A Spectre is Haunting Europe

I posted last Monday about the conviction of the French writer Renaud Camus, who was sentenced to two months in prison (suspended) for writing about immigration as the Great Replacement of European peoples.

The following article from the Swedish dissident site Samhällsnytt discusses Mr. Camus’ conviction. Many thanks to LN for the translation:

French intellectual sentenced to prison — for talking about immigration as a population replacement

January 22, 2020

The French writer and political thinker Renaud Camus has been sentenced to two months in prison. This is because he described mass immigration to Europe in terms such as invasion, colonization and population replacement.

Renaud Camus is best known for his book Le Grand Remplacement from 2011 in which he develops his thoughts on an ongoing exchange of people directed by a political elite.

In a court in the French city of Auch, the author was sentenced to prison and €1,800 (about SEK 19,000 [$2,000]) in fines. He says this himself in a post on Twitter…

Renaud Camus also has to pay €1,800 to two “anti-racist” organizations that are the target in the case — SOS Racism and LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism).

The crime he is accused of is “a general call for hatred or violence because of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion”.

The speech for which the author has now been sentenced was given in 2017 and can be read in its entirety — translated from French to English.

The video version of Mr. Camus’ speech is here. Below is the English text:

A spectre haunts Europe and the world. It is Replacism

Renaud Camus, President of the CNRE [National Council of European Resistance]

January 15, 2018

Immigration has become invasion, invasion a migratory submersion. France and Europe are a hundred times more colonised, and more seriously so, than they ever colonised themselves. The only irreversible colonisation is a demographic one, the one which takes place via population transfer.

Some people now say there is no colonisation, that the word is not proper, because there is no military conquest. Those people are wrong. The army of conquest are the delinquents large and small, all of those people who make life impossible for Europeans by harming them in every possible way, from the so-called incivilities to terrorism, which is in fact nothing but an extension of the rest. All the perpetrators of terrorist attacks launched their career in the violation of common law. Moreover, there are no terrorists. There is an Occupier who, from time to time, executes a few hostages, as occupiers have always done. I call occupiers all those who declare themselves to be such, or behave as such.

The change in people, ethnic substitution, the Great Replacement, is by far the most important event in the history of our country since it has existed, because, with another people, the history, if it continues, will no longer be the history of France. France has always marvellously assimilated individuals who wanted to be assimilated. It cannot — it simply cannot — assimilate peoples, much less peoples who are hostile, demanding, even hateful and conquering. It requires a peerless form of vanity and complete ignorance of what a people is to think that with a changed population, another people, France would still be France. In the present situation, all words are liars but the most mendacious of all is “French”. There are no “French” jihadists, for example. If they are jihadists then they are not French.

To believe that there are only French people in France is a complete illusion. There are invaders and invaded, colonisers and colonised, occupiers and the occupied.

One doesn’t put an end to colonisation without the departure of the colonist: Algeria, in its time, showed us French that the hard way — a good opportunity for us now to underline the difference in civilisations.

One doesn’t put an end to an occupation without the departure of the occupying power, the occupying forces. There is no way out other than remigration. The same people who say this is impracticable want to bring forty million migrants to Europe, when it is not two hundred million. They say mankind has entered an era of general migration. Let them migrate and remigrate then. What is possible in one direction should also be possible in the other, with greater gentleness, human respect, and more resources.

The time for politics, elections, political parties, that time is over. The next presidential election in France is too far away. The change of people will by then have gone too far, the replacers will then be the kingmakers, unless they decide to be themselves the kings — the masters. In any case, there is no way to win a game in which your adversary holds all the cards and has set up all the rules. The powers-that-be, their banks, their judges and their media all want ethnic substitution. They are not in the least protecting us from it. Quite the contrary, they are organising it and promoting it. They have drugged people into accepting it, by the teaching of oblivion, by general deculturation, by censorship, by repression and permanent injections of self-hatred. They are not importing workers, because there is no work and there will be less and less in the future. They’re importing future consumers whom they are no longer even making the effort to pretend are refugees since the vast majority of these migrants come from countries where there is not even a hint of war: there are often sick people, adventurous or conquest-minded youths, teenagers who’ve rowed with their parents or had run-ins with the police, tradesmen whose trade has failed.

I know you object as these future consumers have no money. You are mistaken, if you permit me to say so. Tomorrow they will have yours. In truth, the supposed social transfers are little else than ethnic transfers. Europe is the first continent ever to pay for its own colonisation.

A spectre haunts Europe and the world. It is Replacism, the tendency to replace everything with and by its double — standardised, normalised, interchangeable, low-cost: the original by the copy, the authentic by its imitation, the true by the false, mothers by surrogate mothers, culture by leisure and entertainment, knowledge by diplomas, the country and town by the universal suburb, the indigene by the allogene, Europe by Africa, men by women, men and women by robots, peoples by other peoples, humanity by a dazed posthumanity, undifferentiated, standardised, as interchangeable as you like.

