The Political Rape of Sweden

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The Political Rape of Sweden
by Fjordman

The first text I ever wrote under the pen name Fjordman, on February 20, 2005, was about the imported rape wave in Sweden.[1] Even though I am from Norway, I have probably written more texts in English about Sweden. Some essays that I wrote in 2005 or 2006 are still being circulated and quoted on the Internet, many years later.

Why this interest in Sweden? Perhaps this is due to its strong “brand.” Many outsiders still have a very positive view of Sweden. They are shocked when somebody describes what the country is actually like today.

Sweden is not the peaceful Utopia some admiring outsiders imagine it to be. Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot and killed on February 28, 1986. This assassination became a national trauma. Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was stabbed and lethally wounded on September 10, 2003. Tensions in Swedish society are even higher now than they were back then.

I was among the first to write for an international audience about the problems in Malmö. Sweden’s third-largest city is probably the most Islamized city in Scandinavia. In the past generation, unrest in Malmö has escalated from stabbings to frequent car bombings. Similar problems are spreading to other areas.

In Sweden today, many people fear for their future. Some feel like strangers in their own country. Several friends of mine either have serious plans to leave Sweden or have already left. They don’t want to grow old there, and they don’t want their children to grow up in an atmosphere of violence, crime and self-loathing.

Sweden has high levels of immigration and emigration at the same time. The same pattern can be seen in other Western European countries such as Italy and Germany.[2] Very often, educated natives leave while unskilled immigrants from the Islamic world or Africa enter. This is supposedly “good for the economy.”

In less than 40 years, Sweden has gone from being the envy of the world to being an increasingly dysfunctional state. The single greatest cause of this negative transformation is mass immigration of people from very different cultures. Things that would have been unthinkable or at least extremely rare in Scandinavia two generations earlier have become commonplace. They include car bombs and deadly gang shootings in residential areas. Hand grenades have repeatedly been used to attack restaurants or even private homes.[3] The violence is no longer confined merely to the major cities. It also affects smaller Swedish towns.

NRK is the government-owned and publicly funded radio and television public broadcasting company in Norway. It often has a pronounced left-wing bias, is generally in favor of mass immigration and positively disposed towards Islam. However, the Multicultural “diversity” problems in neighboring Sweden are now so big that they have become nearly impossible to hide.

The journalist Anders Magnus from NRK visited some of the Multicultural trouble zones in Sweden in 2016. The overworked and undermanned Swedish police openly state that they are about to lose control over certain areas. Many Swedish police officers are deeply frustrated with the situation and are considering quitting their jobs. In some districts, criminal ethnic gangs have already taken effective control. This partly includes the Stockholm suburbs Rinkeby, Tensta and Husby. The economist Tino Sanandaji calls these areas a ticking time bomb.[4]

Several immigrant-dominated areas in Sweden were shaken by violent riots in 2013. None of the fundamental problems have been resolved since then. Non-European immigration continues. Just as in similar urban areas in parts of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Western Europe, the police are met by stone-throwing immigrants when they enter Muslim-dominated areas. The same thing happens to Swedish firefighters and ambulances. They never travel into such urban districts unless the police are present there first.

An official report from the Swedish police in 2014 counted at least 55 areas where the authorities no longer have effective control over law and order.[5] This number keeps growing. After repeated attacks, Swedish ambulance personnel have requested similar protection gear to that used by people working in war zones.[6]

Sweden has experienced a series of car fires in 2016. The firefighter Kaj Engelke from the city of Malmö hit out at young arsonists who blamed their troubles on society and reacted by setting cars alight.[7] An immigrant man living in the city of Västerås claimed that some immigrants commit vandalism and car fires due to racism and a shortage of interesting “activities” provided to them by society.[8]

On August 10, 2015, two random Swedes, a mother and her son, were stabbed to death by an African asylum seeker at an IKEA furniture store in Västerås. The murderer from Eritrea has stated that he decided to attack some white people that looked Swedish as a revenge for being denied asylum in Sweden.[9]

Mohamed Dame is fleeing from criminal gangs who rule several suburbs of Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden’s second largest city. “It’s like a war zone,” he says. They see murders nearly every week. People are shot and sometimes killed while eating food at local restaurants. Members of criminal immigrant gangs execute each other in public streets. Hand grenades are being thrown into private homes. People are terrified. They fear for the safety of their children. Mohamed Dame is considering moving back to Somalia. His native country now feels safer than parts of Sweden.[10]

A survey was made in 2016 of 1200 pupils at schools in notorious Gothenburg suburbs such as Angered and Bergsjön. More than eleven percent — or roughly one in nine — of children between 12 and 18 years in these Swedish schools openly admit that they sympathize with the Islamic State or similar Jihadist groups. The terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp thinks this should be seen as a warning sign by the authorities. Ulf Boström, integration police inspector in Gothenburg, considers the result “very scary.”[11]

Gothenburg suburbs such as Angered have a very high percentage of Muslim immigrants. Many Jihadists have been exported from these communities to fight for the extremely brutal Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). For years Gothenburg has been one of the main recruiting grounds for ISIS terrorists in Europe.[12] On the plus side, Angered is establishing a new Camel Center where Swedes can buy fresh camel milk.[13]

