Tommy Robinson Exposes Western Censorship

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Morten Messerschmidt, leader of the Danish People’s Party, in conversation with Tommy Robinson (right) in the Danish Parliament on April 1, 2023. Photo: Peder Jensen.

Tommy Robinson Exposes Western Censorship

by Fjordman

On April 1, 2023, the English activist and author Tommy Robinson was on an official visit to the Free Press Society in Denmark.[1] This was not his first trip to Copenhagen.

In early 2020, Robinson was in Copenhagen to receive the Sappho Award from the Free Press Society.[2] They have also granted free speech awards to such individuals as Daniel Pipes, Ibn Warraq, Flemming Rose, Kurt Westergaard, Melanie Phillips, Mark Steyn, Thilo Sarrazin, Ezra Levant, Lars Vilks, Gunnar Sandelin, Roger Scruton, Douglas Murray and Dennis Prager.[3]

During his visits to the Free Press Society and the Danish Parliament, Robinson received a standing ovation in both 2020 and in 2023.[4] He is not used to such treatment in Britain.

A few individuals such as Tommy Robinson and the Dutch politician Geert Wilders have a natural charisma. You notice this when seeing them in real life. They do not resemble each other physically. Wilders is quite tall even for a northern European man. Robinson is not very tall, but he nevertheless has a strong personal presence. Both Robinson and Wilders have suffered death threats for years after criticizing Islam.

Robinson has repeatedly been thrown in prison by British authorities after truthfully exposing how Muslim rape gangs target white British girls in towns across the UK.[5] He is thus harassed for having committed ideological crimes. He has also been forced to share prison with many Muslims who have committed violent crimes or have Jihadist terrorist sympathies. This resembles the way Communist regimes sometimes put thought criminals in jail with real criminals.

Even when people openly threaten his children with violence or rape, this rarely has any consequences for the individuals behind these threats. Tommy himself is now divorced and nearly bankrupt after enduring years of such harassment.

Michael Pihl, the deputy leader of the Free Press Society, had his account on Facebook suspended in the spring of 2023 after writing about Tommy Robinson’s visit to Copenhagen.[6] This case is far from unique. Big Tech censorship among major technology companies is widespread. Robinson has been systematically shut out of nearly all Western social media platforms.

On Facebook, the censorship is so aggressive that you risk having your account locked for linking to articles that mention Tommy Robinson in a neutral or critical manner. Even Members of Parliament such Morten Messerschmidt, the leader of the Danish People’s Party, can experience such treatment. This is Stalinist censorship in the supposedly free Western world. Certain individuals are to be treated as non-persons. You are not allowed to even mention that they exist.

Tommy Robinson himself questions whether British authorities have the right to criticize the treatment of dissidents by the Chinese Communist Party or other oppressive regimes. The ruling elites in the UK employ disturbingly similar tactics to destroy Robinson or other dissenting voices whom they call “racists.”

Being labeled a “racist” in a Western country today is comparable to being labeled a “class traitor” in Communist societies. The accusation alone can be enough to destroy your life.

The French Jewish author and intellectual Alain Finkielkraut has noted that
I think that the lofty idea of ‘the war on racism’ is gradually turning into a hideously false ideology. And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th century. A source of violence.”[7]

In Copenhagen, Robinson showed a shocking video about the grotesque treatment he has received from the British establishment. The mass media and the courts contribute to this shameful farce alongside politicians. Tommy Robinson has talked about his experiences previously in his book Enemy of the State,[8] but his new documentary SILENC£D was updated to 2023.[9] The video was powerful and credible, but perhaps a bit too long. Shortening it would increase its impact. I told him that after the screening, and suspect that others may have done the same.

I feel a certain kinship with Tommy Robinson. Fortunately, I have not yet been thrown in prison, although some of my harshest critics have openly called for this because they hate my writings. In that regard, his story is worse than mine.

Yet we have both endured massive media campaigns directed against us personally after talking about politically sensitive subjects such as Islam and mass immigration.

To the American television host Tucker Carlson, Robinson revealed that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his experiences.[10] I developed similar symptoms after the attacks in Norway in 2011, and it took me years to recover from this. My road to recovery includes possible permanent exile from the country of my birth.

