“Everybody Knows Our Election Was a Fraud”

The two videos below concern the recent presidential election in Brazil, which has been described as fraudulent by numerous observers both inside and outside the country. I don’t have much information on the context of these two videos, but they are quite interesting nonetheless.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video is from Brasilia, possibly from the national assembly. It features an indigenous Brazilian in a tribal headdress, with impressive tattoos. He is evidently a supporter of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro:

The second video shows a protest in a shopping mall, which is said to be the largest shopping mall in Brasilia. Some of the protesters are wearing interesting headdresses, but I don’t know what they signify:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Speaking to the Brazilian nation now
00:03   is chief Roni Pareci. On behalf
00:07   of these people, I come here to bring the true sentiment that they are feeling, in their heart,
00:12   heart, skin and soul. In these thirty days that we’ve been here
00:16   in Brasília at the HQ. With the diversities
00:20   that nature offers and also
00:23   the diversity of the atrocities that
00:26   have been committed by the “Egg Head” [Alexandre de Moraes],
00:29   which is nothing more than a stick ordered
00:32   by the corrupt international system that is
00:35   increasingly entering our political system.
00:38   Both of you: Like the Senate, like federal deputies,
00:43   all authorities, and we have an obligation not to let this happen.
00:48   We have to have that courage.
00:51   Today I’ve been here for days, thirty days,
00:54   being threatened, being coerced, being scolded,
00:58   my village, my family who are there,
01:03   being threatened. But, as the warrior Silvia Waiãpi said:
01:09   we carry the spirituality of real warriors.
01:13   But today we are fighting to be able to have this freedom,
01:18   of the Indian being a contemporary patriot.
01:22   I was at the COP27 in Egypt.
01:30   I had 33 minutes to speak.
01:33   because we’ve been here for thirty days, and with three minutes I can’t convey the feeling
01:39   of several Brazilians who are there today.
01:42   In any case, being fined,
01:45   being arrested and we have [only] three minutes here in our own house,
01:49   with these limitations, which are
01:52   a lack of respect, not for me, but for those Brazilians who are
01:56   camped in front of the HQ — how many millions are here in Brasilia
02:00   and how many in all the capitals of our Brazil? Resisting. And we don’t have space in the media
02:07   to show what happens. But today
02:11   the feeling of the Brazilians
02:14   is that they want to have transparency
02:17   in our elections,
02:21   in the vote counting.
02:24   If it had transparency, we would not be here.
02:29   Thirty days ago we wouldn’t have been here.
02:32   Perhaps discussing a more relevant public policy agenda to be
02:36   able to improve the whole issue
02:39   of our health, education, development, in short.
02:42   But we’re wasting time here,
02:45   because of the person who calls himself
02:48   God, who is Alexandre Moraes, who acts
02:51   like the owner of Brazilians.
02:54   Meanwhile, the authorities who are here, who were elected, you don’t have the courage
02:58   to face a person. Is he holy? What is he?
03:01   So there has to be more action on the part of
03:04   the representatives. And today the Brazilian people
03:08   are united to put an end
03:11   to this corrupt system that has been rooted
03:14   for years and is being plastered,
03:17   in order to have awareness, the greatness
03:20   of a political vision to no longer elect
03:23   corrupt people, people who have no dignity.
03:27   And from now on the Brazilian people will start walking and taking care
03:33   of their own legislation, taking care of their own country. And, finally,
03:37   I ask you: Senate, are you going to act?
03:43   Or you will spend the whole afternoon
03:46   talking, which was a very rich conversation, but now we have to talk less
03:51   and start taking action. If you Senate, all systems of authority,
03:56   do not come into action.
03:59   Until today, the Brazilian people have done only movement a mobilization manifestation of form,
04:04   and mobilization, demonstrating peacefully,
04:08   in an orderly manner, following the Constitution. But that has a limit.
04:35   What are we waiting for? Everybody knows our election was a fraud.
04:41   Otherwise, the source code would have been opened,
04:44   given to the authorities, presented to the population.
04:48   To end the anguish we are living with until now.
04:51   For this reason, Brazilian people,
04:54   the indigenous people, are no longer indigenous today. Today we are a big Brazilian family;
05:00   we have to watch over our public policy and our democracy,
05:05   because this system is being used by international interests.
05:09   Brazil today is a diamond
05:12   that shines on the planet and everyone wants that diamond.
05:15   That’s why everyone is there today corrupting these weak people,
05:19   who don’t have the dignity to be able to represent us.

Video transcript #2:

00:04   Brasília, December 3rd, 2022
00:07   Park Shopping Brasília
00:12   Singing “I’m Brazilian, with a lot of pride, and a lot of love.”
00:31   “Lula, thief, your place is in prison” [referring to convict ex-president]
00:53   “Lula, thief, your place is in prison.”
01:28   If necessary, we camp, but the thief will not go up the ramp [of the presidential palace].
01:54   December 3rd, 2022
01:58   The largest mall in Brasília, Park Shopping

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