Inverting and Subverting the Woke Paradigm

Most readers will remember the “It’s OK to be White” poster campaign that has popped up from time to time around the country over the last few years. It was (and is) a brilliant move by subversive guerillas in the information war. They troll the Social Justice Warriors with an innocuous slogan that causes consternation and outrage, provokes billions of bytes’ worth of angry posts on social media, and ties up law enforcement resources as police are ordered to investigate the posters as “hate crimes”.

And those racial theatrics produce a clarifying moment for the culture at large. All the outrage and vitriol and legal actions demonstrate in a most emphatic manner that it is not OK to be white. That my whiteness — an inherent characteristic that I am unable to change — makes me a doubleplus ungood creature who cannot redeem himself, no matter how much he apologizes and debases himself and grovels at the feet of the Brown Ascendancy.

Any white person who hasn’t already drunk the Critical Race Theory kool-aid must surely have noticed by now that there is nothing he can do to appease the Woke brigades. Extermination is the only solution to the problem of “whiteness”.

The technique employed in the “It’s OK to be White” posters might be termed an inversion. It takes a common trope from the dominant culture and turns it around to create an unexpected message. And the genius of this particular idea is that it makes the message as inoffensive as possible. It’s not “White is Beautiful” or anything of that nature, which would have been an exact inversion. Instead it is mild and reasonable, which means that the inevitable hysterical response highlights the deranged animosity motivating the shrill harpies who dominate public discourse.

I was thinking about all this while I was travelling last week, and it occurred to me that we need more inversions of the Woke paradigm. Mild, harmless images and words guaranteed to make the SJWs apoplectic. The billboard at the top of this post is an example of what I mean — a kind, friendly, attractive black person who has white people as friends. What could be more racist and hateful than that?

If we were to put up a real billboard with the message, we obviously couldn’t use that particular photo of Tyler Perry, who is apparently a famous and very rich actor. I seriously doubt he would allow himself to be featured in any “white supremacist” propaganda. But surely there must be some non-Woke black people who would get the point and enjoy the joke. Walter Williams comes to mind, but he is, alas, no longer with us.

Just think what the reaction would be if billboards like that began popping up here and there in American cities. Mind you, it might be difficult to actually get any of them up. Even if a billboard company were inattentive enough to allow the message to appear, the local franchise of Woke Central would immediately call down the wrath of the police, the mayor, the city council, state legislators, and possibly the U.S. Congress against the WAYCIST who bought and paid for the space.

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Covid and the Great Reset — Together Creating Fear… and Resistance

The UK, like most of the Western world, is still under lockdown. Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his observations on the current COVID dystopia in his homeland.

Covid and the Great Reset — Together Creating Fear… and Resistance

by Seneca III

A global anti-lockdown and anti-mask resistance movement is evolving. On Saturday 20/3/2021 in the UK, Australia, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine and many other locations[1] people were marching and peacefully demonstrating that they have had enough of the misguided, inept and draconian government responses to the SARS-CoV-2 viral epidemic.

Unfortunately, on Sunday the 21st another protest in no way connected with the marchers took place in Bristol, UK, (and again on Monday). They bore no resemblance to those on Saturday. It was the usual Rent-a-Mob event and when the police attempted to close it down riot, property destruction and the torching of police vehicles was the mob’s Pavlovian response. On Sunday twenty police officers were injured in the process, some seriously… it reminded me more of Portland, Oregon, than the pleasant English mercantile city I had known before its transition into a Marxist-Socialist satrapy and subsequent destabilising enrichment.

Video recordings of the worldwide events on Saturday, including in London, show no signs of aggression or vandalism and the police who accompanied them were simply controlling traffic and escorting the marchers safely. My greatest fear is that more events such as that in Bristol will be misinterpreted and conflated with those genuine, peaceful marchers, thus diluting the support of otherwise sympathetic non-participants and encouraging governments to continue their oppression.

It must be widely understood that the Bristol rabble were a different animal. Some of them appeared to be yet more criminal thugs from the BLM and XR stable. No doubt the anarchists of ANTIFA were out in force as well in pursuit of their objective, which is to create a state of chaos which they can then exploit at their leisure. It also appears that this scabrous crew were reinforced by contingents drawn from the underbelly of our society, a collection of cretinous lowlifes addicted to the adrenaline rush of free-range gratuitous violence, arson and momentary fame in some social media sinkhole.

