They Don’t Have to do Anything

The following essay by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan discusses the current “hate speech” case against Geert Wilders, and the relevant social and political context of an increasingly Islamized Netherlands.

They don’t have to do anything

by H. Numan

Muslims are taking over the West? They sure are busy, but they can relax. They don’t have to work hard. We’re really good at destroying our society ourselves, thank you very much. In America the media are up in arms over a possible, maybe, who knows, groping presidential candidate. Not a word (anymore) about a certified groping president who even got elected twice. Lots of women who suddenly remember being groped by Donald Trump. It happened twenty or so years ago, but now all of a sudden they demand justice! Nobody bothers to check their background, which almost invariably is either very shady: porn actresses seem a bit unlikely groping victims to me. Or they happen to be members of the Clinton team… Yes, those ‘groped’ women are really non-biased.

It’s not different in The Netherlands. We have a much better candidate who may not, cannot and must not be elected. You are probably familiar with Geert Wilders. He’ll be on trial once again. The first trial was a farce. A real joke. It made an utter fool of the court. It was a perversion of justice, and actually more fun to watch than an old black and white slapstick movie. Sadly, his lawyer had to pay the price for his very capable defense. He was removed from the bar for life. The judges got their revenge in the end. On Monday 31 October 2016 Wilders will have to appear in court again. Or would have, if he hadn’t decided to boycott the whole thing.

This time the farce is even greater. The charge is ‘inciting hatred’. Whatever that might be. It took well over two years before the public prosecutor dared to go to court with his ramshackle case. What had happened? After the elections of 2014 he asked his supporters if they wanted more Moroccans or fewer Moroccans in our country. The audience shouted in reply: “Fewer, fewer, fewer!!!” Okay, replied Wilders. We’re going to work on that.

It created an outcry in the country, nationwide. Everything on the Left was up in arms. Everyone in the center was deeply shocked. How dared Wilders goad his supporters that way! With full support from the police, justice was gang-raped. Not by muslims. They could sit back and relax. They didn’t have to do a thing. Preprinted forms were distributed at police stations all over the country for anyone willing to file a complaint. All you had to do was tick the box for what exactly offended you, and sign on the dotted line. A simple multiple choice complaint form. That’s how perverted Dutch justice is nowadays. That wasn’t done by mohammedans, but by us Dutch ourselves.

Yes, of course mohammedans were offended. Why shouldn’t they be? They always are, and this didn’t cost them anything more than a short stroll to a police station where translators and assistants were at hand to tell them where to sign. If they couldn’t read or write, no problem. Just scribble something that looks like a signature. Yes, most of those translators and assistants were mohammedans. The system, however, was Dutch. It was the Dutch themselves who perverted justice. Not the mohammedans, who simply hopped on for the ride.

It was the “white” Dutch who perverted justice. The same people who slowly reeled well over a million mohammedans into our own society. The same people who ‘for humanitarian reasons’ first allowed guest workers to stay forever. The same people who then, also for ‘humanitarian reasons’ allowed their families to reunite in our country. Gave them full citizenship, of course without giving up their original citizenship. The same people who — very quietly — gave those now ex-migrant workers full social benefits, without their having to pay a nickel for it. The same people who allowed them to retire with those illicit (not anymore, for they legalized it) benefits in their home countries.

Allow me to explain that a bit more fully. Anyone over the age of 18 and up to 65 contributes to our social welfare system. Also if you are student or unemployed. For each year you contribute a certain percentage is added to your entitlement later on. If you don’t pay or are outside the system — as I am — this is deducted. In my case, since I left the country, I don’t pay for social welfare and I’ll get at best 50% old age pension (AOW). This is reasonable, and fair. But … mohammedans, who entered the system at the age of — say — 40 get full benefits. Image Ibrahim went to Holland at the age of 35, worked 10 years, got “back problems” and was consequently put on medical benefits. He’ll get from 45 until 65 full benefits for not being able to work, and afterwards a full AOW pension. For both he contributed only 10 years. That is not fair, and very unreasonable. Hardly a soul knows this. This legislation was passed on a very quiet day in parliament, without anything appearing in print.

The Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants. One million, that’s a substantial number here. A million people who despise our way of living, and only stay here either to collect money or, in their very own words: want to take over the country. I can’t really blame them. I blame our government, our political and business leaders and the media for making it possible.

