Don’t Touch That Dial

As a general rule, I don’t like watching videos, whether on YouTube or any other platform. I prefer text, because I’m a fairly good speed-reader and can skim over the less relevant information, skip paragraphs I don’t need to read, and so on. It’s much harder to skim a video, and skipping around in one is not much use unless you’ve already watched the whole thing all the way through. A ten-minute video might contain approximately the same information as 1,000 to 1,500 words of text, which I can get the gist of in less than two minutes (unless I have to do a close reading in order to copy-edit it, but that’s a different matter).

So, all in all, I’d rather read an article than watch a video. However, in my line of work the preferred mode of information transmission these days seems to be video. On average, nine of the ten links sent to me as tips are for videos. Video has a much greater reach than text, which is why Vlad and I do so many subtitled videos.

All of which means that I spend lots of my time watching videos, most of them on YouTube. Google, bless its shriveled little totalitarian heart, has absorbed my viewing tastes (or at least those of the people who send me tips), and populates the YouTube sidebar with thumbnails of videos it thinks I might like to watch. Tucker Carlson seems to be most prominently represented there, followed closely by Trey Gowdy, Laura Ingraham, Ted Cruz, and various other figures drawn from a list of the usual right-wing extremist suspects.

This morning I was looking at the deplorable celebrities featured on my YouTube sidebar, and it set me to thinking. I know YouTube thinks those people are dangerous extremists, retailers of hate speech, and possibly domestic terrorists. Yet it doesn’t mind recommending them for my viewing pleasure. It’s obvious that these collections of deplorable videos are being purveyed to viewers within the conservative ghetto, to indulge the right-wing echo chamber. Despite the fact that the videos contain “hate speech” — including references to election fraud, which are supposedly banned on YouTube — Google seems eager to pass them on to consumers in the conservative niche market.

All of these prominent deplorables are still allowed to retail their “hate” on YouTube. In addition to the luminaries mentioned above, I noticed Maria Bartiromo, Sean Hannity, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Steven Crowder, Mark Steyn, Rudi Giuliani, and various Fox News personalities. All of them considered right-wing extremists, far beyond the pale of civilized discourse. Most of them Trump supporters. Yet YouTube doesn’t mind publicizing their videos within the hermetically sealed playpen where conservatives are allowed to frolic.

Notably absent from any sidebar lists are Tommy Robinson, Pat Condell, and James O’Keefe, to name just three. Tommy has been banned from YouTube, and I assume the same is true for Messrs. Condell and O’Keefe.

So what’s going on here? Why has Google/YouTube unpersoned certain “haters”, while others are permitted to romp?

The answered is a hard one: Those celebrities who are allowed to display their talking heads on YouTube are not considered dangerous to the Powers That Be. The attitude seems to be: “Let ’em rant and rave — who cares? They aren’t impeding the progress of the New World Order in any meaningful way.”

Whereas Tommy Robinson, Pat Condell, and James O’Keefe are truly dangerous to implementation of the globalist project. They must be suppressed at all costs. Tommy was totally deplatformed and thrust into the Outer Darkness for a good reason.

Think about what this means.

Some of the tolerated deplorables are what Conservative Tree House calls the “controlled opposition”. That is, they perform a useful function for the Establishment, siphoning off the time and attention of political dissidents into harmless pursuits without significantly threatening the goals of the Left. They know the limits of what they are allowed to do and say, and stay within them. They cash their paychecks from foundations and conservative groups and don’t attempt to rock the boat.

Others are simply not prominent or effective enough to pose a threat. If that changes — if their popularity increases and they start shaking the scaffolding that surrounds the Cathedral — then YouTube will yank their channels and ban their videos. Or Fox News will show them the door, as recently happened to Lou Dobbs. If the same thing doesn’t happen to Tucker Carlson fairly soon, we will be forced to conclude that he’s part of the controlled opposition.

I assume the same general analysis could be applied to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms that I’m not on. Anyone who has not been banned from those venues is not effective enough to be useful.

Bottom line: As a general rule, anyone featured on YouTube is not helping our cause enough to warrant your attention. Watching their videos may be enjoyable, but they’re sucking up your time when you could be thinking up ways to strike a blow against the Empire.

The revolution will not be televised. At least not on YouTube.

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  1. Facebook killed my small blog two years ago for posting this video:

    Pat Condell: Welcome to “Progressive Utopia”

    “It is about dangerous fascists throwbacks like you being purged from society like cancer.” — predicted Pat Condell at the end of his video I posted… and so it happened to my blog, immediately.

    (On Youtube Condell is shadowbanned enough, so no need to purge him completely and spectacularly. I think TPTB avoid instigating revolutions by pretending to spare some people.)

