Replacing Free Speech With Litigation

The following video shows the intervention given at OSCE Warsaw on September 25 by David Petteys, representing the Sea Jay Foundation.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the prepared text for Mr. Petteys’ intervention.

Sea Jay Foundation
David Petteys

Combatting Hate Crimes
Human Dimension Implementation Meeting Session 14

Warsaw, Poland, Sept 25, 2019

Thank You Mme Chairman:

I’m Dave Petteys, Sea Jay Foundation. The session is on Hate Crime, which is linked to Hate Speech. In many jurisdictions, the speech itself is the “hate crime”!

The key ingredient is the extension of rights to include the right to not be insulted and to not have one’s feelings hurt. This, supposedly, is to make society more harmonious. Proponents say “with free speech, handicapped people might be insulted!”

There may be those who plot to insult the handicapped, but a more likely scenario is the “bait and switch”. Application of the law from the handicapped to government officials will be swift. These laws will be a convenient tool to suppress opposition.

Everyone knows individuals and groups who are “injustice collectors”. They see slights and insult at every turn. To give such persons and groups the force of law is madness. Rather than making society more harmonious, it’s transforming society into a litigious nightmare!

In the name of common sense, the Sea Jay Foundation recommends that these extended rights be rolled back! They are arbitrary and unworkable! The solution for insult and hurt feelings is dialogue, apology and forgiveness, not the courts.

And this says nothing about the necessity to protect our precious tradition of free speech.

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5 thoughts on “Replacing Free Speech With Litigation

  1. The laws against “hate speech” are part of the cultural Marxist plan to destroy Western civilization. The use of hate speech laws is designed to render the natives defenseless against organized attacks on their culture and way of life. The laws also work to prevent the culture from being carried on in any serious way, through literature or even social interactions.

  2. These nazi laws must be recinded asap.
    And the people who proposed and implemented these traitorous laws arrested,
    And the death penalty must be reinstated for these persons.

    These no such thing as hate speech,

    Only FREE Speech!

    We must go after the very people who promoted, and enacted this traitorous legislation, in order that a planned genocide can be carried out against western culture, and civilisation with impunity.

    • It is free speech that paves way to hate speech. Baron, Dymphna, and some others opposed me when I introduced the term PARTIAL free speech. I stick to it. Tolerance paves the way to intolerance. To prevent tolerance, we must exercise PARTIAL tolerance. Similarly, TOTAL free speech can be (and has been) hijacked. The result is hate speech against the freedom loving people. Establish PARTIAL free speech, where the speech proposing communism, Islam, and socialism are not allowed.

        • No speech should be banned!!

          Only people advocating fascist ideologys, pislam, nazis, feminazism, socislism, must be banned!

          People promoting this crap, are inciting the deaths of millions more.

          Ban these anove pathetic poison racist totalitarian nazi ideologys!!

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