Attempted Rebellion at the Harmanli Asylum Center

Harmanli is a small town in south-central Bulgaria that hosts a camp for asylum-seekers. Last week we reported on a protest by the residents of Harmanli against the presence of the asylum center in their midst. The townspeople were angry that a planned expansion of the camp would make every third resident of the town a migrant.

Now it seems the native residents’ fears were justified: an incipient uprising by discontented inmates of the Harmanli camp was aborted only because there is a heavy police presence surrounding the camp. In the wake of the attempted rebellion, the number of police has been increased even further.

Many thanks to Tanya T for translating this report from Bulgarian TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   A spontaneous rebellion broke out in the refugee camp in Harmanli.
0:04   Nearly a thousand refugees protested, demanding
0:07   that they immediately be given status that would open their route to Western Europe.
0:10   For two hours hundreds of policemen, gendarmerie and border policemen
0:14   Tried to restore order in the center.
0:17   Mariya Georgieva with details.
0:23   At this hour it is calm here in front of the Harmanli camp.
0:28   According to employees at the center, inside there is no tension among the refugees either.
0:33   Whether it really is so we cannot tell, because after today’s rebellion
0:37   journalists were not allowed to enter the camp.
0:40   The protest began shortly after 8 o’clock. Those leaving the center in a mass
0:45   quickly grew into a rebellion, which was joined by nearly a thousand refugees.
0:51   They were stopped by the police. More about the discontent of the migrants:
0:58   Discontent escalated, and within minutes the discontented group grew from a few to hundreds.
1:03   There’s food problem, for… All is problem here. I don’t like Bulgaria.
1:10   All the policemen and gendarmerie in Harmanli were sent to the spot.
1:14   Help arrived from other towns as well.
1:17   The goal was to contain the rebellion within the camp. I don’t at all want to involve religions.
1:23   Mariya Kirkova, Mayor:
But after all, we have our way of life, we have our rights…
1:28   We want our town back. Before noon the foreigners dispersed.
1:31   According to the police — peacefully.
1:34   It all happened through diplomacy. No use of force — neither weapons nor violence were used today.
1:41   Negotiations began. Every ethnic group chose a contact group of five people.
1:46   All refugees want one and the same thing: We just want to go forward to Serbia.
1:52   Dimitar Zahariev, Director of the Harmanli center:
If they don’t want to remain in Bulgaria, they shouldn’t have filed protection applications here.
1:56   Though the tension in the camp seems to have eased, the refugees remain ready to protest again.
2:01   Maybe tomorrow not OK, because we did protest today.
2:04   Tomorrow if they don’t do that… Every, every day protest…
2:07   (Bulgarian: If it is necessary, we will protest every day, until they take care of us.)
2:10   In order to guarantee the peace in the camp and outside it,
2:14   the enhanced police presence in Harmanli remains.
2:18   Mariya, give us more information on the topic. What is the atmosphere in Harmanli like?
2:23   Is there a reaction from local people after today’s events?
2:28   Since the police did not let the rebellion spread beyond
2:32   the territory of the camp, I can say that the people in town remained calm.
2:36   Of course, there is not a single person in Harmanli
2:39   who hasn’t learned about the tension in the camp.
2:42   The reason is that everyone could see that today Harmanli was literally under police siege.
2:49   What could be said at this moment is that the enhanced police presence in town remains
2:53   — there are policemen at almost every road junction.
2:57   The purpose is to guarantee the safety of the people in town.
3:00   Mariya Georgieva, reporting the refugee rebellion in Harmanli.

11 thoughts on “Attempted Rebellion at the Harmanli Asylum Center

  1. At what cost will the Europeans continue to police the barbaric invasion? Besides, this is not a police matter since this is an invasion by Muslim warriors. When will Europe realize this and begin to arm their people to fight the colonizing Islamic hordes? I suppose the people will first have to get rid of the socialist ‘elite’ leadership before they can begin a war in earnest.

    • Problem is, Euro “men” won’t do a thing, and they haven’t so far, and now they are beyond the precipice. They have been colonized and the worst is yet to come.

  2. A simple; but politically incorrect solution would be for the European Nations under siege by the ” 1,400 year Scourge of Humanity ” to pattern their social control on the intruders in the same manner that Social control was implemented in the early nineteen forties by the Nazi Party on innocents with unusual surnames….and the methodology embraced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. who interned hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans of Japanese descent. This time those draconian methods would be a virtuous action by civilized people who want e normal life for themselves and their offspring. The actions by governments in the past were improper…BUT applying the exact same methodology to { what ever you want to call the people who got bus tickets from the Philanthropic George Soros to intrude on your lands} if applied to these new interlopers with funny sounding names, and glaring hate in their eyes, would be a blessing. See; We Can use some of the lessons of history to our benefit. Start the record keeping now..and get those trucks ready for the long drive back to Turkey and points east. Canned Pork as rations.

    • An even simpler solution would be for all Western nations to support Assad in his struggle against the ISIS by all means – diplomatic, economic, political, if not military, instead of fanning the flames of the Syrian civil war in the name of some elusive ‘democracy’. And, generally speaking, to recognise, at last, that Western-style democracy is impossible in the Muslim world and support all secular rulers, no matter how undemocratic.

      It would also make sense to spend all the money not on helping migrants to come into Europe, but on helping refugees inside Syria, Iraq, and also in Jordan and Lebanon – these countries are having a hard time coping with refugees and risk to descend into chaos themselves.

  3. Where are the “refugee” women and children? That entire video produced one Muslim woman. All young males utilizing Hijra to infect our nations.

    “We don’t like Bulgaria.” says the military aged economic and social parasite. Then take your Soros-supplied smartphone and Adidas trackpants and follow the halal certified trail of breadcrumbs back to a Muslim country of choice. I hear Saudi Arabia has a booming economy for sexually frustrated, Muslim cowards.

    To think illogically like a liberal, one must ignore the obvious.

    • He also said there are ‘food problems’. Clearly the cuisine isn’t up to standard in Bulgaria. That’s certainly cause for gatecrashing another European country. Perhaps a right to the cuisine of one’s choice should be added to the long list of human rights.

  4. Bulgarians suffered so much under Turkish yoke that even now they are most unhappy about any Muslims coming to live in their country. In fact, Greeks, Serbs, Romanians and even Hungarians, who endured Turkish rule for a relatively short time, have similar feelings.

    It almost makes one regret that Turks did not capture Vienna. If Austria had experienced what the Balkan nations did, Austrians would not have listened to leftist propaganda on Muslim immigration.

  5. “We just want to go forward to Serbia.”
    Where did he get that idea from?
    Answer: Merkel.
    Merkel’s single-handed and unlawful over-riding of the EU’s own rules has produced this perception that any non-European citizen may travel as of right to the welfare fountain of his choice. Her actions have undermined the rule of law. This is the result.

  6. Their complaint was actually the same as of those who set the Greek camp on fire – they are not getting their “status” quickly enough. And they want to be given a humanitarian, not a refugee status – the former gives them the right to settle in just any European country. The Ansbach bomber was granted such status, after NGOs interfered, so that the poor soul could get “treatment” for his leg in Germany.
    As for the food, which is such a big problem, they are in fact fed with Arabic bread – the state pays more so that they could feel “at home” – it caused a little scandal here.

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