Indeed, many of these moral and intellectual dwarfs should rightly be categorized as ‘Enemies of the State’ and closed down completely by the Powers That Be, not as a species with protected characteristics to be kneeled before and indulged in whatever mayhem they choose to inflict upon us.

By comparison, those who marched on Saturday constituted the genuine, law-abiding core of the resistance. They were perfectly normal people who are tired of the hysterical antics of their respective governments and just want to get on with their lives. They are seeking respite from the debilitating psychological byproducts of enforced lockdowns and the progressive physical and mental carnage affecting all age groups, particularly this current generation of young people who are still in the process of maturing and who could suffer long-term damage from prolonged low-level hypoxic oxygen deprivation caused by masking.

The desire of these people to live their lives free from the draconian edicts of their inept and often corrupted ruling classes, who appear attracted by the thought of some lucrative position in a ‘New World Order’, is purely intuitive in many cases, because the participants either don’t know of or fail to fully comprehend the horrors awaiting them in the Great Reset/New World Order project now being quietly implemented around them with the fortuitous assistance of an escaped bio-warfare agent.

Meanwhile, as the pressure mounts the British government seems not to understand that the power of an oppressed people can be a terrible thing when a significant percentage of the polis unites, breaks out of the trap with a single purpose and seeks relief from the excessive legislative and executive actions levelled by privileged power groups and their beneficiaries who are intent upon destroying the fundamental health, freedoms and futures of the citizenry. Those who marched on Saturday understand that their children are the ones who will have to pay the bills for this debacle and probably will have to fight for their ethnic survival as well if things are not corrected soon. That is a terrible burden to lay on future generations.

Political power addicts always tend to become over-endowed with false images of their own exceptionalism and privilege, and these misconceptions must be reined in from time to time by force if necessary. The reality is that hidden behind their faux public personas, their earnest entreaties whereby they demand of us and impose upon us things that we are told we must accept for our own good are a means to their ends, not ours.

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The Coming Climate Lockdowns

A reduction in hydrocarbon emissions has been one of the side effects of the COVID lockdowns. This fact has not gone unnoticed by “climate change” activists, who would like the pandemic lockdowns to morph into climate lockdowns — permanently.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Air instead of quality of life: The Admonishers Club DUH is happy about the lockdown standstill

What began with viruses and aerosols is eagerly taken up by environmental activists and climate-protection enthusiasts who are keen on regulation, in order to make everything that is natural and livable in the future too lousy, to give us a guilty conscience and make us understand the sheer existence of humans as a malfunction: The Admonishers Club “German Environmental Aid Association” (DUH) would like to continue the lockdown forever — because after its end air pollution will increase again.

Jürgen Resch, managing director of the dubious lobbying organization with a clearly anti-auto industry and therefore anti-key economy agenda, complained on Saturday in the Rheinische Post that nitrogen dioxide pollution especially in the cities will rise again after the lockdown: “ We fear that pollution with nitrogen dioxide, the diesel exhaust poison, will increase significantly again when people are once again more mobile at the end of the lockdown, but try to avoid buses and trains and get into the car instead.” That is why the cities now have to “set the framework conditions right” and, within a few weeks, significantly expand and improve the cycling infrastructure so that people “at the beginning of spring use the bicycle instead of the car.”

These are definitely the problems that are currently bothering Germany and its municipalities. Unused, crumbling inner cities, hundreds of thousands of imminent bankruptcies, business closings, millions of people who already no longer know how to make ends meet in the future — but so-called “environmental officials” take possible air pollution, in a country that already has strictest exhaust and pollutant emission standards in the world, as a pretext to abuse people with new rules of conduct and nuisance.

