The Railroading of Tommy Robinson

The following video is a report on Tommy Robinson by Lars Andersen, a Danish vlogger and former police officer. Mr. Andersen discusses Tommy’s speech at the Free Press Society and his interview on Danish TV, both of which were published here earlier this week.

The subtitled video of the Deadline interview with Peter Münster referred to by Mr. Andersen was posted here last September.

This video is an excellent fisking of the Danish MSM. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hi, Lars Andersen here.
00:05   Yesterday I attended the Free Press Society Award ceremony
00:08   for the awarding of their Sappho freedom of speech prize.
00:11   It is an award given to people who actively fight for freedom of speech.
00:18   And this year the award was given to the British activist and journalist Tommy Robinson.
00:25   He is a very controversial figure.
00:29   In fact he is so controversial that there were approximately 30 police officers present
00:33   in order to protect the event held at Christiansborg [Parliament],
00:37   to protect against what I would consider an obvious left-wing threat against the event,
00:42   with masked Antifa thugs standing outside shouting their slogans.
00:48   It was, however, a rather small and impotent demonstration
00:53   that Antifa and the left wing scraped together yesterday.
00:59   It was not nearly as bad as it could have been. Fortunately.
01:04   After the event, which included some excellent speeches that I will be linking to,
01:11   Tommy Robinson was booked for an interview with “Deadline” on DR [state broadcaster].
01:17   And that interview is what we will now see, with my comments as a sort of a reaction video,
01:24   as the interview actually had more of the character of a “hit job”
01:29   than a real objective interview.
01:33   Let’s watch it now and see how bad it really is.
01:46   Today the Free Press Society’s freedom of speech award
01:50   was given to the controversial right wing activist Tommy Robinson.
02:20   What Tommy Robinson is saying here is that the speech he gave
02:26   quite clearly documents how biased and deceptive the British press is when they cover him.
02:35   He had many examples of how they either deliberately distort his words
02:40   or just straight-up lie about who he is and what he stands for.
02:46   They try to portray him as a man who likes to beat up women, that he’s a Nazi,
02:53   that he says that Muslims should be decapitated — all sorts of stuff
02:58   that the British mainstream media have written articles about,
03:03   but that nobody can show any documentation for. In other words, bald-faced lies.
03:08   One would think that one is in a dystopian novel when you read these things, and you think,
03:13   umm, the media can’t be lying that much about a person,
03:16   but that is actually what they are doing in the case of Tommy Robinson.
03:19   And he demonstrates that very clearly in his speech at the Free Press Society’s event.
03:26   I have left links in the bottom of this video where you can see his speech in its entirely.
03:32   So let’s continue with the Deadline interview.
03:35   The award ceremony took place at Christiansborg [Parliament],
03:38   where demonstrators had shown up to express their opposition to Tommy Robinson.
03:41   Robinson is 37 years old and hails from Luton in south-eastern England,
03:45   and calls himself a citizen activist, that is a kind of journalist-activist.
03:50   He started his career in the radical right-wing British National Party
03:55   back in 2004-2005. In 2009 he was instrumental
04:01   in starting the Islam-critical English Defense League (EDL),
04:06   and last year his critical and very derogatory statements about Muslims and Islam
04:11   became too much for the large social media platforms.
04:14   And already here Deadlines’ interview starts to get seriously derailed.
04:21   The journalist is of the opinion that he has used very derogatory expressions about Muslims,
04:28   and that is something that we will touch upon later in this video.
04:31   It is something that cannot be documented. It is pure hearsay.
04:36   The journalist has absolutely no evidence that this happened,
04:40   and IF these things had happened, for example if Tommy HAD said that Muslims
04:44   should be decapitated, as a number of their MSM publications have claimed,
04:48   there would be evidence of his having said it. The thing is, there isn’t.
04:51   And that is an incredibly poor way of doing journalism. We continue.
05:00   Facebook and Instagram closed his account with the rationale
05:03   that several times he had violated their community guidelines about hateful speech.
05:06   YouTube and Twitter also closed his accounts,
05:09   according to the two platforms, after he there
05:13   had encouraged violence against Muslims.
05:17   On Facebook he had a million followers before his account was closed.
