas.

In Sweden today, many people fear for their future. Some feel like strangers in their own country. Several friends of mine either have serious plans to leave Sweden or have already left. They don’t want to grow old there, and they don’t want their children to grow up in an atmosphere of violence, crime and self-loathing.

Sweden has high levels of immigration and emigration at the same time. The same pattern can be seen in other Western European countries such as Italy and Germany.[2] Very often, educated natives leave while unskilled immigrants from the Islamic world or Africa enter. This is supposedly “good for the economy.”

In less than 40 years, Sweden has gone from being the envy of the world to being an increasingly dysfunctional state. The single greatest cause of this negative transformation is mass immigration of people from very different cultures. Things that would have been unthinkable or at least extremely rare in Scandinavia two generations earlier have become commonplace. They include car bombs and deadly gang shootings in residential areas. Hand grenades have repeatedly been used to attack restaurants or even private homes.[3] The violence is no longer confined merely to the major cities. It also affects smaller Swedish towns.

NRK is the government-owned and publicly funded radio and television public broadcasting company in Norway. It often has a pronounced left-wing bias, is generally in favor of mass immigration and positively disposed towards Islam. However, the Multicultural “diversity” problems in neighboring Sweden are now so big that they have become nearly impossible to hide.

The journalist Anders Magnus from NRK visited some of the Multicultural trouble zones in Sweden in 2016. The overworked and undermanned Swedish police openly state that they are about to lose control over certain areas. Many Swedish police officers are deeply frustrated with the situation and are considering quitting their jobs. In some districts, criminal ethnic gangs have already taken effective control. This partly includes the Stockholm suburbs Rinkeby, Tensta and Husby. The economist Tino Sanandaji calls these areas a ticking time bomb.[4]

Several immigrant-dominated areas in Sweden were shaken by violent riots in 2013. None of the fundamental problems have been resolved since then. Non-European immigration continues. Just as in similar urban areas in parts of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Western Europe, the police are met by stone-throwing immigrants when they enter Muslim-dominated areas. The same thing happens to Swedish firefighters and ambulances. They never travel into such urban districts unless the police are present there first.

An official report from the Swedish police in 2014 counted at least 55 areas where the authorities no longer have effective control over law and order.[5] This number keeps growing. After repeated attacks, Swedish ambulance personnel have requested similar protection gear to that used by people working in war zones.[6]

Sweden has experienced a series of car fires in 2016. The firefighter Kaj Engelke from the city of Malmö hit out at young arsonists who blamed their troubles on society and reacted by setting cars alight.[7] An immigrant man living in the city of Västerås claimed that some immigrants commit vandalism and car fires due to racism and a shortage of interesting “activities” provided to them by society.[8]

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The Jungle Relocates to Paris

A few days ago the French police finished clearing and demolishing the “Jungle” shantytown near Calais. The migrants who lived there have not left France, however. Some of them are being relocated by the authorities to various towns and villages throughout the country, whether the local mayors and prefects like it or not.

And some are relocating themselves. Most of those have moved to Paris, greatly enlarging the previously established tent cities in the streets and public parks of the capital.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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The Submission of the Cultural Marxists

One of the sad ironies of the 21st century is that the European countries that were ruled by Marxists for forty-five years are now a refuge from the Cultural Marxism that rules in Western Europe and North America.

The following essay examines the death-grip that Cultural Marxism has on Western Europe. It was written by the Hungarian engineer and economist Károly Lóránt (see also his previous article) for the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

The submission of the Cultural Marxists

by Károly Lóránt
October 31, 2016

The population of Africa will increase by one billion in two decades, and the region can’t sustain such masses…

Hungary was the target of a huge number of attacks for building a fence and not accepting migrants. In addition to refuting this criticism, we should think about what motivates our critics, and what is our point of view.