More cycle paths and driving bans in dead city centers

And just as the pandemic-obsessed argue vis-à-vis Corona, who reduce our entire existence and the responsibility of politics exclusively to a selective protection of life from certain viruses (and hide all collateral damage caused by it), for Resch every end justifies the means even in lockdown: what always helps “air quality” has to be good. Looking at a pollutant report presented on Friday by the North Rhine-Westphalian Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser (CDU), Resch cheered the “quality increase”: “However, the effect of the Corona pandemic was much stronger than assumed by the state government.” At the same time, Resch sees the improved air quality as a success of his DUH lawsuits, which gave Germans a series of driving bans: “It is gratifying to see that our complaints about clean air are finally having an effect.”

Somebody like the DUH functionary would probably prefer eternal standstill in the cities, a return to the emission values of the Roman Empire. Clean air, but no more life? In some skulls, ideological obstinacy has already gone that far. Another case of “Operation successful, patient dead”… this once again parallels the lockdown. (DM)

Mask Report From the Hinterland

I had to travel a long way through the Virginia countryside to get to the city where I went to visit with friends and relatives. The area between here and there is not as rural as my home patch, but it’s still in the heart of Good Ol’ Boy Land.

I stopped for gas in a little hamlet about two-thirds of the way to my destination. When I went inside the country store to visit the restroom, I immediately noticed that I needn’t have been anxious about masks — at least half the people in the place weren’t wearing them. Dr. Fauci must be losing his mojo, at least in the hinterland.

The medium-sized city where I spent two nights was another matter. It didn’t seem to have passed a city ordinance mandating masks, the way Charlottesville has. Nevertheless, every business had posted a sign on the door saying that they were following the ukase of Governor Coonman, and would not admit any maskless customers.

As a result I stayed out of most of the businesses. A lot of people on the sidewalks (including me) weren’t wearing their muzzles, so it’s not as bad as Charlottesville, where everybody dons the corona hijab, indoors or out. And where you can get screamed at for not wearing one in some areas.

From time to time I think maybe the mask mania is finally starting to wane. But that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. COVID is here to stay.

The Great Replacement is Right on Schedule

Hellequin GB has translated three articles from PolitikStube about the migrant influx into Europe. The first two concern the activities of one of the “migrant-rescue” vessels, Ocean Viking.

The first article describes the unusual circumstance of a people-trafficker who asked to be returned to Libya:

Ocean Viking collects 10 people — a “rescued (smuggler)” wants to return to Libya

The Ocean Viking is cruising again in the search and pick-up zone off the Libyan coast, and found what it was looking for yesterday. According to SOS Méditerranée GER on Twitter, ten people (including two women, three children and a newborn baby) were pulled from a boat 36 nautical miles off the Libyan coast; the action was allegedly coordinated by the local Libyan coast guard, which had requested the support.

A normal “rescue mission”, apart from the cooperation with the Libyan coast guard; what is new, however, is that a “rescued person” wants to be brought back to Libya, so it says in the message from SOS Méditerranée GER on Twitter:

“During the rescue operation, one of the castaways on board the boat expressed the wish to return to Libya. Our crew provided a life jacket for safety and the person was taken on board the patrol boat by the Libyan coast guard.”

“Shipwrecked”, a gallant paraphrase for the smuggler or human trafficker. You just have to come up with stories after the NGO “Save the Children” have already been charged with working with smugglers and German “sea rescuers” with smuggling in Italy.

And the fiberglass boat was probably not directly in “distress”, either; the boat did not take in any water and was in perfect buoyancy.

Alas! High winds came in, so the Ocean Viking was only able to “rescue” 116 migrants and bring them to Italy:

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The Camp of the Sane and The Camp of the Saints — A Book Review

Long-time readers will remember Max Denken, who contributed a number of essays here several years ago. Mr. Denken retired from the scene to write books about our civilizational crisis. Fjordman has kindly reviewed the first one for Gates of Vienna readers.

The Camp of the Sane and The Camp of the Saints — A Book Review

by Fjordman

It is not every day that you come across a book dedicated to the continued survival of an entire civilization. Yet the author Max Denken has written just such a text. He has previously written under the pen name Takuan Seiyo for dissident online publications such as Gates of Vienna, The Brussels Journal, The New English Review, Quarterly Review, Takimag and others. His well-written and carefully researched book about the future of European civilization is called The Camp of the Sane and The Camp of the Saints: Poland and the erosion of Western sanity, 2015—2020.

