Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad!

The following video shows a devotee of the Religion of Peace expressing his ire at a kafir who evidently said something derogatory about Mohammed Pbuh. I don’t know anything further, except that the fellow is probably in Germany, since he is speaking in German.

The most entertaining part is when the offended believer beats his chest with his fists like a gorilla. Miss Piggy calls this act the “Full Durka Retard”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   But you can take hundreds of people like that. Ho-ha!
00:10   Listen up! If you speak about my prophet like that ever again,
00:16   or if your faggot colleagues do, then I’ll slug you so hard in the head and so fast.
00:23   Faster than you can blink. You won’t have an ape face anymore.
00:27   After that, you’ll only have a destroyed face. Did you hear me?!
00:31   If your bosses or patrons, the ones that give you money, these Jews…
00:40   Tell them, they better stop it or we will all take a stand.
00:53   Allah is the almighty! And his prophet, his last prophet, Mohammed.

14 thoughts on “Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad!

  1. So when puberty started for him, his brain stopped. Now he’s a physically grown man, but his brain is still 13 or 14 years old.

    • That sounds like almost every city council member across the US, and every HOA president. And lets not forget those who have the means to get themselves sent to Washington DC…

    • yes indeed: this must be a species of the missing link kind, most probably an islamopithecus orientalis.

  2. What can one do with such cretins other than deal with them kinetically?

    Offered modernity they choose to remain in the 12th century; they keep certain aspects of modern technology like automatic weapons, grenades, vehicles as bombs and to mow down kaffirs, and internet and cellphones to make their vile videos of torture and murder to spread as propaganda.

    It is impossible to banish them to their own wretched lands, and only a matter of time before they get their hands on biological weapons or the ability to genetically engineer bioweapons through the help of scientifically literate radical leftists and Extinction Rebellion types in a diabolical alliance to depopulate the planet. Islam and its followers represent an existential threat and attempting to deal with them through pacification or giving them autonomy and sharia in parts of Europe is missing the forest for the trees.

    • Hear! Hear! Well stated! I would only add that we cannot give one bloody inch of western lands to the savages of islam. So no autonomy and no sharia. Period! If they want war, give it to them in spades. Mercy to islam is a luxury we cannot afford to give any longer.

  3. Bananas could work! They are cheap enough. Will need cage too for said animal.

    1) Open door to cage
    2) dangle banana in front of animal

    This should coax him into aforementioned cage.

    3) lock in cage and remove to zoo.

    • I think you might get better results with a ball of falafel or a bowl of camel micturation.

  4. Isn’t this considered HATE SPEECH in Germany? Why isn’t this guy arrested? Or has he been, I don’t know. I do know in Germany his threats and insults towards Jewish people is against the law. Hopefully we get an update on this guy, he’s clearly filled with hate to the point he’s shaking. Deport immediately!

    • very much so, marylou! A turkish PTA representative in Hamburg was sued and aquitted for having called the Germans a ” mutt race”, which purely ethnologically is not off track, but nevertheless offensive, likewise for Americans. The courts ruling said that a majority can not be denigrated.
      Now go and call an oriental by any name: hate speech laws will be applied to the full extent.

    • Well, this Retard stated very explicitly what he thought about Jews. Isn’t that a hate crime, in Germany (of all places)?

  5. The Religion of Retards never disappoints… How is it possible, that one book has the power to make so many people so stupid?

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