The British public service broadcaster BBC is often biased in favor of Multiculturalism, Islam and mass immigration. Yet even the BBC have realized that Sweden is no longer the stable and peaceful country it once was. In October 2016, they ran an article titled “How Sweden became an exporter of jihad.”[14] Alongside Belgium, Scandinavian countries such as Sweden are among the biggest per capita exporters of Jihadists in Europe. The welfare state is used by radical Muslims to wage war against the Western society that is harboring them.[15]

On February 14-15, 2015, a Danish citizen of Palestinian Arab origins shot and killed two people and injured several others in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has made drawings of Mohammed, was a likely target of the first terror attack against a debate about blasphemy and free speech. The second attack killed a Jewish guard at a synagogue. A year later, it was finally revealed that Omar the terrorist was carrying a copy of the Koran during his murderous attacks.[16]

Lars Vilks needs constant police protection. Militant Muslims want to kill him for insulting Islam and its alleged prophet Mohammed. As I understand it, he is now being moved around between different residences. Such is the fate of a kind and friendly professor of art history in Sweden today. His only crime is that he has made drawings of a man who may or may not have lived in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century.

Meanwhile, Sweden, the EU and the rest of the Western world keep importing more radical Muslims.

On October 12, 2016, hundreds of radical Muslims gathered at a public square in central Stockholm, near the Swedish Parliament and the Royal Palace. Many of them were so-called unaccompanied refugee children from Afghanistan. These asylum seekers claim to be minors. In reality, they are often young men of military age in their 20s or even their 30s. According to an eyewitness, the politician Hanif Bali, one of the Afghan men shouted “May Allah increase our numbers. We must make Muslims of all of them all!”[17]

Unfortunately, those wanting to Islamize Sweden have not faced much opposition from the church. Even though Christians are being persecuted by Muslims in multiple countries, many Christian leaders in Europe are actively engaged in welcoming Muslim immigrants. Some church leaders are as committed to open borders and Multiculturalism as any bureaucrat in the EU or the UN. Swedish bishops seem more concerned about alleged “Islamophobia” than about global Islamic aggression against all those who are not Muslims.

Eva Brunne is the Bishop of Stockholm in the Lutheran Church of Sweden. She became the world’s first openly Lesbian bishop in 2009. Brunne in 2015 called for the removal of crosses and other Christian symbols at the Seamen’s Church in Stockholm. That way, visiting foreign sailors practicing other religions such as Islam would not be offended. She also wanted to mark the direction towards Mecca, to make it easier for Muslims to perform Islamic prayers inside the church.[18]

There is currently a movement throughout the Western world that claims that there are no significant biological differences between men and women, and that gender is “socially constructed.” As usual, progressive Sweden is at the forefront of this movement.

A high school in Sweden is preparing to build an additional gender-neutral changing room to cater to pupils who identify with a gender other than their biological sex, or consider themselves neither male nor female. St Eskil’s gymnasium in Eskilstuna, a town west of Stockholm, has decided to build the new changing facilities at the request of pupils. “We have discussed this with the pupils and have realized that there is a need for this,” Johan Ahlkvist, the headmaster, told Swedish Radio in October 2016.[19]

Soon Swedish girls and young women may not merely be forced to share streets with aggressive Muslim men from war zones. They may sometimes be forced to share toilets or changing rooms with them, too. If you object to any of this, you will be branded a “racist” by the mass media or left-wing activists and risk losing your job.

A nine-year old Swedish girl in Eskilstuna was forced to change school due to sexual harassment. She was repeatedly called “pussy” and “whore,” was beaten and had her pants pulled down. “A staff member at the school explained to us that our daughter was blond and pretty, and therefore exciting to hit on,” says her mother.[20]

Criminals in Scandinavia often get shorter sentences and a softer treatment than they would receive in many other countries. This system is not well-suited to dealing with the mass importation of people from some of the most violent and dysfunctional societies in the world. In Sweden, it is even possible to be convicted of child rape without being sentenced to a single hour in prison.

In November 2014, a Somali Muslim immigrant brutally raped a 12-year-old girl in Sundsvall, Sweden. He was later found guilty of rape. According to the court, he kept repeating the words “black d*** is expensive” over and over while raping the girl. She later “bled profusely from her genitalia” and suffered “both physical and psychological” injuries as a result of the abuse. Yet in June 2015, a Swedish court decided to let the Somali rapist off with 180 hours of community service for child rape. It was argued that he was not yet 18 at the time of the crime and had “some trouble with anxiety as well as sleeping problems.”[21]

The foundations for modern Sweden’s wealth were laid in the generations before the Social Democrats rose to power and turned the country into a welfare state. Many people do not realize this. Including quite a few Swedes. Sweden became rich in spite of the welfare state, not because of it.

It is nevertheless true that the welfare state worked reasonably well in Scandinavian countries as long as the populace was largely ethnically homogeneous. From the 1970s onward, the authorities opened up for the mass importation of people from other countries, also from regions outside of Europe. This turned Sweden into a giant welfare office for much of the world’s population. The natives are essentially forced to fund their own colonization. They are also expected to celebrate this development.