The title is a reference to The Camp of the Saints (“Le Camp des Saints”), a novel from 1973 by the French author Jean Raspail. It predicted a Third World mass invasion of Europe, causing the downfall of Western civilization. This process was compressed in time so that what might take fifty years in real life took fifty days in the book. In addition, the bulk of illegal immigrants in the novel came from India. Today, while immigration to Europe comes from every corner of the planet, much of it comes from the Islamic world and Africa.

Apart from that, the novel was remarkably prescient in describing the dysfunctional mindset of the modern Western world. We have become so wedded to unsustainable humanitarian ideals that we are mentally incapable of defending our national existence. When faced with millions of people coming from the global South, we simply raise a white flag and say that they are welcome to colonize our countries. At least, that is what our leaders and mass media do. The EU and Pope Francis react to illegal mass migration in the Mediterranean in almost exactly the manner described in Raspail’s book decades earlier. Europe risks committing suicide because of abstract humanitarian ideals and a Globalist ideology of open borders.

Jean Raspail died in June 2020, shortly before he would have turned 95. He lived to see his native France and other Western countries being partly overrun by migrants. Max Denken completed The Camp of the Sane in the summer of 2020, just as the author of The Camp of the Saints died. Western cities were then engulfed in Black Lives Matter protests, attacks on statues and European monuments and sometimes violent riots. Western mass media presented U.S. President Trump as an extremely evil man, as they had been doing continuously for five years. Some Western media said more positive things about the Communist dictator Fidel Castro when he died in November 2016 than they said about Donald Trump when he won free elections that some month.

Max Denken has Polish ancestry, has lived in California for many years and worked in other parts of the world. He considers the entire Western world to be deeply sick and heading for some form of collapse. This applies to North America as well as Western Europe. Against this crumbling Camp of the Saints, Denken pits what he terms The Camp of the Sane. Roughly speaking, this encompasses much of the eastern half of Europe, or at least the eastern quarter. Ironically, these are countries that were squeezed and bloodied between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during the Second World War and endured generations of repressive Communist rule during the Cold War. Perhaps their recent historical experiences have provided these nations with a stronger resistance against ideological indoctrination.

Western Europe still has some brave political leaders such as Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini, but they may have emerged too late to save their countries from collapse. The Western world and what remains of its civilization are in freefall. Denken does not rule out the possibility that something sensible can be created in North America out of the disunited Multicultural mess that is present-day USA and Canada. However, he believes that the best future prospects for European civilization lie in Central and Eastern Europe.

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe no doubt believed that they had joined a sensible project for European cooperation and joint prosperity when they joined the EU. Some of them have come to realize that the increasingly repressive EU now resembles a cultural suicide pact. Money from the EU may seem tempting to nations that were left impoverished after decades of Communist rule. Yet these are silver coins laced with ideological poison. For 1400 years, the forces of Islam have been the collective enemy of the peoples of Europe. Now, the EU wants to force formerly independent European countries to take in Muslim immigrants.

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Jesus, Mohammed — Same Thing

The dhimmitude of Swedish Christians — who are in any case not very numerous — seems to be getting worse. Now they can hasten their conversion to Islam by accepting Mohammed as their very own Christian prophet, according to a leading theologian.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Swedish Church leader: Christians can have Mohammed as prophet

March 20, 2021

[Photo caption below: Jakob Wirén is a theologian in the Swedish Church and is on the archbishop’s staff.]

DIVERSITY. Can Islam’s foremost prophet, Mohammed, also be a prophet for Christians? Yes, believes Jakob Wirén, who is one of the Swedish Church’s foremost theologians.

That is in a newly-published book entitled, “To make a place for the other?”, in which Wirén devotes a chapter to Mohammed and the role he can have for Christian people. Wirén is a theologian and is on the archbishop’s staff in the Swedish Church.

Wirén claims that Christians may well also consider Mohammed as a prophet for Christians, if not only because he was a “defender of monotheism.”

“As for the concept of prophet, it is quite open. There are prophets and prophesies even after Jesus’ resurrection, not the least of which in the New Testament,” he tells the Christian newspaper, Dagen.

