Scientific Insanity

MC’s latest wide-ranging essay addresses various aspects of the Culture Wars, most of them from the American front.

Scientific Insanity

by MC

We should by now be learning that ‘Nazism’ as such, is not an instance in history, but a logical pathway for those who seek totalitarian power. Soviet Communism destroyed itself because it assumed that ‘equity’ would overcome all difficulties, and that expertise was bourgeois, unneeded and unwanted. By killing off successful farmers, the Soviets destroyed their agriculture, failing to learn that ability needs to be rewarded, otherwise it is replaced by mediocrity; the “to each” side of the equation driving the “from each” to a degree which renders the whole instance unbalanced and unworkable.

Nazism works, and had to be taken down by overwhelming (and expensive) force of arms; it rewarded each according to his input and thus kept the workforce motivated.

We know that repeated attempts to make a losing strategy work are futile, and until one admits that failure, and accepts that there is a need to change the direction of the strategy, then failure will follow failure. To continue to try and make failure work without changing the strategy is pure insanity. In a society that forces the productive to support the unproductive there is an element of unpaid labour inflicted on those who produce. Am I therefore a 30% slave if I have to pay a third of my paycheck in extra taxes to support the idle?

Traditionally, those unable to work — the ‘poor’ — were a family responsibility, but historical Poor Laws made them a parish responsibility, and in many ways this was the start of the disintegration of the family as responsibility and duty passed to (expensive) bureaucrats. Costs increased, as did the numbers as more and more discovered that they could ride the gravy train. Thus the ‘solution’ was worse than the original problem .

This tendency for failure to repeat itself is endemic in democratic politics where the appearance of emotional intelligence is essential to winning votes, but irrational when it comes to actual lawmaking. Thus are politicians always benighted with the need for inappropriate emotional answers (lies) to rational questions.

There can be no doubt that President Trump was a highly successful President, as Presidents go, but he lacked an emotional empathy with a particularly avid but active and vocal group of powerful and immoral people for whom the ends justify the means. While they succeeded in displacing President Trump — possibly through the illegal manipulation of the vote — his compromise replacement(s) were and are totally disastrous.

The powerful voices in the Democrat party — Clinton, Sanders etc. — were unelectable, and even Democrats are wary of avowed communists and unindicted criminals.

So we got Brandon as a time-served and ranking Dem, who, they thought, could be relied upon to follow the party line. However in a divided party, the party line comes from she who shouts loudest.

But the big drawback of rigging votes is that the election concerned lacks credibility and does not help the winner’s political credibility. In the case of President Trump in 2016, it would appear that vote rigging was inconclusive and failed because Trump basically got more votes than had been predicted in (biased) pre-elections polls (poetic justice?). Still, shedding doubt on outcomes because more ‘people’ apparently voted for Clinton, did not help the Trump presidency.

In 2020 the vote rigging was much more blatant. It was based on COVID panic measures, and relied on a biased media and a bought (or blackmailed) SCOTUS for any credibility it had.

The Brandon administration started under a cloud which got blacker and blacker as Brandon lost all real credibility. He is at best senile, and at worst in the middle stages of dementia. All at a time when the USA needs strong leadership. The Veep is no better, displaying a strange idiocy even without the obvious dementia. This idiocy of the Veep is the guarantee that the dolt needs to stay in power. She is there because she is non-white, female and incompetent non-threatening.

In the meantime the USA has disappeared as a credible political force on the international stage, just as happened with Woodrow Wilson in 1914 and FDR in 1939 — Significant?

Whatever can go wrong?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

We can’t impeach him because the Veep is even worse. We can’t even invoke the 25th Amendment because we would then have to admit that we got an incompetent dishonestly elected. Iran and Ukraine are on the boil, and we lack the oomph to head them off at the pass.

Just think what FDR and WW could have done (but didn’t) to stop the 20th-century dictatorship wars…

Much of the Japanese situation was mismanaged, and Hitler might well have backed down into obscurity if FDR had been on the international ball. As it was, FDR was a fascist sympathiser and could be ruled out as a significant entity on the international stage. Hitler must have been stunned when FDR eventually responded forcibly to the German declaration of war following Pearl Harbour.

