Bulgaria: “Invaders Out of Harmanli!”

A small town in Bulgaria staged protests against the presence of a asylum center in their midst. Plans for the expansion of the center would make every third resident of the town a migrant. The protesters are calling for a Europe-wide referendum on the migration issue.

Many thanks to Tanya T. for the translation from bTV News, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (with annotations):

00:00   After the Hungarian referendum, there could be an all-European one on the topic of migration.
00:04   So said the member of European parliament Angel Dzhambazki in Harmanli, while present at the second protest against the refugee camp in the town for the last month.
00:13   Seven states and one million signatures are necessary for an all-European referendum on the topic of migration. There already are (probing/talks) for procuring them. (what is meant is that he and the United Patriots from Bg are in contact with similar parties and organizations in other countries to find out whether a referendum would get support there, and talks on cooperation; she uses the word “probings”)
00:19   This is an opportunity to force the European Commission to reconsider its policy regarding refugees and migration.
00:28   Policy of expulsion — this is our demand. We have support in Hungary, we have support in Austria, we have support in part of the northern countries.
00:34   “Invaders out”
00:37   And while the referendum seems to like a mirage, the camp in Harmanli is to become part of the agenda of the EU parliament as early as tomorrow, through Dzhambazki who at today’s protest got a declaration from the residents of the town, and promised to read it in Strasburg.
00:51   …that we do not agree, in Harmanli and on Bulgarian territory, to be refugee centers, inhabited by Afghan invaders.
01:03   Girl with poster: “Get out of Harmanli.”
01:05   In this we will make no compromise
01:10   Protesters gave the government a time limit of one month to close the camp in Harmanli.
01:15   Though there have been no accidents in town, many of the residents say they are afraid. (about there being no accidents; the population of the town is only ~10,000, there are 3,500 migrants at present, and the center will be expanded for 2,000 more — soon 1 in 3 will be a migrant)
01:19   They walk opposite us, always in groups, they prattle in a foreign language that we do not understand, and some, I hate to say it … (the rest has been cut)
01:28   Somebody lumbered us with 3,500 (at present) individuals
01:34   of unknown status
01:37   totally unreformable, and they are people we do not want to see.
01:43   “Invaders out”
01:46   The voice of the protest however remained far from the ears (did not catch the ears) of the refugees, who, for security reasons, remained under lock and key today.
01:53   And those who didn’t support (come to) the protest because they have nothing against the refugees remained silent at stayed in their homes.

7 thoughts on “Bulgaria: “Invaders Out of Harmanli!”

  1. Not mentioned is that the majority of these muslim migrants are likely to be single men.

    • E. Europe is next and they are moving that way like Bulgaria and nothing will be done as it is elsewhere like some of the Muslim Balkan countries.

  2. The plan is working. First de-ball the white guys. Then deal the other guys. Apparently there is some kind of disconnect with the other guys.

  3. First. you must fight (and DEFEAT) your own ‘authorities’.

    Then, and ONLY then, you get to go after the enemy.

    Have courage. You know the lay of the land, and you outnumber them (for now).

  4. This is the reality that will be coming to every town, and every village, if the Euro-elites have their way… but not to their own doorsteps, of course, or to the elite schools that their kids attend. And it will be normal people who will be forced to flee, with the values of their once-expensive houses tending towards zero, due to being close to an asylum reception centre full of young, aggressive Muslim male “refugees”.

    So surely it makes sense, that everyone should have their say in a referendum?

    And an all-European one might just show that skepticism to the current red-carpet treatment that “refugees” receive is not confined to V4 countries, but is much more widely shared, even in the more “enlightened” melting pots to the West?

    So yeah, let’s get to work on the million signatures!

  5. Another inspired exercise in social engineering administered by Eurocrats who probably live in leafy outer suburbs 1000 km away from the front line.

    • Imo any “refugee resettlement” should exclusively be in areas inhabited by such do-gooders… if they want it to happen so much, then they should have it on their doorstep, and their houses should be the ones to lose all their value…

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