Wirén believes that Christians can think of Mohammed as a Christian prophet out of “respect” for Muslims. In a follow-up debate article, he regrets that so many Christians reject Mohammed and that “the public conversation on Islam is often poisoned by extremism and hate.”

However, claiming that Mohammed can be considered as a Christian prophet meets with opposition from, among others, Dagen’s lead writer, Frederik Wenell. “The idea that Mohammed can also be a prophet in Christian tradition goes both against Christian and against Muslim tradition,” he writes among other things.

I’ll Take You Home Again, Vaccine

As reported here previously, the AstraZeneca “vaccine” (yes, I know it’s an experimental gene therapy) has earned a bad rep in Europe. However, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have now certified the AstraZeneca jab as safe, so Italy has done a 180 and is going great guns to vaccinate people with it. Presumably the rest of the EU will follow suit.

The three articles below (all translated by Hellequin GB) indicate that not all patients got the memo, unfortunately.

First, from PolitikStube:

Bavaria: 37-year-old dies after AstraZeneca vaccination

A 37-year-old from the Straubing area died last Friday. The woman had already been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

As the Passauer Neue Press e (PNP) reports, it has not yet been medically clarified whether there is a connection between the vaccination and the death of the 37-year-old. The woman’s sister is convinced of a connection and is now demanding clarification.

The sister of the 37-year-old told the Straubinger Tagblatt (Wednesday edition, article behind paywall): “I think the vaccination was the trigger.” The woman had had no previous illnesses and subsequently complained of fever, headache and chills after the vaccination. It is currently not known how much time passed between the woman’s vaccination and her death.


Also from PolitikStube:

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Spare No Expense to House the Culture-Enrichers

The following report discusses the exorbitant price tag for refugee housing in Berlin. Compare the figures with the construction cost for residential housing in Manhattan, which is roughly $3,300 per square meter. That’s somewhat more than the amounts given below for Berlin, but bear in mind that those German asylum units are modular or prefab — essentially shipping containers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Unbelievable: Asylum accommodation in Berlin costs over €1,600 [$1,900] PER SQUARE METER!

While the mask affair is spreading, the capital ruled by red-red-green has a new mega construction scandal: Almost 50 “modular accommodations for refugees” (MUF) devour a total of more than a billion euros in construction and other costs ! According to the Senate, the production costs an incredible €1,600 to €2,600 [$3,100] per square meter — completely oversized and dubious costs for simple prefabricated buildings. With the monthly salary of a German taxpayer, one square meter of living space is created for people who for the most part are not even allowed to be here.

But the project is also legally questionable: “We have never experienced such a brazen abuse of special building rights as in Berlin in all of Germany,” says a lawyer. Meanwhile, there is even speculation about a demolition, because the accommodations are only allowed to be inhabited by asylum seekers and Berlin wants to transfer them to the regular housing market.

Source: AfD Kompakt

Journalists: Beware the Wrath of Mutti!

Julian Reichelt is (or rather, was) the chief editor of the German tabloid Bild. In recent months his paper has been more frank and critical about the Corona crisis and other current political issues than most German media.

The video below shows an interview with Mr. Reichelt after he participated in a press conference about COVID-19 measures given by Chancellor Angela Merkel. His acerbic remarks about the government seem to have negatively impacted his career: after this interview he was relieved of his duties by the publisher of the Bild.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article from JournalistenWatch (also translated by MissPiggy) about what happened to Mr. Reichelt:

Merkel’s revenge: Bild head Reichelt let go for the time being

Berlin — The left-leaning government is becoming increasingly merciless. Anyone who dares to go against the government, or to take on the Bolshevists, is cut down politically, socially and professionally. Now the only editor-in-chief who dared to criticized the disastrous Corona policy has been nabbed:

Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of the Bild newspaper, has been relieved from his post for the time being. This was announced by the Axel Springer publishing house on Saturday. The publisher is currently investigating “indications of possible compliance violations within the Bild editorial team.”

Reichelt rejects the accusations. “In order to ensure an undisturbed clarification and not to further burden the work of the editorial team, he has asked the board to be temporarily released from his functions until the allegations have been clarified,” the Axel Springer publishing house’s statement said. The release has since been granted.