Let’s look at the facts first. We know that immigration to Western Europe started in the 1960s in the form of guest workers who received permanent residence permits, and later their numbers multiplied with family reunifications. From the ‘90s onward increasingly large numbers arrived illegally from Middle Eastern and African countries. What happened to the migrants? Did they integrate into Western society as the politicians who invited them hoped, or their current descendants are hoping? The answer is a definite NO! While those Central European migrants from a similar culture (European, Christian) have been integrated, the mostly Muslim migrants from the Middle East or Africa ended up in ghettos. We can argue about whether no-go zones exist or not, but segregated ghettoization is a fact, so much so that the Danes have already worked out a concrete definition of it. According to the Danish government, a ghetto is a place where at least three of the following five criteria are fulfilled:

1.   At least 2.7% of the population has already been convicted of a crime;
2.   The income of the population is less than 55% of the average income of the region;
3.   For those between the ages of 30 and 59, more than 50% have no more than an elementary school education;
4.   More than 50% of the population is not from Western European countries;
5.   Between the ages of 18 and 64, more than 40% are not working and not going to school.

Based on the above criteria, in Denmark there are 34 ghettos, six of them in the Copenhagen area. Migrants living in these ghettos — mostly Muslims — do not wish to live by their host country’s laws, but by their own cultures and traditions, which means the teachings of Islam. According to a survey conducted by the WZB Social Science Center at the behest of the German Parliament, two-thirds of Turkish and Moroccan migrants state than Shariah is more important for them than the law of the host country. This attitude was supported by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who stated that Shariah should gain official status in the United Kingdom. Despite the wishes and statements of some Western leaders, we have proof that in Western Europe parallel societies have formed enclaves that are increasing in size and in time may join up, and in the long term will lead to the full Islamisation of Western Europe.

Another fact contained in the demographic forecasts asserts that the population of Africa will increase by one billion in two decades, which population — taking into account climate change — cannot be sustained there. It’s not hard to imagine what will happen if these people march en masse into Europe.

We must ask the question: do we want our countries to stay ours, or do we gradually submit to Islamic culture — maybe in the form described so vividly in the book by the French writer Michel Houellebecq, Submission? If the answer is NO, then it is clear what we must do: we must defend our country from illegal migrants and repeal the forced settlement attempts by the European Union based on their overbearing policies.

Is this a viewpoint that can be argued? Of course, and many argue it, too. The leaders of the EU still live under the illusion that large masses of migrants and their previously-arrived counterparts can be integrated successfully into European society. The latest proof of this delusion a publication called
Action Plan on the integration of third country nationals” [pdf], which was released by the European Commission in June of this year. The material emphasizes that the main methods for integration are pre-selection, education and employment, and also the provision of basic services and active involvement into the local community. The publication does not even attempt to discuss any of the experiences of the previous decades. The politicians can’t say anything except to repeat Merkel’s mantra: “We can do it”! (Wir schaffen das) or what Sarkozy says: “The migrants must accept that their ancestors are the Gauls” or the resigned version: “We thought that… if you walked the streets of Copenhagen and drank the municipal water and rode the municipal bus, you’d soon become a Dane. It was so obvious to us, and therefore we thought that it must also be obvious for those who settled and lived here. It wasn’t.” (Queen Margrethe II of Denmark).

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/30/2016

The latest twist to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal continues to dominate the news headlines, with a reported 650,000 State Department emails having been discovered on Anthony “Bulgey” Weiner’s laptop. Mrs. Clinton told the press that she had not spoken to Huma Abedin, Mr. Weiner’s estranged wife, since the latest crisis blew up three days ago.

In other news, a 16-year-old child refugee admitted to the UK turns out to have been a precocious scholar, finishing university in Afghanistan before coming to Britain.

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They Don’t Have to do Anything

The following essay by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan discusses the current “hate speech” case against Geert Wilders, and the relevant social and political context of an increasingly Islamized Netherlands.

They don’t have to do anything

by H. Numan

Muslims are taking over the West? They sure are busy, but they can relax. They don’t have to work hard. We’re really good at destroying our society ourselves, thank you very much. In America the media are up in arms over a possible, maybe, who knows, groping presidential candidate. Not a word (anymore) about a certified groping president who even got elected twice. Lots of women who suddenly remember being groped by Donald Trump. It happened twenty or so years ago, but now all of a sudden they demand justice! Nobody bothers to check their background, which almost invariably is either very shady: porn actresses seem a bit unlikely groping victims to me. Or they happen to be members of the Clinton team… Yes, those ‘groped’ women are really non-biased.

