Don’t Abolish ICE — Commend It

The following guest-essay by Hubert Collins deals with the crisis on our southern border, which is just as pressing as the migration crisis in Europe, even though the ethnicity of the violent “refugees” is different.

Don’t Abolish ICE — Commend It

by Hubert Collins

Over the course of the last year, the call to “abolish ICE” has been repeated by countless protestors, mediacrats, and not a few politicians. The clamoring and carrying on about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency may well tie the call for race-based reparations as the most absurd Leftist hobbyhorse of this election cycle. Whatever one might think of America’s immigration policies, there can be no disputing the fact that ICE only targets the absolute worst of the worst. In looking over their press releases, one cannot help but wonder if any “abolish ICE” partisan has the slightest idea as to what that particular wing of the Department of Homeland Security really does.

Plenty of examples of ICE at its best can be drawn from the month of July alone. For example, on July 11th, Jorge Rodriguez-Saldana, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, crashed his car into another vehicle, killing a 7-year-old in the process. Despite not being a citizen and not having a driver’s license, local New Jersey police released him back into the general public with just a summons. They did not notify ICE about what had happened. Luckily, ICE tracked him down all the same, and on July 13th arrested him. John Tsoukaris, an ICE field office director, summarized the situation quite aptly: “Unfortunately this is another example that makes apparent the significant public safety concerns the NJ AG Directive limiting cooperation with ICE poses. Had it not been for the persistent, courageous and diligent efforts of ICE-ERO to track him down, this individual might have fled. We will continue to make public safety our highest priority despite dangerous state policies.”

What on earth would America have to gain by letting this man roam free?

On July 25th, another Mexican national, Mario Herrera, was brought to justice with the help of ICE. On that day Mr. Herrera was sentenced to five years in federal prison for his role in laundering over $100 million on behalf of the Jalisco New Generation and Sinaloa Mexican drug cartels. These are the cartels that have helped turn northern Mexico into something between a failed state and a narco state, and the drugs they push into the United States kill tens of thousands of our citizens every year. Cutting off the profit motive is absolutely key to ending this harrowing state of affairs, and ICE helps do just that.

That same day, ICE deported 18th Street Gang member Melvin Armando Cortez-Moreno back to his home country of El Salvador. It is not known when exactly Mr. Cortez-Moreno snuck into the United States, but what is known is that in his home country he was wanted for murder. The USA is better off without him, and we have one valuable federal agency to thank for deporting him.

So forget about abolishing ICE—President Trump should counter calls to do so with a promise to expand it.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Abolish ICE — Commend It

  1. and you know what the Liberals’ dessert is, ICE Scream.
    Of course, I have always preferred my Sapphire and Tonic to be served with ICE.

  2. The left was always strong on slogans and short on logic and thinking through to consequences. Plus, the left is clearly focusing on cultural-Marxism-soaked college educated professionals and the welfare-dependent segments, neither of which is outstanding in objective analysis.

    • Let me add to my previous comment, with the hindsight of the last Democrat Presidential debate and the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

      It is obvious the Democrat candidates for nomination, with one or two exceptions, have no desire at all to make the US safer or better. Their only wish is to get into power. These sociopaths will be like the Venezuelan rulers, ruin a good economy, turn people into dumpster divers, and double down on the success of their socialist meddling.

      So, it’s like you’re talking to two Americas. One America is driven by love for America and for their community; the other America is driven by hatred for America and no sense of community whatsoever.

      So, when the streets are overrun with crime, the sidewalks with filthy tents, and young people driven out of marriage and parenting, the socialists and partisans of the left like AOC, will have absolutely no regrets. None. At best, they have no interest whatsoever in the results of their policies; more likely, for them, the more social disruption, the better. Above all, for them, the Marxist class revolution.

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