Tommy Robinson Busts the Fake News on Danish TV

Last week I posted Tommy Robinson’s speech in Copenhagen after he received the Free Press Society award, and also the hostile interview with him on Danish TV. A couple of days later that you saw a fisking by the vlogger Lars Andersen of dishonest presentations about Tommy by Danish state TV in the program called “Deadline”.

After Tommy was interviewed on Deadline, the organizer of the Free Press Society event, Aia Fog, was also interviewed on the same program. She was ambushed by the interviewer, who showed her one of Tommy’s videos from Britain without presenting the full context about what she was seeing — even though he was well aware of it.

Tommy confronted the presenter after the interview with Ms. Fog. He took along a hidden camera and microphone, and was thus able to expose some of the machinations that produce fake news for Danish TV.

Tania Groth translated the brief Danish portions, and Vlad Tepes did the subtitling:

Video transcript:

06:30   There he seeks out a reporter from the British newspaper “The Independent”
06:35   at the home of the journalist who he says has attempted to seek him out himself
06:39   in the same manner. Take a look at this.
07:16   Again, is that a worthy manner for an award winner to act?
07:20   That can be discussed. That said, it is certainly not a worthy way
07:23   that Tommy himself has been treated by the media, so…

4 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Busts the Fake News on Danish TV

  1. Tommy Robinson is a HERO! He has risked so much to expose the leftist media for what they are–> propagandist. It’s really scary how far the leftist will go to manipulate the public. It’s a disgrace to all journalist and its a direct attack against freedom of speech. I ask everyone to do whatever it you can to fight back against this! I do my part, we all need to do our part or we will find ourselves living in totalitarian state. Go get them Tommy! You are HIGHLY RESPECTED, KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!

  2. Did they ever show Road Runner cartoons in Europe? One more fail for the coyote.

  3. Acme journalism with the coyote looking stun and dumbfounded as the rock of truth falls onto his head.

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