It’s not different in The Netherlands. We have a much better candidate who may not, cannot and must not be elected. You are probably familiar with Geert Wilders. He’ll be on trial once again. The first trial was a farce. A real joke. It made an utter fool of the court. It was a perversion of justice, and actually more fun to watch than an old black and white slapstick movie. Sadly, his lawyer had to pay the price for his very capable defense. He was removed from the bar for life. The judges got their revenge in the end. On Monday 31 October 2016 Wilders will have to appear in court again. Or would have, if he hadn’t decided to boycott the whole thing.

This time the farce is even greater. The charge is ‘inciting hatred’. Whatever that might be. It took well over two years before the public prosecutor dared to go to court with his ramshackle case. What had happened? After the elections of 2014 he asked his supporters if they wanted more Moroccans or fewer Moroccans in our country. The audience shouted in reply: “Fewer, fewer, fewer!!!” Okay, replied Wilders. We’re going to work on that.

It created an outcry in the country, nationwide. Everything on the Left was up in arms. Everyone in the center was deeply shocked. How dared Wilders goad his supporters that way! With full support from the police, justice was gang-raped. Not by muslims. They could sit back and relax. They didn’t have to do a thing. Preprinted forms were distributed at police stations all over the country for anyone willing to file a complaint. All you had to do was tick the box for what exactly offended you, and sign on the dotted line. A simple multiple choice complaint form. That’s how perverted Dutch justice is nowadays. That wasn’t done by mohammedans, but by us Dutch ourselves.

Yes, of course mohammedans were offended. Why shouldn’t they be? They always are, and this didn’t cost them anything more than a short stroll to a police station where translators and assistants were at hand to tell them where to sign. If they couldn’t read or write, no problem. Just scribble something that looks like a signature. Yes, most of those translators and assistants were mohammedans. The system, however, was Dutch. It was the Dutch themselves who perverted justice. Not the mohammedans, who simply hopped on for the ride.

It was the “white” Dutch who perverted justice. The same people who slowly reeled well over a million mohammedans into our own society. The same people who ‘for humanitarian reasons’ first allowed guest workers to stay forever. The same people who then, also for ‘humanitarian reasons’ allowed their families to reunite in our country. Gave them full citizenship, of course without giving up their original citizenship. The same people who — very quietly — gave those now ex-migrant workers full social benefits, without their having to pay a nickel for it. The same people who allowed them to retire with those illicit (not anymore, for they legalized it) benefits in their home countries.

Allow me to explain that a bit more fully. Anyone over the age of 18 and up to 65 contributes to our social welfare system. Also if you are student or unemployed. For each year you contribute a certain percentage is added to your entitlement later on. If you don’t pay or are outside the system — as I am — this is deducted. In my case, since I left the country, I don’t pay for social welfare and I’ll get at best 50% old age pension (AOW). This is reasonable, and fair. But … mohammedans, who entered the system at the age of — say — 40 get full benefits. Image Ibrahim went to Holland at the age of 35, worked 10 years, got “back problems” and was consequently put on medical benefits. He’ll get from 45 until 65 full benefits for not being able to work, and afterwards a full AOW pension. For both he contributed only 10 years. That is not fair, and very unreasonable. Hardly a soul knows this. This legislation was passed on a very quiet day in parliament, without anything appearing in print.

The Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants. One million, that’s a substantial number here. A million people who despise our way of living, and only stay here either to collect money or, in their very own words: want to take over the country. I can’t really blame them. I blame our government, our political and business leaders and the media for making it possible.

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Asylum Seekers in Harmanli: The Food is Bad, And We Need Cleaning Ladies!

We’ve reported previously on the discontent and attempted rebellion at the asylum center in Harmanli, a town in Bulgaria. The news report below gives more details about the asylum seekers’ demands — better food, warmer quarters, but more than anything else, the right to cross the border into Serbia and thereby get that much closer to Germany.

