Zineb el-Rhazoui: “Islam Isn’t Sacred”

Zineb el-Rhazoui is a young French writer who was born in Morocco. She left Islam at an early age, and is now a secular atheist.

In January 2015 Ms. El-Rhazoui was working for the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo at the time of the jihad massacre. However, she was not present at the editorial meeting targeted by the attackers, and so escaped the slaughter.

In the following video Zineb el-Rhazoui appears on a French talk show to discuss her new book, Destroy Islamic Fascism. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/28/2016

The FBI has reopened its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified emails, throwing her campaign into disarray. New evidence about her emails emerged when the Bureau started its investigation of the serial sexter Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin’s estranged husband. The tabloids have now dusted off their Weiner quips and recycled them. The wags at The New York Post won the coveted Bodissey Prize for their boffo headline: “Dickileaks: FBI Reopens E-Mail Case — STROKING GUN Weiner sext probe found dirt on Hill”.

The last week of the campaign is shaping up to be the most entertaining yet.

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Hervé de Lépinau: France on the Brink of a Civil War

On October 23 Marion Le Pen of the Front National spoke at a rally in Provence. The leadoff speaker at the event was Hervé de Lépinau, a borough councilor and secretary of the Front National for the 5th constituency of Vaucluse.

Below is a video of Mr. de Lépinau’s speech. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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The Parties of the Plutocrats

Which German political parties are favored by the rich, and act on behalf of the rich? The oligarchs who rule Germany would like the voters to believe that it’s the upstart AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) that is the party of the rich, while the established parties are looking after the interests of the little people.

The establishment line is, however, a fairy tale. Many thanks to JLH for translating this report from Geolitico:

The Rich Are Supporting Merkel’s Popular Front

by Wolfgang Prabel
October 8, 2016

The so-called “leftist” policy of the Merkel popular front, consisting of CDU, SPD, GREENS and LINKE [Left] favors the rich while it bleeds the working population.

As the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has discovered, the ex-director of West German Radio (WDR) Monika Piel has a pension with a cash value of €3.2 million.

“For the present director, Tom Buhrow, the sum of 3.1 million was quoted. For all current members of the business leadership in 2014, the WDR is providing 15.1 million. Exactly which pensions are coming out of that, the broadcast company prefers not to say. What is clear is that they are sumptuous. BILD magazine has calculated that Tom Buhrow will likely receive little less than now. Recently, he was being paid €359,000 annually.

So, about €25,000 per month. That would be almost OK for a year — but a month? Tax-financed millionaires are not just turned out in state-run television. It’s also possible to make a mint in the Bundestag and municipal savings banks.

The LINKE on Supervisory Boards

Why I mention this is because Gregor Gysi[1] accuses the AfD of being in with the rich people, while heads of DAX[2] companies and TV chiefs would rather cut off an arm than vote AfD. The AfD barely gets a toehold in the rich quarters of large cities. In the villa district of Berlin-Zehlendorf or some time ago in Hamburg-Blankensee, AfD trailed the Greens and even the FDP.

The reproach of helping the rich is much more appropriate to the LINKE than the AfD. The AfD did not agree to the broadcasting contracts in Germany. That was the leftists. And by doing so, they let the scandalously high pensions and salaries go through.

It is not the AfD that is sitting on the boards of municipal savings banks, but (at least in the East) the leftist party. It was not the AfD that voted for the raising of parliamentary per diems, but the CDU/CSU and SPD. Here, the LINKE must be allowed some credit for voting against it.

LINKE Policy Against the Little People

On the other hand, the LINKE supports a poor tax — the renewable energy charge [EEG] — which bleeds German households of ca. €25 billion annually. Without regard to income. On July 6, 2016, it entered a document in the Bundestag in which an increase of the EEG beyond the administration’s proposal is asked. That has to be savored. Neither the head of DAX and the director of broadcasting use much more electricity than an ordinary person. EEG and GEZ (TV tax) are really head taxes. So it is of little or no help that the LINKE is suggesting the freeing of the poor from the electricity tax. What the welfare recipients are exempted from, ordinary people will take on as an extra burden. Because the wind power millionaires want to take nothing away from the LINKE.

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Geert Wilders: The Netherlands is Not a Free Country, But a Dictatorship

The trial of Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), got underway late last month in a secure courtroom at Schiphol Airport.

Today Mr. Wilders announced that he will no longer appear personally in any further courtroom sessions during his trial. He decided that he has better things to do with his time than sit through the endless hours of a judicial farce with a predetermined outcome.

The following video is the English-language version of Geert Wilders’ statement:

Below is the full text of his statement:

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Culture-Enrichers Demand Armani

Migrants domiciled at a three-star hotel in Italy at taxpayers’ expense are unhappy with their clothing and shoes. They demand that the authorities help them upgrade their sartorial gear to more prestigious brands.

The following story was originally published in Italian. Many thanks to CrossWare for translating the Hungarian-language version:

Muslim supremacy at work…

Only Armani is Good Enough for the Migrants

Migrants demand Armani, Hugo Boss clothes and Pirelli shoes and complain about the food. While their accommodation cost is around $630 USD a month!

