Geert Wilders Suggests Back Surgery

(Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.)

Lately, have you noticed that Mr. Wilders has become a “nothing left to lose” truth-teller? I fear for him, recognizing his demise could well be akin to that of Pim Fortuyn’s. You know, when the security guards “forget” to show up one day? I am not privy to his arrangements for protection, but pray that some of them are his own men, not state-paid.

Time to take out an old, oft-repeated essay to remind you of what Wilders faces. The explanation below, written in 2008, about Dutch “freedoms” and “tolerance”, goes far toward explaining the existence of Dutch expatriates, of whom the author is one.

Here’s a short excerpt. Since it’s difficult to choose just one passage, the opening salvos of “Why Spinoza Was Not Murdered” will suffice to get the point across, but do read the whole thing. It is full of the same mordant wit our essayist H. Numan employs to make his points; Egger proves again the crucial point that one cannot survive in the Netherlands without the heart to make pointed fun of reality.

It is a lesson we rightwingextremistdeplorable Americans would do well to learn, i.e., maintenance of the spirit by laughing at one’s opponents. Can you imagine a speech in our Congress that comes anywhere near the spirited riposte of Mr. Wilders? Perhaps President Trump echoes this position sometimes, but his rhetoric is too erratic to trust entirely. Instead of spine surgery metaphors, our president comes in with machine guns blazing.

Now on to Mr. Legger:

Marts 2008 — Arthur Legger

If you like to think of Holland as the cradle of free speech and the Enlightenment, don’t read this

’Nobody needs permission beforehand to publish by print thoughts or feelings — while taking into consideration every person’s responsibility according to the law.’

(Article 7, Dutch Constitution)

Again the ruthless reflex sets in. Because that lies at the core of our Dutch character: the social annihilation of the deviating individual —including a neat political murder, every now and then (we never go after a group, that is not done after our very active partaking in the Holocaust).

The latest news on the chronicle of the death foretold of right-wing parliamentarian Geert Wilders, infamous for his bleached haircut from outer space, is that the CEOs of Dutch multinationals fear loss of profit because of Fitna, The Movie. Wilders gained notoriety because of his wish to ban the Koran and his severe criticism of islam in comparison with “our shared Dutch heritage of Humanism and Enlightenment, as it was successfully proclaimed by our highly esteemed Spinoza”. The captains of industry state that Wilders’ movie will prove too critical and, hence, will harm their age-old connections and business in the Arabic world and Indonesia (a former Dutch colony). The highly successful and erudite lawyer Gerard Spong, a very nice fellow from Surinam (independent in 1975), is hired to sue Wilders: “For irresponsibly damaging Dutch interests”. It almost goes without saying that many of these directors, managers and members of the board have been key members of the public service, previous Cabinets included, or will be in future times. The Union of IT Businessmen In The East (FME) strongly seconds their concern: “The real problem is that Wilders’ movie fits a pattern of confrontation: the Danish cartoons; the war in Iraq. The movie might prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back” (Intermediair 11, 13 March 2008). “Wilders, don’t do it!” prays Bernard Wientjes, the chairman of the VNO-NCW (Union of Dutch Business). “Surely you know that when it really counts the reverend is always traded for the businessman” (The Volkskrant, 15 March 2008).

Also, the Dutch media, via their coordinating National Broadcast Institute, the NOS, issued a shared statement that they will not air Wilders’ movie “because of fear of attacks and not to give this irresponsible person a platform for his xenophobia”. The news agency of the Dutch Parliament (Nieuwspoort) will not provide Wilders with the possibility of showing his movie, because “the making of movies is not part of a parliamentarian’s work”. (The head of the NOS is always a former cabinet member.) Not surprisingly the Socialist, Christian and Liberal parties backed this blocking of Wilders (The Volkskrant, 15 March 2008).

That is merely the preface to a longer explanation of Dutch society. In the ten years since Mr. Legger wrote his essay, the situation in the Netherlands hasn’t changed, except to get worse.

Many years ago we had a Dutch correspondent who gave us lively descriptions of the day-to-day reality in his country. Like all cultures, it’s complicated for an outsider. Thus when Legger says, “Geert Wilders, infamous for his bleached haircut from outer space”, our correspondent explained the bleached-blond phenomenon. Mr. Wilders is of mixed heritage, i.e., part Indonesian from back when the Netherlands owned that part of the world. His hair is really brown; in a large country of immigrants like America, his looks would pass unnoticed. But not in Holland. So, the story we were told back then was that Geert Wilders’ bleach job was a thumb in the eye of his soi-disant “betters”. Any ‘pure’ Dutch would recognize his ethnic background immediately.

Such panache is rather admirable. Chutzpah is what one needs to transcend the strictures of an oppressive culture. May Wilders continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us.

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The Dalai Lama Sounds More Christian Than the Pope?

