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Because there is nothing different about ‘Europeans’, they are replaceable on a grand scale by anybody who happens to want to move into Europe (for Europe you can also read USA, Canada, Aus and NZ). That is the theory.

Cultural Marxist writers such as Edward Said accused the West of paternalism, and the West’s elitist lefties fell for it hook, line and toilet chain. Somehow the decision was taken that white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism (complete with adherents and add-ons), should be ethnically flushed down the cultural khasi.

Through the twenties and thirties the communists became more and more influential amongst a small cadre of wannabe intellectuals. Whilst most normal people recognised the extreme cruelty and lunacy of a Russian state gone psychopathic, our academic parasites gorged on the blood and venom.

A horrible game was played in which the extreme cruelty of the Holodomor could be retouched out of the news, and out of history, and Pulitzers were awarded for the best cover-up.

Communism was sexy and fashionable. It designated one as non-Babbitt (see below) as long as one was a player in the game of Marxist conformity. Babbitt was supposed to be a caricature of the typical US businessman who had starred in the post-war period and crashed because he was ‘unexceptional’ and mundane.

Communism therefore made one exceptional, and was a magnet for the socially ambitious looking for streetcar to Nob Hill.

The novel itself was a cruel takedown of the USA itself. It looked only at the speck in Babbitt’s eye whilst ignoring the (drunken) plank in its author’s, who described himself rather euphemistically as “a card-carrying socialist”.

Babbitts — that is, unbelievers in socialism — as seen through the hate-tinted spectacles of the Lewis and his ilk are as unremarkable as they are undesirable and they can thus be replaced by any mal-educated denizen of the Third World who will quickly assimilate into citizenship and render the ‘bigoted’ middle-class Babbitts surplus, to be disposed of on the junk heap of deplorable society.

Unfortunately those Lewises insinuated themselves into the political parties of the free world.

“Sinclair Lewis famously said, ‘When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross’. More accurately, when Communism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. That’s what the Democratic National Convention was.

“This night presented Hillary Clinton as all things to all people. She was a passionate fighter who found plenty of time to spend with her family. She is for cops and for cop-killers. She likes the Founding Fathers and political correctness. She wants Democrats to be the party of working people and of elitist government technocrats. And, most especially, she cares about people like you.

“The convention, like everything about Hillary, was awkward and insincere.”

— From “Welcome to the Communist Party, U.S.A.” by Daniel Greenfield

Western society is a ‘trust’ society based upon the idea that we are accountable for our actions, and not necessarily only to the temporal power. That trust is sacred, and is the foundation of why the West has won. When we chip away at that accountability we chip away at civilization itself.

There is a reasonable amount of evidence that Marx was a Satanist rather than an atheist, and that Communism and (National) Socialism are a Satanist plot to remove Christian ‘exceptionalism’ from the equation. This being so, then we get a picture building. Diana West paints a mural of communist infiltration in her book “American Betrayal” (see the sidebar), and a long march though the institutions culminating at the White House itself. It is unbelievable that a communist protégé should be elected into the top job, but it appears to have happened, and when we look at the chaos which has been sown throughout the last eight years one sees the pattern in its horrible clarity.

What we now have in the West is a ‘JR’ society where everything is permissible unless you get caught, and where getting caught is not a function of good policing, but rather the result of bad PR. We have #BlackLivesMatter as a terrorist organisation which is above the law and untouchable, because nobody will point the racist finger, and we have Clinton, a possible unindicted criminal, also above the law and still a presidential candidate. We, the rest of the world, who so rely on the integrity of the vote in the USA are scared…

As a direct consequence, the trust is betrayed and the society encompassed by that trust fragments. The clever thing here is that the cause itself is so hidden that even mainstream Christianity has become part of the problem.

The textual critics of the 19th century decided that the Bible was written after the Babylon exile (600 BC) and was largely mythology, so we see a new gospel creeping into Christendom, a social gospel, where ‘good’ (rapidly becoming political) works outweigh faith and mercy. A new political ‘Christianity’ abounds, based upon the idea that God is now a decrepit old man being pushed around in a wheelchair by fanatics and fundamentalists incapable of accepting modern dogma reality, where God’s definitions of good and evil are old-fashioned and that all opinions evolved to be of equal value.