Problems with pipelines seem prophetic — no Canada-US pipeline, no Israel-Greece pipeline, but yes to Russia-Germany Nordstream 2. Is this a sensible, rational ‘green’ policy, or a simplistic formula for an unintentional WW3?

And given the problems in the US and Canadian trucking industries, is it just plain eco-insanity?

Brandon kneels at the altar of the political Left, the altar of the CPUSA. He bows to Barry and kneels before the altar of AOC. Does Nance agree?

We are in the middle of a revolution, but a slow revolution. You have to look very hard to see the red flags waving in the setting sun. Unlike Russian peasants, Americans can fight back, so the revolutionaries have to move slowly, and deceitfully, their main weapon being the control of mass media. Like the Wizard of Oz, however, there is a curtain and behind it a delusion which must be defended at all costs.

Covid provided a wonderful vehicle to accelerate the process, but at the same time it exposed the curtain, the edges of which could be lifted to expose the sordid undergarments covering the same old, same old Dicks and Dorks genitals, nothing new here folks.

Socialism has ever proven to be a smoke and mirrors religion. The smoke is needed to obscure and choke, the mirrors to deflect unpleasant truths. And, of course, the snake oil of ‘modern medicine’ and its dishonest sales force using threats and fear to promote the feudal (the most profitable) agenda.

Exploiting the ignorance of the college-educated is easy. College instils in us an arrogance of righteous certainty that precludes the need for thinking and researching for ourselves. The professor said ‘IT’, so ‘IT’ must therefore be true, QED.

Emotion has always trumped pure science, (professor) Lysenko rules OK!

This revolution started in the middle of the nineteenth century when ‘science’ supposedly became ascendant over Christianity. In the minds of many it became the new religion, and “Following the Science” became a new fashion statement.

Christianity created a society which was slowly overcoming obstacles: in the USA, slavery; in the UK, a class and caste system that locked the peons into peony; in Europe, anti-Semitism, the ideas of replacement theology and of the Christ-killers.

These were long-held and well-embedded beliefs, and the prime movers of centuries of imbroglio.

But we failed to learn the lessons of Adam’s fall. We desperately wanted man (ourselves) to be as gods, defining our own good and our own evil. Unfortunately, my good and my evil were subject to dispute by his good or her evil.

Is slavery automatically evil? Is it possible for some that benevolent slavery (a.k.a. socialism) could be more comfortable than a world where one is subject solely to one’s own or family resources?

The slavery of the Israelites in Egypt turned bad when they were forced to follow Egyptian religious norms. This is endemic in the Left regime mindset, where physical ‘power’ is deemed to justify religious coercion. Historically, most leftist religions, including Nazism, have required forcible compliance and ‘mandates’, the non-compliant being enslaved and killed, the compliant being just enslaved.

The ‘New Man’ (the slave) must conform at all times to the elite’s religious requirements. This ‘Droit de Seigneur’ mentality is a driving force in all instances of tyranny and may well be why we have yet to see a female tyrant. Mao’s hobby it would appear was deflowering 12-year-olds, one may safely assume that he did not ask their permission. Was Bill Clinton the same? We do not know what happened at Epstein’s Lolita Island, and we will probably never find out.

Vasily Polenov: Le droit du Seigneur (1874); a nineteenth-century artist’s painting of an old man bringing his young daughters to their feudal lord.

Some say that droit de seigneur is a myth. Personally, I doubt it; men with unrestricted power are very unpleasant animals who will take what they can.

Judeo-Christianity brought us the concept of one Law for All, and the idea that law be applied at the individual level rather than the group level.

I don’t know if Derek Chauvin ‘murdered’ George Floyd, but it is very obvious that the ‘trial’ was driven by the fear of mob violence. The same with Tommy Robinson in the UK: his kangaroo-style hearings seem to me to have been motivated by politics rather than justice. Show trials are never ‘clever’; they are just part of the tinsel of tyranny, and whilst they may fool most of the people some of the time, throwing dissidents to the dogs mobs has a tendency to boomerang.

As for J6 — I am speechless. Vengeance is mine saith Stalin Brandon.

