2 thoughts on “Friends of Hillary #4

  1. Thank goodness I’m a longtime GoV’r, otherwise my 80+ yo mother wouldn’t have been prepared for this week’s Clinton bombshell. Luckily for those around me, I’ve shared what, for some time now, is commonly known here; that the Islamic conquest reached our shores decades ago and is burrowed into our government offices. It seems like divine intervention has fallen upon us from a group of non-citizens more concerned with corruption than with a more sinister threat that has come close to destabilizing our nation. God bless the anti-jihad movement and all of those who provide support. Dangerous days lie ahead but at least there is now hope.

    • A few computer classes might have helped that Hilary. Delegation has its limitations. Funny how a ruthless 70’s feminist trusted such manly computer guys to figure out the questions. As you and your incompetent ilk so sickeningly say to our Muslim enemies, “Show me the money!”

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