05:21   On Twitter he had 400,000 followers, and on YouTube he had more than 300,000 active followers.
05:24   But it is not only on the social media platforms that Tommy has broken the rules.
05:27   He has multiple convictions for violent assault,
05:30   and in 2013 he was also convicted of financial fraud.
05:37   And finally, just last year, he received a prison sentence
05:41   for contempt of court and for attempting to influence the court
05:45   by filming and by questioning the suspects
05:48   in a case about the rape of a teenage girl. And it is,
05:51   amongst other things, for that effort as a political activist
05:54   that the Free Press Society are awarding him today with the Free Speech award.
05:58   The journo mentions that Tommy has been convicted of assault — and he was, quite some time ago.
06:06   Tommy Robinson is by no means a saint.
06:10   He is a human being with human failings and shortcomings,
06:13   and he is not the perfect exponent for this, as his background is working-class,
06:18   and because he’s a bit of a hothead,
06:22   it means that the MSM can “catch him” regarding different things from his past,
06:27   and he has done things that they, the MSM, feel that they can use against him
06:32   in order to counter his arguments and his political work.
06:36   The thing is, these are two completely unrelated things. Just because a person makes a mistake, or
06:42   did something stupid at some point, does not mean that that person cannot be right in the future.
06:48   But that is what the MSM attempts to lead us toward —
06:51   they want to brand him as a brutal man of violence,
06:54   and if you are Tommy Robinson or his type, that is, a working-class football fan from England,
07:01   you are not allowed to be right about anything, and that is the narrative
07:06   that the media very often use when they talk about Tommy Robinson.
07:11   That is like saying that, if a person says that 2 plus 2 is 4,
07:14   that is untrue because that person has a conviction for assault.
07:18   In other words, that statement then can’t be true, and that you can’t be right about other things.
07:21   And that is amply documented a number of times in Tommy Robinson’s speech
07:25   at the Free Press Society’s award ceremony.
07:28   We continue. —Earlier today I was visited by Tommy Robinson in the studio and I asked
07:34   him first what he considers to be his political project.
08:08   And here he is talking about the grooming gangs that are running rampant throughout England,
08:12   and as he says, 90% or 95% of the time it is people of non-Western background,
08:17   that is people of Muslim background in these cases,
08:21   that have been the perpetrators in these cases. And this has been documented and verified
08:26   in the different reports that I will link to under this video.
08:30   And that the police and social agencies have been sitting on their hands in these cases
08:35   because they were afraid of being called racists.
08:40   There are an awful lot of British girls who have been subjected to rape, been forced to take drugs,
08:49   and who have generally been victims of really heinous acts by these grooming gangs,
08:55   because the police have not done anything to stop these criminals; the police have simply
08:59   not done their jobs, and the social agencies have not done what they were supposed to, because
09:03   they have been politically correct and because they have been afraid of being called racists.
09:07   This is something that has been documented beyond any shadow of a doubt,
09:11   and that is what Tommy Robinson has made us aware of through his work.
09:14   That why he gets a lot of criticism, and that is why
09:18   the media despise him, because he points out these facts.
09:22   Because it is not politically correct to point out that there are massive,
09:28   absolutely MASSIVE problems with non-Western migration to the West.
09:34   You are not allowed to say that — then you are a racist,
09:37   and they will do everything possible to discredit you.
11:23   And here the journalist makes two mistakes. He tries to make the claim
11:28   that Tommy Robinson can “just” reach out to people through Telegram,
11:34   and on different YouTube media. Here he mentions Rebel Media.
11:40   But the thing is, however, when you are banned from the very biggest platforms —
11:45   YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and that type of media —
11:49   and are banished to languish in strange corners of the internet, you cannot legitimately claim
11:54   that you have the same reach and are able to get your message out.
11:59   And yes, they are private companies and they may do as they please, but to claim that
12:05   Tommy Robinson’s ability to reach out with his message hasn’t been amputated,
12:11   that’s quite a stretch, because if you cannot be on Facebook, YouTube,
12:15   and all of the other platforms I’ve mentioned,
12:19   then you will be unable to reach out to as many people as others can.