  2. I agree with your reasoning; I would like to add that at some level even youtube has to make money and while they demonetize those videos they do allow to be shown, it still gets eyeballs on their platform which they probably figure will stay around to look at cat videos or some other insipid tripe which advertisers will pay to have their ads shown upon.

    I think another likely reason for their recommendations and allowing some deplorable content is that it allows them to track who are the sheep and who are the wolves by who is watching what and following their viewing history over time. I am suspicious enough that I highly suspect they are in full collusion with the surveillance state and freely supply them with information of who watches what; those patterns over time can tell them a great deal about how far someone has progressed down the path to becoming someone who might actually stand and fight when the time comes.

    I had this revelation the other day when I received an emailed recommendation for a book from Amazon based upon previous purchases and other titles I had browsed. I remembered thinking that the particular title if actually purchased would almost certainly place me on some kind of surveillance list, although I would be bitterly disappointed if I wasn’t already on multiple such lists. It struck me as unusual that such a book would be offered by a company that delights in canceling other far more innocuous products for the most trivial of alleged provocations. Certainly, a good part of what is allowed for viewing as well as purchasing is to inform the organs of the state who is a true danger to it as well as how close they might be to actually fighting it.

    • I agree with you. We are being tracked. I recommend reading a little HuffPost, on an empty stomach, to throw them off track.

      • I don’t get heartburn from reading leftist rags; I don’t think even the ones pulling the strings of the democrat marionettes believe their pathetic bleatings. They are all about power for power’s sake; fools that believe the trash they write are just useful idiots to them anyways.

        At this point in the game it is too late to try and hide from the organs of the state. Most likely they have been tracking everyone online since shortly after the beginning of the internet. My own belief is that the resources of the state are not infinite, and they will not be able to go after everyone simultaneously. The danger will manifest itself through being cut off from banking services, blacklisted from working, being prevented from travel or even renting an apartment, participating in helicopter money or getting ration cards when that too is put into practice. And of course all of this will be able to be reversed by deciding to be an informant or denouncing one’s neighbors for owning firearms, hoarding food, or not being a rabid enough leftist.

        • Thank God I don’t live in any big city. As for snitches? Well they get put in ditches, or the many bogs or lakes and disappear forever, or so I have heard. 😉

    • All the more reason to use a VPN. They can get to the server, but they can’t get to your IP address.

      • Only as long as the VPN doesn’t decide to compromise its own clients.

        Places that are touted as secure or supporters of patriots need to be highly suspect, as they can be used as a means to draw in those who the state has the most reason to fear, and therefore the biggest target for their finite resources to compromise. Only communications in physical space have any chance of being secure, and even that is getting infinitely more difficult to achieve with the explosion of smart devices and the internet of things.

      • That’s not true at all. I’m in I.T. and know of what I say. Almost everything ‘safe and secure’ has a built in back door. Including TOR, Signal, etc. I could go on and on but I won’t. Please just take my word for this.

    • The reason they can’t fire Tucker is because he brings in to much revenue and is the most popular program Fox has these days.

    • True about Tucker. He folded immediately re the election computers. He announced, then, that his footprint at FOX would be greater in the future, no doubt because he caved in to them quickly.
      Meanwhile, Lou Dobbs is out. I MISS him!

  3. Looks like my set without the rabbit ears and the aluminum foil. Since I haven’t watched a TV in years, I moved the dust collector out to my junk building.

  4. Lots of Pat Condell on YouTube trashing Jesus believers. I don’t trash Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny because I don’t believe in them. If anyone does, great, I have no problem with it. I’m not sure what Pat’s problem is.

    • Pat is a known athiest. But I have NEVER heard him trash anyone but liberals and muslims. HE has said to Christians not to pray for him because he is not a believer. But I have watched every Condell video for years and NEVER heard him slander Christians.

        • I believe that he is really trashing the most murderous institution in world history….the roman catholic inquisition when they tortured innocent christians who refused to bow to their evil [popes]. They also commited massacres of people like the Hugenots and the Waldensians among others. And Fox’s book of Martyrs is also filled with atrocities they commited without conscience. There are the knights templars who were thieves and murderers for the church. There is more but know tht it is NOT a Christian religion. It is paganism to its core.

          • The Knights Templar were the sword of the Church and are the main reason, along with the Teutonic Knights, that kept the bloody muslims at bay for as long as they did. Ever wonder why when the KT disappeared that Switzerland was founded a year later?

  5. Certainly raises a very curious question over the “censorship”.

    Makes me think of “gas lighting” to make one unsure of what is going on.
    To create doubts, can you trust your eyes, your memory, and to also question your own sanity, in the confusion they make.

    But always they are shepherding, building up their power, and control over people.

    Is it so deliberate, or follows a track, that is like “plans of mice & men” in a randomness.