Mass immigration has already put huge strains on the economy. This situation is clearly not sustainable in the long run. The authorities have quietly begun cutting down on certain aspects of the world-famous Swedish welfare state. If you need public health care in Sweden, be prepared to wait for a long time for even basic treatment. Nurses and doctors at hospitals often suffer violence, threats and abuse from imported clans.

Many elderly Swedes who are law-abiding and have worked their whole life receive little support from the state. Meanwhile, billions are spent on recent immigrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Pakistan, Turkey and Nigeria. Even Islamic terrorists are sometimes prioritized ahead of Swedish pensioners.

In 2015 the soldier Fredrik Brandberg suggested that he was likely to get less help from Swedish authorities than returning ISIS terrorists do. “In a few months, I’m back in Sweden after being deployed in Afghanistan, against Talibans and others,” he said. “There is no permanent job waiting for me when I come home.”[22]

At least 140 people have returned to Sweden after fighting for terror organizations in Iraq and Syria. Lund county in southern Sweden is considering giving these battle-hardened Jihadists economic incentives to reintegrate into society. The mooted benefits include housing grants, debt restructuring and free driving licenses. Radio Sweden spoke to Christoffer Carlsson, the author of a report for the national coordinator against violent extremism. He supports the use of public money, sponsored by Swedish tax payers, to reintegrate Muslim terrorists into Swedish communities.[23]

Anna Sjöstrand is the municipal coordinator against violent extremism in Lund. She states that one cannot deny ISIS terrorists tax benefits just because they made the “wrong choice” of supporting a genocidal terrorist organization, infamous for murdering archaeologists and holding slave markets. “We cannot say that because you made a wrong choice, you have no right to come back and live in our society,” Sjöstrand says.[24]

Yet, as the writer Robert Spencer comments, “Why not, exactly? The Islamic State is at war with Sweden. What evidence does Anna Sjöstrand have that the returning jihadis will not continue to pursue this war?”[25]

Scandinavia got its first Muslim suicide bomber in central Stockholm on December 11, 2010. Fortunately, this terrorist, the Iraqi-born Swedish citizen Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, was incompetent and only managed to kill himself. Yet he could have killed dozens of people that day.[26] Other militant Muslims may well succeed.

The natives have gradually gotten used to public gang shootings, car fires and bombs. Events that were extremely rare in Scandinavia in the 1970s have become routine. Native Swedes will be a minority in their own country by the middle of this century, if present trends continue. In certain urban areas, they already are a minority.

Sweden has a disturbing number of unsolved murder cases, and one of the highest recorded rape rates in the world.[27] The natives are being replaced and abused. Gang rapes have become so common that they are hardly newsworthy anymore. Swedes have largely become a nation of whipped dogs. They have been shamed, harassed and indoctrinated to celebrate their own national destruction.

Sweden has become a fearful society. Many Swedes, especially women, are now scared to walk the streets in their own country. They are also afraid of losing their jobs and being harassed by left-wing journalists in the mass media if they oppose mass immigration. Ideological indoctrination has been intense for decades in the media and the education system. Powerful suppression of individual dissent was present in Sweden even before mass immigration began. The British historian Roland Huntford described this well in his 1971 book, The New Totalitarians.

Swedes are pioneers in everything that is gender-neutral, even “gender equal” snow plowing. Yes, really.[28] Won’t the many Marxist activists and Socialist Feminists in Sweden object to Muslims immigration? In most cases, no. Feminists with left-wing views generally refuse to link violence to immigration. Even though it is a documented fact that Muslim and African men are involved in sexual violence against women much more frequently than European men, this subject is usually avoided in public debates.

Instead, many Feminists focus on the “patriarchy” as the main problem, which is to say, men in general. If anything, white men are even worse than brown or black men. According to Marxist racial thinking, white men also oppress “people of color.” In early 2016, some Swedish women demonstrated against “racist and xenophobic” white men and warned them not to protect them from immigrant rapists.[29]

Apparently, some Swedish Feminists prefer foreign rapists to white racists. They seem to be getting their wish. Swedish women have never had more Feminism than the do now, and they have never been less safe.

Brutal acts of violence committed by immigrants and asylum seekers from some of the world’s most violent countries have become part of everyday life in Sweden. So far, this development has largely been met by quiet resignation. Yet anger is simmering beneath the surface.

One gang rape triggered a very unusual outburst of public anger in Sweden in October 2016. This happened in Visby, the main town on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. A wheelchair-bound Swedish woman in her thirties was reportedly gang-raped by up to six immigrants at an asylum center after asking if she could use the toilet. She was eventually able to escape the building. Several migrant men were arrested, but released soon afterwards. The case triggered a turbulent protest march. Some angry locals threw rocks and stones at the migrant facility. This generated attention from major international media such as Fox News.