Of all forms of genetic manipulation, the Great Replacement, a kind of surrogate pregnancy applied to the entire planet, is by far the worst. Genocide by substitution, in the words of Aimé Césaire, the black communist Caribbean poet, is the Crime Against Humanity of the 21st century. It is a very strange thing, for that matter, that environmentalists seem to exclude man of their very commendable concern for biodiversity.

Replacism now considers itself strong enough to take management of the human stock in hand directly, without intermediaries. In France, Emmanuel Macron, who, along with Justin Trudeau, is its most accomplished representative in the world, has already neutralised the political microcosm and sent the main actors in French political life over the last thirty years back to their homes, peopling the National Assembly with foot soldiers in his pay, building an ad hoc government, shattering all the major parties. He doesn’t govern. He manages — as he would a bank or a PLC. He exits politics via the economy, finance or corporate management. We want to exit it via history. The independence or subjection of a great nation, the survival or the disappearance of a great civilisation, that is not a question of politics, but of history. Charles de Gaulle in London, that was not politics. Jean Moulin in Lyon was not politics. Nor was Joan of Arc in Chinon, nor Churchill in the War Rooms, nor Gandhi in Calcutta, nor anyone who rose up for the independence of their country and the dignity of their people.

What we need today is not a new party, not even a union of the Right: the rejection of totalitarian Replacism is no less a matter of the Left than the Right. What we need today is a coming together of all those who say a resounding No to Islamisation and the African conquest. What we need is a Council of National Resistance, of European resistance, because all European nations are invited to fight at our side for the well-being of our shared civilisation, Celt, Slav, Norman, Saxon, Germanic, Greco-Latin, Judeo-Christian and free-thinking.

My friend Karim Ouchikh, president of the SIEL, and myself, Renaud Camus, have decided to found exactly that, a National and European Council of Resistance. We will publicly offer to unite with all public figures who seem to be motivated by the same desire to save our country and all European countries and we will expand our committee this way, through co-option. But all French people and all Europeans who think like us are invited to link up with us and offer their support. The aim is to put together a force such that, ideally, it would be unnecessary to make use of it.

That said, if through misfortune it turned out that the only alternative left to us was submission or war, then let it be war, a hundred times over. There would be nothing civil about it, despite the high number of collaborators to the invasion. It will form part of the great tradition of peoples struggling for the right to self-determination, for the liberation of their territory and for decolonisation. We must finally put an end to the colonial age, as our colonisers say, while they are colonising us. The crazy pendulum swing of colonisation and counter-colonisation needs to be brought to an end once and for all, preferably across the Mediterranean.

Long live free France. Vive la France libre. Long live European civilisation.

26 thoughts on “A Spectre is Haunting Europe

  1. Clearly an intelligent scholar, is Raynaud!!!! He faced reality, addressed it comprehensively square on, and as global witch hunts of the current genre go, was “burned at the stake”, for speaking truth. Much similar fates at hands of medieval or so, Catholic Popes, of scientists speaking truth to power, “heresy”

    Good of you to show, Baron, the truth that didn’t make him free!!!

  2. Such eloquence and dignity.

    I pray he doesn’t pay the “fine” and forces the villianous and traitorous injustice system to imprison him. Let the world see what free speech in Europe has sunken to.

    His speech should be reprinted and posted everywhere in public; let those who love their heritage and their culture and wish for a better future for their children post the words of Monsieur Camus everywhere faster than the traitors can tear them down.

  3. Wow! An excellent summation. I was told years ago that I should “be glad and celebrate my own extinction as a white supremacist”, by a fellow academic. He then said that my marriage to a black Panamanian was a racist act as I was doing it to appear non racist. My wife overheard him. She slapped his smug face. That was in 2005.

    “You stupid man!” she shouted at him. “What do you know about people? My people or any other?

    • Your Mrs. is a good woman. your fellow academic colleague is, to put it poitiely, an [epithet].

      I got married to a local woman in Taiwan decades ago (we’re still at it, as grandparents). Someone who should’ve known me better congratulated me on my “political statement”. Yikes! I was just a stranger in a strange land whose social circle interlocked with someone else’s, and I made a friend.

