Tommy Robinson in Copenhagen

As you all know by now, last week Tommy Robinson received the prestigious Sappho Award from the Danish Free Press Society in Copenhagen.

The full speech given by Tommy after receiving the award is embedded below. But first, there’s an interview with Tommy from the Danish MSM — an antagonistic one, of course; how could it be otherwise?

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling (the transcript at the bottom of this post only includes the Danish portion at the beginning, and not the English-language exchanges in the interview):

Below is Tommy’s entire speech, as posted on the YouTube channel for the Free Press Society. Now that they’ve uploaded more than an hour of Tommy Robinson, how long do you think it will take before their channel is yanked?

By the way — I feel compelled to point out that in his speech Tommy made extensive use of Tania’s translation of a Danish TV clip, which was subtitled by Vlad and posted here last September. It’s good to have been of service to the cause:

See also Steen’s report on Tommy’s speech (in Danish).

Transcript of the introduction to the interview:

00:14   Today the Freedom of the Press’ yearly Free Speech award
00:18   was awarded to the controversial British right-wing activist Tommy Robinson.
00:47   The award ceremony took place at Christiansborg [Parliament],
00:50   where demonstrators had shown up to express their opposition to Tommy Robinson.
00:53   Robinson is 37 years old and hails from Luton in south-eastern England,
00:57   and calls himself a citizen activist, that is a kind of journalist-activist.
01:01   He has been a known as an extreme right-wing figure both in the UK and in other countries.
01:07   He started his career in the radical right-wing British National Party
01:11   back in 2004-2005. In 2009 he was instrumental
01:14   in starting the Islam-critical English Defense League (EDL),
01:18   and last year his critical and very derogatory statements about Muslims and Islam
01:23   became too much for the large social media platforms.
01:26   Facebook and Instagram closed his account with the rationale
01:30   that several times he had violated their community guidelines about hateful speech.
01:34   YouTube and Twitter also closed his accounts,
01:37   according to the two platforms, after he there
01:40   had encouraged violence against Muslims.
01:43   On Facebook he had a million followers before his account was closed.
01:47   On Twitter he had 400,000 followers, and on YouTube he had more than 300,000 active followers.
01:52   But it is not only on the social media platforms that Tommy has broken the rules.
01:56   He has multiple convictions for violent assault,
01:59   and in 2013 he was also convicted of financial fraud.
02:02   And finally, just last year, he received a prison sentence
02:07   for contempt of court and for attempting to influence the court
02:10   by filming and by questioning the suspects
02:13   in a case about the rape of a teenage girl.
02:16   And it is, amongst others things, for that effort as political activist
02:19   that the Freedom of the Press Society are today awarding him with the Freedom of Speech award.
02:23   Earlier today I was visited by Tommy Robinson here in the studio.
02:27   I asked him for starters about what today he considers his political project.

8 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson in Copenhagen

  1. A great speech, by which he clearly defined the problems and methods of big media, big politics, big tech and big lies.

  2. Here’s a tale of Quisling traitors,
    Sold their country to invaders.
    The first was shot in forty-five,
    But many more are still alive.
    When was there a referendum,
    Ere our traitors thought to send ’em?
    Rivers of blood would be the cost,
    Enoch was right, now Britain’s lost.
    Bombs and bullets, acid and knives,
    Vans on pavements destroying lives.
    Showing rape gangs now forbidden,
    Poor old Tommy he’s imprisoned,
    While to jihadis flats are given,
    And ISIS killers all forgiven.

    Hitler’s Nazis could not manage,
    What our Quislings done in damage!
    If Churchill were around today,
    I’m confident that he would say:
    “In older and more modern time,
    Treason must be capital crime,
    Patriots must be supported,
    And invaders all deported,
    Till our girls walk unmolested,
    After British metal’s tested.”
    Will saving Blighty come too late,
    Before the Saxon learns to hate?
    If saving’s coming, it can’t wait,
    Or Islam will be Britain’s fate.

    • PHENOMENAL! Still, Poland, along with Hungary, is one of the last bastions of sanity in Europe where white women can walk alone without being molested…

  3. Thank you, thank you Tommy Robinson.
    Thank you “Danish Free Press Society in Copenhagen”
    Many thanks to the supporters of Tommy Robinson, donating, aiding, giving him voice, giving encouragement etc., etc..
    Thanks to Baron & Dymphna, as I know of some of the support for TR from GatesofVienna.

    That speech of Tommy’s needs to be put on an endless loop, played in schools, media, churches, temples, and even mosques.
    Copy, spread it, show it to friends, neighbours,

    That speech reflects on many other issues and how the corporations, academia, judiciary, establishment, governments, NGO’s, media, etc., manoeuvre, connive, manipulate, etc. as they parasitically seek control and power.

    It will still be a long war, some battles won, some lost, but the battle is to keep on going.

    Never Give In, Never, Never, Never, 1941
    Winston Churchill.

  4. Tommy is one of the bravest men I know of . Thanks so much for showing the world their lives and Deceits . Through your sacrifice, We all need to sacrifice more for freedom. We all need to turn to God in Prayer for it is not these people we are fighting . But the powers of Darkness that are using them.

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