If You Build It, They Will Come

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Apollo News. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Berlin’s new mega building for asylum seekers

The Berlin Senate is building state-of-the-art new buildings for asylum seekers in various locations and is investing enormous amounts of money in them. But the city cannot master the crisis — and the already tight situation on the housing market is getting worse.

Anyone who lives in Berlin or wants to move to Berlin [has had their brains removed and deserve everything that’s coming their way] knows how difficult it is to find an apartment in the capital. At the same time, the Berlin Senate is desperately trying to accommodate new asylum seekers. 16,762 — 14% more than in 2022 — were admitted last year.

In Charlottenburg, on Quedlinburger Straße, a new construction project is now taking shape. The State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF) has rented a stylish, expensive new building from developer WBM for ten years after completion. From April, 570 refugees are expected to move into the building with its striking red balconies. The accommodations offer 9 m² of space per person, including kitchen and bathroom. This is what the BZ reports.

The rooms are furnished for two people with two wooden beds, two cupboards, two mattresses, a table (80×80 cm) and two chairs, creating a total of 15 m² of space. This is intended to “offer residents a certain level of comfort”. [Why would any sane person want to move into a jail cell and pay for it?]

The new refugee crisis presents Berlin with immense challenges, especially in terms of accommodation. The goal by the end of this year is to create 2,300 new places of accommodation in solid new buildings. Only refugees will then live in these planned buildings. In 2023 there was only one project with 456 accommodation options — not enough for the Senate.

The Senate is already planning four new buildings for refugees. A building with 566 places will open in Spandau in July of this year. At the same time, a further 320 places will be created in Pankow in July.

In September, another new building in Neukölln is scheduled to open its doors to 105 people. At the end of the year, 300 new places for accommodation will be created in Bohnsdorfer Weg in Treptow to meet the increasing demand. The city plans to look for eight to ten additional locations to build shelters in 2025/26. However, the addresses remain confidential for the time being in order to ensure smooth developments, said LAF boss Seibert.

Afterword from the translator:

I have the perfect solution for Germany: every German who wants to get out of Berlin leaves, then all these migrants, “refugees” throughout Germany, and those Germans who like their cultural enrichment, move into these now-empty homes. Also each and every member of the German Government will have to move into Berlin, too.

Then: resurrect the Wall and don’t let them out ever again, or anything, bar new arrivals, into the place. After that problem will have sorted itself out. Just fill it in with soil and plant trees on top.

6 thoughts on “If You Build It, They Will Come

  1. RIP Deutschland, !! Tourism will collapse, reape , murders , good luck idiots, ( Germans) You should think in 2015 when that communist bitch ( Merkel) open the borders for illegal parasites , and now , well now another traitor s , communist will finished this wonderful project, outrageous!!

    • Unbelievable!, huge buildings, standing middle of the city !, they not even worry to fixed this problem, but mega housing for do called “ refugees “ millions available, everything is going to the toilet in the speedy way..

  2. What “15 Minute Cities” will really look like, of course without the guard dogs, machine gun towers and killer drone swarms roving no-mans-land.

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