The residents of Harmanli, on the other hand, are concerned about infectious diseases the culture-enrichers may be bringing with them.

Many thanks to Tanya T for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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by MC

Because there is nothing different about ‘Europeans’, they are replaceable on a grand scale by anybody who happens to want to move into Europe (for Europe you can also read USA, Canada, Aus and NZ). That is the theory.

Cultural Marxist writers such as Edward Said accused the West of paternalism, and the West’s elitist lefties fell for it hook, line and toilet chain. Somehow the decision was taken that white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism (complete with adherents and add-ons), should be ethnically flushed down the cultural khasi.

Through the twenties and thirties the communists became more and more influential amongst a small cadre of wannabe intellectuals. Whilst most normal people recognised the extreme cruelty and lunacy of a Russian state gone psychopathic, our academic parasites gorged on the blood and venom.

A horrible game was played in which the extreme cruelty of the Holodomor could be retouched out of the news, and out of history, and Pulitzers were awarded for the best cover-up.

Communism was sexy and fashionable. It designated one as non-Babbitt (see below) as long as one was a player in the game of Marxist conformity. Babbitt was supposed to be a caricature of the typical US businessman who had starred in the post-war period and crashed because he was ‘unexceptional’ and mundane.

Communism therefore made one exceptional, and was a magnet for the socially ambitious looking for streetcar to Nob Hill.

The novel itself was a cruel takedown of the USA itself. It looked only at the speck in Babbitt’s eye whilst ignoring the (drunken) plank in its author’s, who described himself rather euphemistically as “a card-carrying socialist”.

Babbitts — that is, unbelievers in socialism — as seen through the hate-tinted spectacles of the Lewis and his ilk are as unremarkable as they are undesirable and they can thus be replaced by any mal-educated denizen of the Third World who will quickly assimilate into citizenship and render the ‘bigoted’ middle-class Babbitts surplus, to be disposed of on the junk heap of deplorable society.

Unfortunately those Lewises insinuated themselves into the political parties of the free world.

“Sinclair Lewis famously said, ‘When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross’. More accurately, when Communism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. That’s what the Democratic National Convention was.

“This night presented Hillary Clinton as all things to all people. She was a passionate fighter who found plenty of time to spend with her family. She is for cops and for cop-killers. She likes the Founding Fathers and political correctness. She wants Democrats to be the party of working people and of elitist government technocrats. And, most especially, she cares about people like you.

“The convention, like everything about Hillary, was awkward and insincere.”

— From “Welcome to the Communist Party, U.S.A.” by Daniel Greenfield

Western society is a ‘trust’ society based upon the idea that we are accountable for our actions, and not necessarily only to the temporal power. That trust is sacred, and is the foundation of why the West has won. When we chip away at that accountability we chip away at civilization itself.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/29/2016

The emails from Hillary Clinton that drew the renewed attention of the FBI were reportedly among tens of thousands of State Department emails that were found by the Bureau on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Mr. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, swore under oath that she had removed and returned all such messages from all devices when she left the State Department, but evidently she overlooked some.

In other news, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a knife attack in Hamburg two weeks ago, which killed one teenager and wounded a second one.

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Switzerland: Baby Boom in the Cities

In a suitable follow-up to the previous article, the report below from Schweiz am Sonntag takes a look at the recent increase in the Swiss birthrate. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Baby Boom in the Cities

by Yannick Nock and Fabienne Riklin
October 22, 2016

Women are having more children again. With good childcare, Switzerland could soon approach a Scandinavian situation. But men will have to re-think.

“Dying happens all the time,” runs an old folk saying. Unfortunately, children being born doesn’t. For decades, Switzerland has been struggling with a declining birthrate. Shortage of children endangers the old-age pension fund, economic growth, self-sufficiency. Now the trend seems to have changed. Last year more boys and girls were born than for 23 years. This is from the newest figures of the Federal Bureau of Statistics. 86,559 babies make a record.

Switzerland reached the nadir at the beginning of the 2000s. 1.38 births per woman was the lowest average since 1860 — the beginning of record-keeping. Since then, the birthrate has consistently improved, to the present record of 1.54.