  4. Bravo Renaud Camus! You are a ray of hope to indigenous citizens in Western countries. We must all rise up and push back globalism & population replacement. Invasive new people, invasive species, and now another invasive coronavirus! SARs is a lethal virus also. Health experts are blaming the Chinese for eating & selling sick wild animals like bats, snakes, wolf pups, etc. Diversity can be extremely dangerous with world travel thrown into the mix along with conflicting beliefs & cultural practices. Not too many indigenous Westerners would find bat meat to be a delicacy… let alone rats, dogs & other unclean meats. Diversity may end up killing millions in the year 2020 with an unstoppable, mutating virus! Perhaps this is just another planned destruction method created inside a laboratory somewhere to cull world population levels. Ecoterrorism has already happened in California, Australia and other places by arsonists, migrants, Antifa, and other malcontents. Europe is trying to buy its way out of ethnic conflicts while America has previously required mandatory assimilation with no acceptance of criminals, lunatics, and those who require public charge (financial assistance) in the past two hundred years. This too is quickly changing by misdirected politicians! Globalists have captured the hearts & minds of so-called “progressives”. Those of us who had to work for a living and earn our keep, don’t want higher taxes, and big government picking winners and losers. A call to arms (physical confrontations) will probably be necessary!
    It could get brutal and go *stone age* in Europe with multiple stabbings & vicious physical attacks. Young migrant males especially enjoy physically ukicking people while inflicting severe pain & injury. Be mentally ready for the battle cry! And be physically able to fight younger opponents who can be pure evil in thoughts & deeds – alien, Islamic, & Antifa subcultures. The “great replacement” will occur in all Western nations if we fail to defend our own freedoms, cultures, and national sovereignties! Do not tolerate the intolerable! Stand up and fight evil when confronted with it.

    • You say we should be able to fight younger and a mob of them, to hell with that! That is why God(not allah) invented magazine fed bundles of joy in 9mm, .40, .45 ACP and various other calibers to eliminate these savages with extreme prejudice and without mercy nor quarter. I would highly suggest you arm up and prepare to get your hands dirty, because that is exactly what is coming and everybody here knows it.

      • Even armed, an individual working by himself has minimal or no real effect. The Second Amendment controversy is a good example. Most people recognize that once the government solidly enforces a no-weapons policy, there’s very little to be done by the individual.

        My feeling is that political pressure is absolutely essential to maintain gun rights. In an area predominantly against gun rights, like Northern Virginia, the appropriate action is to either move, or, if you are in the red counties, initiate a serious movement to seceded to West Virginia, which still supports gun rights as a whole.

  5. I just visited eight Western European countries. Give it another decade or less. The replacement could be interrupted
    by who knows what.

  6. Renaud Camus must be right, since the globalist elites are freaking out and telling him to be quiet. It’s the old saw about how to find out who controls you – just find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.

  7. No to Islamisation! Yes to freedom of speech! Let us fight for civilization, whatever the color of our skin. Those who migrate must do so legally, and respect our countries, as our gradparents did.

  8. It’s OK though for the untouchable Islamic replacements to enforce and demand compliance with their rules and tools for the infidel fools
    coran on the cob. The Muslims in the British parliament have the local lowlife reps wearing gloves when handling. And everybody keeps a straight face.

  9. One of the best speeches ever written on this topic and unbelievably courageous of Mr. Camus to publicly express his ideals in the dictatorship that has become Europe. Many thanks to Gates of Vienna and the Baron for continuing to keep us informed about the true Resistance.

    May God bless and keep you.

  10. .
    Population exchange in Sweden

    Swedes are becoming fewer and fewer, while the number of Arabs and Africans in Sweden is growing explosively. The number of people with roots in the Middle East and Africa has almost doubled over the past ten years. However, both Swedes and other Norwegians have begun to move away from Sweden and are decreasing in number. It shows a review of developments over the past ten years.

    After 2015, more and more people have begun to talk about the problem, despite the fact that the Swedish Democrats seem to have been intimidated and avoided using them.

  11. It’s really pathetic that there are not more people of influence in different fields including politics and the arts, who are willing to stand up for Western civilization and culture.

    Although this is not as horrendous as what is happening in Europe, this article is a good example of how institutions in the US are bowing the knee to political correctness. Even when it comes to Art, we have to pretend that third world and other primitive cultures can compare with the glories of European and Western artistry.



  12. CHRONICLE, not very autdated!

    What is the logic of a slower population exchange?
    by Johnny Lindén / SVEGOT
    June 9, 2018

    CHRONICLE. That Swedes will be a minority even if we stop immigration is for many a little harder to grasp, but it is also quite simple math. Now most adults would not be able to handle their youngsters’ high school mats but asked the said kids to count on them so the answer would be clear:

    We go towards our own downfall and we do it pretty quickly.

    Many, far more knowledgeable and titled than I, have figured out what year we will become a minority and come up with different answers, but they basically agree that it is pretty soon, a few decades.

     Nevertheless, most people miss that immigrants not only raise more children, they also do so sooner, which further speeds up the process.

    Thus, in the autumn parliamentary elections we have basically three choices:

    Continued rapid exchange of people – by voting for one of the seven old parties.