They started a protest at the hotel Byron di Malcontenta, where they are secretly staying at the expense of the Italian taxpayer. “It is winter and we are still wearing flip-flops.” The migrants want better-quality designer clothing such as Armani, Hugo Boss and Pirelli. Lorenzo Chinellato, a politician in Venice, was outraged on the demands: “When they arrived they had no shoes, but all of them had modern smart phones. Now they want designer clothing on the taxpayers’ money?!”

At the three-star hotel where the migrants are staying, a room after the main season costs around $42 USD a night! So a migrant’s monthly hotel bill is around $630 USD.

Original Italian article

Polish “Anti-Fascists” Call on Facebook to Help Suppress Polish Patriots

In recent years we’ve posted several reports on Poland’s Independence March, which takes place every year in Warsaw on November 11. This year Polish leftists have had some success in suppressing the plans for the march, with the help of social media.

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this report:

Next month, on November 11, Poland celebrates its Independence Day, remembering the occasion when in 1918 it regained its independence in the aftermath of the First World War. In honour of this occasion, in recent years a march has taken place — the “Independence March”, organised by the National-Radical Camp and the All-Polish Youth, two organisations generally considered “far-right”. As a result, many such marches have in the past resulted in clashes with far-leftists, and with police. In 2011, the far-left organised a blockade of the march and invited members of “Antifa” in Germany to join them. As a result of the publicity ahead of the march, it was much bigger than in previous years, gathering around 30,000 people. Since then, its size has grown and last year was estimated to have been attended by 70,000-100,000 people.

I attended the march in 2011-2013, and always found it to be peaceful, and also free from any obviously hateful slogans. However the mainstream media usually focused on a small number of incidents, mostly involving a few violent protesters chucking rocks while wearing balaclavas. (on some occasions, they were observed to have been in distinct organised groups, leading to accusations that they were provocateurs hired by an outside organisation to deliberately create trouble)

In the run-up to the annual Independence March, the organisers endeavour to send the message out to their followers, especially on Facebook. This year however, in the aftermath of the EU’s efforts to make Facebook clamp down on “hate speech”, the clampdown has especially affected pages associated with the Independence March. The page of the Independence March itself was removed a few months ago — meaning that around 260,000 people who “liked” the page could no longer receive information about the march, which this year is to take place under the slogan “Poland the bastion of Europe”, and is focused on Poland’s resistance to mass immigration.

I previously had “liked” the page, and found it to be mostly a source of information about where/when the march would take place, and it does not seem obvious how the page might have broken Facebook’s community standards. Other pages belonging to the all-Polish Youth, the National-Radical camp have also been removed, most likely as the result of such pages being reported to Facebook.

Yesterday, the “Centre for monitoring racist and xenophobic behaviour” (translation from Polish) — an organisation which describes itself as an NGO in Warsaw — posted an update which sheds some light on their efforts to censor information on this year’s Independence March:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/27/2016

A Kuwaiti-sponsored gated community a few miles west of Sarajevo in Bosnia does not allow any locals to enter unless they are servants. The locals, even the Muslims, are unhappy — they say the community is populated mainly by the wives and children of the sheikhs in Kuwait, who rarely visit.

In other news, Norway will receive its first migrants from the EU this week. Even though it is not a member of the EU, Norway voluntarily accepted its quota of migrants.

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Begin an Exciting New Career in Population Replacement!

As reported every day in Refugee Resettlement Watch, all the major Christian denominations in the USA are neck-deep in collusion with the federal government — and specifically the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) — in settling thousands of Muslim immigrants in America every year.

The Feds contract with “faith-based organizations” — a.k.a. “Voluntary Agencies”, or VOLAGs — to manage the logistics of resettlement. The VOLAGs receive millions of dollars for their work, and get to keep a nice chunk of that to pay for salaries and “administrative overhead”. The rest goes to the maintenance of the culture-enrichers in their new homes. The initial grants typically cover the first six months of expenses. After that the localities are on their own, and have to support all the resettled migrants — many of whom are illiterate, have no skills, and speak minimal English — on the local taxpayer’s dime.

One of those VOLAGs is the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS). The folks at LIRS are seeking a candidate for a top position in their organization. The job offering below includes this thumbnail description of the VOLAG:

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is a national faith-based organization with a 77-year history, a budget of approximately $58 million per year, and over 100 headquarters staff.

How much of that annual $58M comes from the Feds, and how much from the collection plates in Lutheran churches? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing is clear: the LIRS is not proclaiming its faithfulness to the word of God, or its devotion to the Great Commission. The words “God”, “Jesus”, “Christ”, and “Christian” do not appear anywhere in the following text. Instead the LIRS proclaims “its expertise in implementing federal programs on behalf of refugees and migrants.” Wow, that’s true religion! It reads more like a corporate want ad or a federal job listing than anything involving the Christian faith.