As a Software Engineer I am very aware that my computer is made up of millions of on-off switches, but when I look at Yah’s programming language as seen in DNA, I see that it is based on 4 bits not two, and that the carbon atom, the backbone of the protein building-blocks mapped in the DNA is a 4-valent tetrahedral shaped entity, I put these together and I see another picture developing of a biological software-based mega-architecture.

My mind cannot handle a base-4 system, it being more complicated than a base-2 system by eight orders of magnitude.

The probability of a 4-bit software code mapping directly onto carbon chained molecules developing accidentally by evolution through billions and billions of years are impossibly small when compared to the quadrillions of options in a base-4 system, which is why the idea of panspermia has become popular amongst evolutionary scientists. At best panspermia is just kicking the can down the road. At its worst it is renaming the idea of “ In the beginning Yah created…” to prevent the general public from returning to the Bible and creationism. Over the last fifty years of scientific progress the faith required to still believe in neo-Darwinism has become religious in its intensity, but for most people that is not of the slightest interest. If it does not fit in a 5” X 2” screen, it does not exist.

The problem is quite simple in reality. The nations that adopted Christianity forged ahead and became powerhouses of progress. The question this raised is: Why? Either there is some truth in Christianity (unacceptable), or else those who adopted Christianity were in some way superior (nasty-racist). Or was it their white skin colour (irrational)?

Not a lot of choices here.

So mankind creates a belief system centred upon himself and makes war on Christianity (and Jooz). If you can’t beat the problem, destroy it….

So the tearing down of Christianity starts with the destruction of the Jews en mass, an act of grossest racism which centred on Europe, and was thus a tenuously linked showcase for supposed Christian ‘racism’. The National Socialists who did the deed were religiously androgynous, but one man was deified above all others and around him was built a sort of syncretic monotheism which included tame Catholic and Protestant churchmen (with notable exceptions). This failed humanism was a fabulous ethical and political weapon in the right hands; there were doctrinal elements within a totally demonized National Socialism that could be used to sling mud at just about everybody — excluding of course, the Marxists slingsters, whose memories are erratic and whose haloes are so tight they have a permanent migraine of hate.

So a dependent child religion grew out of this Marxism; the virtual religion of ‘non-whiteism’ where it is a sin to have a white skin, and the only way to redemption and salvation is to renounce all things culturally identifiable with said white skin.

This includes such things as free market capitalism, republicanism and democracy, rule of law, God, and the Bible, and the sanctity of human life. Unfortunately the result is a murderous mess.

When the electoral system breaks down, then the government becomes a mafia…

We inherited the ideas of the sanctity of human life and one LAW for all from the Hebrews and their Torah, a fact often forgotten by those whose global purview is of Jewish bankers ruling the world. It is these two memes that shaped the world of the Christians and means that I can freely criticize my betters (those more powerful than I) whilst protected under one law for all. But under the laws of Marx, Hitler, Mohammed, Obama and Clinton, I am condemned to Kowtow, and to keep stumm and krumm (yes, I admit to a Yiddish influence) or face prison and death.

But I live in Israel, a free country. If I were still in UK the country of my birth or parts of Europe, I would be risking all sorts of nasty retribution(s) merely for admitting to reading a website such as this, let alone contributing. In Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, one commonly gets stopped and preached at by evangelical Christians. It is unpleasant but mostly harmless. Personally, I don’t believe that Yah changed his mind halfway through the book and invented the ‘church’, but each to her own. However, there are many evangelical political and religious groups who see unbelievers as a threat, to be violently squashed. To them the lives of their critics have no value; but their silence has. I don’t mind people criticizing my God — He is big enough to take it, and He does not require me to defend Him. Especially not by breaking His rules and murdering the unbelievers (or gaoling them alongside of those who do murder their critics).

Do you know what? I really want to be a Babbitt, I want to live on Main Street and I want to live in a Judeo-Christian civilization. I don’t want to go to Church on Sunday, but I am happy to let others do so, I don’t want to ‘concealed carry’, but I respect the rights of others to so do. I am happy for people of all sexual persuasions to have a consenting sexual life in private. I don’t want to tell anybody how to live their life, but at the same time, I too, am entitled to live my life in freedom according to my conscience and to be accountable to my God when I die.