The Swedish police sent reinforcements to Gotland due to the demonstrations and tensions.[31] The police did not protect the locals against imported criminals from brutal war zones. They protected the immigrants and local authorities from angry locals. Meanwhile, the understaffed police in other Swedish cities had to deal with never-ending car fires, bombs and public shoot-outs between criminal immigrant gangs.

As the dissident writer Julia Caesar noted, the Gotland incident revealed an anger that has been accumulating in Swedes for years. Sweden is approaching its breaking point. The gang rape of a disabled, wheelchair-bound woman by immigrants crossed a psychological line. The political and media elites — the same people who have promoted Multiculturalism and mass immigration for decades — now call for calm and restraint.[32]

Camilla Sundelius, a young woman from Gotland, knows the victim. She says many of the locals feel let down by the authorities regarding asylum seekers from Muslim countries such as Afghanistan. Most of them are young men. They have no respect for women or for the local culture. The community has changed for the worse due to immigration. Swedish girls are now harassed at school. This did not happen before. “Nobody has asked us if we wanted to have asylum seekers here. It’s not okay to not ask the people,” says Sandelius.[33]

Given that these asylum seekers and accused rapists were imported to the island against the wishes of the local population, some view this as a political rape.

When locals got angry and demonstrated against the gang rape of one of their own women by asylum seekers, the local newspaper Hela Gotland compared this to the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.[34] Admittedly, some people with neo-Nazi sympathies may have been involved in these demonstrations. Yet the “Nazi” label was essentially used to tarnish all those who oppose mass immigration, regardless of political ideology.

On October 16, 2016, there were demonstrations against “racism and sexism” in the medieval town of Visby on Gotland. No disturbances broke out, though police did separate members of the hard-line nationalist group, the Nordic Resistance Movement, from the rest of the demonstrators. “It was very nice, almost a folk festival. There was really nice music, so people danced,” stated one of those who attended.

A Gotland resident named Agneta Berg said she felt the need to participate in the rally. “I am a volunteer in a network around Garda, where there is accommodation for asylum seekers. My husband works with two unaccompanied minor refugees. We have taken a lot to do with asylum seekers here, and I want Gotland to be welcoming to people who flee from war,” she said. “This is a reaction to the racists who have taken over after the rape case. You don’t want their agenda to apply,” she added.[35]

The rally ended with the participants chanting the slogan: “No racists in our streets!”[36] By “racists,” they were not referring to Muslim men who view European women as worthless infidel sluts. No. They were protesting against European women and men who object to having young Muslim men from brutal war zones forced upon local communities through a state-sponsored policy backed by the EU and applauded by the UN.

The parties that backed this demonstration against racism in Visby were the Marxists of the Left Party (Vänsterpartiet), Sweden’s “reformed” Communist party, as well as the Feminist Initiative.[37] Sweden has a specifically Feminist political party, even though nearly all Swedish politicians claim to be Feminists.

Gudrun Schyman is a spokesperson for the Feminist Initiative. As the then leader of the Swedish Left Party, Schyman in 2002 compared Swedish men to the Taliban, the extremely repressive Islamic movement in Afghanistan that were allied with Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network. Fredrik Virtanen, a male columnist in the major newspaper Aftonbladet, agreed with her. Yes, Swedish men are like the Taliban.[38]

In October 2016, a Swedish prosecutor ruled that the flag of the self-proclaimed caliphate known as the Islamic State (ISIS) does not constitute hate speech and is therefore legal under Swedish law. Prosecutor Gisela Sjövall announced that she would not prosecute a 23-year-old man who posted the black ISIS flag on his Facebook page. Swedish police had launched a criminal investigation into the man, who originally comes from Syria, on suspicion of hate speech. “Put simply, one can say that he is expressing contempt for ‘all others,’ and not against a specific ethnic group,” Sjövall told Sweden’s SVT public broadcaster.[39] That makes it legal.

Swedish authorities ruled that the Islamic State flag, a symbol of still-ongoing slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide and mass murder, constitutes free speech and is legal. Meanwhile, the street artist Dan Park has spent months in jail because Swedish authorities ruled that his drawings constitute illegal “hate speech.”[40]

Already in May 2005, I warned against the possibility of disintegration, perhaps even civil war in Sweden:

Swedish culture is disappearing with astonishing speed in front of our eyes. If the trend isn’t stopped, the Swedish nation will simply cease to exist in any meaningful way during the first half of this century. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe.”[41]

I would love to be proven wrong in this pessimistic assessment. So far, this has not happened.

Some positive trends have emerged since I started writing. Swedish alternative media such as the websites Avpixlat or Fria Tider now have as many readers as some newspapers. The Sweden Democrats are represented in Parliament and have become one of Sweden’s largest political parties. However, they are not in power and are nowhere near having an overall majority. Even if they were to implement their entire party program, this is probably no longer enough to halt Sweden’s decline.

Sweden, like other European countries, cannot regain control over its national destiny until it leaves the European Union (EU). Perhaps followed by leaving the United Nations (UN). As long as mass immigration persists, Sweden will continue along its path toward the abyss.


