A Letter to the Editor of Newsweek

The latest installment of Dymphna’s Greatest Hits was first posted in the spring of 2005. The specific abomination purveyed by the Lügenpresse is no longer obvious, as it was when she posted it, but that makes it essentially timeless, since the sentiment could just as easily apply today to virtually any MSM story about Islam. If anything, the taqiyya of the press has gotten even worse in the interim.

A Letter to the Editor of Newsweek

by Dymphna
Originally published on May 16, 2005

251 W. 57th St.
New York, NY 10019-1894

Dear Sir,

If it bleeds it leads, right? So there you are, Newsweek. You have a great story to pursue. Don’t let the fact that you also have the blood of many lives on your hands get in your way. In your moral universe, that’s a small price to pay for the story. Especially if it’s a story that makes your country look bad. Just make sure you spell the names correctly:


The ‘Islamic tactic’ you used in this case is called taqiyya. More than a millennium old, taqiyya is lying for the sake of your cause. It’s a useful tool in the quest for making America look bad, one that has been employed successfully by your fellow “journalists” Eason Jordan and Dan Rather. Not to mention the declarations of the “Afghan quagmire” crowd, or the endless lamentations of the New York Times over Abu Ghraib. You are in esteemed company. And how many people died as a result of all these machinations? Do you care?

Vietnam is over. Unfortunately, you and your ilk don’t appear to grasp this. You are stuck in a time-warp quagmire of your own making, the one you helped create back then to turn the hearts and minds of your fellow citizens against your own soldiers. But your fellow citizens aren’t virgins anymore. Having been lied to, led on, fed half-truths and canned dissembling, having been assured that gossip and rumor are fact-checked truth with a big “T”, we no longer believe anything you have to say.

And for that, for your slanted, morally obtuse search for muck and for what-might-be-so-let’s-pretend-it-is, you have made us all into fact-checkers. After all the lies and misleading, if you claimed it was raining outside, we’d still go to the window to check.

New motto for dealing with the MSM: distrust and then dig for the truth. It might not be in your version of the story; it’s surely in the steaming pile you made nearby.

Sincerely yours,
Gates of Vienna

4 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor of Newsweek

  1. What a great writer Dymphna was. She really let them have it. But they and Time magazine are still practicing taquiyya just like the majority of “news’ sources. At least you, Baron, are continuing to expose the lies and the Muslim terrorists.

    • What I don’t understand is who is paying for all of that taqiyya. This style of ‘reporting’ would have ceased long ago had it not been found useful. For whom it is useful would be an interesting subject to research.

  2. Dymphna’s writing is superb. Her righteous anger shines through, casting a shameful shadow on the Newsweek story that led to this letter. I’ve tried to wrack my memory to recall what might have inspired her response but just can’t place it. But, as you say, Baron, it doesn’t really matter. The media’s penchant to make the West look bad, while bolstering the image of Islam, is alive and well, even flourishing, today.

    It would have been interesting to be present when Newsweek editors read Dymphna’s letter. It would take a dense brain and a cold heart not to feel a twinge of guilt at her piercing accusations.

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