The Dalai Lama spoke in Malmo, telling migrants to go home and help their own people. Racist, racist! Bad Boy. The Left will bury you for Violations of The Official Narrative.

Here’s Dr. Turley with a compare and contrast:

He mentions several others’ views on immigration, including studies by the Biblical scholar, James Hoffmeier. I’ll have to look up this fellow’s views.

Meanwhile, it seems as though The Narrative is beginning to crumble.

John Bolton’s Policy Speech on the Eve of 9/11

John Bolton is a forceful conservative. Some discount him as a neocon, but that dismissive sobriquet fails to do justice to his principles.

He grew up in Baltimore, the son of a fireman, so Bolton learned early what an aggressive defense is and how to employ it effectively. He is the quintessential tough guy you want on your side. In other words, he is one answer to Barack Obama’s dithering lack of a genuine and robust foreign policy.

Bolton’s principled sense of justice included taking Clarence Thomas under his wing during their friendship at Yale Law School and then, later, offering advice and comfort during the ugly mess that constituted Thomas’ eventual confirmation to the Supreme Court. As Thomas said, what he endured in the bullying during his hearings was a “high tech lynching”.

Bolton’s speech came on the eve of 9/11, and that is not coincidental. America is standing up to globalists and trans-nationalist criminals like the ICC, founded in the year after 9/11. Such thugs are long overdue to be disbanded. Many of us agree with Bolton: the ICC and the UN need to go away, joining the other extra-national groups in a vast political graveyard, interred there along with The League of Nations.

Here is a list of John Bolton’s Ten Rules of Statecraft. They belong to a world neither Obama nor Clinton understands, and these rules are peculiarly American in their sentiments and form:

1.   “My philosophy is not a bean-counting, accounting ‘look at this.’ It is a philosophy that smaller government is better government, and government that is closer to the people is best of all.”
2.   “Our biggest national security crisis is Barack Obama.”
3.   “People say you favor assassination, what do you think war is? Except that it’s assassination on a much larger scale—a much more horrific scale.”
4.   “Diplomacy is not an end in itself if it does not advance U.S. interests.”
5.   “Negotiation is not a policy. It’s a technique. It’s something you use when it’s to your advantage, and something that you don’t use when it’s not to your advantage.”
6.   “My priority is to give the United States the kind of influence it should have.”
7.   “Everybody pursues their national interests. The only one who gets blamed for it is the United States.”
8.   “You could take several stories off the buildings of most U.S. government agencies and we’d all probably be better for it too.”
9.   “As somebody who writes op-eds and appears on the television, I appreciate as well as anybody that… there is a limit to what that accomplishes.”
    And the pièce de résistance:
10.   “There is no United Nations.”

If you would understand John Bolton’s worldview, read this brief book. You’ll grasp the sense of solidarity that is the fundament of conservatives and others on the Right. You may even understand President Trump and those who voted for him.

Meanwhile, this major policy speech is an elucidation of Trump’s ruling philosophy. To understand what Trump’s about, listen to Ambassador Bolton.

Sunday Contemplation While Sweden Votes

I came across this music for the first time at Belmont Club:

[The lyrics begin half-way through but the combination of music and visuals prior to that should be heard/contemplated.]*

The video served as a coda for an essay from July, one in which Wretchard described “localism”:

What links the cosmological and localist human models is the way they handle information. Linbeck notes in his paper Localism in America that its advantages, much like our quantum entanglement example, are due largely to the greater information efficiency of managing complexity through components. First, it allows society to limit the amount of information that must be moved between levels instead of repeating it, as a centralized system trying to manage everything would.

[Links are at the URL]

Among other things, the oboe is a grand instrument. The “other things” lie in the long thread of comments following Wretchard’s essay. Contemplations abound.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

*[I’ve since listened to this music a number of times. I happened to find it not long after my friend, Chris, died of lung cancer all of a sudden. So suddenly there was no chance to say goodbye.

Chris’ was a death he predicted many times as he’d light up another cigarette.

The hole left by his abrupt exit still haunts me and is forever entangled in the last time I saw him. He’d come over to help me bury our cat as I couldn’t dig in the thick clay soil and the Baron was away when Lulu shuffled off this mortal coil.

I miss them both deeply, but Chris’ death is the essential loss. Sometimes I have to stop myself from calling him to ask a question. His death closed a door of knowledge he always opened for me.]

Life after Google

Here’s the George Gilder book, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, discussed in Dr Turley’s video.

Here is George Gilder’s Amazon page.

I am a fan of Gilder, especially his ideas about how wrong and damaging current feminism is – particularly for women. We talk frequently about what will happen when some beleaguered Europeans begin to come to life. Fems ought to worry about their fate when Western men awaken.

Men without women are “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” and those ignorant Fems are clueless. They have no idea.