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For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

65 thoughts on “The Political Rape of Sweden

  1. “Have rifle, will travel”…

    Reading articles such as this infuriates me. Infuriating on so many levels it is difficult to know where to begin. The rape of any woman regardless of the race of the perpetrator should make the blood of any normal man boil. That the rapists are non-white and muslim, and act with impunity, makes it even more intolerable. That the state favors the rapists and uses its resources to protect them from the few Swedes who have the audacity to be outraged is unforgivable. There will be no mercy or quarter given when these third world trash and the politicians who imported and protected them are no longer protected by the state.

    The apparent passivity and emasculation of the Swedish man is also deeply disturbing and maddening. Do they want to be conquered? Maybe there is a subconscious desire to be dominated, since the feminization of the Swedish political sphere demonstrates they are not averse to being subordinate to their women. I can see a day when men from other Western societies, not completely destroyed by feminization, will have to carry the fight to the enemy and cleanse Sweden of it’s muslim infestation since the local men appear to be unwilling and incapable of doing so themselves. Why are they not burning down the invader centers, or leaving night letters at the homes of local politicians and police chiefs who support the invasion? Perhaps I am wrong, and there remain real men in Sweden… But looking in from the outside it does not appear to be the case.

    If is such a tragedy that a country with such a long history and a civilized and peaceful society would willingly commit suicide. To think that all the sacrifices of the previous generations, all the wars fought to preserve their independence and way of life, all who died so their children would have a better life; all their heirs future cast aside and the wealth of generations squandered in order to import the refuse of Africa and the scum from the worst parts of the islamic third world.

    War cannot come soon enough. Beware the fury of a patient man…

      • Lol.

        To be truthful, CrossWare, up to now the idea that you were a woman didn’t cross my mind. Your messages just seemed…well, masculine. And I don’t mean that as an insult.

        Let me speak a little more on the subject. My experience, such as it is, is that women just don’t respect submissive men. They may claim to, or may push for more concessions to feminism. But, the fact is, the most dogmatically feminist woman, if she is not a lesbian, will almost inevitably gravitate towards the most abusive, selfish, narcissistic men. Or else, she may allow her academic philosophy to dictate her choice of men, and hook up with a submissive, compliant wimp, whom she despises. These submissive male, supposedly-dominant female arrangements almost always result in “open marriages”, where the female consorts with more masculine types. I don’t know what the submissive male does.

        I guess the most extreme instance of Swedish feminism is where the Swedish feminists tried to make it illegal for males to urinate while standing. I guess even the henpecked Swedish males wouldn’t take that lying down.

        As “The New Totalitarians”
        makes clear, the full force of social approbation if not the law in Sweden, came down in full force on any assertive Swede, particularly males. So, for several generations in Sweden, there has been a negative social pressure against dominant males. In Darwinian terms, male submissiveness and non-aggression has been selected in reproductive terms. Is it any wonder that Sweden has few males ready to take a club to invaders harassing their women?

        Add to this, the natural timidity and self-interest of bureaucrats. Bureaucrats choose soft targets not likely to cause extra work…and who is a softer target than Swedish males? Taking on Muslim invaders or females (feminists) would cause political repercussions. The easiest and safest route for Swedish police/bureaucrats to take is to clamp down on Swedish males. It would be career-threatening to target Swedish females and life-threatening to target immigrant invaders. Furthermore, the police know that if they got injured or killed actually doing their job by enforcing the laws against Muslims, the police command would not back up their police officers. So, why bother?

        The EU, NATO and UN did not get Sweden into this mess. It was entirely Swedish politics and leaders. The UN etc. simply did not have the power to enforce the leftists diktats under which Sweden was operating. Then was then and now is now, and Swedes willing to use violence to take back their society will have to look over their shoulders for a possible attack by non-Swedish armies, as NATO showed in Bosnia in 1995.

        My contention, made several times, is that the deterioration of long-time welfare states like Sweden is due precisely to the genetic effects of the welfare state. Actual survival tactics, such as aggression, is either not selected for, or is actively selected against, biologically. This results in a population far more passive than the people actually responsible for carving out the state through force of arms…and no state has ever been created except through armed force.

        • RonaldB–

          RE the subject of the position to take on umm…micturation. I remember when Sweden attempted to enforce the “NO-STANDING-WHILE-URINATING” social law. And then they invited in all those immigrants who will simply whip it out wherever. I wonder how that’s working out.

          In a social services office where I worked for a time, we had one bathroom. We also had one male social worker. A particularly sniffy social worker had a fit when he was hired and began to use “her” bathroom. She nagged him publicly and relentlessly but he never did sit down. BTW, we had cleaning services that did all the offices and the bathroom so I never got her point…

          …OTOH, raising three boys during my mothering years meant a lot of bathroom cleaning. Even when you teach them to aim carefully, it’s still more work than with girl children. I should have turned the job over to them sooner than I did, but live and learn.

          The B and I split the chores ’round here. He insists on leaving the kitchen sink and counter *very* clean and ready to go at night. He really cares about getting up to a clean kitchen so he can make coffee; that’s his job.