12:25   When you don’t have access to the same mass media as ordinary people have, or lack the ability
12:30   to move where other people are present, then you are essentially in a straitjacket.
12:34   And the journalist is trying to claim that he isn’t restricted, because “all” you need to do
12:39   is to go to obscure corners of the internet in order to find Tommy Robinson.
12:44   He also claims that Tommy is on Rebel Media, and that isn’t correct.
12:51   Rebel Media reports often about Tommy Robinson, as journalists should report on the news,
12:58   but Tommy Robinson isn’t a part of Rebel Media. That is almost like saying that
13:05   DR [state broadcaster] is a part of the Social Democrats or the other way around.
13:13   There is a difference between reporting on something, and being a part of what is being reported.
13:18   Tommy Robinson HAS been a part of Rebel Media, as they are interested
13:24   in freedom of speech, but Tommy Robinson does not work there,
13:30   and he doesn’t have anything to do with them in THAT way.
13:33   The journalist can apparently not tell the difference.
13:38   He is of the opinion that Tommy is a part of Rebel Media, which is untrue.
14:06   And here Tommy Robinson says, quite correctly, that governmental powers
14:12   are pressuring the big tech platforms to exclude certain people and certain opinions.
14:19   That’s been documented many times. Angela Merkel talked directly to Mark Zuckerberg about this,
14:24   and audio clips have been captured where microphones were left open without their knowledge,
14:30   and in a great number of cases MPs in England and other places
14:35   have pressured and lobbied large tech companies
14:39   to exclude people like Tommy Robinson from the public debate.
14:45   So there is very large amount of political pressure brought to bear
14:49   on the big tech companies — the big social media —
14:52   to be politically correct, and I am quite sure that
14:55   the large tech companies have certain political leanings,
14:59   and that these leanings go very well together with the leanings of the elites.
15:02   Apart from that, there is a pressure on them to conform
15:08   to the politically correct discourse that the politicians very much want to promote:
15:15   that mass migration is a good thing and that you are a racist if you don’t agree with it.
15:47   A funny little thing I hadn’t noticed before — Tommy Robinson asks, or rather he
15:53   pokes the journalist a bit, asking him, “When was the last time I was in the British media?”
16:00   and that is translated in the Danish text to something else.
16:08   “Find me the last time I was on traditional media,” and the Danish subtitles reads:
16:12   “My last interview was with traditional media in Britain.”
16:17   They haven’t even translated Tommy Robinson’s interview properly to Danish.
16:22   Very strange, but very much in line [with what is being discussed].
17:04   And here Robinson says that he has never been charged or convicted
17:09   for any of these so-called hate crimes.
17:15   They say for example that Tommy Robinson has encouraged violence against Muslims,
17:20   but if he actually HAD done this, let’s imagine that he had, then it is a 100% certainty that
17:27   the British government, who absolutely HATE him, would have had him charged and convicted.
17:35   But there is absolutely NO evidence that he has
17:39   ever encouraged violence against Muslims or anybody else.
17:43   So these are completely made-up allegations. If Tommy Robinson so much as steps
17:47   even the tiniest bit across the line concerning these things, with regards to racism,
17:51   or encourages violence, we can be absolutely certain that they would hit him with it immediately.
17:59   But that hasn’t happened. There is therefore a very strong indication
18:03   that these things never happened.
19:48   This is a really excellent example of bad journalism. Tommy Robinson asks the journalist
19:55   if he has seen evidence of the things of which he is being accused
20:02   by the social media platforms, where the journalist says,
20:06   “No, I haven’t, because they’ve deleted it.”
20:09   Does the journalist really think there wouldn’t be evidence if he had done these things?
20:16   Wouldn’t there be just one or two who had taken a screen shot,
20:20   or taken some screen shots as documentation?
20:24   But no, no — that’s apparently good enough for the journalist and for Danish Radio
20:28   to say that there isn’t any evidence because the posts have been deleted.
20:32   In other words, it must be enough that they say it is so,
20:36   and that we are to believe it with no evidence whatsoever.
20:40   It’ pretty pathetic.
21:32   The documentary that Tommy Robinson made, “Panodrama”, was a very very good documentary
21:38   about the BBC, who were making a documentary about Tommy Robinson.