I want Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness under Yah. But there are too many now who want to take that away from me and inflict upon me a foreign way of life. However, culturally, in the West, ‘white’ is right, regardless of race or skin colour. To try and take that away from me is tyranny.

Note: Main Street (1920) and Babbitt (1922) were influential novels by Sinclair Lewis which mocked the American way of life in a most destructive way. His alternative answer was, of course, communism and its associated bread queues (see Venezuela). But one should read Siegel’s Revolt Against the Masses first. Lewis and other ‘liberal progressive’ writers essentially wanted a new feudalism where they were the self-appointed new aristocracy. Clinton would have felt very comfortable in their company.

And the antidote.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

23 thoughts on “Whiteism

  1. A lot to take in, MC, as usual with your posts. Some dissenting points, as you’d expect from yours truly:

    1) What’s your evidence for a connection between Maxism/Communism and Satanism, when atheism was a central tenet of the Communist system? (I accept that National Socialists, Himmler in particular, had a keen interest in this and other religious esoterica, digging up bits of France in pursuit of the Holy Grail, etc).

    2) No disrespect to your faith, but much of the Old Testament is myth, though crucially not the Hebrews’ tie to the land of your ancestors; can you provide evidence of even the existence of Moses or the Egyptian captivity? The Babylonian exiles’ descendants, on the other hand, were driven from Iraq as recently as the 1940s.

    3) Christianity and the progress of “Western” societies may not be cause and effect so much as stemming from the same culture. The cock crows at sunrise, but doesn’t cause it to happen.

    • Immanuel Velikovsky did excellent work regarding the children of Israel and their exodus out of Egypt, offering a thought-provoking theory as to the cause of the plagues as well. He has yet to be dis-proved. Unfortunately, he was smeared mercilessly and his work mocked so thoroughly, that he and his books are nigh unto forgotten. (Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval, and Ages in Chaos).

      One of Velikovsky’s opponents was Harlow Shapley, a member of at least twenty-three communist front groups. I wonder if he had any particular motive for wanting Velikovsky’s work to be disregarded? (Stargazers and Gravediggers: Memoirs to Worlds in Collision)


      It is difficult for me to regard the stories contained in the Old Testament as myths, most especially after Velikovsky’s thorough analysis of ancient literature from diverse sources that does nothing but support the Hebrew story of their enslavement in, and escape from, Egypt.


      • Lynae, very interesting comment. Yes, Velikovsky did vindicate a lot of the OT, and yes, he was suppressed by prominent secularists and communists such as Shapley. However, V did make some mistakes (only to be expected in a pioneering work like his). The Exodus in fact was a major event in Egyptian history, but it did not occur when V thought it did, though he was right in seeing it as a world-wide natural cataclysm rather than a direct intervention of God in favour of the Hebrews. Anyway, the Exodus occurred at a relatively early period in Egypt’s history – the end of the Third Dynasty – and the great age of pyramid-building, which commenced at the start of the Fourth Dynasty, was the cultural marker of the event. The Great Pyramid of Giza, built at the spot where the phoenix (the benu-bird) supposedly was consumed by fire and then resurrected, was constructed to celebrate the ‘rebith’ of the sun-god Atum after the terrible ‘days of darkness’, which are referred to repeatedly in the Pyramid Texts.

        Incidentally, Joseph of the long-sleeved coat, who earlier brought the Hebrews into Egypt, is none other than Imhotep, Egypt’s greatest seer and interpreter of dreams.

    • Thanks for your replies, MC and others below. I’ve evidently not kept up with recent developments in archaeology.

      My principal source on the subject is “The Illustrated History of the Bible” by JR Porter (1995), where he draws parallels between the Jews’ accounts of their early history and the myths of surrounding cultures, too many to list here, but the defeat of some form of water monster by a great wind (Genesis 1.2), found in other creation myths, is echoed in the fate of Pharaoh’s charioteers.

  2. In summary, if we white people want to survive as a race, we had better get our act together and begin to fight back. Not so? Now, how to undo the collectivist indoctrination of our young people and expunge the marxist influencers from our institutions?