          I really care about the bathroom sink and the toilet so they’re mine to clean. Never used to care much, but when I worked at a woman’s shelter for years, I learned something: the downstairs bathroom was right next to my office. I liked that arrangement because it was easier to grab whichever resident I needed to see. OTOH, that bathroom was windowless. A volunteer nurse who came to do whatever needed doing popped her head in the door one day to tell me that the pink stuff growing in the damp behind the sink faucets was a form of pneumococcus…I instantly converted to a hyper-vigilant bathroom cleaner.

          You always give me something to think about. This time it’s “the genetic effects of the welfare state“…[I’ve already given TMI about bathrooms].

          • Now we should have a “NO STANDING ON THE TOILET SEAT WHILE [DEFECATING]” course for our newly arrived immigrants. I know a couple who own a gym and after they got new customers from the Middle East and Afghanistan their cleaning lady refused to clean the toilets.

            There used to be an occasional yellow stain on the floor, now there are [feces] everywhere and shoe marks on the toilet seats. They have had to hire a specialist firm who will do heavy cleaning (like cleaning a house after somebody died and it took a month before anybody noticed) and have protective gear similar to hazmats and bleach showers with them.

          • Lol. Thanks for the info, Dumpthna

            I have two points.

            The masculine male is not violent, aggressive or allergic to helping in the house. He simply takes charge where needed. I remember reading a long time ago that at least one study found the more traditional male was more, rather than less, likely to assist the female in home duties.

            The second point is that it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that feminists are pushing the boundary because subconsciously (or maybe consciously) they are trying desperately to find the point at which males will push back and assert their masculinity. It’s like the undisciplined child that pushes the boundary of what is allowed, and is far happier when boundaries are actually set and enforced.

            Lesbians are a special case, and I don’t make any pretense of understanding their dynamics. But, unquestionably, lesbians are a strong driver of feminist activism. So, perhaps it would be productive to put more effort into understanding the dynamics of lesbian identification with feminism (as opposed to equitable treatment at work, based on productivity) and visa-versa.

          • It could be better. It could be India; except that the issue has a far different trajectory there. If you want to know what the West faces, study India.

        • “To be truthful, CrossWare, up to now the idea that you were a woman didn’t cross my mind. Your messages just seemed…well, masculine. And I don’t mean that as an insult.”

          Well none taken, you are not the first one… I am 6’2 tall (thanks to my partial German/Scandinavian ancestry, while my temper is 100% of Hungarian). My favorite historical group: the shieldmaidens.
          I was always ahead of time and I guess I represent the a post-apocalyptic female ideal. I drive my Jeep-Wrangler (manual transmission) frequently on off-road, trained and practiced with various firearms and I am pretty good with a knife in or out of the kitchen…
          I organize and order around a bunch of (mostly guy) software developers (I am a principal dev) and you suspect it correctly, I am quite a tomboy. (My Dad who is a huge WW2 enthusiast always wanted a boy so when I arrived he tried to compensate with me. I was 3 year old and I could recognize every tank from WW2 era to date to the most horror of my Mom. (Well I kind of rusty now as I did not follow up tightly with that technology).

          You are also pretty correct what you wrote about the traditional female/male relations and well the pussification of males.

    • “Beware the fury of a patient man…”
      Amen to that.
      The time is long overdue. Let’s get “this” done.

  2. Thank you, Fjordman!

    Regarding the 13 year old girl who was raped in Sundsvall. The rapist’s brother beat her up and the family and friends of the rapists have continued to stalk, threaten and harass the victim and her family.
    The family were afraid to send her to school since the school couldn’t guarantee her safety, so they kept her at home. That’s when the social services stepped in and threatened to take the girl from her parents, to guarantee that she was sent to school.

    The family saw no solution to the situaten but decided to emigrate (or flee) to Norway in September.

    This case is so messed up, it deserves an essay of its own.

  3. The mistake that liberal Westerners are making is that they assume these invaders are “just like us really” and will respond to kindness and reason. Of course they have a completeley different mindset, mainly due to the doctrine of Islam, but I do not discount a racial aspect. Of course, they laugh at us! Part of jihad is to conquer via the economy. A group of fleas can kill a much larger mammal, just by continually sucking its blood. How does it feel to have so many parasites draining your resources? I know I don’t like working hard, paying taxes, to keep several workphobic b******* who would call me a white whore and rape me because I am blonde.

    • Good point. Multicultis don’t understand that touchy-feely only works with other touchy-feely types, not with those who view touchy-feely types as dupes ripe for predation.

  4. Thank you for this level headed assessment. What a depressing prospect.

    EU “Core Values” = Destroying white Christian Europe.

  5. For some reason Fjordman has left out the fate of the canary in the coal-mine: The Jews. The ultimate Other who fled wars and persecution, including the wars in their own homeland, and settled quietly in Sweden and other places. Jewish crime-rate is non existent. The damage they do to their neighbors is non-existent. Their contribution to Western and Swedish society in all endeavors is far beyond their meagre numbers. However, they are the most harrassed minority in Sweden and Europe, dovetailing with the atrocious opprobrium directed at the jewish Homeland of Judea, a section of Israel. Even more harrassed than blond girls in Norway. This has always been the canary. Those who harass the Jews to flight and death will then turn on the locals and harass them to submission and flight and death. Somehow Fjordman pays this phenomenon no heed. Maybe because these days all the Jews have to do is cut and run back to their homeland, whereas the Swedes and Norwegians have capitulated to submission, flight or rape.