All promises of the past have been proven idle, or downright false. “Give them time, they’ll integrate,” they said. Exactly the opposite happened. The more entrenched they become, the more violent and aggressive they get. Less tolerant, more demanding. Issues that were jokes a mere ten years ago are now stark reality. “They are poor, they don’t speak our language, they need support” they said. Well, support was given. By the truckload. They simply don’t want to learn our language. What’s more: they simply don’t. It is impossible for a third generation migrant not to speak the language fluently. Without any trace of an accent. Yet, even the fourth generation migrants speak barely comprehensible Dutch. That’s not a coincidence. That is deliberate. That’s very clear evidence that integration is not on their agenda.

I myself am a first generation migrant. Yes, I speak Thai. I’ll never be 100% fluent in it, but nobody expects that. In fact, most Thai people are stunned that I do speak Thai. Farangs (Western foreigners) cannot speak Thai, everybody knows that. So what the heck is this bloke speaking? Thai? Really? Unbelievable! I don’t have children, but if I had, I’d raise them to be 100% fluent in Thai first, and perhaps learn Dutch as a second language. Certainly not as their first language, for they would be born in Thailand and most likely would live out their lives in there.

What is happening in the Netherlands, with the full assistance of the Dutch government, is not how it should be. They want nurseries and kindergartens to hire Moroccan and Turkish native language teachers. Some of them don’t speak a word of Dutch at all. The Moroccan and Turkish parents expected their children to learn their native language first, and perhaps a few words of Dutch later on. Both the Moroccan and Turkish governments support that and even insist on it.

Again, I don’t blame them. I blame the 150,000 policymakers. They are without exception Dutch. Yes, you read that right. It isn’t the Dutch citizens who destroy themselves. That’s being done by our very own (Dutch) policymakers. The people who are in charge.

There aren’t many of them. If you were to add up all politicians, from village councils via the provincial level up to the parliament, you wouldn’t get above 20,000. Perhaps 30,000, maximum. Add to that all civil servants on all levels who write and implement policy, that would be about another 40,000. Now we add all the business owners and managers who influence policy, and the media to that, and you have a group of no more than 150,000 people who have decided that:

  • The Netherlands does not have its own culture (H.M. Queen Maxima Zorreguita of the Netherlands)
  • Sharia law should be national law, if that is decided in a ballot (P.H. Donner, justice minister)
  • Zwarte Piet (Black Pete, an innocent folk tradition) is racist and must be abolished. (All media)
  • To fight racism, one should be able to apply for civil servant positions anonymously (Labor party policy proposal)
  • Returning ISIS fighters will not be prosecuted, get full benefits and guidance to readjust into society (factual policy of the current government and opposition)
  • Someone who set fire to a mosque, without casualties and very little damage, was sentenced to four years in jail, as this is a serious hate crime. (Dutch court)

Folks, it ain’t the mohammedans who destroy our country. It’s (those who rule) us.

— H. Numan

23 thoughts on “They Don’t Have to do Anything

  1. A cursory reading of the history of the interactions between the islamic and western worlds illustrates the author’s point perfectly. The West has always had technological superiority over the islamic world; our militaries have been superior unit for unit, and when there is unity and strength of will, the West has always prevailed. However, our Achilles heel has always been our lack of unity and lack of resolve. From leaders who act with short-sighted self interest, ignoring the greater peril from the islamic invaders, to actively helping the invaders and collaborating with the enemy, we are our own worst enemy.

  2. But…but the Dutch are so tolerant.

    Poisonously tolerant.

    Suicidally tolerant.

    And when the Dutch don’t bother training hydraulic engineers anymore, and there is no more money to pay for materials because it has all gone to pay for immigrants’ benefits, will the Dutch lie down and let the immigrants stand on them in order to keep their heads above the (rising, ever rising) water? I think they will.

    Maybe, on the other hand, remaining bands of ethnic Dutch will invade Morrocco and set up there. It’s just an idea.

    • Western Europe is being conquered and soon will be under total Islamic rule thanks to their leaders who handed everything over to the enemy of mankind. The citizens gave their futures away by condoning the actions of their leaders and by doing nothing. Nihilism syndrome, which may soon spread in the USA, Canada and elsewhere. Geert W. and others like him need to pack up and leave, head to a safer place, they are fighting a losing battle and their lives are in danger and few are standing with them.

      • I believe you’re 100 per cent correct. Europe’s future is Islam. But only until the Russians decide that the jihad can be stopped only by that new 50 megaton nuke they’ve just unveiled.