Video transcript:

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It Was Vaccination, I Know

The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination has earned itself a bad reputation, at least in Europe. Hellequin GB has translated a couple of articles with the latest on the topic.

In the first article from PolitikStube, Markus Söder, the Minister-President of Bavaria, goes to bat for the AstraZeneca jab in a bid to rehabilitate its status:

Söder “would” get himself vaccinated with AstraZeneca immediately

The reports of the side effects of vaccinations are increasing worldwide; in particular the AstraZeneca vaccine is heavily suspected of causing life-threatening blood clots. Several countries have stopped vaccination with AstraZeneca for the time being, including Germany. For the “vaccine expert” Karl Lauterbach this is a big mistake and the side effects are no reason to stop vaccinations. So keep playing Russian roulette with AstraZeneca until you have analyzed why people suddenly die after being vaccinated.

The Bavarian loudmouth and bully Markus Söder is also speaking up, building on the fact that the AstraZeneca vaccine is not generally exposed and that many people can still benefit from the vaccine blight. Unbelievable, but Markus actually knows a lot of people who “would” have the vaccine administered, and then he hits the nail on the head: “I would go immediately.”

The Bavarian Prime Minister Söder spoke out in favour of more freedom in the vaccine series, in order to “vaccinate as quickly and as much as possible.”

In addition, the CSU chairman said he did not believe that the vaccinations with the AstraZeneca preparation were generally suspended. After examining the incidents related to it, many groups would still be able to be vaccinated. He himself knows many who would immediately be vaccinated with it. Söder emphasized: “I would go immediately.”

Source: RT Deutsch

The second article, also from PolitikStube, reports on an incident in Italy that appears to show the adverse effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine:

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The Corona Gestapo in Moravia Crack Down on a Mask Scofflaw

The incident recorded in the video below took place a week ago in the town of Uherské Hradiště in Moravia, Czechia. In it you’ll see the municipal police take down a man who was not wearing a mask, as mandated by COVID-19 emergency regulations. As I understand it, the municipal police are a lesser police force, distinct from police who conduct criminal investigations.

Initial reports on social media alleged that the 3-year-old son of the mask scofflaw was left unattended at the scene after his father was carted off to the police station. However, the official statement in the article below seems to contradict that assertion.

Many thanks to Margita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article about the incident from Slovácký deník was also translated by Margita:

VIDEO: Strong-arm tactics against a man without a mask. Investigations being carried out to assess whether the police action was proportionate

Two officers of the municipal police who, on Wednesday March 10 after 4:30 in the afternoon on Havlícková Street, Uherské Hradiště, cracked down on a 40-year-old man who refused to put on a mask or respirator, have been suspended from duty. The emotionally charged situation captured on the video of a mobile phone was watched by the man’s three-year-old son.

News of the event spread via social networks on Wednesday night, attracting the attention of the public and unleashing a heated discussion as to whether the police response was appropriate.

The conflict occurred as a two-member patrol of the municipal police in Uherské Hradiště was proceeding along Havlícková Street. The transgression was allegedly committed by a man born in 1980 who was accompanied by a child.

He refused to keep his mouth covered and did not co-operate

“He was warned by police officers of the obligation to have his airways covered while in town by a respirator or a mask,” said Jan Pášma, a spokesman for the town hall in Uherské Hradiště.

According to him, the man replied that he would not cover his mouth because he was outside and wanted to breathe fresh air.

“He repeatedly refused to prove his identity. He then took his child in his arms and tried to walk away. For that reason the police officer blocked his path,” Jan Pášma described the situation.

But the forty-year-old man did not react and began to leave the scene. The officers immediately detained him physically and took him to a nearby city police building.

The mayor of Uherské Hradiště, Stanislav Blaha, later rejected speculations that after the man was taken away by the police, the child remained unnoticed at the scene of the struggle.

“He was under the supervision of a second patrol of the municipal police which had arrived on the scene and within a few minutes took the child to the city police station to see his father,” the mayor said.

