Comrade, You Must Show a QR Code to Leave Your Home

A few short years ago the events in the following video would have been dismissed as a wild-eyed conspiracy theory. However, it seems we now live in a tinfoil-hat reality. Or at least the Canadians do: The municipality of Îles-de-la-Madeleine in Quebec has implemented a new regulation requiring anyone who wants to leave the islands to display a QR code.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So, my name is Jeanne Bourgeois. I’m here to talk about
00:04   how we are supposed to enter and exit — as residents of Îles-de-la-Madeleine —
00:08   in the territory of my municipality or the municipal agglomeration of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.
00:14   So, it’s very simple, Mrs. Bourgeois. You have absolutely nothing to pay as toll
00:18   or as Archipel Pass, since you have a residence here in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.
00:22   You already have a property tax account. You participate and contribute already to…
00:25   Yes, already a lot! For the purposes of the pass, of course.
00:29   You actually said that it would take a QR code to enter the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.
00:33   Not to enter, to exit. To exit. —OK.
00:36   So, what will we, Îles-de-la-Madeleine residents, need to present? —A driving license
00:39   and an identity card with an address within the Îles on it, and there’s no problem.
00:42   OK, that means that it’s the first time in Canada that we will have to show a driving license
00:45   to leave a municipality. In fact… It has never been done. —Actually, you do that
00:49   every time you take the plane and the boat. —No, I do that to pay for a service:
00:52   the boat. What law allows you to require that you show a paper to enter a municipality?
00:59   We ask for an identity card to ensure compliance with our municipal regulations.
01:07   So, OK, we have a municipal regulation. It’s not the only municipal regulation
01:10   that we can apply and where we identify… —OK, it’s a new municipal regulation.
01:15   Mrs. Bourgeois, last warning. If you cut me off again during the question
01:18   or during the answer to your question, I will stop answering and we’ll move on to another appeal.
01:22   Each person will be monitored, I suppose?
01:25   Listen, in the first year, we’re going to put that into operation,
01:30   and we are not in the fine details of asking for it. It’s the same principle
01:33   as when you make a reservation on the boat or you take,
01:36   I don’t know, a family pass for La Ronde.
01:39   No, no, no, you’re talking about services. It’s not the same thing as returning home.
01:43   Can you imagine, in Montreal, that we would require someone to prove that they are Montrealers,
01:48   in order to cross the bridge? It would be quite special indeed.
01:52   It’s not because we’re a small place that we can do the same thing.
01:55   On the other hand, Mrs. Bourgeois, if you go to the Montreal subway
02:00   and you don’t pay your ticket… —You’re still talking about services.
02:03   Mrs. Bourgeois, please. —Service and setting foot on a territory, that’s two things.
02:09   You don’t seem to understand the difference, I am sorry for you.
02:13   It’s like a disguised customs service, in the end. —No, no, no, no.
02:16   Exactly. If I have to show my driving license… —Mrs. Bourgeois, it’s your perception, it’s correct.
02:20   You ask me questions, you don’t want me to answer you, you prefer to go…
02:24   No, that’s your way of intervening. I am very ready to answer you,
02:28   but when you state falsehoods or talk about things
02:31   that haven’t been finalized yet, because you yourself said that the dossier was not finalized,
02:35   well, it’s as if we have to trust that the goal will be good for the citizens of La Madeleine.
02:41   Whereas I, while returning home, never had to prove that I was a La Madeleine resident.
02:46   Nobody will ask you to show anything, while returning home.
02:49   Well yes, but entering or exiting, it’s the same thing, on the road.
02:52   But what is that? Am I a prisoner on the islands? —It’s not to get out of the islands, it’s to…
02:56   It’s done while getting out of the islands,
02:59   but it’s to make sure that you have respected a municipal regulation.
03:02   Since we’ve been talking about it, I’ve never had to vote for anything or say yes or no to
03:06   such a thing. It’s the first time, in my opinion, that this has existed in Canada. I know it exists
03:11   in China, on the other hand. That is, to change provinces, you have to ask for a QR code.
03:16   So, we’re a bit like guinea pigs?
03:19   More or less. The application of a municipal regulation with the obligation to identify themselves,
03:28   the possibility of receiving a notice of infringement, which is appealable in a municipal court,
03:33   is very common, actually. It’s… no, no, no, no, no.
03:37   We don’t want to constrain… We will not be on an absolute, coercive mode.
03:44   The first year will be a run-in year. We will put it into operation.
03:48   We largely rely on people’s good faith, because like it or not,
03:52   I bring you back to the first objective of this initiative taken by the municipal council:
03:57   it’s to improve and enhance our leisure-touristic infrastructure.
04:01   I have a problem with being asked for a paper to return home.
04:06   Well, that’s good, Mrs. Bourgeois, point taken. —Thank you. I hope that in your marketing
04:10   that will be present, because it would be fun if the islands population were well warned that they
04:14   would have to present a proof to get out of the islands.
04:18   There is, somehow, a loss of freedom.
04:22   Well, it’s your opinion, I respect it. —Well, it’s more than an opinion.
04:26   Mrs. Bourgeois, that’s enough, I’m going to welcome the next person. —I’m sorry,
04:29   but I’m going to rectify that. It’s not an opinion.
04:32   It’s your opinion, it’s your opinion. —If I have to show a ID, it’s a fact.
04:36   Yeah, well, that’s…

2 thoughts on “Comrade, You Must Show a QR Code to Leave Your Home

  1. I guess my aunt jumped from the frying pan right into the fire when she moved there a few years ago from Paris…….. to escape.
    Are they also going to rename the place into Gurs, Le Milles, Rivesaltes or St. Cyprien?
    And will there be a sign at the bridge reading “Le travail vous libère”
    Just asking.

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