One of the most renowned authors from Denmark was Hans Christian Andersen. He is especially remembered for his fairy tales such as “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. It is an enjoyable story. However, it does not quite fit reality today. In the tale by H.C. Andersen, a small child is the only person in the crowd brave enough to point out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. Once the child has stated this truth in public, however, everybody else repeats it and starts laughing.

Unfortunately, this is not at all what happens to dissenting voices in the Western world today. If you point out inconvenient truths, the media and the authorities will definitely not laugh. They will viciously attack you and claim that you are an evil, dangerous, and hateful person spreading lies. The ruling elites will do everything in their power to destroy you personally. That way, they can scare others into quiet submission and keep the truth from being publicly acknowledged.

The number of subjects which Western citizens are not allowed to discuss freely keeps growing. They are no longer merely limited to immigration. The ruling elites define certain beliefs regarding transsexuals, coronavirus vaccines or alleged man-made climate change as the Truth. Once they have done so, dissenting views on these subjects are attacked and suppressed. As a result, the supposedly free Western world is getting less free every year.


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7 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Exposes Western Censorship

  1. Thank you for posting. Tommy Robinson is an interesting individual to meet. British authorities should be deeply ashamed of how they have treated him.

  2. A year ago he traveled to Mexico with his kids and a friend who I think had kids as well. The British government let him travel there and had him detained and extradited or deported on grounds of national security. Only thing I can think of is the UK government sees him as a national treasure and was a afraid he would have crossed the border into the US, illegally, like everyone else. Had he not traveled with a friend it is not clear what would have happened to his kids in Mexico. When he got back he was greeted by a few officers that tried to provoke him in the airport to respond negatively. He is meant to be an example.

  3. Thank you for this article. I’ll just mention that old time children’s stories lasted through the ages because they told the truth about man’s behavior, even if it was terrifying. Many of the 19th and 20th century stories won’t because they sugarcoat man’s behavior, so they’ll end up forgotten. It shows why the enemy is so vested in rewriting old stories — the more children learn untruths, the more they can’t perceive danger to themselves. Thank you and Tommy for always telling the truth — if western civilization is going to survive it will be because of brave people like you telling the truth. I’m sorry to hear that Tommy has lost his wife and children, but I’ll be praying for him and his children. You both are more of an inspiration than you think.

  4. They silenced his voice in Britain and much of Europe, it would seem the powers that be deem him too dangerous to utter mere words that hurt their feelings and point out obvious bloody truth, I am actually surprised the Brits didn’t off him yet. It now shows the rest of us that speech isn’t going to cut it anymore, for they will destroy you for it, now let out the dogs of war, when these powers at be really start fearing you, things will change. Until then, this speech exercise in futility and frustration is just words in the wind.

  5. I admire TR hugely; not sure I could summon his courage in the face of such sustained persecution.

    He left (if I recall correctly) the English Defence League over antisemitism, so accusations of “racism” are wide of the mark.

  6. Apologies as a bit late to post here, but Tommy Robinson’s acceptance speech is worth it 🙂
    Only in the last few days became aware of TR’s “Silenced”
    And thanks for this post as I have used it as a resource elsewhere. 🙂

    Some in Copenhagen can see the problem & issues about “Free Speech”
    TR received the ‘Sappho Award,’

    ….. his direct and confrontational style as a street journalist, should – according to mainstream media – deprive Tommy Robinson not only of his credibility, but also make it perfectly okay to deprive him of virtually every platform where he could otherwise speak, and where he has had millions of followers.
    A circumstance that should otherwise arouse interest in his cause, because why is he so popular? ….

    A prize that according to the Free Press Society of 2004’s website is :—
    “awarded to a person who has shown uncompromising courage in the struggle for the free word.”

    …. January 21, 2020 ….. “Silicon Valley, the alliance of globalists, Islamists and the far-left, are taking away our free speech.”
    “The British establishment, I believe, they looked and saw the power that we had through Facebook, through social media,”
    “This level of censorship terrifies me, the control that Silicon Valley now has in controlling how people think.”

    Finally found it, though I did want the transcript.

    1 hour 20 mins : July 19th, 2020. :

    That speech details many of the alleged crimes of even claiming that TR pleads guilty, but note when he shows the transcripts, the screen shots, and the media pages and they continue besmirching as when some one else quotes, so must be true.

    And now we see that the government has since then set up & resourced “Dis-mis -information” programs to bring down any one that the state finds challenging for raising questions.

    Thanks for the work & resource that helps people see things as they really are.

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