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The Besmirching of That Star Spangled Banner

Our Israeli correspondent MC takes another look at the Bizarro World of American politics since the investiture of the Puppet on January 20.

The Besmirching of that Star Spangled Banner

by MC

If President Biden and his Democrat party really did steal that election by malice aforethought then the banner is irrevocably soiled — the land of the slave and the home of the snowflake.

It is sad for a foreign fan of all things American, like myself, to see the nation taken over by criminals: Bidens, Clintons, Capones, Parkers and Barrows rather than the Reagans, Kennedys and Kings — true Americans despite their faults.

I have a nightmare: that all Americans hate each other, that skin colour is more important than achievement and character. That accusation, that bigotry, that cancel culture, that Trump-hatred, that they dominate the District of Columbia.

That the Supreme Court Judges are so obsessed with politics and the orange-man-bad cult that their decisions are totally biased and irrational and that “they, the people” are so emasculated and leaderless that “we, the elite” can just walk all over them.

But most of all, we must ask ourselves: what happened to the Republican opposition?

They caved. They have allowed the USA to become a one-party state. Their leaders were and are pathetic. They allowed the pseudo-assassination of their own guy; worse, they were Brutus: they, too, drove home the blade, and then stood by as “Cassius” Soetoro undid all that was achieved in four years with just a few strokes of the pen.

Can a dim-witted old man really stand the test of time, or is he just a puppet of all that is worst of the “Bandung Generation”?

Of course, if the election was straight and fair, then none of this applies.

Americans, especially Democrats, need to ask themselves: is hatred of Trump worth destroying the nation for? It’s that Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol again. Socialism is not an ‘empty chamber’, and a blank is also lethal at short range. Trumpophobia may be fashionable, but it is not worth committing national seppuku over.

With the censorship, digital book-burning and ‘no platforming’ solidly in place, the USA is a few steps away from a helter-skelter (British : a spiral slide around a tower at an amusement park) slide into full scale Communism and poverty — yes, poverty, your poverty, you queuing for food for 12 hours a day.

Growing up in 1950s Britain, one of the cultural nuances we missed in American film and TV was the visual clues to what was considered ‘poor’ in the USA, what was considered poverty in the USA was normal middle class in UK. Poor people in the USA had old 1940’s Fords, in the UK few had any car whatsoever!

In the aftermath of WW2 the UK socialists gained power and built a welfare state in four years, a welfare state that cost the taxpayer dearly, in reality, up to 70% of their earnings, much of it through indirect taxation. This has crippled Britain. It is a national ball and chain locked firmly to the leg of economic mobility. I am also of the opinion that it was Bismarckian socialism that drove Bethmann-Hollweg into the WW1 debacle; Germany could not compete with the evolving (Czarist) Russian economy.

What was President Trump’s crime that he faced such hostility?

Firstly, and importantly, it was a negative crime, the crime of not being part of the clique; although successful, he did not come from the correct lineage and was therefore despised. He was despised and hated by everybody from mild conservatives leftwards, he was the symbol of failure to all those closet admirers of Marx.

Mild conservatives hate taking action. Tommy Robinson was also despised by the soft conservatives because he was not one of them and was outspoken when he had no ‘right’ to be. Class bigotry is alive and well in the UK today.

Marxism has failed. 150 years later the middle classes have still not risen and taken over the means of production; Marx’s historically inevitability has proven to be elusive. In its place we have had attempts to re-engineer Marxism, attempts that lead Russia through Marx-Leninism (a short circuit where a coup d’état leads to the unwelcome imposition of Soviet tyranny), Fascism (Mussolini’s rationalization of Marxism into Statism) and Nazism (Hitler re-initializing Marxism, but focussed on race rather than class).

The flavours of the tyrannies varied. We have Stalin’s Marxism in one country, a form of nationalist socialism, and Mao’s nationalist/racist Han-corporatist-Marxism — and Pol Pot’s feudal Marxism. All of these (except Mussolini) used mass extermination techniques to ram through their politico-religious doctrines. Of course, with mass media constantly at hand, we now only need to murder a few, and cancel a few, and over-publicise the hype.

Nasty, unpleasant governments for all, except for those few at the very top, and those for whom it was a wonderful opportunity to satiate their illicit and depraved sadistic desires on vulnerable people.