  3. This is the Western disease. Anybody anywhere outside the West looks at how the Western elites treat their own national citizens and it’s obvious. The Western elites want to destroy their nations. It’s a low-level psychosis brought on I suppose by 3 or 4 generations of cultural Marxism and its moral relativism. What’s the solution? The elites must be targeted, exposed, humiliated, attacked. This is our survival we’re talking about, and it’s happening in EVERY Western country. Look at the level of palpable hate for the history and people and traditions of Sweden held by the elite there. And in Germany. And Canada. It’s a literal psychosis leading to our destruction. The only country in the world that has started a push back is the USA and it’s only Trump. And half the country is horrified at the prospect of Trump actually defending Western & American values. The Left is livid, vitriolic, pulsating with hate that the great project of cultural destruction may be sidelined by Trump. Well, this is what every Western country has to do, smash the Left, root it out, expose its hate & cultural destruction. We need to start hitting back, really really hard. Or the Left will sell us out, forever.

  4. Let them take over the country.the green,fertile land will be turned to desert when they unleash their hoards of goats ,a muslim mans best friend and sooner rather then later The Netherlands will return to the sea as they certainly haven’t got a clue how the whole water way system works.

  5. This is what happens when the “common” people don’t have guns. Just my humble gun-toting opinion. I live on the plains where guns are still legal.

    And I support Geert Wilders to the max and think “violent” muslims should be shipped out to where-ever they came from. Problem solved. Either assimilate or go back to your hell-hole.

    You are right about our Achilles heel, sir (moon is harsh mistress). And so are you, Dymphna.

    And I will continue for a moment. When we immigrated to America, it was expected of us to become Americans. We did exactly that. The Dutch and the rest of Europa might want to change their policies and emulate USA in this regard. However, I am not too sure that our current “leadership” still holds that opinion (considering what our leadership is these days, not too surprising). That is why we have large swathes of territory where the muslims refuse to integrate and nobody objects. PC gone totally stupid and self-defeating, IMO.

    • marie dee: have you been to Ann Corcoran’s site? a good companion site to this one. ( Obama has recently opened the floodgates (southern border) to who ever wants in, incl. ISIS.

  6. Trump insists that Americans have, ” Stopped dreaming. Lost hope. Stopped trying,”. Is he just ahead of the cure? Is the same happening in its own way at its own pace in Europe?

  7. “Returning ISIS fighters will not be prosecuted, get full benefits and guidance to readjust into society (factual policy of the current government and opposition)”

    I wish Mr. Numan had provided a even a Dutch link for this particular one.

    • Not at the moment. The current opinion in parliament is to sentence them in court, and after sercing their sentence concert them into well behaving citizens with lots of support.
      No one (to my knowledge) has yet been arrested, and given current policy, I’d be really surprised if they actually have to do time.

  8. How can anyone actually want Islam? …to be governed by cruel ignorant, dull and medieval ideas? If we think about it, the left must be doing this for some other reason. It has got to be either 1. They want to use the Islamic muscle to tear down Western culture so that they can take over…and then, when they have control, they will get rid of the Muslims (somehow). Or 2. They are getting paid or gaining something. And Islam certainly has the money from its oil to pay many people for services and to espouse ideas.

    In fact, they could and should take care of their own migrants and displaced persons Note that even these Muslims are voting with their feet about their own religion and the worth of Islam.

    So, there is something we are not seeing or understanding correctly.

    • William-

      The Left is using Islam to destroy the alleged white, Christian, male Patriarchy that is allegedly oppressing everyone else.

      After this is accomplished, the Left believes that the Ummah will simply be a large, vibrant portion of their multikulti utopia.

      The Left do not realize that they will be the first off the rooftops once the Ummah attains control.

      • raspail: The globalists are using Islam as a population control because it is cheaper than a suppressing army or police. Globalists are pushing Islam because it crushes dissent from within, dehumanizes and enslaves. Women and girls are chattel, can be sold or forced into concubines, forced marriages, etc. Loyalty to imams will make Muslims do exactly as ordered like killing infidels and trashing whole communities. The death cult of Islam is a tool for enforcing the NWO, now what will happen to Muslims after any country like the EU is taken down, when New Age is really the globalist’s religion? most will be killed off as useful idiots later or conform to new age agendas (earth worship, etc).

    • It’s the VOTES that the “ruling class” craves, VOTES to retain their power.
      The “ruling class” lives behind high walls in “exclusive” neighborhoods
      and assume their walls are a real barrier WHEN the Jihadists come in
      huge mobs to scale those walls. Politicians have the fantasy that they can
      “control” their “voters” with freebies & favors; but the price always keeps
      increasing until it reaches critical mass.

      It’s murderous JIHAD that the Muslims crave. Don’t be fooled by the
      rhetoric, INFIDEL! Live in REALITY & refuse fantasy.

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