13 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: The Huma File

  1. Special Access Programs (SAP) material SAP material is not on .gov secure email systems even cleared to top secret. In order to gain access to this type information a very long and strong protocol is followed and it is NEVER copied without express consent from the originating entity.

    HRC had SAP on her unsecure email system.

    It has no value outside the counterintelligence community except for leaking it to the enemy.

    • Thank you for enlightening us. Huma is the pipeline for Hamas and all Muslim Brotherhood interests. Yet Soros is assuring us that Clinton’s election is a done deal.

      There might be another Revolutionary War in the U.S., but it won’t be against the Brits.

    • Actually classified material containing SAP information is forwarded quite legitimately all the time on the closed system, CWAN. In fact they stopped calling these programs SAPs a few years ago because the SAP moniker, although unclassified by itself, was a red flag that classified info was contained. They are now designated as “P” programs because this label is less attention grabbing. In my world SAPs linger on only for heritage programs.

      I retired a little over a year ago, was debriefed, and I’m sure the protocols will continue to change over time.

  2. Anyone remember the executed, by firing squad in Oct. 1917, Dutch actress/courtesan/whore, ‘Mata Hari’? aka the spy. Generally, the term, used as a woman being a mata hari, is used derisively as a super 5th column traitor spy, in my years anyway.

    My distant fear, for since Benghazi, was that hrc, knew full well the dangers of the server, and perhaps was making it easy for certain states to access classified material, of specific intent, via putting sensitive material on the very low security server. In a fairly open place, like hiding pebbles on a beach.

    I wonder if that is being probed as a remote possible, which would be of very high money value, wouldn’t it? Given that espionage is already being mentioned, on Fox today, if one remembers, others espionage agent-traitors got lesser funds from enemies, for more information provided, or similar information. Including exposing sensitive operatives to harm. Against our own Patriotic agents, that is. That is what a mata hari is, a female traitor agent.

    • If an intel officer habituated a bar every day during lunchtime, and left his briefcase full of classified information on the bar for an hour while he conducted a daily triste in the back, and the briefcase was opened and photographed every day, for years, it would have been assumed that the intel officer meant to pass the information, and he would have been imprisoned or shot. No “intent” standard. Just an “effect” standard.

  3. Don’t be surprised if Huma Abedin somehow gets on a plane to Saudi Arabia and out of reach of US law enforcement.

    • She might be stoned to death in Saudi Arabia for 1. Marrying a Jew, 2. Showing her hair and figure, and 3. failing in her mission.

  4. Huma=the Riyadhi Candidate
    They even let her marry a Jew for cover
    They didn’t figure the Schnoz going Bonerama with the kinder
    Brad Thor couldn’t imagine this plot

  5. I think she will be lucky if she makes far from her front door; unless, of course, the house doesn’t burn down or blow up before she even makes it that far.

  6. It would be sweet, sweet irony if the […] Weiner and his [Muslim] Brotherhood wife brought down HRC.
    (Heh, my spell check gave me “mu-slum”)

    • Our spell-checker says Muslim…just as it says “Hillary” rather than “Killary”.

      Our spell-checker refuses to allow “we live in interesting times” and its many variations through the door.

      Our spell-checker is grouchy…

      Yes indeed it would be sweet revenge if Hillary was brought down in this manner. She has worked so hard at living beyond the law.

  7. “Charles Woods, father of Ty Woods, who died defending the CIA annex, shared with Fox News the diary notes he took after his encounter with Clinton”
    he records her saying “We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of [your] son.”
    Jack Cashill notes-
    “In this rare instance, Hillary was as good as her word. She and Obama set out to identify and punish the maker of that video, and they did so with a speed and severity that the attackers themselves were spared. Scarier still, to the degree the major media noticed, they cheered.”
    “The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others”
    said Clinton, but she and Obama only set government agencies on people who denigrate Islam, apparently.

    That there was an existing ‘cartoon crisis’, violent protests and death, meant no-one in the MSM pointed out the utter absurdity- of a slap-dash video on You-tube, made by a serial conman- being blamed for causing more mayhem and death, which it did of course, or rather the violent Muslim reactions caused mayhem and death, just not in Benghazi.

    Clinton not only used this video as a distraction to her own failings but also reinforced the efforts of the OIC, to create global Sharia blasphemy laws.

    Westerners convince themselves appeasement of threats of menace is somehow compromise and ‘progressive’ but merely appear weak and ripe for more demands.

    Denis McEoin speaking of the ‘Muslim imperialism’ in the UN and the recent UNESCO ruling over the Temple Mount, puts Clinton’s appeasement in a wider context.
    “This is the history of Islam, how it takes over — with both hard jihad (violence) and soft jihad (usurping history, migration [hijrah], political and cultural infiltration), and intimidation (soft jihad with the threat of hard jihad underneath it). What is even more saddening is that often, as with this vote, it is done with the West’s cooperation and voluntary submission”


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