Christianity worked, and the USA became great, but progressive Darwinian humanism has done us no favours — whilst the few who actually were able to read The Origin of Species were indeed of the favoured race, those who had social Darwinism and its associated eugenics inflicted upon them were most certainly not. The Holodomor and the Holocaust were the direct products of Darwinian thinking…

Of those who actually could read Origin, I wonder how many perceived the quantum leap between the first four chapters of good scientific elucidation of micro-evolution into the fifth chapter phantasy of macro-evolution. Good science does not make such flights of fancy. Darwin knew this, and set down in his last chapter the criteria which would prove or disprove his theory. Darwin was a good scientist, but his last chapter was completely ignored, hence the phantasy.

Darwin, probably unwittingly, set the scene for scientific mythology, confusing what does happen with what might have happened. Vaccines stimulate the immune system to supposedly help fight infection; mRNA injections seek to force the body to manufacture pathogenic material to prime the immune system to counter a perceived threat. But what if the said pathogenic material is, well, seriously pathogenic?

Is treating a poison with a poison efficacious? Are we to play a medicinal “Count of Monte Cristo”? If so, then why the lies and deceits? Bill Gates announces that the world needs to cull 15 million people, and that he can do it with vaccines. He then asks people to take four or five doses of his vaccine-like concoction, which is untested and unproven.

Then we wonder why all cause deaths in young people are up 40%.

And Gates grins to the people…

It takes two to make peace, but only one to make war, and the Left has declared war. Gone are the days when the good of all was important. Now the object is ‘win’, no matter the cost. If there was rampant cheating in the 2020 election, then the current administration is illegitimate, a product of a revolution, and ‘democracy’ has disappeared from the Republic.

It has departed, because democracy requires all sides to voluntarily play by the rules.

Like the Articles of Confederation before it, the Constitutional Republic has “gone with the wind”, and we are left with an oligarchy — it may be that the mid-terms will sort it out, but I doubt that the cheaters will stop their bribery and corruption until someone has the guts to bring a racketeering prosecution against the big money.

This is Al Capone on steroids — public officials bought, media bought, ‘health’ bought. Prohibition enabled Al Capone — what has enabled the Gates-Zuckerberg axis?

Capone was a criminal who was wealthy enough to buy immunity (except from the taxman). What of our current oppressors?

The general public tolerated the speakeasy. Its frisson of illegality and its intoxicating entertainment made it desirable. just what did Facebook bring to us that created that same phizz?

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

5 thoughts on “Scientific Insanity

  1. Is slavery automatically evil?

    There is, I believe, an exception to every rule, like forcing rude teenagers to work. So as long as one is able to leave their enslavement…

    But there is another kind of slavery, the “not physical slavery”, when people are trained to serve other people without question. The “spiritual slavery”, It looks like we are in an age when hypnosis and mind manipulation are fully developed sciences, and propaganda always gets about 30% of the people. These 30% of people, the part of the society that always “Supports the Current Thing”, they seem to require this kind of Media guidance that tells them what to do and what to think, and if they get enslaved, they don’t think anything about it.

    Maybe we should rephrase the question from “is being forced to work automatically evil?” to “Is it ok to mind control the slaves that they only work, own nothing, but are still happy?”

    • @ Barn Swallow

      Re: “The “spiritual slavery”, It looks like we are in an age when hypnosis and mind manipulation are fully developed sciences, and propaganda always gets about 30% of the people.”

      Your observations are astute. Propaganda has always existed, but once humanity entered the electronic age, its potency increased dramatically. Indeed, these tools can be weapons of psychological warfare. This begs the question: Why are the global elites waging war – psychological war – upon their own peoples and nations? For that is precisely what it is – psychological warfare.

      It is germane to note that for the whole of our history as a nation prior to 2014, it was illegal for the U.S. government to author propaganda and disinformation whose intended use was to be against the American people themselves. That year, the Obama regime slipped an obscure rules change into the annual Defense Authorization Bill which funds the military every year. It is now no longer “illegal” to manufacture or disseminate propaganda for use against the U.S. taxpayers. Make of that what you will…

      Prior to perhaps 24 months ago, such musings could have been dismissed as tin-foil hat stuff, and safely disregarded, but today, those conspiracy theories have moved into the realm of verifiable fact. Even those not really paying attention have seen the blizzard of propaganda these last two years for what it is. That’s how over-the-top it has been.