    A slightly slower exchange of people – by voting on SD.

    To stop population exchange – by voting for AFS.

    To create successful parties and movements that propagate for
    repatriation and ethnic awareness is the most important thing we can do right now.

    For many people, it is probably a little strange to think that SD = population exchange but listening to the leading people in SD it becomes quite obvious that they have no problems with Swedes being replaced as people, only those who move in adopt Swedish customs and use. Fat chance, Jimmie!

    If we go back to the headline, why would anyone want a slower population exchange? Either you want one or you don’t want it? What is the point of replacing the Swedes but making it a little slower? “Dear dentist, you can pull out the aching tooth but pull it out a bit, please.”

    Everything is now about recovery. In Sweden, in Europe and throughout the Western world. Making parties and movements propagating for return and ethnic consciousness successful is the most important thing we can do right now. Spread the good news coming.
    That national and national identities are moving forward in Slovenia, that the new government in Italy will send half a million migrants home, that is good news.

    We push public opinion and discourse before us. A year ago, people were portrayed as a foil hat if they talked about Swedes becoming a minority, while Swedish young people were already in a minority in many schools and the proportion of foreign-born plus those born in Sweden by two foreign-born parents exceeded 44 percent in Malmö. where I live.

    Every person who denies population change makes it a choice. What is happening is obvious but you actively choose to ignore the information that is there.

    Let’s not give people the opportunity to make that choice anymore, push the facts in the face of those who are trying to wipe away reality.

  13. Calculations show that we Swedes will be in a perpetual minority within a few decades! How do we do then?

    Forget it!

    What does a typical Social Democrat look like? Is it an older man, a worker in a worn-out shelf with a food box on his way to work at a dirty industry? A person raised with Olof Palme’s vision of a cohesive solidarity Sweden for the Swedes?

    Do you still believe in the hard-working socialist, you are naive, blue-eyed and totally indoctrinated.

    Today’s Social Democrats are uneducated, low-educated immigrants who hate Sweden and the West, hate Swedes, hate Christians, hate Swedish Christian women, our animals, our food, our customs, our culture and our history.

    read more:



  14. He is a Hero , people like Him should speak up all over Western Europe, beacuse unfortunately Europe is sinking so badly , and traitors working around the clock to make this beautiful continent collapse, I can see just civil war can be solution to this disaster..

  15. Whereabouts is what Camus is accused of: “a general call for hatred or violence”?

    It does not appear anywhere.

  16. this is the way it works in communists countries. it happened all the time in eastern European countries during the soviet era. the western Europeans liked it so much they brought to their countries.

  17. So many seem to give a “in a few decades”and carry on pissed or passive like never before. It’s happening right now in front of our eyes. Surely we can’t be this sickeningly ripe for conquest. The Muslims are convinced we are. We convinced and go on convincing them.

  18. Migration is the tool that Islam uses to conquer their target nations. This method of conquest was set when Mohammed migrated from Mecca to Medina and the birth of Islam was set by the date of this migration and not Mohammed’s birthday. When France, and other EU nations discover this fact, perhaps they will form an army to drive the moslems out of Europe. That is, if they want to keep their civilizations.

  19. One of the most visceral and truthful things I’ve ever read. Maybe there’s still hope for western civilization.

  20. One of the great mysteries of immigration is, to me, why political leaders and voters would countenance immigration at all.

    I think genetic deterioration is probably largely to blame. Specifically, technology and welfare have eliminated selection pressures, so people with damaged genes not only survive, but breed.

    Michael Woodley of Menie has developed the concept of the Spiteful Mutation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXxifvpVHT4&t=11s The spiteful mutant, without going into too many details, is a mutation in an individual that not only interferes with the individual, but disrupts the group functioning. An example I made up is the politician that not only is unwilling to protect his own space, but gets into a position of power and systematically dismantles the self-protective mechanisms of the group.

    It may be more than coincidence that the political leaders most anxious to dismantle border controls and bring in masses of dangerous immigrants are childless weirdos.

    On thinking of the problem, it may be necessary to enforce a certain standard for political leaders: married, religious, parent, really traditional stuff. I should mention this leaves me out totally.

    Another focus is how to encourage the decline of mutant genes. In my own mind, the best way is to extend aid or money to people unable to support themselves, but only on the condition they subject themselves to sterilization. If they don’t want to, no force, no pressure, and no assistance.

    Slightly OT to my own topic, it just doesn’t feel right to assume that white Europeans will consider white Europeans a common identity group. An identity group should have a common language, culture, belief system, and a palpable social cohesion. I don’t see Italians coalescing as an identity group with Swedes or even Germans. I think the locus of identity will have to be a lot more local and distinct than white European.

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