    • Ironically, there are a lot of jews who have been pushing for this immigration agenda in Sweden. I guess they’ll always have Israel to flee to if things get really bad. The native Swedes have no Israel.

      • a lot of the communists that created this world-wide colonization are jews. they don’t do it because they are jews they do it because they are communists.

    • I always hate to be discoursing on this level…however.

      It is not true that Jews, as a group, are beneficial to a society, for this reason. They represent a political force for the weakening of a society. For example, Jews voted 70% for Obama in the last election. If there is a close race between Trump and Clinton, Jews will represent a solid, strong voting bloc heavily in favor of Clinton. This is in spite of the fact that Orthodox Jews, a minority in the Jewish community, support Trump by the biggest plurality.

      So, if Jews maintain this voting pattern, it would not be beneficial to a country to import load of Jewish refugees…and this would leave me out in the cold, as my father would likely not have survived the Nazis.

      And without any evidence whatsoever, I would guess that Israel is not too many years from modifying the Law of Return, allowing any Jew immediate citizenship in Israel. A massive influx of liberal Jews from, say, the US or Sweden would stack Israel politics against the party of Natanyahu. My logic tells me if there were a real danger of massive influxes of liberal Jews into Israel, Natanyahu and the Orthodox parties would find ways to modify the Law of Return. Perhaps the Israeli readers would have a comment on this.

      • Depends how you define “beneficial”, perhaps? Check out the origin of the meds you take, if any, or the chips in your electronics, and that’s to ignore the huge Jewish contribition to the arts.

        • My point is that if a large Jewish population causes your political leadership to lower the country’s defenses and open yourself to the enemy, it doesn’t really matter what your scientific or artistic advances are.

          • This is particularly absurd with regard to Sweden, which has a Jewish population of twenty thousand. That’s one Swede out of every 450. The idea that this tiny sliver of population is going to have some big influence is ridiculous.

        • @Mark H
          Hear hear! The Jewish contribution has been cultural, scientific, and technological in the evolution of civilization. The roots of Western civilization lie in Athens and Jerusalem. The definitions of the garrulous RonaldB every time he presents an argument are never clear to me.

      • Massive influx of liberal Jews? There is no massive influx of Jews to be found anywhere on earth. There are only about 18 million Jews on the whole planet. That’s about one person in every 400 worldwide. The largest Jewish population outside Israel is in the US, where it contitutes maybe 2% of the population. There isn’t going to be a massive influx of Jews from anywhere to anywhere. It’s a miniscule population.

        • Anyone still listening?

          Your reply to the argument is that the number of Jews is so small, that despite their overwhelmingly liberal/globalist voting pattern, it really doesn’t matter what their voting is like, particularly in light of their cultural contributions.

          It’s an argument I’m very happy to lose, if it can be shown that the effects of a mass Jewish immigration would be beneficial to the country. I kind of envision it as a tactic towards rabid anti-Semites who express blind support for Palestinians and accuse Israel of genocide. I would tell these people, where do you think the population of Israel would go if Israel was defeated? So, you’d better be careful in supporting Israel’s enemies.

          Because these people really hate Jews so bad.

          My bias at this point is that we really don’t want masses of any group coming in as immigrants. The US is finely balanced enough after years of low-skill, low-IQ, culturally totalitarian immigration since 1965. So, my head is where my heart is, and I consider the interests of the US to be to firmly support Israel’s right to exist diplomatically.

          I do not, however, feel the US ought to undertake a commitment to defend Israel militarily. That’s Israel’s job. It’s also not the job of the US to play alderman to every square block of land Israel decides to build apartments on.

          • Mass Jewish immigration? There is no such thing. Of all the things one might worry about in our time this may be the most absurd. As an epidemic of Muslim terrorism, crime, and rape sweeps across Europe you’re sounding the alarm over Jewish immigration. In response to an article about the Muslim rape of Sweden you end up complaining about Jewish apartments in the Middle East. Now I’ve heard it all. Examine your mindset.

    • Fjordman has written about sweden and jews numerous times before. I follow swedish news very closely, and there are so signifikant, recent stories about the jewish situation in the country. There were about a year ago stories that also made it to internationals newsmedia.

  6. “The Bosnia of Northern Europe” – if only that… Bosniaks are relatively calm and European, by Middle Eastern standards!

    nope – once the percentage gets high (not necessarily 50% – just enough to dominate the streets and overpower the police), then imo it’s more likely to become Somalia or Syria on steroids… a conflict with no end. And in a way, it already is – hence the Somali who wants to go back home “because it’s safer there”…

  7. “Put simply, one can say that he is expressing contempt for ‘all others,’ and not against a specific ethnic group,”

    – on the basis of this, I take it that it’s perfectly OK to fly a Swastika and indentify with Nazis? After all, it’s only expressing hatred against all non-Aryans, and not a specific group.