21:45   So he, in turn, made a “counter-documentary,
21:48   where he proved that their sole purpose and angle was to smear him.
21:52   He got a person to go undercover at the BBC
21:57   and speak to the host for the programme,
22:02   and so we see very clearly that the BBC had plans for making a complete hit-job
22:08   on Tommy Robinson in an attempt to make him appear as some sort of sexual predator.
22:14   It is simply incredible that the BBC had gotten permission to do this,
22:20   and that a flagship programme like BBC Panorama…
22:27   and that they were allowed to insinuate and lie about somebody,
22:32   as we clearly see in the documentary [Tommy’s Panodrama].
22:37   I will see if I can find a link to it because naturally it has been scrubbed
22:42   quite thoroughly from YouTube, so we no longer can see what Tommy Robinson has exposed.
22:48   It was after this documentary was shown, where he exposed the mainstream media’s lies
22:52   about him, that he started being removed from social media.
22:59   The elites, the mainstream, simply could not tolerate
23:03   having somebody so popular and so good at exposing their lies.
23:08   I mean, you can’t have such a person on social media.
23:12   He would damage their political narrative too much
23:15   if they allowed him to speak. And it almost sounds like
23:19   a conspiracy theory, but it is nevertheless what happened.
23:39   And that is correct. In an earlier Deadline programme they had
23:44   Facebook’s Nordic Communication chief Peter Münster in for an interview.
23:49   A person who by the way who wrote his bachelor at the Radical Left,
23:53   He was asked by the journalist Lotte Svensen (I think).
23:59   He is asked if he has evidence that Tommy Robinson has said or done the things
24:06   they claim he has said or done, and to that Peter Münster said that they do not.
24:13   I should be able to provide a link to this Deadline interview.
24:18   It was a completely absurd interview with Facebook’s employee Peter Münster,
24:25   where he, amongst other things, compares Tommy Robinson
24:31   to a convicted Serbian war criminal, that Tommy Robinson is in the same category
24:37   as a war criminal who has killed thousands of people.
24:41   It [the interview] was almost like looking into another dimension.
24:46   Very very strange interview on Deadline with Facebook’s Peter Münster.
25:55   What DR is trying to do now is to attempt to draw a parallel with a convicted terrorist,
26:02   a person who wants Sharia law, who wants homosexuals hanged from cranes,
26:10   and who is of the opinion that women shouldn’t have the same rights as men,
26:14   and all sorts of other totalitarian and awful things.
26:17   Here DR’s journalist attempts to draw a parallel with Tommy Robinson,
26:21   saying essentially, but aren’t you exactly like him?
26:25   and that is completely — I can hardly understand — actually I am finding it hard
26:30   to find words to describe how insane it is to compare these two!
26:34   The one encourages violence, encourages people to wage holy war for Islamic state,
26:40   encourages insane, totalitarian, backwards, medieval acts,
26:46   and the other, Tommy Robinson, who says that are problems with migration and that
26:52   it is reprehensible that the police and social services
26:55   haven’t done anything about the grooming gangs
26:58   who have raped British girls. It is these two people
27:02   that Denmark Radio are attempting to draw a parallel between.
27:18   Perhaps that there is evidence for the one and not for the other! Could that be it?
28:25   The journalist from DR hurriedly drops his attempt at drawing a parallel
28:32   between Tommy Robinson and a convicted terrorist who promotes Sharia law.
28:39   I’m guessing he realizes that it doesn’t quite “wash”.
29:20   The police officer here calls Tommy Robinson extreme right-wing, when in reality
29:27   Tommy Robinson is no more right-wing than Danish People’s Party.
29:35   He is a political centrist, that is, he isn’t a person
29:42   who wants to abolish the British state or create an ethno-state for white people only.
29:50   That isn’t Tommy Robinson, and yet he is always talked about as being “extreme right”
29:55   because he points out the problem with non-Western migration.
30:34   And “no” is the short answer to the question of whether you can trust the British police
30:39   on subjects regarding extremism, Islam and freedom of speech.
30:44   Can you trust them? The answer is a resounding NO, you can’t!