    Yet we know there is a constant, of always seeking power, control, over others to gain their resources.

  6. Was wondering what happened to Pat Condell. Turns out his last video was 10 months ago… I hope he’s OK.

    As for O’Keefe and Project Veritas, I got recommends to watch their new videos, up until recently… Not sure if anything new’s happened?

    In general though – anything uploaded to a “woke” platform should be considered “at risk”… Of course it can (and should) be used to try and red-pill mainstreamers, but an effort should be made, at building the core audience somewhere else. i.e. in the Youtube video description, add: “follow me on Gab…”

    Btw, I set up my Gab account lately. It’s really, and there’s no more “Gabstapo”-style virtual Nazis, etc prominent anywhere. The only downside is slower speeds – probably as they don’t rely on Big Tech – but they say they’re installing new servers, so hopefully that’ll change.

    Btw, here’s a good interview with the Gab owner, Andrew Torba where he outlines how he saved Gab after they got deplatformed, and the future risks including web browsers blocking certain domains:

  7. I really enjoy Rumble as an alternative to that other place. I am one of over 1,000,000 who subscribe to Dinesh, so I think the alternative video platform is taking shape. Don’t feed the fascista!

  8. The dastardly horny Viking twist tie selfie coup is a heinous beer hall putsch attempt that will live in infamy.
    The deplorable kulak untermenschen scum should be rounded up and liquidated in the interests of the glorious people’s collective unity.
    How dare these toothless hill scoggin unenlightened beings try to rain on our hivemind groupthink statist utopian paradise.

  9. Moon is a Harsh Mistress, I’d have to say you make a very good summation and analysis of things. The Barron points out the thing very well. There are many, even here in Tejas, who will sell out their neighbor for whatever reason, but on the guns especially. The ones I know that will do it have their own. To me, it’s all a freakish dystopia, a sickening mix of ignorance and socialism. The leftists just want an anything-goes-society, and they’ll probably get one, but not the one they want. The Spanish Civil War x Rawanda x Yugoslavia 1992. I see new records in viciousness and depravity being set.

  10. “Some of the tolerated deplorables are what Conservative Tree House calls the “controlled opposition”….”
    Ain’t that the CTH pot calling the kettle black.

    • Maybe. One topic that is not allowed to gain speed over there is natural born citizens of candidates. A conversation can roll out on all things negative about Cruz but once his ineligibility is brought up, the offending poster has their future comments screened for a while.

      This anything birther not being tolerated is extremely telling. Notice how many candidates, from both parties, are not eligible? If Obama’s illegitimacy is allowed to be set precedent, the most important clause for our sovereignty is cancelled without an amendment but by changing the meaning of nbc through the biggest psyop propaganda that began in early 2000’s . With this gone, usurpation complete.

      Names from recent election cycles include Cruz, Jindal (where DID he go, anyway?) Haley, Obama, Harris, Tulsa, Rubio, Yang. The only reason Harris was chosen as vp is her illegibility. Well, maybe also for her pearl necklace.

      Calling the kettle black? Maybe. Sundance has a very limited presence to track on internet. Never really doxxed. Some of his limited early presence is conflicting (owned Hummer but grocery store manager?) No voting records for him or wife. Self reference to job was at much higher level and more corporate than grocery store mgr. His ability to research and produce sometimes six articles a day, although not so much at this level since it began to be noticed. Then there is his almost immediate sign on with DJT when he was all things Cruz.

      Calling te kettle black? Maybe. The observant notices that although SD spews anti-Cruz he did recently set him up to be forgiven with the redeeming article. Almost looked like real psyop on treepers. Oh and is it coincidence that treehouse was ahead of the site rebuild curve, getting street cred as enemy of left but still having time to stay on line? Only after site up on new platform were all the other conservatives targeted and actually left high and dry. But not the cth, of course.

      Calling the kettle black? Damn good question.

      • You’re right about the NBC issue at the Tree House. Ran into that myself back in 08/09. I will say I was surprised but oh well. They have done some very good work though in deconstructing some of the false narratives. Leo Donofrio at did what I believe was the best research on the issue. Minor v Happersett pretty well crushed the definition of NBC.
        Au revior

  11. Interesting possibility for your main thesis…

    But, install one of the many browser extensions that blocks Google Analytics in conjunction with ABP+.

    Then, see what happens.

    It might surprise you. At least, if nothing else, it’s good for a laugh on the new panels they present you.

    • I suggest that you read what I wrote, rather than assume what I think.

      I’m not a fan of Laura Ingraham or Ted Cruz. I was simply reporting what YouTube decided to present on the sidebar.

      If I have an opinion on a particular person, I will state it. Until then, you’d be well-advised not to bruise yourself jumping to conclusions.

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