  8. Amen! And having said that, it reminds me of yesterday’s visit of Pope Francis to Sweden and its Leftist clergy. After 500 years ahead from Luter’s schism, Bergoglio and Jackelèn are now united in their multicultural, borderless and islamophile utopia.

  9. The Swedes are insane. The prospect of a formerly civilized country committing mass suicide is disturbing, to say the least.

  10. I really hope the USA bucks the trend and rejects satanic cultural Marxism by voting for Trump. If ISIS supporter Clinton is elected, it is the beginning of the end for white Europe and white America. If Hillery wins, the satanic Islamo Marxist alliance will have won.

  11. No more Vikings in Sweden. Back in the thirties and forties ; a compliment in reference to a kind action or attitude on the part of one person to another was expressed as ; ” Thats mighty White of you ” { watch some movies from that era }. The meaning was that ” White ” people were civilized and vituous. Though the expression is now seen as Politically Incorrect…..In actuality it is a true statement. The one saving grace about this situation is that the undesirables are very easy to identify….round up…and export back to the hell holes them came from. Getting their sponsors and Brain Dead advocates will be a bit more difficult. Could we burn down the Law Schools ?.

    • Really? I know the expression, but haven’t found non-white people in the UK less courteous or honest, on average, than the natives. Breaking it down by cultures is another matter.

  12. Exelent articel! But this is the truth and I dont think that this is legal to write about in Sweden.

  13. Historian Arnold Toynbee said, “Great civilizations are not murdered. They commit suicide.” This excellent essay illustrates the truth of Toynbee’s statement. As I have said on this site before, Sweden’s suicidal immigration policy has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture. Had Sweden admitted immigrants that were South Koreans, Vietnamese, and Chinese, instead of all those Muslims, then Sweden would not now manifest the dire dysfunctionalities so well described by the author.

    • “Sweden’s suicidal immigration policy has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture.”

      To the contrary, culture follows genetics, and I can make a good case the deterioration of Sweden is genetic and not simply a dysfunctional culture. The most obvious argument is that if it is simply a cultural influence, the invaders would acclimate to the Swedish culture. Instead, they reject it, particularly 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants, although the current immigrants are so aggressive, they no longer wait a generation to express jihad. But, if it were primarily culture and upbringing accounting for the passivity of Swedes and Swedish males, the newcomers would moderate their violence and criminality, which they do not do.

      • I was referring to the cultural dysfunctionality of the immigrants, not the Swedes.

  14. the communists gave up on military conquest decades ago. they realized that colonization was a much more effective way to conquer the world. keep electing those leftist to public office.

  15. Apparently it’s a mental dental illness. For example, the Danish government department responsible for the advancement of migrant Muslim warfare was fired from his post recently. It was discovered that he had been making his female staff available to the Muslim migrants for sexual emergencies. These Scandinavian women are becoming less attractive all the time.

  16. Suigenocide, autocide, genosuicide…. a culture or peoples’ self destruction, first seen circa 2000 C.E.within advanced nations of Europe and North America.

      • And once it has been reversed, the vote needs to be taken away from women. At least until Swedish men begin to grow a pair.

        In my opinion, a major part of the problem with the feminization of Western societies has been the lack of new frontiers for the most masculine and adventurous of the society to move to, combined with the granting of the vote to the fairer sex. Not all women are poor voters; heaven knows enough men are culpable as well, but many of the traits which Swedish men lack, such as aggressiveness and taking charge, are frowned upon in larger part by women than by men. And this reflects in the ballot box. This is a problem in every Western country; Sweden just happens to be much further along that path than the rest of the West, no doubt helped along by their great wealth which enabled the welfare state much sooner than other Western nations.

  17. You mentioned ABBA. One of my favorite current musicians is from Sweden: Roine Stolt (who leads the band The Flower Kings, and who also plays in the band Transatlantic).

    I’ve never heard him make any statements about the situation in his homeland.

    Anyone here ever heard of him?

  18. Every single people in here should grow a pair. Or maybe some brains. Probably both. Humans from all over the world are longing for the day when you all leave your dark caves and finally step into the real world, leaving your ridiculous naive fantasies and distorted views behind, joining the human race again; however, I have a sad feeling of this never occuring.

  19. There isn’t much humilty in Isam, Moslem men are expected to enjoy the respect and esteem of those around them ( I’m actually taking this from an Islamic evangelising tract). Now it would take a bigger man than me not to experience some contraction of ones self esteem while walking down Stockholm Main Street. And if you are a wee Muslim Big Man I suppose one way of asserting your superiority over these blond giants is to rape their womenfolk.
    Interestingly here in Scotland we dont have quite the same problems. The natives dont look quite so impressive but we do have a fairly “feisty” disposition and even the dimmest jihadi should have some inkling of what awaits him should he attempt the same stunt as they do in Sweden

  20. You can see how similar this is to the PC culture in America, just in a more advanced state. Teaching boys not to be masculine, that’s its bad. That loving your country is bad. Being white is bad. Thinking for yourself is bad…. The only difference and the reason why we don’t look like these poor people is that Americans are different, fundamentally.

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