  3. 1. Have a look at Marx’s poetry – http://www.cuttingedge.org/pages/seminar2/MARXPASS.htm

    2. Read Rohl’s “A test of Time” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Test-Time-Bible-History-Channel/dp/0712659137/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1477859253&sr=1-1

    3.May? -The probability is that it is true, show me an viable alternative explanation that is not a trite and irrelevant mis-comparison. You may not like it, but it was mainly Hebraic value systems that created the environment of trust and prosperity that enabled those who participated to prosper.

    • I was intrigued by 1. I have “wonderings” that fit within that claim and the claims within the link do support that. Repeatedly wondering why over and over may be like panning for gold. If only I could identify the gold… Anyway I have wondered if there was a hidden Satanic link between the left and the support for Islam. I think I posted on this site prior to this. The reason being from my limited real knowledge of Islam it appears to me that they took the opposing side from the book of Revelation. The left is pushing the seeding of Europe which will change the demographics in a number of years. They know that. When the population changes enough they may want Sharia. The document references three world wars. Well when Isa returns and says now you have to be Muslim or die – paying the jizya won’t be an option. I don’t know if there is any relationship here but if there is I think it could be like that with hardly anyone would knowing. In fact, how many of the Nazis thought they were evil? How many of the communists killing the millions thought they were evil? Did the ones who starved Ukraine believe they were evil or did they think the ones they starved were evil?

      I am just throwing this in but I have wondered if determining support for a proposed law if the following would give good results. Does it align with the Great Commandment. I assume that include the lesser one. As the whole of the Bible hangs on those two if your laws did as well the result would be better than laws that did not. No compromises in the laws – pass or fail in all situations. Eg. can’t be just good for one and bad for all or bad for one and good for all.

      • In addition, I think the Church of Satan’s stance that they are really just humanists fits right in either way. In fact I think it is a recruiting tool for an in your face atheist.

  4. [NB Our website, as are many others, is monetized by Amazon. Thus if I link to them on the sidebar or in the comments, and readers click onto Amazon’s page – subsequently buying an item or three – then we receive a small percentage for each item bought. Just so you know…but I would have linked to all these books anyway.]

    Your antidote is one of my favorite books.

    The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class


    I consider Siegel’s book a kind of prequel to Diana West’s tour de force. As Emmet Scott’s book on Islam’s huge hoaxed history did, those two books changed the paradigm of world “history” for me. Adios, Gibbon.

    As usual, you’ve said many provocative things here. I may have told you this before but in college I took a course on 19th-century ideology concurrently with another on Abraham Herschel’s The Prophets – both volumes. Also available on Amazon:


    What happened (in my head, anyway) was a recognition of Marx as the last of the Prophets (sorry Mohammed). That was my term paper for the 19th century ideology class. As I recall, my instructor – a formidable, intimidating woman – wrote on the top of the front page: “Quite a juxtaposition: twisted & finely done”…

    [which made me realize that she’d been talking to my Shakespeare prof. I’d done my thesis in *that* class on Capulet, Juliet’s father (in “Romeo and Juliet”). Just using Capulet’s dialogue I made a case for her daddy as a dirty old man. Got an ‘A’ but he called my work “finely done, if twisted”…Thus did I learn that professors do gossip idly over coffee.]

    Anyhow, your calling Marx a Satanist as opposed to an atheist would have been appreciated by Saul Alinsky, Chicago’s most famous Marxist. He dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer:

    Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

    No doubt you will bring the Furies down on your head, sir. It won’t be the first time – which tells me you must have a very hard cranium indeed…

    • I too see Marx as a prophet, but not a ‘healing and beneficial’ one. So many times now the Marxist religions have brought mayhem and mass starvation to the world, with Venezuela being the latest.

      With a Communist in the WH and at State, the USA has put on the black hat and created pandemonium in the MENA region; my front door. The death toll has been huge with much more to come with Europe now suffering the fallout. But the Media is still covering up for the crims; there are many more Durrantys left in the wings of modern journalism.

      Hopefully after the crass and horrible display of the last few weeks the MSM has nailed on its own coffin lid, but there are problems when pigs fly, the things that drop out of the sky can be very messy too.

    • Thanks for the ‘The Revolt…’ link; I reading it now. As far as Marx as a Satanist or Prophet, he had an interesting take on fetishes.