  2. The current Ukraine situation with ethnic targeting of pathogens and the CIA sponsoring all these colour revolutions and leaving countries in chaos has changed my view of the US “hegemony”. Before I didn’t think there was one, now I’m frightened what future it will bring us. The vaccine has pieces of various DNA fragments in it. Does this mean those willing to be vaccinated will survive their next plague and the others die? Is this how they plan to weed out those who refuse to be slaves? Why do they need 100’s of biolabs? How many pathogens do they need? How many people do they want to kill or will they just keep it on hand to make sure we don’t get “out of line”? What sort of friend does that? The weapons of mass destruction were given to Iraq by the US to attack Iran and then the US wanted them back?

  3. @ Sara

    Re: “The current Ukraine situation with ethnic targeting of pathogens and the CIA sponsoring all these colour revolutions and leaving countries in chaos has changed my view of the US “hegemony”. Before I didn’t think there was one, now I’m frightened what future it will bring us.”

    You are wise to be concerned, even alarmed. It is simply a matter of scientific and technical reality that it is now possible, using such things as CRISPR gene-splicing technology, to create “custom-made” organisms and pathogens in a lab.

    Biological and chemical weapons are not new in the annals of warfare. They have been used multiple times this past century for example. Both sides in the Great War used chemical weapons, mostly chlorine and mustard gas, and the soldiers in the trenches greatly feared being caught in such an attack in the open and without a mask.

    During and before the Second World War, the notorious Unit 731 of the Japanese Army carried out gruesome biological warfare experiments on prisoners and helpless civilians, as well as conducting bombing raids with biological/chemical munitions against human targets.

    The problem with such weapons, in strictly military as opposed to moral-ethical terms, was their non-specificity and lack of precision.

    In WWI in the trenches adjacent to no-man’s land, it was a relatively simple task to bring large steel cylinders of mustard or chlorine gas up to the front, wait until the wind was favorable, and then release the gas and watch it carried over the enemy’s lines. That worked fine – until the wind shifted and the deadly gas cloud got carried back over your position. Or until the wind picked up and dispersed the cloud, reducing or eliminating its effectiveness.

    The Japanese, et al. ran into the same problems with biological weapons. If you decide to use a pathogen of some sort as a weapon, perhaps dropping onto or into enemy positions from an aircraft or otherwise delivering it to a chosen target, how do you make sure the pathogen targets the enemy and not your own people?

    For the last seventy-five years, most major nations – including the U.S. & the USSR/Russia – have had active stocks of biological & chemical weapons in their arsenals, and most such nations also have R&D facilities devoted to such weapons and research. The use of such WMDs has been limited by the deterrence of “mutually-assured destruction” (MAD), and also by international treaty – but also by many of the same concerns seen first in WWI and WWII.

    The paradigm has changed, however, owing to cutting-edge methods of making custom-designed organisms – including microbial pathogens – using the new techniques of gene sequencing and splicing, etc. to build pathogens so specific that they can be used to target or discriminate between different genotypes (= an individual’s genetic make-up) and phenotypes (= physical characteristics).

    It is now possible to selectively-target one ethnic/racial group versus another, for example. It’s all quite horrifying, to be perfectly blunt. If these powerful new tools are weaponized on a mass scale, humanity may enter a dark age unlike any yet seen. I shudder to think….

  4. Yahweh gave Moses the Law for the people of Abraham’s grandson Jacob to obey and thereby set the godly example for the neighboring nations to follow and obey, thus beginning a cultural revival in a region that had been given over to the worst in uncivilized behavior. Jacob’s progeny was no better and their rebellious choices have been echoed down through the ages and to all appearances have come to their fulfillment during these last days which on my opinion began with the publication of Darwin’s treatise and the industrial revolution that followed in which humans were no longer special and individual creations of the Lord God but rather expendable or even disposable commodities.
    Yes, the elite powers that be have taken God off of His Throne and have placed themselves there instead. The last laugh will be on them as the Lord God is perfect and infinite in all respects and they are not. Their own imperfections will indict them and then condemn them as the world descends into the morass of self-destruction that awaits them.
    Jesus in His “Sermon on the Mount” which began with the beatitudes ( or be attitudes) gave us Yahweh’s divine law of love of God and for one another which is the perfect foundation for a civilization. That we have been less than “civil” with one another has resulted in those foundations eroding from under our feet whilst we are standing on them.
    God help us all as we await for our Bridegroom to take us home.

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