The Role of the German State in the Actions of the Sea-Watch Migrant Vessel

Hans-Georg Maaßen was forced out of his position as head of the German intelligence service last year for telling the truth about the non-existent “manhunt” in Chemnitz. Now Mr. Maaßen has spoken up about the German government’s role in the carefully choreographed attempt by the migrant-ferry vessel Sea-Watch 3 to run the Italian blockade at the port of Lampedusa.

FouseSquawk, who translated the article below, includes this introductory note:

The ongoing saga of the Sea-Watch 3 and its repercussions for Italian-German relations has just gotten much more interesting. It is now being reported, both in Germany and in Italy, that two journalists from German state television (ARD), were on board the Sea-Watch during the entire operation reporting on the mission from the rescue of migrants to the standoff at Lampedusa and the illegal docking in which an Italian Guardia di Finanza patrol boat was nearly rammed.

The translated article from Il Giornale:

Behind Carola there is the hand of the Germans. Shocking accusation by ex-chief of the intelligence services

On board the Sea-Watch, next to Rackete, there was German state television. Concerns about the financing of the NGO. The ex— head of German 007 accuses Merkel.

by Andrea Indini
July 30, 2019

Who was really behind the illegal operation conducted by Commander Carola Rackete at the helm of Sea-Watch 3? It is difficult to be certain, but in Germany certain concerns are beginning to be raised on that are directed at German state TV, and consequently at Angela Merkel.

One thesis, which initially had found space at an alternative information site close to the extreme right,, was also given credence yesterday by the ex-head of the secret services, Hans-Georg Maaßen, removed a year ago after having put the lie to the chancellor about a leaked video denouncing the “foreigner hunt” after the homicide in Chemnitz.

The accusations were hurled last week when the site wrote that the entire episode of Sea-Watch 3 (incursion along the coast of Libya, up to arrival at Lampedusa and the ramming of the patrol boat of the Italian Guardia di Finanza) was “ a genius work of propaganda” of the public broadcaster ARD, “probably with the intent of provoking a confrontation with Italian authorities at any cost.” On board the ship, which was put to sea by the German NGO Sea-Watch, were in fact, two journalists who filmed and reported the entire voyage in the Mediterranean, the rescue of the migrants, the arrival at the port of Lampedusa in violation of the Security decree to the arrest of Rackete, on behalf of the program “Panorama”.

“If this news is correct, Panorama cannot be a Western program,” tweeted Maaßen, who from 2012 to 2018 was director of German internal secret intelligence services. In the message, later removed, reference is made to western German media, which, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, were considered to be the only source of reliable news in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Already very close to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, in September 2018 he was removed from his position of president of BfV [Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz] with the accusation of disclosing sensitive information to Alternative for Germany (AfD), thus falling short in his duty to be impartial. For his undoubted experience, he was nominated the assistant minister of the interior for security, but last November he was placed on leave before taking charge after denouncing the presence of subversive elements within the SpD (Social Democrats), which has been part of the Grand Coalition with Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democrats) since March 14 2018.

Now Maaßen is out of the game, but as also notes Fatto Quotidiano, he surely still has good contacts within the German intelligence structure. And, while the alternative information sites accuse public TV of having financed the last mission of Sea-Watch in some manner, the ex-head of German intelligence takes a step back, but as revealed by The Guardian, maintains that the entire operation was planned in order to put Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini in difficulty, causing an incident that reopened the debate on the closure of Italian ports. In the past days, Giorgia Meloni has immediately asked for clarification of “this surprising declaration,” asking for the summoning of the ex-head of the German intelligence services to the European Parliament to “tell his version of the facts” about an event in which Berlin had a role that is not altogether clear.

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  1. I’m shocked that Germany would subvert a NATO ally. Shocked, I tell you.

  2. So Merkel is a DDR “Sleeper” after all, as many of us have long suspected. Look up ‘Collapsible Communism’ a secret KGB/FSB plan to fake to collapse of the Soviet Union. Now comes the violent phase it seems. Many of the “Antifas” in EU and US are trained in Moscow circles.

  3. Just like the Invasion of the U.S. by third-world creatures, the Invasion of Europe is 100% Allowed, Aided and Abetted by ‘government’ at the highest levels, the politicians that are (s)Elected by the International Bankers.
    Operations such as this ‘Migrant Rescue Ship’ are Financed by the Banker’s Stooges, like Gregori Schwartz, ao also has ties to the Groups in the Americas that organize the “Migrant Convoys” that seem to have no problem crossing the Mexican Border to the U.S. Border, where the waiting “Border Patrol” collects them, gives them Papers to remain in the Country indefinitely, and then hands them over to “Charity Groups” that move them all over the Country and get them ‘Signed Up’ for Welfare – Cash, Housing, Food, Medical Care, and Schools.
    NO ‘politician’ Dares to Point out these Facts – lest they be called “Racist”.
    NO ‘politician’ Dares to Point out the FACT that the Migrant Invasions are Organized, Funded, and Controlled by [punctuation meaning “Jewish” removed] bolsheviks and their fellow travelers – lest they be called “Naziracistantisemite”.

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