  5. It appears the 100 years of Marxism and the like has reached its apex, and western civilization is closing in on another 1683 event. From Australia through America and into Europe, people are slowly awakening from the socialist slumber and are recognizing the terrific mess made by traitorous politicians. One can only hope there will be a decisive defeat of Marxism and future generations can find their way back to God.

    • I agree. The Marxist/communist essence – expropriation, redistribution (partial), aristocracy and royalty (party supremacy) – and loopy progressivism (Next stop Utopia) were born just as the capitalist engine was ramping up. A little tax here and a little regulation there didn’t slow things down at all. Initially.

      Now the debt and taxes are such that a one percent rise in the interest rate has serious consequences for debt service which then requires additional taxes. Productive investment is further diminished, which is on top of malinvestments from the low rates and a century (?) of helicopter money in various guises. Not to mention 16 years of soaring debt. Can you spell “geometric”?

      The engine is fatally crippled and not one politician other than Ron Paul has sounded the alarm consistently. It’s political suicide to advocate entitlement reform and even now Rodham is calling for a jobs program (and killing off coal). The Great Nativist Hope in France, God bless her, has no choice but to embrace socialism.

      Buying votes with taxes has been the key feature of America since we instituted the income tax and certainly from the time of the Great Grifter in the 1930s with his Ponzi scheme par excellence.

      The free ride that is the essence of socialism is enabled by human stupidity as expressed through the ballot box. It’s a fatal disease and this WILL be demonstrated. We won the lottery with capitalism but fallible humans who can’t govern themselves have now squandered the proceeds.

      I disagree only slightly that there’s much of an awakening. The [con]servatives in the US discovered their inner leftism the instant that there was a stirring of the populist/realist winds. No. What’s stirring are the iron laws of arithmetic.

      • the iron laws of arithmetic do not ‘stir’ so much as they clank and clunk against the soft-headed, numerous (though not numerate at all) aggrieved groups of…of “special” children who have been protected against reality for the dozen years of their indoctrination. They are sadly fit for nothing resembling life on this planet.

  6. Absolutely brilliant — a keeper. Thank you so much… I much admire your incisive analysis. I would that every school kid could read your article…

    • . . .and that someday (preferably soon), every school kid could analyze and compose similar incisive analyses for future generations.

  7. It is most perverse that a few miles from the Gaza border, you are in a freer country than many in Europe.

    It says something about Europe’s decline definitely.

  8. I’d love to hear the perspective of a Jewish person on the problem that anytime a white person speaks up to defend their community, their genetic legacy or their culture, they’re shot down as being a nazi/fascist/racist.

    Trump is dangerous because he’s Hitler. People who oppose border control are nazis.

    This is what western people have to put up with 24/7. Non-stop anti-white propaganda with the last of course being the “white privilege” fallacy.

    We’ve even had the comparison between the Syrians (and the rest of the world) being compared to Jewish refugees fleeing nazi occupied Europe.

  9. A very perspicacious essay. Not being a software engineer, I can only begin to understand what a “base 4 system” means and, with only slightly more grasp, how it is eight orders of magnitude more complex than a “base 2 system”. It certainly makes one wonder about “intelligent design” in the universe, at least. Sir Anthony Flew, the lifelong public atheist, but honest thinker, conceded on his death bed that “intelligent design” was a possibility.

    Apart from MC’s unswerving belief in God (not that there’s anything wrong with that – each to his or her own spirituality as long as it is private belief), I believe a substantial majority of people, okay Western “European” people, actually want the sort of society MC wants. The trouble is that they’ve been imbibing the Kool-Aid for so long, especially those under 50, and have never been exposed to thoughtful alternative , conservative, viewpoints.

    I’ve been contracting in a government department for a few months and there is not a soul who doesn’t castigate Trump at every turn. It’s “Five Minutes of Hate” when he comes on the TV in the lunchroom. My co-workers would react with horror to learn that I’m a near daily reader/poster at GoV and have been since … well for close to ten years. Of course not a single one of them – upper-middle-class professionals all – would live in a neighborhood with even a substantial Muslim minority. Only a Macedonian woman is Islam-realistic and keeps very quiet about it.

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