The Murderer of Mia in Kandel Will Serve at Most Eight Years in Prison

Last year we featured a series of reports about the murder of a 15-year-old girl named Mia in the German town of Kandel. The accused murderer was a young culture-enricher from Afghanistan named Abdul D., who was allegedly also 15 years old. However, he was plainly considerably older than that; in the photos he looks to be in his mid-twenties. One of the TV news outfits corroborated this assessment by visiting his hometown and talking to people who knew him.

None of that mattered to the prosecutorial authorities, who tried him as a juvenile. As a result he couldn’t be sentenced to more than ten years in prison, and when he pled guilty, he was given a sentence of eight and a half years. I don’t know how much time he will likely serve — in many European countries, offenders customarily serve about half their sentences, and sometimes less.

I’d bet money that he can’t be deported after he gets out, because his homeland is “unsafe”.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcripts (note — the transcript is in three parts because the video was compiled from three separate original clips):

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Gremlin Attack

Late last night, when I was just starting to put together the news feed, our Internet connection was suddenly attacked by gremlins. Or it may have been djinns, or even kobolds — I get all those species of imps confused.

Anyway, our Internet connection mysteriously disappeared. There was no wind, no lightning, no rain, no ice storm — nothing that you would expect to affect the connection. Maybe a skunk sprayed the phone company’s server box. Who knows?

We waited awhile to see if it would come back, and then gave up and went to bed.

That’s why there was no news feed last night. Rather than try to compile it this morning, I decided to collect any material left over from yesterday and put it into one big news feed, which will be posted tonight.

If the gremlins don’t come back.

Alice Weidel: “This is a Script Taken From the Madhouse”

Alice Weidel is the leader of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), the anti-immigration and anti-Islamization party that now has a presence in the Bundestag.

In response to the recent media frenzy over events in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, Ms. Weidel addressed the prevarications (either deliberate lies, or inadvertent falsehoods) about what happened during the recent demonstrations in Chemnitz. It has now been definitively established, by both local and national law enforcement authorities, that no “right-wing extremists” chased down or hunted any migrants. Yet Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Mini-Me continue to retail their fictive account of events, so the AfD leader is now calling them on it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Home Schooling in Russia

Homeschooling is a sacrifice. It requires that the parents come up with the financial planning to make this undertaking possible. Two parents working full-time obviously can’t do it. Thus, families may have to be creative.

Homeschooling is also a reward. Most days it takes little more than two or three hours for academic work, leaving lots of time for other endeavors – time outside playing or running a track, plus time inside playing musical instruments or reading or playing fiercely-contested boardgames. No electronics save the computer for learning the keyboard as soon as possible.

Homeschooled children are noticeable. They don’t have the pressure of “socialization” at school so they’re freer to be themselves.On one occasion, the owner of a small bookstore where I’d taken the future Baron asked me if I homeschooled. Taken aback, I admitted as much and asked how she knew. “Without exception”, she said, “the homeschooled kids I see are calm and poised.” Since then, I’ve learned to pay attention to kids in public…I think she’s right, though I don’t ever ask.

As public education continues to swirl the drain, I feel great sympathy for those who don’t have the choice to educate their children en famille. It was a joy I’d not have missed for anything.

Dr Turley reports on Russia’s growing homeschooled population:

The Party-Line Infighting Over Kavanaugh Begins

Ted Cruz outlines the dastardly Dems’ plans to eviscerate the Consitution, which is one reason they’re playing kabuki theatre in the Senate. Evidently the mud was being flung all over the place by these jokers, before Cruz (who lost to Trump) reminded everyone why they are there:

Note the bumptiously obscene numbers of documents the judge handed over. And note, too, why their call for confidential papers that passed over Kavanaugh’s desk during his tenure as Bush ’43’s staff secretary. They make these juvenile demands knowing full well that no one in Kavanaugh’s position would ever do such a thing.

I chose not to watch the ugly chaos on display as an introduction to these hearings. However, it’s sad that Kavanaugh’s daughters felt the need to flee the scene. No child should have to watch the attempted smear of his or her father’s life, career, and character.

[But meanwhile notice the cutie in the back and to your right, behind Senator Cruz. The cool dude in the white shirt and forest green tie? Yes, he smirked a bit, but that’s okay: eye candy has its privileges, no?]

Orban and Salvini’s Concerted Push-Back

Look out, Merkel and Macron. The water must be above your ankles by now. Keep bailing!

Dr. Turley again, talking about the eventual Fail of the globalist EU and its replacement by an updated version. One with border security and cultural pride.

When you open the video, move the bar over to 1:00 minute to skip the annoying commercial. YooTube said it would begin at 1:00 minute, but it lied. Too bad Turley’s doing that. It detracts considerably from his message.

I believe Vlad Tepes is working on a subtitled video of the Orban/Salvini meeting. That should be entertaining; Salvini missed his calling as an actor who proclaims with gusto.

It’s good to know the important things that the MSM doesn’t bother reporting.