And now, we can welcome the USA to ‘Club Gulag’ at a FEMA camp near you.

The rule of law broke down years ago, maybe epitomised by the Rambo movies, where the illegal action of a rogue but unaccountable sheriff against a psychologically challenged Vietnam Special Forces vet, now hobo, triggers a slide into extremes of violence.

The Rambo scenario, triggered by policing authorities taking ‘shortcuts’, is now familiar. Do the ends ever justify the means? In defending the ‘rights’ of the hobo, one upholds rule of law. The hobo, too, is innocent until proven guilty, but when the elite are guilty, they now seem to be able to make the burden of proof impossible. The dry rot in the deep state has penetrated right to the very core.

Innocent? guilty of non-wokism — punish — kill, that is the real historical inevitability. For ‘woke’ substitute ‘Islam’ or ‘Spanish Inquisition’ or ‘Nazi’ or ‘Hun’ or whatever is current.

The moment anybody, including Christians, leaves the ten Commandments behind, the amoral warlord culture once more takes over and the rule of terror is once more released on the masses.

So here we are today, uncertain as to the legitimacy of the Administration.

If the Administration were innocent of electoral fraud then one would expect them to not only be open to independent investigation, but to positively encourage it in order to establish true legitimacy.

So the flag droops, tarred and feathered, lacking credibility.

“Land of the Free” — only as long as you take the vaccine, wear the mask, social distance etc., etc.

“Home of the Brave” — Now just cower in the corner and do as you’re told and the covid boogaloo will pass over — you are safe as long as you do as we say (not as we do).

What just happened?

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Jimmie Åkesson: Sweden Needs a Zero-Vision Policy for Asylum Immigration

As reported several times previously (most recently here), last week an Afghan culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. After being criticized for his immigration policies by Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats), Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced that the attack by an Afghan immigrant — who has a criminal record and has yet to be deported — has nothing to do with immigration.

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, responded to Mr. Löfven’s assertion with some pointed remarks.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. The translator notes that the idiom “he is out cycling” is roughly equivalent to “he’s out to lunch”:

Åkesson after Löfven’s statement on Vetlanda: “He is out cycling”

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Social Democrats) does not consider the attacks in Vetlanda, where the Afghan migrant Tamim Sultani is suspected of seven counts of attempted murder, to be a migration issue. Now the Sweden Democrats’ party leader, Jimmie Åkesson, comments: “I think that he is out cycling,” says Åkesson to Nyheter Idag, and raises the question of a zero-vision asylum immigration.

On Thursday, Stefan Löfven held a press conference about the attacks in Vetlanda on Wednesday. Detention was requested on Thursday for the 22-year-old Afghan migrant suspected of seven counts of attempted murder. Several of the victims received life-threatening injuries. Since November, Sultani has been without a valid residency permit and is in Sweden waiting for a decision on his request for an extension.

During the press conference, Stefan Löfven said the attacks in Vetlanda “are not a migration issue.”

Nyheter Idag contacted SD’s party leader Jimmie Åkesson for a comment.

“That Stefan Löfven sees no negative consequences from lax migration policy is precisely a migration issue, which somewhat puzzles me. Are there any voters who believe that talk? I think he is out cycling, but at the same time, it is good that the prime minister openly says that an Afghan suspected violator who happens not to have a residency permit “is not a migration issue”. This demonstrates with the desired clarity his and his party’s weak leadership and lack of insight on cause and effect,” says Åkesson.

“Not only does Sweden need to stop creating social misery, exclusion, and parallel societies by adopting a zero-vision for asylum immigration and ambitious targets for return, it is necessary for great efforts in criminal policy. There is often an interaction between failed criminal-migration policies that is the cause. If we now take the current case as a starting point, it is, frankly speaking, scandalous that the suspected perpetrator was even in Sweden given that he had earlier committed crimes and was long known to the police.”

What do you say to those who think that people are “politicizing” a tragic event?

“To criticize tragic consequences of a bad and destructive policy and come up with working solutions to the problem is one of the main duties for opposition politicians; I really don’t understand the critics.”

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