Contributing to the baby boom have been — remarkably — troubles outside the country: financial crises, wars, terrorism. The crisis years have left their marks. “In an uncertain, fast-paced world, the family is a sort of island,” says François Höpflinger, a retired family sociologist of the University of Zurich, in identifying one of the causes. “Traditional values are on the ascendant.” Individualization, he says, has passed its apogee. “Being single has gone from being a guiding principle to being a form of misery,” he says. While motherhood, conversely, has experienced a renaissance. The increase is not due primarily to mothers having more children, but to fewer women remaining childless. The number of small families is rising.

“Expecting” in the Cities

The differences between the cantons is notable in this renaissance. Women from the twin Appenzell cantons produce distinctly more children (1.77) than those of Zurich (1.55) or Basel (1,37). That has to do, in the first place, with the traditional role-sharing in rural areas, where mothers often stay home after the birth. Secondly — especially for small family businesses — progeny are seen as the future of the firm. They are expected to take over the business one day.

Up to Two Years of Parental Leave

But urban areas are also increasing. “There is a small baby boom in the cities,” says Höpflinger. An obvious factor is demography. It is presently the daughters of the baby-boomers who are of childbearing age. There are just more women between 26 and 36 years of age. Additionally young couples today often choose to live in the city, even after they have a baby. Previously, many of them moved to the suburbs. Finally, other countries are contributing to the boom in the cities. Foreigners live more frequently in the cities, and as a rule, have more children than the Swiss. The Kosovars and Norwegians lead with an average 2.7 children.

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Germany: Why More Children Are Born in the East

Germany, like other Western European countries, has seen a rise in its birthrate in recent years, largely due to increasing numbers of Third World immigrants, who tend to have higher fertility rates. In other words, new Germans are generally produced by “New Germans”, most of them Muslims.

However, eastern Germany — the former DDR — is the exception. In the East the increase in the birthrate is being driven by ethnic German women, whose fertility rate has risen significantly since Communist times.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Die Welt:

Why More Children Are Born in the East

by Ulli Kulke
October 18, 2016

Foreign women are raising the average German birthrate. At the same time, Saxony, where there are few foreigners, is the most fruitful state in Germany. How this contradiction can be explained.

The announcement — including in Die Welt — about the recent rise in Germany’s birthrate is a little surprising. On the one hand, announced the Federal Bureau of Statistics, this rise in 2015 was traceable overwhelmingly to newborns of women of foreign origin. On the other hand, the pinnacle was achieved in Saxony, while the birthrate in Berlin has changed almost not at all.

At first glance, this is amazing.

Don’t we hear daily in the present social debate that a very small number of foreigners live in the eastern German states, in contrast to Berlin and also the western German states? So how can the higher birthrate of foreigners be most noticeable in Saxony (as also in Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)?

“This is not the contradiction it seems to be,” says Olga Pötsch of the Federal Bureau of Statistics. “The birthrate in eastern German states overtook the western German level in 2007, and has since then increased disproportionately.” So the number of births there has already reached a comparatively high level. The increase in absolute numbers from 2014 to 2015 was greater, even though fewer foreigners lived there.

It is also true that the comparatively few foreigners in Saxony and Thuringia also contributed disproportionately, but the many natives also participated in the growth of the birthrate. In 2014 they were even able to achieve a higher birthrate than the immigrants.

Women From the Balkans, Especially, Raising the Birthrate

The widespread opinion that after the fall of the Wall the steep drop in the birthrate in the eastern German states began an irreversible trend is wrong. The dramatic decline in births per woman from 1.5 to 1.0 in 1990 — the last year of the German Democratic Republic — continued to .8 in 1993, before it headed steeply up. In contrast to these dramatic vacillations in the east, where in 1979 — still deep in the GDR era — the mark of 2.0 was nearly passed, was an unsteadily wavering curve of 1.3 to 1.4 in the west.

The development in 2015 sobered the pollsters a bit, according to Olga Pötsch, following the euphorically greeted data of 2014, when the birthrate in the east and the west jumped from1.42 to 1.47. And this growth was largely attributable to German women and less to foreigners.

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