Below is the entire job offering. It’s full of rich, meaty, multicultural material that cries out for additional analysis. But my time is limited, so I’ve just bolded a few sentences and phrases for further discussion:

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is seeking a Director for Advocacy to be the lead LIRS strategist on advocacy, ensuring that the organization achieves its key overall advocacy goals. S/He establishes the advocacy priorities through a consultative process and deep listening so that they reflect cross-departmental and network-wide advocacy needs. S/He informs, inspires and engages colleagues and networks and maintains strong coalition partnerships and effectively leverages coalition action. The Director works to influence policy-makers in the Executive and legislative branches of the federal government to promote integration, protection and justice for migrants and refugees.


  • Provide strategic leadership in LIRS advocacy. Identify and build strategy and support to bring about desired change in policies and practices. With clarity regarding the strategic landscape, identify and pursue priorities and approaches that will have the greatest impact
  • Supervise Advocacy staff. Provide ongoing supervision of work, allocate responsibilities and adjust priorities for better impact, assess progress, provide and receive feedback, coordinate work, plan for the future
  • Maintain excellent ongoing communication and coordination with the LIRS Baltimore office and especially with Outreach, Communications and the President’s Office.
  • Ensure that internal LIRS responsibilities are met by the Advocacy unit, including contributions to planning, compliance with established procedures, provision of regular updates, provision of input into relevant decisions, etc.
  • Meet and communicate with Congressional and Administration staff and officials, advocate that they promote and implement fair and humane refugee and immigration laws and policies, advance LIRS advocacy priorities, build LIRS credibility on key issue areas, raise up stories of migrants and refugees, serve as a resource to policy-makers
  • Ensure that LIRS is represented in nonprofit advocacy coalitions, align with other nonprofits in promotion of LIRS advocacy issues, broaden consensus amongst other organizations, build and solidify support for the policies we endorse, prioritize and leverage coalition power to influence decision makers, the media and the public
  • Ensure that LIRS is represented in working groups that address issue priority areas and where LIRS will have an impact; establish appropriate priorities for such participation
  • Empower LIRS staff members to be advocates, channel their expertise to inform LIRS policy positions and improve advocacy recommendations, understand how laws and policies impact refugees, migrants and children, as well as our network partners
  • Lead the Stand for Welcome campaign, educate empower and mobilize a growing number of Lutherans, refugees, migrants and other constituents around protection and integration of migrants and refugees
  • Draft statements, letters, web site content, or resources on refugee and immigration policies or legislation targeted at Congressional committees, policy-makers and the public
  • Plan advocacy convening’s [sic], collaborative events, workshops and advocacy meetings to facilitate constituent and partner participation and leadership in advocacy
  • Serve as the primary liaison between LIRS and the ELCA Washington Office, ensuring a strong, effective and well-coordinated working relationship that builds on each other’s strengths.

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Wastin’ Away in Shariaville

***** UPDATE *****

Ann Corcoran’s website has been chosen by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of the top fifteen anti-Muslim sites.

She says:

I am literally breathless to report that the Southern Poverty Law Center has named me among 15 anti-Muslim extremists in its newly released Field Guide.

To be in the company of Steve Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, John Guandolo, Ayan Hirsi Ali and Robert Spencer, to name a few, is a truly unexpected honor!

Did you think Islam’s takeover was only for EUrope and Europeans?

The sad reality is it’s coming to the U.S. It’s here. Let’s hear a #HoorahForHillary as she walks on Obama’s heels in Obama’s footsteps toward their mutual goal of making the United States united in sharia. Not for them, of course, but for the little people — the group they most despise — who deserve their historical fate of Submission.

Ann Corcoran is a tireless fighter against this cruel, inhuman tidal wave engulfing the West. Surely all of our readers know her by now? Here is Ann’s latest post, which I call “The Little Town That Could”.

To be honest, it’s not certain that Waterford, Michigan will be permitted to fight back. Certainly the mayor of Manchester New Hampshire learned the hard way how local laws are null and void when the federal behemoth decides they are. So when it comes to taking in “refugees”, there will be no limit, even if it destroys your hometown.

Here’s the video Ann made to accompany the story of the fight:

You think your town is too small, too insignificant, perhaps your town officials too “conservative” to agree to being steamrollered? Think again. I would say, “think local” but it hurts too much to hark back to that simple belief… and yet it was regnant only yesterday, before Obama was elected.

Attempted Rebellion at the Harmanli Asylum Center

Harmanli is a small town in south-central Bulgaria that hosts a camp for asylum-seekers. Last week we reported on a protest by the residents of Harmanli against the presence of the asylum center in their midst. The townspeople were angry that a planned expansion of the camp would make every third resident of the town a migrant.

Now it seems the native residents’ fears were justified: an incipient uprising by discontented inmates of the Harmanli camp was aborted only because there is a heavy police presence surrounding the camp. In the wake of the attempted rebellion, the number of police has been increased even further.

Many thanks to Tanya T for translating this report from Bulgarian TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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