30:50   They are on the wrong side of history, so to speak.
30:54   They persecute those who want freedom of speech,
30:57   those who want to create dialogue about societal problems,
31:00   and they make up stories that people who are in no way extremist are actually extremists.
31:52   The truth is not hate speech. Exactly, and that is probably at the core of this discussion
31:59   and at the core of what the MSM and the elites use to persecute people.
32:06   Hate speech will become freedom of speech’s greatest enemy.
32:11   That you criticize something, that you point out problem areas,
32:16   will be put in the same category as hate speech.
32:21   So if you voice some sort of problem,
32:26   you “hate” the people who are creating the problem.
32:32   And if you problematize something, then you are a hateful person
32:38   who should be in prison.
32:42   And, as Tommy Robinson rightfully says, he has never been arrested or convicted for anything to do
32:46   with hate speech, and if he had, you can rest assured he would be sitting in prison as we speak.
33:50   So if you can’t “get” Tommy Robinson for anything else, you can always attempt to
33:55   paint him as a crazy conspiracy theorist who thinks the whole world is against him,
34:00   that there’s a man with a white cat on his lap who orchestrates everything and who tells the media
34:05   and the politicians and the mainstream that they are to be against Tommy Robinson.
34:09   Of course that is not the case, and Tommy Robinson gives excellent answers to this question.
34:13   He says that these organizations, the politicians,
34:18   the powerful and the elites are against his political agenda.
34:23   It is obvious that this is the case. It is likewise obvious that
34:27   the mainstream has a particular political agenda;
34:31   nothing strange about that. We can see lots of examples throughout history that if ordinary people
34:37   go up against the powerful and the elites who have a particular agenda,
34:43   they will face consequences. That is hardly a conspiracy theory.
34:49   That’s just the way of the world. Sometimes you are dissident, then you are
34:54   against mainstream opinions, but that hardly makes you a conspiracy theorist.
34:59   And that is what the journalist is trying to do.
35:02   He is trying to label Tommy Robinson as a conspiracy theorist.
35:06   It is patently absurd. It is yet another attempt to present Tommy Robinson
35:10   as just another crazy person who cannot be right.
35:51   And that was Deadline’s interview with Tommy Robinson.
35:56   And I think it leaves us with the impression that they,
35:59   quite simply, are trying to “beat him down”.
36:02   They are wasting a good opportunity to highlight
36:06   that there is a huge problem with migration in England,
36:10   and that the British government, the British judiciary, and the social services in England
36:16   are constrained by a negative politically correct agenda that significantly harms British society.
36:22   They never highlight just how much credit Tommy Robinson deserves
36:28   for having brought these things to the fore.
36:34   Instead they are attempting to discredit him and try to label him as a violent extremist,
36:41   right up there with Islamists (like Anjem Choudary) who want Sharia law implemented,
36:46   who hate people, who encourage violence and killing, and they cannot document any of their claims.
36:52   It is a very disgraceful interview, and I hope that anyone who sees this type of thing
36:56   immediately cancels his DR media licence while he still can and it isn’t yet covered by our taxes.

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  1. I had to stop listening to the video. Lars Andersen would have done better simply linking to Tommy Robinson’s interview, and leaving his own commentary out.

    In the first place, Andersen claims the interview was biased, since it mentioned past convictions of Robinson, and made mistakes like assuming Robinson was a member of Rebel Media. But, the assertions were done right to Robinson’s face, giving him every opportunity to deny or correct them. Robinson gave a clear and cogent explanation of his own positions; he didn’t really need a blogger to interpose for him.

    I thought the Dutch interviewer was quite fair. He brought up some past experiences in perhaps a worse light than necessary, and had some incorrect information, but he gave Robinson a full opportunity to give his side and correct the record.

  2. The interviewer failed to do his homework as a reporter Tommy Robinson corrected him. The trouble is that false accusations to Tommy Robinson in the MSM that he was a drug dealer ,or he beat up his wife, or he beat up a 70 year old inmate he was in jail with are never corrected or retracted from the MSM in print or online. That the English government and internet giants have removed any platformed have ban Tommy Robinson on most online media leaving him no place to voice to defend himself on line.

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